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Washington Creek School

Washington Creek School District No. was established on June 24, 1863 when Sarah and Darwin Bowen deeded a one acre tract to the school board members representing District No. 22. Those serving on the board were Sylvester Creel, Joseph Lovelace and Darwin Bowen. This site was located about one-half mile west of Dg Co. Tr. 458 on the north side of N. 1050 Rd.
Like many other school districts, the first building to serve District No. 22 was a log cabin about three-quarters of a mile from this site. Soon after this one acre tract was deeded to the district, a native stone building was constructed. Maggie Boyd was the first to teach in this building which served District No. 22, for sixty years. The records of 1879 show Mrs. M.L. Lyons teaching followed by Miss E.M. Emmett Dolbee, Abbie Coltrane Spray, Clara Parky Hammig, Samuel Carson, Lizzie Splain, Winnie Halderman Finley, James Shuck, Ada Rothrock, Hilkey, L.R. Traver, Rachel Flory, John Akers, Mary Reynolds Garvin, Lillian Grover Brown and Gertrude Bell Ulrich, teaching the school term ending in 1897.
In 1897 the construction of a new wood frame building was approved. Construction of this new facility took place during the school term of 1897-98. This term had an enrollment of thirty-eight students, and was taught by Alice Jay.
Emma Ulrich Petefish was the first to teach in the new building. This was for the term of 18998-1900.
The early 1900’s were taught by Mabel Reynolds, Maud Cartwright, Elva Helstrom, Gertrude Ulrich, Mayme Brune, Emma Rohrer, and Lola Flory. The school board members ending this decade were John Gray, Henry Beck and P.C. Bond.
Jessie Moore was the first teacher of the next ten year period followed by, Lillie Smith, Nellie Hyland, Emma Dews, Edith Strong, Amelia Overbaugh and Mary Landon. Hugo Schellhorn, O.P. McNess and G.F. Martin served District No. 22 as school board members.
Lola Wilbur was the first to teach in the 1920’s, followed by Mary Norris, Mary Isaacs, Alice McTaggart, Alta Murray, Florence Smith and Mabel Shaw teaching eight students for the term ending in 1930.Those serving on the school board were D.E. Bond, Jugo Schellhorn and J.W. Banks.
Mabel Shaw, Mary Anderson, Vivian Shields and Mary Sparks were the four teachers of record for the ten year period of the 1930’s. H.F. Longandcker, Fred Gray and Roy Curtis served on the school district board.
Mary Sparks returned to be the first teacher of the 1940’s followed by Agnes Stevens, Rose Nichols, Clara Wilson, Genevieve Dunlap and Florence Demeritt teaching nine consecutive terms. School board members ending the 1940’s decade were Neal Banks, Fred Gray and Roy Curtis.
Teaching the term of 1957-58 was Jessie Vitt, followed by Verna Ellsworth, teaching in 1958-59.
The end had arrived for Washington Creek School District No. 22 on June 24, 1959, when the district was disorganized and consolidated with others to form Wakarusa Valley School District No. 98.

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