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Hopewell School

Hopewell School District No. 7

Hopewell School District No. 7 was established January, 1867. This school was located on the west side of E. 1500 mile north of N. 400 Rd. This one acre parcel was deeded to the school district by Emeline and Gardner Puckett. The first building of native stone was constructed by John Williams. He was a resident of the community of Brooklyn, Kansas which was destroyed by Quantrill on August 21, 1863.

The second wood frame building was built in 1887. A basement was built under this building sometime between the years of 1918-1925. In the following years a porch, belfry and electricity were added.

Thirty-four students were enrolled for the 1897-98 school term, taught by Eunice Chapman. The two school board members of record were Charles Black and C.C. Cox. The next two school years were taught by Red Rumsey.

Grace Showalter taught the first years of the 1900’s, followed by Mary Dixon, Clara Bixler, Carrie Harbeson, Clara Bixler (again), Emma Pine, Alfaretta Kepple, Margaret Kalb, and Ruby Clapman. Hattie Holloway and William Howard served on the school board for the term ending in 1910.

Teachers of the next decade were, Stella Tucker, Weona Wilson, Etta Meinke, Edna Fleishman, Floyd Foster, Helena Pfleger and Ferne Hunt. Mrs. Ada Williams, O.M. Hindman and L.B. Snyder served on the school board.

Gladys Vaughn, Bonnie Snyder, Blanche Skinner, Ethelmae Dodds, Edna Eberwein, Nora Vitt and Mary Durst were the teacher of the 1920’s. Those serving on the school board were Rena Vaughn, F.P. Thompson and Silas Harmon.

Mary Durst taught five school terms in the 1930’s. Other teachers of the 1930’s were Frances Bailey, and Katherine Kelley who taught 4 terms. Annie Newman, Earle Lederer and Earl White were the school board members.

The next teachers were Margie Howell, Lena Millburn, Anna Marquardt, Lione Twichell Edna Rockhold and Jessie Vitt teaching the school term of 1945-46.

The school was closed the next term due to a small enrollment. Finally the day came on February 21, 1950 to close Hopewell No. 7 and consolidate with Spring Creek No. 2, Clearfield No. 58, and Independence No. 76 to form Baldwin District NO. 92

Photo by Christina Rexroad-Hopewell School, not sure of the year, but somewhere around 1926. Teacher - Emmy Pine. Students (in no particular order), Bell Winters, Maude George, Claude Deay, Bob Moore, Vernie Love, Dick HOlliday, Lew Williams, Alma Deay, Goldie Love, Minnie Randal, Katherine Moore, Eva Winters, Earl White, Bonnie Snider Adriance, Katherine HOlliday Mitchell, Marion Winters, Alfred Winters, Loren Williams, Ralph Love, Zode Winters, Rob Winters, Oscar WIlliams, Harry WInters, Grey Love, ? (Germie) Love, Ula Winters, Mary Love

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