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Vespertine School

Vespertine School District No. 37

The earliest school building in this area was probably a log cabin in the 1860’s. In 1867 a one acre tract of land was deeded by Carrie and Sinclair Plato Harlan to the board of School District No. 37. Those school board members were Sinclair Jefferies, Thomas Hauhan and Levi Williams. This one acre tract was located southwest corner of N. 100 Rd. and E. 2300 Rd. in extreme southeast Douglas County. A small wood frame building was built on this site. The first name of this school was “Hannam”, but was later changed to “Vespertine.” Where either name was derived is unknown.

James Atherton taught twenty-one students during the term of 1897-98, with W. Rhoades and C.C> Balch the only two school board members of record. Teaching 43 students the following year was Marian Kidder.

Teaching the early 1900’s were; Edith Wiley, Mary J. Stewart, Nora Rhoades, Leota Scott, Clarence Carlton, Kate Dixon, Anzanettie Stone, R.H. Colley, Clyde Blair and Sterlee Wilson. The three school board members for the term ending in 1910 were Byron Shields, J.L. Hughes, Jr. and J.E. Mignot.

The first teacher of the next decade Grace Preston, followed by W.E. Hill, Grace Preston again, W.E. Hill again, Carrie Reed, Irene Van Tries, Augusta Techmeyer and Ellen Melville completing the decade. The school board members of record for the term ending in 1920 were W. Rhoades, Byron Shields and Jennie Kersley.

Ellen Melville was the first teacher of the next ten years. She was followed by LaVerne Brecheisen, Irene Fairchild, Dora Zeilsdorf, Ruth Pearson Van Tries, Dora Williamson, Beryl Goodwill, Gladys Price, Merle Wallace and Helen Gutschow. School board members for the term ending in 1930 were Gertrude Thorne, W. Rhoades and A.F. Neis.

Teaching the next decade were Wilma Rhoades, Eula Secrest, and Mrs. O.C. Tharp teaching four terms. A.F. Neis, F.T. Thorne and Carl Hughes served on the school board during the 1930’s.

The history of Vespertine School District No. 37 was coming to an end. The school had only four teachers during the 1940’s. They were Mrs. O.C. Tharp returning, followed by Mary Primm, Esther Gibson and Rosemary Stewart teaching two terms ending in 1946. After this term, students were sent to Wellsville, with expenses paid by District No. 37.

Vespertine School District no. 37 was disorganized on July 7, 1947 and became part of Wellsville School District No. 1 Franklin County.

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