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Yarnold Schools

Yarnold School District No. 40 was officially established on April 28, 1869 when Mary and Christopher Wulfkuhle deeded a one acre tract to District No. 40 school board members Jacob Bidinger, Christopher Wulfkuhle and Benjamin Stowe. This tract is located on the west side of E. 450 Rd. about three-eighths of a mile south of Dg. Rt. 442 (Stull Road).
It is believed that the first place of learning was in a log cabin, immediately north of the tract described above. The school name was derived from an early settler Thomas Yarnold. Yarnold brought his wife to Kansas in 1857, and homesteaded a little east of the school site.
The first building on the described site was built of native stone and served the district until January 23, 1940 when it was destroyed by fire.
At the time of the fire nine students were enrolled. They continued their classes in a nearby home until another facility could be constructed. This building was also made of native stone. This building was unique in Douglas County, because of its art deco design and it was the first building in the county to be constructed by the W.P.A. (Works Progress Administration).
The records of 1898-99 show Ella Stone teaching twenty-six students. Those representing the district school board were C.F. Wulfkuhle, J.D. Martina and Leonard Ice.
Teaching the first term of the new century was Mary Gill, followed by Minnie Chapman, Edna Horold, Hettie Chesney, L.M. Mamsey, Mary Tucker, Lena Jones. Mattie Caldwell, and Clara Allison. The representatives of the district board were now C.F. Wulfkuhle, Leonard Ice and John Unger.
Myrtle Epley was the first to teach in the next decade with Laura Butler, Edna Epley, Janet Fink, J.D. martin, Ruth Erickson, F.H. Chilcote, Viola Tucker and Phillip Sehon following. For the term ending in 1920, the enrollment was twelve students, with school board members C.J. Banks, R.E. Schroyer and M. Shelly
The decade of the 1920’s was taught by Clara Purel, Mary Brock, Ruth Schroyer, Adda Benander, Opal Shaw, Blanche Shelley, Mary Norris and Mary Morrow. The school board members of record were George Houk Jr., R.A. Houk and J.I. Wilson. Sixteen students were enrolled.
Teressa Anderson was the first teacher of the 1930’s followed by Minnie Beene, Katherine Brass, Gladys Black, Agnes Stevens, Jewell Kirby and Clarence Smith. The enrollment had dropped to nine students. Theodore Bucheim, H.C. Wulfkuhle and George Houk represented the school board. George Houk’s son Ralph was a 1934 graduate of Yarnold. Ralph Houk was a player, coach and manager of the New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox. He won three consecutive American League pennants for the years of 1961, 1962, and 1963. During those years, the Yankees won the World Series in 1961 and 1963! Ralph Houk served in the military during World War II, earning the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and the Silver Star with oak leaf clusters. He retired from baseball after the 1989 season.
By 1944, the enrollment had dropped to only four students. Teachers of this era were Esther Kump, Etta Smith, Maxine Tornigal, Nettie Streib and Jessie Asel. The board members were George Steele, Adda Deatherage and Russell Houk.
Sylvia Mersey and Loretta Luella Salisbury taught four terms each through 1958 and they were followed by Norma Suderman and Loretta Schoonover.
Yarnold School District No. 40 was disorganized in 1959 and eventually became part of Lecompton School District No. 36.
This building still exists and has been converted into an unusual private residence. It recently was listed for sale.

This is from the Lawrence Daily Journal dated December 3, 1900 regarding Yarnold School

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