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Vinland School District No. 49
Vinland School District No. 49 was organized on February 1, 1870, when Gertrude and W.E. deeded one and one-quarter acres of land on the north side of Dg. Co. Rt. 460, about one-half mile east of Dg. Co. Rt. 1055.
The first settlers in this community arrived in 1854. This village was sometimes called “Coal Creek”, because of the sedimentary rock deposits in the nearby creek. It is believed the name “Vinland” was derived from the former home of W.E. Barnes, Vineland, Massachusetts. The first public library in the state was established here in 1859, and still operates today! The Vinland post office opened in 1868 and served the community for 86 years, closing in 1954. The Vinland Grange Hall located here is on the National Register of Historic Places. Vinland once had a general store, two churches, and a blacksmith shop.
The first building to be used as a school was built by the same stone mason that built Coal Creek No. 39, and Harmony No. 57, Louis Swanson. The building was of a common design with three windows on each side, with two doors in the front with a window in the middle. The building was heated with a pot-bellied stove, which was probably the source of the fire that destroyed the structure in 1925.
The earliest records of 1897-98 show Julie Miller teaching 63 students, with Sam Nye and James Iliff the two recorded school board members.
Teaching the next term was Gertrude Bell followed by Julia Miller teaching the 1899-1900 term.
Jennie Reed taught the first term of the new decade followed by Florence Dixon, F.C. Rumsey, Alice Clark, F.C. Rumsey again, Lena Jones and Winnie teaching the last term ending in 1910. The recorded board members were N. Woods, T.P. Stevens and W.H. Hoskinson.
Teaching the next ten terms were; Margaret Kalb, Mabel Pence teaching four terms, Adelia Dean, Opal Meyers and Adelia Dean teaching the last of her four nonconsecutive terms. For the term ending in 1920, C.E. Yates, J.H. Jones and W.D. Fordyce were the school board members.
When the original stone structure built by stone mason Louis Swanson was destroyed by fire in 1925, a more modern brick building was constructed. The original building was sold at auction, and converted into a home. (According to member Dennis Lawson, the brown building pictured, was possibly part of the unification of number 49, and 88. The building had a kitchen and lunchroom in the lower level, and a classroom in the upper level. This building served the grade school and the high school, for many years.)
Mary Scheher taught the first term of the 1920’s followed by hazel Hamilton, Nellie Hyland, Mary Norris, William Roe, Clara Hughes and Emma Semple (Berg) (later the Douglas County Superintendent) teaching the last two terms. Those serving on the school board for the term ending in 1930 were William Landon, H.W. Miskimen and F.W. Cleland, with thirty- nine students enrolled.
The 1930’s were taught by; Emma Semple Berg, Dorothy Dunmire, Helen Seyler, Helen Mangles, Esther Wulfkuhle, Esther Hoskinson, Fred Gottstein and F.W. Cleland.
Moleta Laughlin taught five terms in the 1940’s along with Alta Jennings, Bernice Gottstein and Nora Vitt, teaching the term ending in 1947.Vinland School District No. 49 disorganized on July 2, 1947 when it joined with Stony point No. 3, Coal Creek No. 39 and Harmony No. 57 to form Vinland School District No. 88.

1897 Souvenir


Vinland School

Vinland High School-1935 Vinland Rural High School.
Front row: Harve Watkins (janitor), Helen Hubbard, Lucille Robertson, Guy Howard, John Newman, Mrs. Gwen Jantzen, Miss Fern Galle, Allen Daugherty, E.R. Button, Mary O'Brien, Leola Robertson.
Middle row: Murray Lawson, Florence Hammond, Bruce Holcom, Bob Jones, Fred Hemphill, Bernice Hagerman, Ray Randel, Lucile Hird, Esther Faye Miskimen, Ralph Madl, Marion Weeks, Noah (Bus) Gimblet, Art Madl.
Back row: Howard Jameson, Miles Cleland, Mary Rohe, Mary Frances Weeks, Rose Nichols, Juanita Heinrich, Earl Shumate (?), Chester Miskimen, Loren Hadl, Maxine Stone, Hazel Jones, Ed Boehle, Lloyd Howard, Hubert Hoskinson.

Vinland Girls Baseball Team - 1935. The only names on this one are D. W. From, Sandy and Doris. Doris Winters Moore is back row, 2nd from right.

Mrs Vitt's class

New Vinland School

Vinland Tigers

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