The lists of graduates below come from the biennial reports of the Kansas State Normal School in Emporia, now known as Emporia State University. The lists below give the name of student receiving a diploma, place of residence/county. If the student was from another state than Kansas that state is listed as well. Please note that names repeat throughout these lists as students came back to get advanced degrees.


ADAMS, George I. -- Morantown/Allen County
ALEXANDER, Ulysses Stover -- Winfield/Cowley County
BARROWS, Edwin P. -- Burrton/Harvey County
COLESTOCK, Mrs. Minnie Asher -- Kansas City/Wyandotte County
HODGDON, Ida -- Lyons/Rice County
HOGLE, Ada -- Emporia/Lyon County
JAY, Inez -- Lyons/Rice County
KENNEDY, Asa Dutton -- Lawrence/Douglas County
OWEN, Hugh Allen -- Winfield/Cowley County

CULVER, Chester Murphy -- Emporia/Lyon County
FREEMAN, Clarence Everett -- North Topeka/Shawnee County
MALLORY, Maranda -- Le Loup/Franklin County
MURPHY, Charles Allen -- Idana/Clay County

BAILEY, Laura Delove -- Lawrence/Douglas County
BAXTER, Louis Warren -- Emporia/Lyon County
BISHOFF, Mark Lincoln -- Eudora/Douglas County
BRACKEN, Mattie John -- Kingman/Kingman County
BROWN, William Brazil -- Howard/Elk County
CARMAN, Alice -- Phillipsburg/Phillips County
CARPENTER, Myrtle Luella -- Piqua/Woodson County
COCHRAN, Hattie Luella -- Olivet/Osage County
COCHRAN, Mary Louisa -- Olivet/Osage County
COLBURN, James Miller -- Salina/Saline County
CULVER, Hattie Margaret -- Emporia/Lyon County
DRAKE, Bertha May -- Emporia/Lyon County
GRANT, Grace Fannie -- Arvonia/Osage County
GRIFFITH, Susan Marilla -- Canton/McPherson County
HENCH, Elmer Ethridge Ellsworth -- Eshcol/Perry County, Pennsylvania
HINER, Lucie A. -- Emporia/Lyon County
HOLMAN, Araminta -- Leavenworth/Leavenworth County
HUBBARD, Flora -- Galena/Cherokee County
HUTCHINGS, Charles William -- Madison/Greenwood County
JONES, Ida Lillian -- Holton/Jackson County
JONES, Rosa May -- Emporia/Lyon County
KEEZEL, Mrs. Carrie Francelia -- Lecompton/Douglas County
KING, Julia Belle -- Winfield/Cowley County
KIRKENDALL, Grace Marguerite -- Emporia/Lyon County
KNOWLES, Julia Adgate -- Ottawa, Ohio
KNOWLES, Sara Cecelia -- Ottawa, Ohio
KYSER, Willis Melvin -- Grenola/Elk County
MACK, Lovilla Lydia -- McPherson/McPherson County
MADDEN, May Belle -- Independence/Montgomery County
MAXSON, Jeannette -- Emporia/Lyon County
METZGER, Violette Eugenia -- Topeka/Shawnee County
MONTGOMERY, Samuel Newton -- Galena/Cherokee County
RUBOW, Laura Anna -- Carbondale/Osage County
SMITH, Ada Elizabeth -- Paola/Miami County
SPENCE, Mary Olive -- Emporia/Lyon County
THOMPSON, John A. -- Grenola/Elk County
WEAVER, Anna Grace -- Emporia/Lyon County
WILSON, Nora -- Onaga/Pottawatomie County
WILSON, Eda Annetta E. F. -- Olpe/Lyon County
WOLF, George Melden -- Americus/Lyon County


ANDERSON, Mary Elizabeth -- Topeka/Shawnee County
BROWN, William Brazil -- Howard/Elk County
CUNNINGHAM, Nellie -- Kingman/Kingman County
GOODMAN, Charles Wilberforce -- St. John/Stafford County
MANNING, Harris W. -- Emporia/Lyon County
PRESTON, Charlotte Melinda -- Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania
STILLWELL, Clara Estelle -- Baldwin/Douglas County
WIGGAM, Horace Gilbert -- Vernon, Indiana
WILBUR, Hetie -- Admire/Lyon County
WILSON, Mima Anna -- Valencia/Shawnee County

McCLURKIN, Cyrus Cameron -- Clay Center/Clay County
UTTER, Oliver Lincoln -- Manhattan/Riley County
WILKINSON, George El Dorado -- Emporia/Lyon County
BACON, Henrietta Elizabeth -- May Day/Clay County
BALLINGER, Lulu -- Livingston, Montana
BARNES, Laura Cordova -- Winfield/Cowley County
BEST, Alice Elizabeth -- Emporia/Lyon County
BEST, Jennie June -- Admire/Lyon County
BLACK, Emma -- La Cygne/Miami County
BLACK, Ida Eliza -- La Cygne/Miami County
BRINKERHOFF, Charles Nelson -- Elk City/Montgomery County
BROWN, Benjamin Eli -- Piqua/Woodson County
CHILDEARS, Nora -- Emporia/Lyon County
CHRISTIAN, Mattie Gertrude -- Carlyle/Allen County
COFFMAN, Alka Blanche -- Emporia/Lyon County
COOPER, James Thomas -- Coyville/Wilson County
CULVER, Marian Allie -- Emporia/Lyon County
ENLOE, Enoch Licurgus -- Coolidge/Hamilton County
ETRICK, Amalia Augusta -- Dodge City/Ford County
FISHER, Kate -- Rosedale/Wyandotte County
GANTZ, William Osger -- Alta Vista/Wabaunsee County
GRANT, Malvina Gertrude -- Arvonia/Osage County
HALL, William Bastow -- Bateman/Clay County
HAYS, Frances Seymour -- Richland/Shawnee County
HUGHES, Clara Osee -- Phillipsburg/Phillips County
JOHNSON, Charlie Edward -- Bunker Hill/Russell County
KENWELL, Joseph Cyrus -- Council Grove/Morris County
KING, Mary Lenora -- Abbyville/Reno County
KITTELL, George Henry -- Moundridge/Harvey County
McCARTNEY, Ethel Blanche -- Valley Falls/Jefferson County
MADDOX, Maud Miller -- Glasgow, Missouri
MANSER, Jennie Lee -- Burden/Cowley County
MELLOR, Sophia Gertrude -- Niotaze/Chautauqua County
MESKIMEN, Lillie May -- Onaga/Pottawatomie County
MILLER, Della May -- Emporia/Lyon County
PARSONS, Hiram Alzamon Melvin -- Caney/Montgomery County
RHODES, Allie May -- Jasper, Missouri
RUGGLES, Robert Mitchell -- Emporia/Lyon County
SAX, Arthur Oreatus -- Americus/Lyon County
SLOCUM, Carrie -- Council Grove/Morris County
SMITH, Maud Dell -- Oskaloosa/Jefferson County
SMITH, Sarah Louisa -- Lansing/Leavenworth County
THOMPSON, Mary Westren -- Elgin/Chautauqua County
TIFFANY, Louisa -- Barnesville/Bourbon County
WHEELER, Willard James -- Hamlet, New York
WIGGAM, Jennie Berkshire -- Emporia/Lyon County
WILCOX, Ida Rosella -- Concordia/Cloud County
WILKIN, Mary Elizabeth -- Bow Creek/Rooks County
WOOD, Inez -- Robinson/Brown County
WORTMAN, Jacob G. -- Pleasanton/Linn County

CALHOUN, Julian Cassius -- Winchester, Iowa
CLARKE, Elva Enola -- Emporia/Lyon County
COBB, Benjamin -- Palco/Rooks County
COLLETTE, Alonzo McGee -- Moran/Allen County


BOWMAN, Ola -- Newton/Harvey County
FREAS, Thomas Bruce -- Highwater, Ohio
HANNA, Thomas Bertram -- Wakefield/Clay County
HEALY, Emma Sophia -- Lincoln/Lincoln County
LIGGERT, Roy Shannon -- Emporia/Lyon County
MURPHY, Charles Allen -- Nickerson/Reno County
NORRIS, Eunice Janett -- Phillipsburg/Phillips County
SPIERS, Gertrude -- Chase/Rice County
WEBB, Alberta Irene -- Nortonville/Jefferson County

BALCOMB, Ernest Elwell -- Success/Russell County
CLARKE, Elva Enola -- Emporia/Lyon County
CRISMAN, George -- Clinton, Missouri
DAVIS, John -- Manhattan/Riley County
DAVIS, Kary Cadmus -- Junction City/Geary County
LIGGETT, Florence Jane -- Emporia/Lyon County

ALBACH, Louisa Bertha -- Carbondale/Osage County
BACHELLER, Edwin Belmont -- Lyons/Rice County
BACON, Adaline Maria -- May Day/Riley County
BAIRD, Mary Brooks -- Eureka/Greenwood County
BALLEW, Thomas Joseph -- Allen/Lyon County
BETTY, Evangeline -- Hazelton/Barber County
BINFORD, Gurney -- Haviland/Kiowa County
BOERSMA, Celia -- Amador/Butler County
BOERSMA, Jessie -- Amador/Butler County
BOGAR, Thomas Pertrum -- Pittsburg/Crawford County
BROOKOVER, Jessie Irene -- Eureka/Greenwood County
BROWN, Ora Chilnissae -- Aulne/Marion County
CALVERT, Edna -- Muscotah/Atchison County
CHRISTIAN, Jennie Dott -- Carlyle/Allen County
CRAMER, Kate -- Neodesha/Wilson County
CRICHFIELD, Laura Isabelle -- Seneca/Nemaha County
CULTER, Horace M. -- Clear Water/Sedgwick County
CUNNINGHAM, Maud -- Emporia/Lyon County
ELDER, Anna -- DeWitt/Washington County
ELDER, Serena Elenor -- DeWitt/Washington County
ELLIS, Lorene -- Prairie Center/Johnson County
ELLIS, Sarah Ann -- Parsons/Labette
FERGUSON, LuEtta -- Emporia/Lyon County
FOGLEMAN, Samuel Lincoln -- Altamont/Labette County
FOWLER, Charles Sherman -- Emporia/Lyon County
GAW, Emma Belle -- Leavenworth/Leavenworth County
GILMAN, Hattie Grace -- Leavenworth/Leavenworth County
GORDON, Frank Elwood -- Horton/Brown County
HARMON, Mary Frances Burgoyne -- Valley Falls/Jefferson County
HARMON, Oscar Guy -- White City/Morris County
HOLMAN, Ida Codista -- Leavenworth/Leavenworth County
HUMPHREY, Laura Edna -- Great Bend/Barton County
JESSE, Ethel Mary -- McPherson/McPherson County
JOHNSON, Rosa May -- Emporia/Lyon County
JOHNSTON, Junia Amanda -- Wamego/Pottawatomie County
LONGENECKER, Florence Reichard -- Paola/Miami County
McMAHAN, Arminta Mossman -- Paxico/Wabaunsee County
MADDEN, Robert Thornton -- Salina/Saline County
MANSER, Mary Ruth -- Burden/Cowley County
MILLIGAN, Edith Belle -- Denison/Jackson County
MUNSON, Mary Jennette -- Silver City, New Mexico
MUNTZ, Sybilla Susan -- Conway Springs/Sumner County
MYLER, Ada Douglas -- Iola/Allen County
NELSON, Maggie -- Emporia/Lyon County
PAYNE, Eli -- Hutchinson/Reno County
PHENICIE, Jessie May -- Reno/Leavenworth County
ROBSON, Margaret -- Dennison/Jackson County
ROHRER, Etta Matilda -- Gardner/Miami County
RUSS, Russell Station -- Moran/Allen County
STARCKE, Julia Rosetta Ida -- Junction City/Geary County
SUTTON, Lucy Isabel -- Greeley/Anderson County
VAN VORIS, William Arthur -- Americus/Lyon County
WALKER, Gilbert Almarion -- Haddam/Washington County
WATTS, Eva Newman -- Oshkosh, Wisconsin
WELTY, Carrie Elizabeth -- Predonia/Wilson County
WHITBECK, Jennie Augusta -- Axtell/Marshall County
WHITE, Ambrose -- Emporia/Lyon County
WOEHNER, Louis Walter -- Leavenworth/Leavenworth County
WYATT, Stella -- Howard/Elk County

CARNEY, Albert Burton -- Beloit/Mitchell County
COLEMAN, William Coffin -- Mound Valley/Labette County
HALL, Lothrop James -- Clay Center/Clay County


BAXTER, Louis Warren -- Emporia/Lyon County
COLEMAN, William Coffin -- Mound Valley/Labette County
CULVER, Chester Murphy -- Topeka/Shawnee County
DeCOU, Nellie Maud -- Tisdale/Cowley County
FINNEY, May Elizabeth -- Ogden/Riley County
McMAHAN, Arminta Mossman -- Paxico/Wabaunsee County
MONTGOMERY, Sadie Louise -- Jeffersonville, Indiana
SHEPHERD, Earle Russel -- St. John/Stafford County
SHIVELY, Charles Arthur -- Paola/Miami County
UTTER, Oliver Lincoln -- Manhattan/Riley County
WHITBECK, Jennie Augusta -- Parsons/Labette County

JOHNSON, Charles Edward -- Emporia/Lyon County
JOHNSON, Rosa May -- Emporia/Lyon County
TOLMAN, Grace Eldred -- Wilder/Johnson County

ANTHONY, Ella -- Burlingame/Osage County
ATKINS, Louie Eloise -- Wamego/Pottawatomie County
BELL, Lillie May -- Yates Center/Woodson County
BILL, Lilly Ella -- Chicago, Illinois
BRIC, Theresa Marie -- White Cloud/Doniphan County
CARNINE, Ida May -- Carlyle/Allen County
CHILDEARS, Cora -- Emporia/Lyon County
CLARK, Roxie Ellen -- Greensburg/Kiowa County
COCHRAN, Beatrice -- Plymouth/Lyon County
COMAN, Clara Cecilia -- Scammon/Cherokee County
COOL, Commodore Foote -- Keelville/Cherokee County
COOVER, Hezekiah -- Wilson/Ellsworth County
COVERT, Penelope Nellie -- Florence/Marion County
COWAN, Cora Mabelle -- Valley Falls/Jefferson County
CRAIG, Bessie Araminta -- Emporia/Lyon County
CROSS, Abraham Lincoln -- Sedgwick/Harvey County
CRUMRINE, Edgar Harry -- Hesper/Douglas County
De TURK, Katie Evageline -- Wellington/Sumner County
DICKSON, Lucy Elizabeth -- Emporia/Lyon County
DOERLE, Louise Augusta -- Leavenworth/Leavenworth County
DONICA, Delila Sophia -- Kincaid/Allen County
DONICA, Mary Marincia -- Kincaid/Allen County
EPPERSON, Arthur Hiram -- Hutchinson/Reno County
FRAZIER, Elizabeth -- Austin/Neosho County
GILLETT, Anna Bell -- Larned/Pawnee County
GREENLEE, Jennie C. -- Americus/Lyon County
GREIDER, William Henry -- Solomon/Dickinson County
GRIDLEY, Hugh Boardman -- May Day/Riley County
GRIEST, Florence -- Ellis/Ellis County
HAYES, Amy Alvira -- Paola/Miami County
HELD, Cora Emilie -- Emporia/Lyon County
HELD, Eva Mary -- Emporia/Lyon County
HODSON, Lillie May -- Lawrence/Douglas County
JAY, Almeda -- Wichita/Sedgwick County
JONES, Maude Augusta -- Emporia/Lyon County
KELLY, Thomas White -- Lindsborg/McPherson County
KING, Grace Adeline -- Emporia/Lyon County
KINKEAD, George Wakeman -- Palermo/Doniphan County
KIRK, Utie Iora -- Wellington/Sumner County
KITTLAUS, Emma Louisa -- Leavenworth/Leavenworth County
LEE, Carrie Amanda -- Emporia/Lyon County
LIGGETT, Saloma Charlotte -- Cave Springs/Elk County
LONG, Maggie May -- Osage Mission/Neosho County
LUTES, Delphene Hortense -- Vinton, Iowa
McBRIDE, William Hugh -- Emporia/Lyon County
McDONALD, Norman -- Smith Center/Smith County
MAPES, Vernon Atwell -- Quincy, Illinois
MATHIAS, Mollie E. -- Rosedale/Wyandotte County
MAYBERRY, James Willard -- McPherson/McPherson County
MILES, Catherine Belinda -- Waverly/Coffey County
MILLER, Norma Olive -- Emporia/Lyon County
MILLER, William Alonzo -- Americus/Lyon County
MILLS, Albert Taylor -- Mount Palatine, Illinois
MORRIS, Grace -- Topeka/Shawnee County
MORRISON, Harry Butler -- Lincoln/Lincoln County
NAFF, John H. -- Erie/Neosho County
NATION, James Milton -- Urbana/Neosho County
NAY, Pruella -- Kiowa/Barber County
PATTERSON, Jennie Kate -- Hamilton/Greenwood County
PIERATT, James Monroe -- Strawn/Coffey County
RANDELS, Sarah Elizabeth -- Anthony/Harper County
RIBER, Willow Bell -- Emporia/Lyon County
RICE, Mary V. -- Frankfort/Marshall County
SCHMALZRIED, Mary -- McPherson/McPherson County
SHOBE, Nancy Paradine -- Wellington/Sumner County
SISLER, Edna Sells -- St. Louis, Missouri
SMITH, Olive Amelia -- Emporia/Lyon County
SMITH, Sarah Anne -- Parsons/Labette County
SPEER, Dicie Annabel -- Muscotah/Atchison
STACKHOUSE, Lelia Theresa -- Netawaka/Jackson County
STARRY, Clark N. -- Louisburg/Miamia County
STEPHENSON, Leona Ruth -- Coffeyville/Montgomery County
STOUT, Aaron James -- Emporia/Lyon County
STOUT, Alta Minnie -- Plymouth/Lyon County
STOUT, Sarah Ellen -- Plymouth/Lyon County
STUCKEY, Katherine Pearl -- Emporia/Lyon County
SWANSON, Tillie Lucretia -- Madison/Greenwood County
SWARENS, Barton Leslie -- Nickerson/Reno County
THOMAS, Julia Belle -- Wichita/Sedgwick County
TOWNER, Charles Clifford -- Eureka/Greenwood County
TYLER, Elza Edward -- Erie/Neosho County
TYTHERLEIGH, Anna Margretta -- Emporia/Lyon County
WALKER, Mary Edna -- Monrovia, California
WALKER, Mary Ella -- Topeka/Shawnee County
WALL, Abraham J. -- Hillsboro/Marion County
WHALEY, Martha Belle -- Topeka/Shawnee County
WHITE, John Brister -- Colony/Anderson County
WILLIAMS, S. Ella -- Emporia/Lyon County
WOODMANSEE, Grant -- Holyrood/Ellsworth County

BINFORD, Bevan -- Haviland/Kiowa County
BORLAND, Louis -- Scranton/Osage County
CLAASSEN, Peter A. -- Beatrice, Nebraska
CLARKE, Etta Idell -- Emporia/Lyon County
De CAMP, Maude Alice -- Emporia/Lyon County
EDWARDS, Marshall Fletcher -- Lebo/Coffey County
EGGLESTON, Frank Dunn -- LARNED/Pawnee County
ELLIS, Leander Dallas -- Dodge City/Ford County
SHANNON, Leon William -- Granada/Brown County
THOME, Fannie Marguerite -- Dodge City/Ford County
WILLIAMS, Clarence Milton -- Harper/Harper County



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