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Willow Springs School

Willow Springs School District No. 51 was established on April 12, 1870 when Mary and E.H. Van Hoesen deeded a tract of land to be used as a school to the School District No. 51 school board members. This school was located north of the intersection of N. 550 Rd. and E.1100 Rd.
E.H. Van Hoesen first came to Douglas County in 1854 and brought his wife in 1856. The Van Hoesen’s established a general store, hotel, and post office. This was to serve the community and travelers along the Santa Fe Trail.
The first building to serve District No. 51 was of standard design, facing south, with a front door and three windows per side. This building served the community until 1903, when it was relocated, sued as a barn and then demolished. The new building had the customary two front doors, entering into a boys and girls cloakroom, on each side of a raised platform (stage) where the teacher’s desk was placed.
Teaching thirty-three students during the 1897-98 term was Mabel Reynolds, followed by B.A> Hammond and Sallie Tomlison teaching the term ending in 1900. School board members were G.W> Reynolds, William Flory and David Desler
Dora Reynolds taught the next term followed by May Forth, Clara Lutz, Lucille Dearth, Minnie Williams, Rosalie Griffiths, Mabel Pence, and Bessie Boyd, teaching the last term of the first decade of the 1900’s. Those serving the school board were G.W. Boland, C.E. Pearcy and Elwood Deay.
The first to teach during the next decade was Anna Woodward, followed by Richard Koff, Alma Busby, Lloyd Perryman, Catherine Gorbutt, Lloyd Sprugeon, Lula Pence, and Edith Schwalm. Those serving on the school district board for the term ending in 1920 were W.H. Postma, David Beeghley and F.A. Deay.
Edith Schwalm taught the first four terms in the 1920’s followed by Mildred Chandler, Orpha Cunningham, and Elnora Anderson teaching two terms ending in 1930. The enrollment was now eighteen. F.A. Deay, E.D. Churchbaugh and Carl Van Hoesen served on the school board.
The first six terms of the next decade were taught by Olive Brown, followed by Mildred Springer and Mae Turner teaching the last three terms of the 1930’s. The district school board was served by F.A. Deay, E.E> Churchbaugh and D.F. Beegley.
Teaching the 1940’s were Arlene Horne, Buena Vista Ulrich, Evelyn Wade, Louise Pohl, Geneva Baker, Maxine Tornigal teaching only one and one-half months, and Doris Raffety completing the term, followed by Doris Raffety again completing the term ending in 1950. Those serving on the district board were Carl Johanning, B>A> Brohammer and Arley Flory. The enrollment was now fifteen.
James Kring taught the first term of the 1950’s which proved to be the last for Willow Springs. He was followed by Edith Moses teaching four terms, then Virginia Pearson, Martha Relp teaching one month, then Amy Herrin, and Doris Pratt teaching two terms ending in 1960. This building continued to be used, until the term of 1964, when Marion Springs opened.
Willow Springs consolidated with others to form Marin Springs No. 101.
Willow Springs school building was sold at auction, and now has been relocated southwest to about one-quarter of a mile south of N. 100 Rd. on E. 100 Rd. It is now on private property. Please respect!

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