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Stoney Point School

Stony Point School District No. 3
Before the Civil War, Stony Point School District No. 3 was known as Hickory Point School. There was also another community by the same name in Jefferson County. This was where James H. Lane led a group of Jayhawkers against this pro-slavery settlement. Lane soon realized that his forces did not have the artillery needed to use against the log structures of Hickory Point, so he decided to retreat back to Lawrence. During the retreat, Missourians pursue Lane's forces and attack, but the jayhawkers return fire. After receiving word that Territorial Governor John Geary had ordered a ceasefire, Lane withdraws, but reinforcements from Lawrence under command of Colonel James A. Harvey arrive on September 14, toting the captured cannon "Old Sacramento," and fire on the town. One proslavery man is killed, four others wounded, and several Free-Staters are wounded before a ceasefire is called and the Missourians withdraw from the area. 100 Free-Staters are arrested by U.S. troops, but they are later acquitted for acting in self-defense. Because of the history of the Jefferson County settlement, it was decided to re-name the Douglas County school Stony Point.
The first building to serve the district as a log cabin, located about on-half mile east of the final location. The second and last location for a school was at the northeast corner of the intersection of E. 1550 Rd. and Dg County, Rt. 460/N. 600 Rd. This one acre tract was deeded to District No. 3 on April 27, 1869 by William Woodin. Those serving on the school board at that time were Adam Hilkey, William Gerogy and Josiah McQueen. Here a native stone building was constructed, replacing the log cabin.
Fannie Tucker was the last teacher in this building. Fannie became Mrs. Fred Morton, who was also the first teacher in the new wood frame building of 1893.replacing the rock building.
The county records of 1897-98 indicate the school board consisted of George Fitz, Thomas Pardee and Isaac Hemphill. Teaching an enrollment of 40 students was Sivola Neff.
The next term was taught by Eva Bates, who also taught the next term of 1899-1900. Teachers of the next decade were Mary Gill, George Boicourt, Mora Siler, Mildred Junkins, Ida Steel, and Elsie Jones. E.A. Roe, W.A. Watterson and Mr. Jameson served on the school board, with 22 students enrolled.
Alma Schubert, Jonathan Dow, Aleda Devore, Malta Sheppard, Ruth Pearson, Esther Pfleger and Josephine Burgtorf taught the next decade. Those serving on the school board were B.I. Holmes, H.H. Smith and Mrs. W. Winters.
The 1920’s were taught by Arthur Fordyce, Margaret Wilson, Nora Vitt, Helen Melville, Johanna Griffs, and Agnes Laptad. Twenty-eight students were enrolled with the school board consisting of Howard Smith, L.M. Craig, and Harold Roe.
Orval Hemphill was the first teacher of the 1930’s followed by Georginna Eberhard, Louise Pfleger, Jennie Kennedy, Marian Madl, Herschell Hemphill and Lena Milburn. With an enrollment of 18 students, the school board members were Howard Smith, Tom Snow and Harold Roe.
Teaching the next seven years were Lena Milburn, Mrs. Paul Ulrich, Myrtice Morgan, with Mrs. Fred Gottstein completing the term, Edna Rockhold, Tena Schellenberg with Jessie Vitt teaching the last term for Stony Point No. 3.
Stoney Point School District No. 3 consolidated with Coal Creek School District No. 39, Vinland School District No. 49 and Harmony School District No. 57 to form New Vinland School District No. 88 on April 27, 1947.
The building and equipment were sold at auction on December 13, 1947. The building was dismantled and removed from the site.
First photo, artists rendering by Goldie Piper Daniels, second photo Teacher Ida Steele with her class, third photo Stoney Point Church.

Photo by Christina Rexroad-Stoney Point School - ca1900-1903??? - No names on this one other than my great grandfather, Will Winters is back row, 3rd from left. He was born in 1886 and looks to be in his teens here.

Teacher Ida Steele with her class. Probably 1907.

Photo by Christina Rexroad-Stoney Point School Baseball Team - 1932 - Back row - Etcil Winters, Carl McMillen, Chester McMillen, Jersy Craig, Murry Lawson. Front Row, Arnold Craig, Pete Lawson, Doris Winters (Moore), Bruce Holcomb.

My grandmother is Doris Winters. She was the only girl to get to play on the boys ball team because she was really good! These were some of her fondest memories.

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