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Weybright School

Weybright No. 4 was officially organized on January 15, 1873 when Christina and John C. Metsker deeded one acre of land to school board members Henry Webber, John Carnahan and John C. Metsker Director of School District No. 4. This one acre tract was located at the northeast corner of Dg. Rt. 1029 and Dg. Rt. 10/N. 750 Rd.
Henry Webber was a respected settler of the district, and served on the original school board. For a short time the school of District No. 4, was known as “Webber School.”
During those early days, a small village was established by the name of “Alfred.” This village had a general merchandising store with a post office. The district school then became known as “Alfred” until about 1904.
A.A. Webber, W. Posthma and B.L. Hoover comprised the district school board for the school term ending in 1898. There were about thirty-eight children of school age in the district. Sonora Metsker was the teacher of record, with a salary of $35 per month.
Martin Woodard taught the next school term, with Rachel Fisher following. The District No. 4 school board members were A.A. Webber, I.L. Hoover and B.L. Hoover.
Rachel Fisher returned to teach the first term of the 1900’s followed by Mary Benson, Eva Hellstrom, S.B. Katherman, Lizzie Posthma, Nellie De Hek, Eva Lutz, Wilma Van Horn and Cora Coffman. The school board members for this decade were I.L. Hoover, Henry Ward and A.A. Webber.
Rosa Turner taught the first term of the next decade followed by Jessie Moore, B.F. Allison, Wanda Smith, Carl Webber, Vera Clark, A.V. Kalb, Geneva Preston and John Godfrey. Samuel Franklin Grammer (my great grandfather), H.W. Behrens and J.S. Dillon served on the school board, for the term ending in 1920.
The first teacher during the 1920’s was Kizzie Brubaker followed by Dora Eberwein, Lottie Anderson, Hazel Lynch, Winifred Beck, Florence Smith, Ethel Sherfy and Bessie Brown. The enrollment for the term ending in 1930 was twenty-six students. The decade ending school board members were Carl Boerkircher, Clyde Hoover and J.S. Dillon.
Florence Smith was the first teacher of the next decade followed by Fay Wintermantle, Herschel Hemphill, Anne Kelley, Viola Hird, Betty Hammond and Eunice O’Brien. Those comprising the school board were H.J. Dillon, Mrs. Clyde Hoover and Charles Weybright.
Those teaching the 1940’s were Eunice O’Brien, Elizabeth Crawford, Willard Brammell, Hilga Upham and Carol Wrench, teaching the term ending in 1940. The school board members were Mrs. Clyde Hoover, H.L. Dillon and Charles Weybright
Charles Nesbit taught the term of 1950, followed by, Carol Wrench, teaching ten students the next term, followed by Mabel Birkin teaching three terms, then Donna Wood, Martha Unkefer, Doris Pratt, Angeline Fishburn, and Lila Haas teaching the last term for Weybright No. 4.
Weybright School district No. 4 consolidated with others to form Wakarusa Valley School District No. 98 on June 24, 1959.
This building has been demolished and replaced by a new home.

My great grandfather Samuel Franklin Grammer, with his youngest son, Samuel Howard Grammer. Samuel Franklin was a Weybright School Board member for the term ending in 1920.

Samuel Franklin Grammer -Weybright School District No. 4 board member.

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