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Welcome School

Welcome School District No. 30

Welcome School District No. 30, certainly has one of the more unusual school names in the county. Welcome was established on April 2, 1870 when Andres Eberhart deeded one acre of land located at the northwest corner of E. 1500 Rd. and N. 800 Rd., to the district school board director L.J. Eberhart.

A wood frame building with a belfry, a front porch, and the standard three windows per side was constructed on the tract. The schoolhouse faced the east, with rolling wooded hills on the west and south sides. This building was destroyed by fire in 1926, having served District No. 30 in excess of fifty years. A similar frame building replaced the original and served the district until its demise.

Teaching the term ending in 1888 was Gertrude Wells, followed by Alice Pardee part of the term, with Ida Lyons completing the term. Margaret Cowgill taught ten students during the winter term. Serving on the district school board were Fannie Morton, Q.C. Stevens and Frank Pardee.

Emma Cothlin taught the next school term, followed by I.F. Eberhart, Lola Neely, Edith Wolgamott, Alida McLean, Effie Wells, Esther Brownlee, Mary Samson, Ethel Duff and Goldie Piper. Those serving on the district school board were J.W. Sample, Q.C. Stevens and G.F. Morton for the term ending in 1910.

Rosalie Griffith was the first teacher of the next decade, followed by Lena Jones, Fay Rothrock, Margaret Gibson, Myrtle Russell, Ferne McQueen, Hazel Hamilton and Louise Koehler teaching the term ending in 1920.The district school board was represented by Charlie Cooper, Alice Pardee, and Alex Robertson.

The first teacher of the 1920’s was Abbie Morton, followed by Hilda Koehler, Virgil Norris, Mae Hagerman, Lucille Craig, Avier Schick, Edna Holmes and Bernice Holmes teaching ten students during the last term of the ten year period. Mrs. W.R. Haughn, Fannie Morton and F.E. Childs represented the school board for the term ending in 1930.

Teaching the first term of the 1930’s was Agnes Laptad, followed by Virginia Colman, Margaret Fritzel, Josephine Newell, Nellie Perkins, Clara Weideman and Agnes Skolout. The district school board for the term ending in 1940 was represented by Herbert McCintock, C. L. Penny and Clifford Cooper.

Teaching the 1940’s were V.V. Anderson, Beulah Holly, and Lillian Hill, teaching the last seven consecutive terms of Welcome School’s existence.

Welcome School District No. 30 was disorganized on June 5, 1949 and became part of Vinland School District No. 88.

1916 Class

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