Information on Graduates
(Kansas State University)
(from a book published in in 1914)

1867, 1871-1889 GRADUATES

The following text was transcribed from the book:

(Manhattan, Kan. : Kansas State Agricultural College, Department of Printing, 1914)

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Maiden names of women appear in (parentheses)


--- DENISON, Henry Longfellow, A.M., Stenographer, Eleventh Judicial District, Canon City, Colo. Stenographer in Courts of Colorado.
--- (HAINES) POND, Belle M., A.M. died in 1905
--- (HAINES) BOWDEN, Laura Emma, A.M., Home, 1401 Humboldt St., Manhattan, Kan. Teacher in District Schools and in Grades in Leavenworth and Kansas City, Kan.; Principal of Wamego Schools; Field Secretary of W. B. M. I., 1900-1907; Housewife in Manhattan and in Marietta, Ohio, 1907-
--- POINTS, John J., A.M., Accountant, 2201 Douglas St., Omaha, Nebr. Teacher, 1868-1878; County Superintendent Douglas County, Nebraska, 1878-1884; Auditor, Douglas County, 1884-'88; Attorney at Law, 1888-98; Assistant Secretary "Greater American Exposition," 1899; Secretary Kitchen Brothers' Hotel Company (Paxton), 1899-'06; Accountant, 1906-
--- (WHITE) ABBOTT, Martha A., A.M., Housewife, 437 Oakley Boul., Chicago, Ill.


--- (CAMPBELL) ROBINSON, Emily M., A.B. died in 1877.
--- (DENISON) WHEDON, Ellen Frances, A.B. died in 1910.
*--- HOUSTON, Luella M., A.B., 1216 S. Tenth St, Denver, Colo. Music Teacher.
--- WHEDON, Charles O., B.S., Lawyer, Lincoln, Nebr., 1889-'90; Attorney at Law, Lincoln, Nebr., 1890-'13; Died on January 15, 1913.
*--- (WHITE) TURLEY, Kate E., A.B., Housewife, 2338 Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Ill.


--- (HAINES) HUNTINGTON, Theophania M., A.B., died in 1880.
--- TODD, Albert, A.M., Cadet at West Point, 1873-1877; Lieutenant in First Artillery, 1877-'98; Captain in Corps of Artillery (Served in Phillippines), 1898-'01; Major, 1902-'07; Lieutenant Colonel, General Army Staff in Washington, D. C., 1907-'08; Colonel, 1908-'10; Retired from active service, 1910. died on April 17, 1913.
--- WILLISTON, Samuel Wendell, A.M., M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Paleontology, Walker Museum, University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. B.S., K.S.A.C., 1872; A.M., 1875; M.D., Yale, 1880, Ph.D., 1885; Assistant in Paleontology and Osteology, 1876-'85; Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1885-'86; Professor, 1886-'90, Yale; Professor of Histology, Geology and Anatomy, and Dean of Medical School, University of Kansas, 1890-'02; Professor of Paleontology, University of Chicago, 1902- ; Assistant Paleontologist, U.S. Geological Survey, 1882-'85; Assistant Editor of Science, 1885-'86; Health Officer, New Haven, Conn., 1888-'90; Member of Kansas State Board of Health, 1898-'00; Member of Board of Medical Examiners, 1900-'02; Foreign Correspondent of London Geological Society, London Zoological Society; Fellow, Geological Society of America; President of Sigma Xi, 1901-'05, Kansas Academy of Science, 1897; President of Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, 1903; Author: Manual of North American Diptera, 1896, 1908; Reports of University Geological Survey of Kansas, Vols. IV, VI, 1898, 1900; About 200 scientific papers on entomology, zoology, sanitation, comparative anatomy and paleontology; Bulletins.


--- (DAVIS) STRINGFIELD, Eliza A., A.B., Housewife, 1111 Santee St., Los Angeles, Cal. Housewife, 1876; Residences: San Luis Obispo, Pomona, and Los Angeles, Cal.
--- KIMBLE, Sam, A.B., Judge of the Twenty-first District, West Poyntz, Manhattan, Kan. Engaged in the survey of the Manhattan and Northwestern Railway, 1873-'74; Teacher and law student, 1874-'75; Admitted to the bar, 1875; Lawyer, 1875- ; Served three terms as City Attorney, Manhattan, Kan.; Elected County Attorney, Riley County, Kansas, 1890; Judge of the Twenty-first District--.


--- BROUS, Harry A., A.M., M.D., Medical student, physician, Philadelphia, Pa., 1890-'00; Physician, Manhattan, Kan., 1900-'06; died in 1906
*--- CLARK, Edgar F., A.B., Vancouver, B.C.
--- DAVIS, John E., B.S., D.D.S. died in 1908.
--- GILBERT, William D., A.B., Lawyer, 108 Baltimore Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. Lawyer, City Attorney, County Attorney, Judge of District Court, Atchison, Kan.; Lawyer, Memphis, Tenn.
--- WHITE, A. Judson, A.B., Minister, 2315 W. Morrison St., Chicago, Ill. Pastor of Christian Church, Manhattan, Kan., 1875; Student of Bible College, Lexington, Ky., 1875-'76; Pastor in Junction City, Kan., Chicago, Ill., New Castle, Ind., Fairfield, Iowa, Leavenworth, Kan., 1876-'86; Evangelisitic work, Dighton, Kan., and Wichita, Kan., 1886-'88; Pastor, Atchison, Kan., 1889-'91; General evangelist, Chicago, Ill., 1891-'94; General evangelist, Chicago, Ill., 1913-


--- LOFINCK, Rueben E., B.S., Merchant, Manhattan, Kan.
--- (STEWART) POINTS, Alice Eulalie, A.M., Teacher City Schools, 340 Communipaw Ave., Jersey City, N.J.


--- GALE, George A., A.B., West Palm Beach, Fla. Fruit grower, Lake Worth, Fla., 1889-'93; Merchant, Lake Worth, Fla., 1893-'95; Merchant, Mangonia, Fla., 1895-'98; Merchant and postmaster, Mangonia, Fla., 1898-'05; Poultry raiser, Mangonia, Fla., 1905-'08; Poultry and dairy business, West Palm Beach, Fla., 1909-'13.
--- (GALE) KEDZIE, Ella M., A.B., Teacher of art, 317 Abbott Ave., East Lansing, Mich. Teacher of drawing, K.S.A.C., 1876-'77; Head of Art Department, Olivet College, Michigan, nine years; Oberlin, Ohio, two years; Assistant in Art Department, Michigan Agricultural College, several years; Private teacher of art, 1913.
--- KIMBALL, Carrie M., A.B., Homekeeper, R. 2, Box 39 B., Santa Anna, Cal. Teacher of art and music, Garden Grove, Cal., several years.
--- (SAWYER) KEDZIE JONES, Nellie, M.S., Housewife, Smoky Hill Farm, Auburndale, Wis. Professor of domestic economy, K.S.A.C., 1882-'97; Professor domestic economy, Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Peoria, Ill., 1897-'01; Housewife, Berea, Ky, 1901-'03; Kalamazoo, Mich., 1903-'09; Minneapolis, Minn., 1909-'11; Auburndale, Wis., 1911-
--- (WHITMAN) HEISER, Minerva E., A.B., Osage City, Kan.


--- (CHILD) CARROLL, Ella S., B.S., Dressmaker, 230 Osage St., Manhattan, Kan. Teacher, 1878-'93.
--- FAILYER, George H., M.S., Farmer, Manhattan, Kan. Teacher, District School, 1877-'78; In charge Chemistry Department, K.S.A.C., 1878-'79; Professor of Chemistry, K.S.A.C., 1879-'97; Farmer, 1897-'01; Assistant in soil research, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1902-'11; Farmer, 1911-
--- GRIFFING, John S., M.S., Tecumseh, Kan. Merchant, Topeka, Kan., 1899-'00; Grocery business in Manhattan, 1901-'04; Dairyman, Tecumseh, Kan., 1905; Farmer, Blackfoot, Idaho, 1911-'12; Dairyman, Tecumseh, Kan., R. 16, 1912-'13.
--- HOWARD, Walter Cyrus, B.D., Pastor Methodist Episcopal Church, Fourth and J St., Livermore, Cal. Preacher in M.E. Church, Westmoreland, Kan., 1878-'80; Preacher in M.E. Church, Scranton, Kan., 1880-1883; Degree of B.D., Garret Biblical Institute, 1886; Member of Kansas Conference, 1878-'84; Member Rock River, Ill., Conference, 1884-'98; Member of California Conference, 1898-
--- HOYT, Frederick O., M.D. died in 1884
--- HUMPHREY, Louis E., B.S., Druggist and real estate dealer, Chapman, Kan. Druggist, Tower, Colo., 1908-'13; Druggist and real estate dealer in land in eastern Colorado, 1913; Rooming house proprietor, Chapman, Kan., 1913-
--- LaTOURRETTE, James F., B.S., Indian Agency, Fort Hall, Idaho. Stock raiser, Wagon Mound, New Mex., 1889-'92; Indian Agency, Fort Defiance, Ariz., 1893-'95; Miner, Idaho Springs, Colo., 1895-'03; Assistant, Sitka Industrial Training School, Sitka, Alaska, 1903-'05; Missionary, Sitka, Alaska, 1905-'07; Farmer, Miles, Wash., 1907-'11; Indian Agency, Fort Hall, Idaho, 1913-
--- LEASURE, Marion Franklin, LL. B., Attorney at law, La Cygne, Kan.; Teacher, 1877-'78; In Law Department, University of Michigan, 1878-1880; Attorney at Law, 1880-
*--- ULRICH, William, M.S., Grafton, Ill. Contractor, Manhattan, Kan., 1877-'98; Boat builder, Grafton, Ill., 1898-


--- GODFREY, Albert N., M.S., Civil engineering, County Engineer, R. 2, Box 112, Wenatchee, Wash.
--- McCONNELL, Charles S., B.S. died in 1902
--- PLATT, George S., B.S. died in 1878
--- WILSON, Amos E., B.S., Bank cashier, 212 Elm St., Leavenworth, Kan. Bank cashier, 1878-'92 and 1893- ; National bank examiner, 1892-'93.


*--- BLAIN, Arthur T., B.S., Orchardist, Duarte (Los Angeles County), Cal.
--- (CAMPBELL) BLAIN, Etta, B.S., Housewife, Duarte, Cal.
--- ECKMAN, Wilmer K., B.S., Bank president, 305 S. Fredonia St., Longview, Texas. Newspaper work, Osborne, Kan., 1879-'81; Bank bookkeeper, Osborne, Kan., 1881-'84; Lumber office, Atchison, Kan., 1884-'91; Manager mill and lumber yard, Longview, Texas, 1891-'96; Banking, Longview, Texas, 1896-
--- REED, Corwin J., B.S., Farmer, Havensville, Kan. Farmer, Havensville, Kan., 1879-
--- RUSHMORE, Henry C., B.S., City salesman, Nowell-Shapleigh Hardware Company, St. Louis, Mo., 308 Lawn St., Kansas City, Mo. Railroad service and banking, 1879-'84; Retail hardware business and railroad service, 1884-'93; Wholesale hardware business, 1893-'13.
--- SALTER, Lewis A., B.S., Lawyer, Carmen, Okla. Farmer, Thayer, Kan., 1879-'81; Hardware merchant, Argonia, Kan., 1881-'85; Admitted to practice law, 1886; Removed to Alva, Okla., 1893; Removed to Carmen, Okla., 1900-
--- SIKES, William H., B.S., Merchant, Leonardville, Kan. For thirty-two years have kept a store on same location. Have a nice two-story store in place of the old frame structure. Talk socialism when not busy practicing capitalism. My three children are in the store also.
--- (VINCENT) McCORMICK, Ella, B.S. died in 1911.
--- WOOD, Clarence E., A.B., Merchant, Bushyhead, Okla.


--- BEACHAM, Augustine, B.S. died about 1890.
---(COX) KREGAR, Elizabeth, B.S., Housewife, 503 W. First St., Junction City, Kan. Teacher, 1880-'86.
--- (HOYT) TURNER, Emma, B.S., Housewife
--- (KNOSTMAN) HUSE, Emma, B.S., Housewife, 831 Leavenworth St., Manhattan, Kan.
--- (PARKER) PERRY, Grace, B.S., Housewife and farmer, Box 1163, Pocatello, Idaho. Teacher and clerk, 1881-'82; Student at Washburn College, 1883-'84; Graduated from Washburn College, 1884; Teacher, 1885-'86; Housewife, 1886- ; Pastor's assistant, Odgen, Utah, 1895-'96; Pastor's assistant, Salmon, Lemhi County, Idaho, 1908-'11; Residences: Chapman, Capioma, Manhattan, Kiowa, Goodland, Kan., Pueblo, Colo., Ogden, Utah; Pocatello, Idaho; Salmon, Idaho; Pocatello, Idaho.
--- RICHARDSON, Noble Asa, B.S., Merchant and lecturer, 1780 Fifth St., San Bernardino, Cal., 1884-'99; Author of works on economics and lecturer, 1900- ; Author, "Introduction to Socialism," "Industrial Problems," etc.
--- (SICKELS) DAVIS, Marie E., B.S. died in 1894.


--- (DONALDSON) REED, Flora, B.S., Housewife, Havensville, Kan. Five children, all of whom have attended K.S.A.C.
*--- HOUSTON, Ulysesses Grant, B.S., Lecturer, Enid, Okla.
--- JEFFERY, Fletcher M., B.S., Lawyer, Wetmore, Kan., 1889-'90; Lawyer, Escondido, Cal., 1890-'93; Lawyer, Cripple Creek, Colo., 1893-'02; Lawyer, Seattle, Wash, 1902-'10; died on April 7, 1910.
--- JEFFREY, William J., B.S., Minister, 1889-'90; Agent, San Diego, Cal., 1890-'95; Law student, Boston University, Massachusetts, 1895-'96; died in 1900.
--- LEACH, Darwin S., Superintendent of city schools, Georgetown, New Mex., 1889-'92; Africa, 1892-'03; San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1906-'07; Agent, New York Life, agencies in foreign countries; died in 1908.
--- LIGHTFOOT, William J., B.S., U.S. surveyor and special disbursing agent, care of U.S. Surveyor General, San Francisco, Cal. Contsruction engineer, A.T.&S.F. Railway, 1882-'04; Assistant engineer, U.S. Reclamation Service, 1904-'05; U.S. surveyor, Department of the Interior, General Land Office, 1905-
--- (MASON) COTEY, Dalinda, B.S., Housewife, 3404 Andover St., Oakland, Cal. Teacher in public schools; Professor Domestic Science, South Dakota Agricultural College, 1887-'90; Dean of School of Domestic Science and Arts, Utah Agricultural College, 1894-'07.
--- MYERS, Wirt S., B.S., Pattern maker, R. 3, Pensacola, Fla.


--- ALLEN, J. Chester, B.S., died in 1885
*--- (CRANFORD) SLOAN, Ida, B.S., Housewife, 2524 Gould Ave., N. Fort Worth, Texas.
*--- CRIPPS, Edward B., B.S.
--- KNAUS, Warren, M.S., Editor and proprietor of "Democrat-Opinion," 512 S. Main St., McPherson, Kan. Teacher, 1883-'84; Law student, 1885; Editor of the "Democrat," since 1886; Consolidated the "Democrat" and "Opinion" 1902; State apirary inspector for north half of Kansas.
--- (MAILS) COONS, Mattie E., B.S., Housewife, Manhattan, Kan.
--- (PECKHAM) CORDRY, Allie S., B.S., Housewife and society and club editor of "Parsons Daily Sun," 1326 Morgan Ave., Parsons, Kan. Teacher in painting and drawing, Bethany College, Topeka, Kan., 1884-'85; Manager telephone exchange, Clay Center, Kan., 1886-'87; Housewife, 1888- ; Society and club editor on "Salina Journal" and "Parsons Daily Sun," nine years; Historian for the Kansas Daughters of the American Revolution, 1910.
--- (SELBY) CURTICE, Belle, B.S., Housewife, 201 W. Armour Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. Teacher of instrumental music, Manhattan, Kan., 1882-'83; Teacher of music, drawing and painting, Lane University, Lecompton, Kan., 1883-'84; Teacher of painting and drawing, Fort Scott, Kan., 1884-'88; Student, New York City Art Schools, 1888-'91; Traveled in Europe, 1891-'92; Member of Kansas City Atheneum, 1898- ; Chairman, Domestic Science Department Social Settlement Work Settlement, Kansas City, Mo.
--- SHORT, Burton L., B.S., Clerk, Kansas City, Kan., 1889-'90; Clerk in Register of Deeds Office, Kansas City, Kan., 1890-'91; City Clerk, Kansas City, Kan., 1891-1898; Assistant Postmaster, Kansas City, Kan., 1898-1908; died in July, 1909.
*--- SLOAN, John A., M.D.V., United States meat inspector, N. Fort Worth, Texas.


--- BERRY, James W., B.S., President and manager of Jewell County Telephone Company, Jewell City, Kan. General contractor, 1883-'09; Lumber and telephone business, farmer and stockman, 1909-
--- (BOWER) ADY, Mary C., B.S., Housewife, 112 S. Juliette Ave., Manhattan, Kan. Clerked in furniture store until married; Lived in Oklahoma, 1894-'95; Lived in Manhattan, Kan., 1895-
--- CALL, Lewis W., LL. B., LL. M., D.C.L., Chief clerk and solicitor, J.A.G.O., War Department, 1448 Newton St., N.W., Washington D.C. Teacher, Silver Lake, Kan., 1883-'84; Signal service (Weather Bureau) Cairo, Ill., St. Louis, Mo., Lamar, Mo., Washington, D.C., 1884-'88; Clerk in Judge Advocate General's Office, War Department, Washington, D.C., 1888-'96; Chief clerk in Judge-Advocate General's Office, War Department, Washington, D.C., 1896-'08; Chief clerk and solicitor in Judge-Advocate General's Office, War Department, Washington, D.C., 1908-
*--- GLOSSOP, Emma E., B.S., At home. Teacher, Manhattan City Schools, 1883-'93; Teacher, St. Joseph, Mo., 1893-'03.
--- GRIFFING, William J., Farmer and fruit grower, near Manhattan, Kan. Studen of Indian history and collector of Indian relics. died in May, 1901.
--- (HAINES) McKEEN, Phoebe E., M.S., Housewife. 1401 Humboldt St., Manhattan, Kan. Teacher in city schools, Manhattan, Kan., 1883-'85; Instructor in drawing, New Mexico Agricultural College, 1890-'92; Treasurer, Kansas Branch of the Woman's Board of Interior, 1901-
*--- (HOUSTON) MARTIN, Hortense L., B.S., Housewife, 501 Nebraska St., Warren Ave., Miami, Oklahoma.
--- LUND, Jacob, M.S., Superintendent of water, steam and gas distribution, K.S.A.C., 1416 Fairchild Ave., Manhattan, Kan. Steam fitter and instructor in blacksmithing, K.S.A.C., 1883-'86; Machinist, A.T.&S.F. Railway shops, Topeka, Kan., 1886-'88; Dynamo tender and engineer, Law Vegas Hot Springs Company, New Mexico, 1888-'89; Chief engineer, ibid., 1889-'91; Knot Sawyer and Shingle Packer, Sidney, Wash., 1891-'92; Steam fitter and fireman, K.S.A.C., 1893-'98; Engineer, ibid., 1898-'01; Superintendent of Heat and Power Department, ibid., 1901-'12; Superintendent steam, water and gas distribution, ibid., 1912-
*--- (McGUIRE) SHELDON, Katie I., B.S.
--- NEEDHAM, J. Dana, B.S., Merchant, Lane, Kan. Merchant, Lane, Kan., 1883-
*--- WARD, Milan T., M.D. Physician, Toulon, Ill.
---WILLARD, Julius Terrass, B.S., M.S., D.Sc., Dean of the Divison of General Science, Professor of Chemistry, K.S.A.C., 1725 Poyntz Ave., Manhattan, Kan. Assistant in Chemistry, K.S.A.C., 1883-'87; M.S., ibid., 1886; Graduate student, Johns Hopkins University, 1887-'88; Assistant chemist, Kansas Experiment Station, 1888-'97; Assistant professor of Chemistry, K.S.A.C., 1890-'96; Associate professor Chemistry, ibid., 1896-'97; Chemist, Kansas Experiment Station, 1897- ; Professor of applied chemistry, K.S.A.C., 1897-'01; Director, Kansas Experiment Station, 1900-'06; Vice-Director, ibid., 1907- ; Professor of Chemistry, K.S.A.C., 1901- ; D.Sc., ibid, 1908; Dean of the Division of General Science, ibid., 1909- ; Chemist, Engineering Experiment Station, ibid., 1910-


--- ANDRESS, Emmett S., B.S. died on January 13, 1913.
--- (BROUS) SMALLEY, Florence J., B.S., Housewife, 608 Freeman Ave., Kansas City, Kan. Teacher, Ashland, Kan., 1885-'86; Teacher, Kansas City, Kan., 1886-'87; At home, Manhattan, Kan., 1887-'88; Teacher, Randolph, Kan., 1888-'89; At home, Manhattan, Kan., 1889-'93; Teacher, Kansas City, Kan., 1893-'05; Housewife, 1905-
--- BUCHLI, Bartholomew, B.S., M.S., D.V.M. Farmer and stockman, R. 4, Alma, Kan.
--- CALVIN, John H., B.S., LL. B., Law student, 1884-'86; Lawyer, 1886-'87; Student, Columbia University, 1887-'89; Lawyer, Topeka, Kan., 1889-'98; died in 1898.
---COREY, William A., B.S., Newspaper reporter, 589 Haight St., San Francisco, Cal. Teacher, Kansas and Salt Lake City, 1884-'95; Editor and publisher monthly educational journal, 1893-'95; Reporter, contributing editor, 1895-
*--- COTTRELL, Henry M., M.S., Agricultural agent for C.R.I.&P. Railway Company, 115 Mulberry St., Fort Collins, Colo. Farmer, 1884-'87; Assistant in agriculture, K.S.A.C., 1887-'91; Superintendent, Levi P. Morton Farm, Rhinebeck, N.Y., 1891-'97; Professor of agriculture, K.S.A.C., 1897-'01; Professor of agriculture, Ruskin College, Trenton, Mo.; Superintendent, Odebolt Farm, Odebolt, Iowa; Superintendent Farmers' Institutes, Colorado State Agricultural College, Fort Collins, Colo.; Agricultural agent, C.R.I.&P. Railway Company, 1911-
--- (DONALDSON) BROWN, Carrie F., B.S. died in 1902.
--- DONALDSON, Florence A., B.S. died in August, 1888.
--- DUNN, Frank W., B.S., Vineyardist, Calexico, Cal. Farmer, Aspen, Colo., 1889-'90; Farmer and fruit grower, 1890-'93; Assistant in irrigation, Experiment Station, K.S.A.C., Garden City, Kan., 1893-'95; Miner, Lawrence, Colo., 1895-'97; Assayer, Lawrence, Colo., 1897-'98; Assayer, Alman, Colo., 1898-'99; Assayer, Aultman, Colo., 1899-'01; Assayer, Patagonia, Ariz., 1901-'02; Assayer, Magdalena, Sonora, Mexico, 1902-'03; Asayer, Topolobampo, Sinaloa, Mexico, 1903-'04; Vineyardist, Calexico, Cal., 1907-'13.
--- GARDINER, I. Day, B.S. Farmer, 1884-'86; Joint owner of Eskridge "Star," 1886-'88; Publisher, "Wabaunsee County News," 1888-'97; Farmer, 1897-'99; died in 1899.
--- KERN, Edwin H., B.S., Civil engineer, Coquille, Ore. Location, construction and maintenance of railroads, 1884-'90; Land surveying, irrigation, hydraulic and mining work, 1890-
--- LEWIS, Marion M., B.S., Minister, Morgan Park, Ill., 1889-'90; Minister, Nebraska City, Nebr., 1890-'91; Minister, Nebraska City, Nebr., 1891-'92; Minister, Ogden, Utah, 1892-'95; Minister, Portland, Ore., 1895; died in 1895.
--- MARLATT, Charles Lester, M.S., Assistant chief of Entomology and chairman Federal Horticultural Board, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1521 Sixteenth St., Washington, D.C. Instructor and scientific assistant, K.S.A.C., 1884-'85; Assistant in horticulture and entomology, ibid., 1885-'88; Field agent, Division of Entomology, U.S. Department of Agriculture, assigned to Washington, D.C., 1889-'94; Assistant entomologist and assistant chief of Bureau, ibid., 1894-'02; Entomologist in charge of experimental field work, ibid., 1902-'07; Entomologist and acting chief of Bureau in absence of chief, ibid., 1907- ; Chairman Federal Horticultural Board in Charge of the Federal Plant Quarantine Act, 1912-
--- NEISWENDER, Lincoln H., B.S., Farmer, R. 6, N. Topeka, Kan. Farmer, 1884-'86; Surveyor and railroader, Missouri Pacific Railway, 1886-'88; Farmer, 1888-
--- PECK, George C., B.S., Bookstore proprietor, West Pearl St., Jewell City, Kan. Assistant in Printing Department, K.S.A.C., 1884-'85; Foreman, "Western Baptist," Topeka, Kan., 1885-'90; Foreman, "Tribune," Junction City, Kan., 1890-'95; Interest in Junction City Steam and Stone Sawing Mills, 1895-'00; Local manager Midland Elevator Company, Junction City, Kan., 1900-'06; Bookstore proprietor, Jewell City, Kan., 1906-
--- (PECK) BERRY, Hattie L., B.S., Housewife (Berry Culture), Jewell City, Kan.
--- SHARTEL, John W., B.S., Lawyer, Oklahoma City, Okla.


--- BASSLER, Thomas, B.S., died in 1907.
--- DEITZ, Albert, Foreman Post Office Building, Kansas City, Mo., 2747 Holly St., Kansas City, Mo. Teacher, Nearman, Kan., 1885-'87; Grocer and meat dealer, 1887-'00; Builder, 1900-'08; Foreman under custodian of Government Building, Kansas City, Mo., 1909- ; Fruit farmer, Crodkett, Houston County, Texas, 1905-
--- HOPPER, George E., M.S., Reinforced concrete constructor, 823 Leavenworth St., Manhattan, Kan. City engineer and waterwork superintendent, Manhattan, Kan., 1885-'88; Receiver water plant, Arkansas City, Kan., 1891-'00; Member of firm of Hopper & Son, Silo and Tank Builders; Contractor and builder, Manhattan, Kan., 1900-
*--- HOUGH, Florence F., B.S., Great Bend, Kan.
*--- HUTTO, Frank A., M.S., Ph.D., Attorney at law, Twin Falls, Idaho.
--- LEWIS, J. Allen, M.S.C.E. died in 1907
--- MURPHY, Nellie J., B.S. died in 1909
--- NOYES, Arthur L., B.S., Farmer and stock raiser, R. 2, Cunningham, Kan. Farmer, 1885-'87; Student, Electrical Engineering Department, Kansas State University, 1887-'91; Farmer, 1891-'92; Electrical work, 1892-'93; Farmer and stock raiser, 1893-
--- PRATT, Clarence D., B.S., Merchant, 613 First Ave., Dallas, Texas. Farmer, 1886; County surveyor, Hamilton County, Kansas, 1887; Civil engineer, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1888-'89; Paint manufacturer, Joplin, Mo., 1890-'91; Traveling salesman, Texas, 1892-'99; Merchant, Dallas, Texas, 1893-
--- REES, Rollin R., B.S., Congressman Fifth District, Minneapolis, Kan. Lawyer, Minneapolis, Kan., 1889-'94; County attorney, Minneapolis, Kan., 1894-'98; Attorney and member of Legislature, 1898-'02; Attorney, Minneapolis, Kan., 1902-'04; District judge, Minneapolis, Kan., 1904-'08; Congressman, Fifth District, 1910-
--- ROGERS, Frederick John, M.S., Associate professor of physics, Stanford University, 4 Lasuen, Stanford University, Cal. Instructor, K.S.A.C., 1886-'89; Student and instructor in Physics, Cornell University, 1889-'00; Associate professor of physics, Stanford University, 1900-
--- (SECREST) HUNGERFORD, Dorothea E. C., B.S. Housewife, 518 Bluemont Ave., Manhattan, Kan.
--- (WONSETLER) RUDE, Grace L., M.D., Housewife and physician, Hoisington, Kan. Teacher in public schools, 1885-'88; Music student, 1891-'95; Graduated from Hahnemann Medical College, 1901; Physician, 1901-
---(WOODS) SHARTEL, Elfraida E., B.S., Housewife, Skirvin Hotel, Oklahoma City, Okla.


--- BRIDGEMAN, Lillie Belle, M.S. Architect, 1715 La Loma Road, Berkeley, Cal. Teacher, grade school, Kansas, 1886-'91; Student, University of California, 1891-'93; Teacher, high school, California, 1893-'98; Student, Cornell, 1898-'10; Student of architecture, University of California, 1910-'13; Architect, 1913-
--- BROUS, Louis Paul, M.S., Teacher of mechanical drawing, Manual Training High School, Kansas City, Kan., 1011 Barnett Ave., Kansas City, Kan. Architectural draftsman, Kansas City, Kan., 1887-'90; Railroad draftsman, Oregon, 1890-'94; Postgraduate student, K.S.A.C., 1894-'95; Teacher of drawing, Kansas City (Kansas) High School, 1896-'00; Superintendent of building construction, Republic of Mexico, 1900-'06; Teacher of mechanical drawing, Manual Training High School, Kansas City, Mo., 1906-
--- FAIRCHILD, Paul Halstead, M.D., Real estate and estates management, 112 W. Forty-second St., New York (Home, Passaic, N.J.). M.D., Bellevue, 1890; Publishing medical books and papers, 1890-'98; Manufacturing proprietary medicine, 1898-'09; Real estate management, 1910-
--- GREEN, Abbott Miles, B.S., Irrigation engineer, Alturas, Cal. Teacher, Oberlin, Kan., 1886-'87; Railway engineer, Santa Barbara, Cal., 1887-'88; Civil engineer, Adin, Cal., 1888-'05; Timber land locator and dealer, 1906-'09; Irrigation engineer, Alturas, Cal., 1909-
--- HARBORD, James C., M.S., Assistant chief Philippine constabulary, Manila, P.I. Teacher, Butler County, Kansas, 1886-'87; Assistant instructor telegraphy, K.S.A.C., 1887-'88; Private corporal, sergeant, Fourth U.S. Infantry, January 10, 1889, to July 31, 1891; Second lieutenant, Firth U.S. Cavalry, July 31, 1891, to July 1, 1898; First lieutenant, Tenth U.S. Cavalry, July 1, 1898, to February 2, 1901; Major, Second U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, May 24, 1898, to October 24, 1898; Captain, U.S. Cavalry, 1901- ; Assistant chief Philippine Constabulary, with rank of colonel, U.S.A., August 17, 1903-
--- HIGGINBOTHAM, John U., B.S., With Detroit Lubricator Works, Detroit, Mich. Student, Kansas University and St. Mary's (Kansas) College, 1886-'87; Student of law, Lincoln, Nebr., 1887-'89; Various clerical positions, Chicago, 1889-'95; Assistant treasurer, National Biscuit Company, Chicago, Ill., 1904- ; With Detroit Lubricator Works, Detroit, Mich., 1913- ; Author of "Six Weeks in Europe" and other books of travel.
--- (HOPPER) GETTY, Maria C., B.S., Housewife, Downs, Kan. Public school teacher, 1886-'88; Housewife, 1888-
--- (LITTLE) MacEWAN, E. Ada, B.S., Housewife, 314 Elm St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Teacher, Manhattan, Kan., 1886-'88; Teacher of music, Marysville, Kan., 1888-'90; Assistant in Sewing Department, K.S.A.C., 1890-'92; Assistant in Sewing Department, Utah Agricultural College, 1892-'93; Superintendent of Sewing Department, ibid., 1893-'94; Housewife, Logan, Utah, 1894-'02; Housewife, Kalamazoo, Mich., 1902-
--- PARKER, Frank L., B.S., Farmer and fruit grower, R. 2, Hutchinson, Kan., Railroading, 1886-'93; Merchant and farmer, 1893-
--- PERRY, Edward H., B.S., Farmer and land investor, Plainview, Texas. Newspaper business, 1886-'97; Real estate and investment broker, 1897-'10; Farmer and investor, 1910-
--- PLATT, H. Augustus, B.S. died in 1903.
--- (QUINBY) PERRY, Ada H., B.S., Housewife, 501 Bluemont Ave, Manhattan, Kan., 1886-'09; Housewife, Champaign, Ill., 1909-'10; Housewife, Manhattan, Kan., 1910- ; Four children have attended K.S.A.C.
--- (QUINBY) GARDINER, Ida H., B.S., Housewife, 1514 Laguna St., Santa Barbara, Cal.
--- REED, Minnie, M.S., Care American Express Company, Naples, Italy; Kamehameha Manual School, Honolulu, T.H.; Teaching science in manual Training School for Boys; Conducting botanical research work for United State Experiment Station.
--- ROBERTSON, David G., B.S., Lawyer, 19 S. LaSalle St., Chicago, Ill., 911 Reba Place, Evanston, Ill., (Home) Superintendent of schools, Downs, Kan., 1887; Clerk District Court, Osborne County, Kansas, 1888-'90; Member law firm of Mitchell & Robertson, Osborne, Kan., 1891-'92; Lawyer, Chicago, 1893-
--- SISSON, Edward Octavius, A.B., Ph.D., Professor of education, Reed College, Boise, Idaho. A.B., University of Chicago, 1893; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1905; Teacher and principal in public schools, Kansas, 1886-'91; Founder of principal of South Side Academy, Chicago, 1892-'97; University Extension reader in psychology, University of Chicago, 1894; Director of Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Peoria, Ill., 1897-'04; Student, University of Berlin, 1903-'04; Assistant professor of education, University of Illinois, 1905-'06; Lecturer in principles of education, Harvard University Summer School, 1908; Professor of pedagogy and director of the Department of Education, Reed College, 1912- ; Commissioner of Education for the state of Idaho.
--- VAN DEVENTER, John W., B.S., Editor, Imperial, Nebr., 1889-'91; Editor, Denver, Colo., 1891-'92; Editor and publisher, Sterling, Colo., 1892-'03; County assessor, 1903-'04; Writer, Denver, Colo., 1904-'07; Chief printing clerk, House of Representatives, 1907-'12; died in 1912.
--- WATERS, George W., B.S. died in 1908.
*--- WHALEY, William E., B.S., Instructor, University of Chicago, 1067 E. Sixtieth St., Chicago, Ill.
--- (WILLARD) CALVIN, F. Henrietta, B.S., Dean of School of Home Economics, Oregon Agricultural College, Corvallis, Ore. Housewife, 1886-'99; Librarian Children's Department, Topeka, Kan., 1899-'01; Librarian, K.S.A.C., 1901-'03; Professor of domestic science, K.S.A.C., 1903-'08; Professor of home economics, Purdue University, 1908-'12; Dean of School of Home Economics, Oregon Agricultural College, 1912-
--- WISE, John L., B.S., Grain, hay and feed dealer, Greenville, Ill.


--- ALLEN, Edgar A., B.S., Superintendent U.S. Indian Agricultural School, Chilocco, Okla. Principal, Public School, Leonardville, Kan., 1887-'89; Principal, Public School, Blue Mound, Kan., 1889-'91; Normal Institute instructor, Blue Mound, Kan., 1889-'91; Student, Law Department, Northwestern University, 1891-'92; Principal (Indian Service), Chilocco, Okla.; Superintendent at Perris, Cal., Albuquerque, New Mexico and Senica, Okla.; Assistant superintendent at Carlisle, Pa.; Special Indian agent, Supervisor Indian Schools, and Superintendent at Chilocco, 1893-
--- AVERY, Fred H., B.S. died in 1896.
--- BREESE, Claude M., M.S. Assistan cashier, First National Bank, 318 Leavenworth St., Manhattan, Kan. Assistant in chemistry, K.S.A.C., 1887-'97; County Clerk, Riley County, Kansas, 1898-'07; Assistant cashier, First National Bank, Manhattan, Kan., 1907-
--- BROWN, John Brookins, M.S., Supervisor, U.S. Indian Service, 1209 Summit St., Muskogee, Okla. Teacher in public schools of Kansas, three years; U.S. Signal Service and Weather Bureau, three years; Superintendent of schools in Indian Service, until 1910; Supervisor of Indian schools, U.S. Service, Five Civilized Tribes, 1910-
--- BURTIS, Walter J. G., B.S., Farmer, Fredonia, Kan. Respresentative for Woodson County, Legislature, 1911 and 1913
--- CARLETON, Mark Alfred, M.S., Plant pathologist and cerealist, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. Teacher, Cloud County, Kansas, 1887-'88; Professor of natural history, Garfield University (now Friends' University), Wichita, Kan., 1888-'90; Field agent, Division of Botany, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1891-'92; Assistant botanist, Kansas Experiment Station, 1892-'94; Plant pathologist and cerealist, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1894; General manager, Pennsylvania Chestnut Tree Blight Commission, 1912-'13
--- (COTTRELL) STILES, Nellie E., B.S., Housewife, McFarland, Kern County, California
--- ELLIOTT, Bert Richmond, B.S., Placer gold miner, Dawson, Yukon Territory, Canada. Agriculturist, 1887-'93; Horticulturist and street railway worker, 1893-'97; Placer gold miner, 1897-
--- ELLIOTT, Frederick B., B.S., Insurance and real estate agent, 428 Osage St., Manhattan, Kan. Real estate, 1887-'99; Reals estate and insurance, 1899- ; Manager of Manhattan Ice, Light and Power Company, 1900-'03
--- (KEYES) GRAHAM, Clara M., B.S., Instructor in biology, Philippine Normal School, Box 250, Manila, P.I. Graduated from University of California, 1898; Teacher, Philippine Islands, 1900- ; Traveled in Australia, China and Japan
--- KIMBALL, Fred G., B.S., Apple grower, 529 Humboldt St., Manhattan, Kan. Railway mail clerk, 1893-'99; Superintendent mail transportation in western Alaska, 1899-'02; Deputy U.S. marshal, Second Division, District of Alaska, 1905-'07; Placer miner in Innoko Mining District, District of Alaska, 1907-'09
--- McLAUGHLIN, William J., B.S., Bookkeeper and clerk, City Auditor's Office, 463 W. Sixth St., Salt Lake City, Utah. Teacher and instructor in Teachers' Institutes, 1888-'92; Proprietor and editor of Bern (Kansas) "Press," 1892-'98; Postmaster, Bern, Kan., 1893-'97; Editor and proprietor of "The Roundup," Randolph, Utah, 1898-'00; Teacher, public schools, 1900-'05; Also, railroad construction work, 1900-'05; Clerk of City Recorder and City Council, 1906-'10; Clerk of the Juvenile Court, 1906; Bookkeeper and clerk, City Auditor's Office, 1910-
--- MARLATT, Frederick A., B.S., Manufacturer, Manhattan, Kan., Proprietor Blue Valley Manufacturing Company, 1887-
--- MOSES, Mary E., B.S. died in 1906
--- MURPHY, Charles A., B.S., Proprietor and manager of Post Office Book Store, Nickerson, Kan. Teacher, principal and superintendent in country and city ward schools in Kingman, Hutchinson and Clay Center, Kan., twenty years; Editor and publisher of the "Nickerson Argosy," 1903-'08; Proprietor and manager of Post Office Book Store, Nickerson, Kan.
--- PALMER, Orlando G., LL.M., First lieutenant, Sevent United States Cavalry, Manila, P.I.
--- PARKER, Louis B., B.S., died in 1889
--- PAYNE, James Edward, M.S., 1330 Houston St., Manhattan, Kan. Teacher, Edgerton, Kan., 1887-'93; Postgraduate student, K.S.A.C., 1893-'96; Superintendent of Experiment Station, Cheyenne Wells, Colo., 1896-'01; Field agent for Colorado Experiment Station, Fort Collins, Colo., 1901-'04; Agriculturist for American Rubber Company, Buena Vista, Colo., 1904-'05; Field agent, Irrigation Ivestigations, Cheyenne, Wyo., 1905-'06; Agriculturist, Dry Farming Investigations, Akron, Colo., 1906-'10; Field agent, Colorado Experiment Station, Fort Morgan, Colo., 1910-'11; Agriculturist, Pan Handle Agricultural Institute, Goodwell, Okla., 1911-'13
--- PECK, Seward N., B.S., Chief draftsman, Car Construction Department, Santa Fe System, corner Jackson and Michigan Ave., Room 1024 Railway Exchange Bldg., Chicago. Car Department A.T.&.S.F. Railway, Topeka and Chicago
*--- THOMPSON, George N., B.S., Manufacturer of incubators and special furniture, Belmond, Iowa
*--- WRIGHT, Willis M., B.S., Rice farmer, Welsh, La.


*--- ARNOLD, Grant, B.S., Manager of Hardware Department, Z.C. Miles & Piper Company, 4313 Fourth Ave., N.E., Seattle, Wash.
--- (BACHELLER) FOSTER, Bertha H., M.S., Houswife, 3107 Karnes Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. Primary teacher, Onaga, Kan., 1888-'89; Postgraduate student and teacher, K.S.A.C., 1888-'91; Grammar grade teacher, Sterling, Kan., 1891-'92; High school teacher, Lyons, Kan., 1892-'94; Science teacher, Junction City (Kansas) High School, 1894-'97; Domestic science director, Manual Training High School, Kansas City, Mo., 1897-'06; Housewife, 1906-
--- CLARKE, Clement G., A.B., B.T., Pastor, First Congregational Church, 409 Perry Ave., Peoria, Ill. Nine years at Yale Divinity University, 1891-'00; Graduated, Academic Department, 1895; Three years of graduate work, 1895-'98; Two years in Divinity School, 1898-'00; Instructor in sophomore mathematics for two years; Pastor, Congregational Church, Plainsville, Conn., 1900-'05 [Transcriber's note: Plainville?]; Pastor, First Congregational Church, Minneaplolis, Minn., 1905-'12; Pastor, First Congregational Church, Peoria, Ill., 1912-
--- COBB, Alexander C., B.S., Farmer, Wagoner, Okla. Farmer and carpenter, 1888- ; Member Oklahoma State Board of Agriculture, 1908-'12; State superintendent county demonstration farms, 1909-'10
--- (COBB) CLARK, Mattie, B.S., Housewife, 409 Perry Ave., Peoria, Ill. Teacher and housewife, New Haven, Conn., Plainville, Conn., Minneapolis, Minn. and Peoria, Ill. [Transcriber's note... Her married surname is spelled, Clark, but Clement Clarke above, most likely her husband, has an "e" at the end of his name]
--- COWELL, Minnie H., B.S., Nurse, Steyning, Sussex, England. Temperance Hospital, London, 1889-'94; Nurse at Luxor, Upper Egypt, winter 1894-'00; Nurse in England, summers, 1894-'00; In Kansas 1901; Nurse in Switzerland, 1903; Nurse at Luxor, Upper Egypt, winters 1904-'13; Nurse in England, summers, 1904-'13
-- DIXON, Lyman H., B.S., Architect, 12 N. Fifteenth St., Fluching [transcriber's note: Flushing?], New York City (Home), 11 E. Twenty-fourth St., New York City (Business). Draughtsman, Trinidad, Colo., 1889-'90; Draughtsman, Denver, Colo., 1890-'91; Architect, Boise, Idaho, 1892-'93; Draughtsman and architect, Buffalo, N.Y., 1893-'00; Superintendent of construction, State Architect's Office, Albany, N.Y., 1900-'02; Manager for Charles A. Platt, architect, 11 E. Twenty-fourth St., New York City, 1902-
--- FAIRCHILD, David G., M.S., Agricultural explorer, U.S. Department of Agriculture, R. 1, In The Woods, Cheny Chase [Transcriber's note: Chevy Chase?], Md. Postgraduate work in botany at Naples Zoological Station, 1893; University of Breslau, 1894; Westphalia, 1895; Bonn, 1895; Buitenzorg, Java, Botanical Gardens, 1896; Botanist since 1889; Agricultural explorer, since 1898; In charge of foreign explorations since 1903; Organized the Work of Seed and Plant Introduction, Department of Agriculture, 1897; In charge of Office of Seed and Plant Introduction and Distribution since 1906; Author of numerous U.S. Agricultural Bulletins; Contributor to botanical journals
*--- FRIEND, Carl E., B.S., Lumber dealer, 1046 Massachusetts St., Lawrence, Kan.
--- HARRISON, John R., B.S., U.S. Marshal, Federal Bldg., Topeka, Kan. Railway postal clerk, 1889-'97; Post Office inspector, 1897-'00; Postmaster, Havana, Cuba, and acting director general of Ports of Cuba, 1900-'01; Post Office inspector in charge, Kansas City Division, 1900-'07; Post Office inspector in charge, Denver Division, 1907-'08; Post Office inspector in charge, Washington, D.C., Division, 1908-'1910; City Post Office inspector, Chicago, Ill., 1910-'11; U.S. Marshal for Kansas, 1911-
--- JONES, Humphrey William, B.S., Principal Branner School, 1257 Lincoln St., Topeka, Kan. Student State Normal, 1888-'89; Graduate, 1889; Principal, Public School, Americus, Kan., 1889-'91; Teacher of mathematics, Texas Noraml College (now State Normal), Denton, Texas, 1891-'92; Superintendent of public schools, Alma, Kan., 1892-'98; Director of public school music, Topeka, Kan., 1899-'04; Principal of Branner School, Topeka, Kan., 1904-
--- LEWIS, Nathan E., B.S., Draughtsman, Evanston, Ill., 1889-'00; Draughtsman, Hamilton, Ohio, 1890-'92; Draughtsman, Grand Rapids, Mich., 1892-'95; Architect, Chicago, Ill., 1895-'96; Mechanical engineer, Bridgeport, Conn., 1897-'98; Draughtsman, Plainfield, N.Y., 1898-'03; Draughtsman, Carnegie Steel Company, Newcastle, Pa., 1903-'05; Civil engineer, National Tube Company, Newcastle, Pa., 1905-'06; Mechanical engineer, Youngstown, Ohio, 1906-'08; died about 1912
--- MARLATT, Abby L., M.S., Teacher, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Professor of home economics, U.A.C., Cal. Teacher in Randolph, Kan., City Schools, 1889-'91; Stu[dent?] 1890-'94; Technical High School, Providence, R.I., 1894-'09; Professor of home economics, University of Wisconsin, 1909- ; Chairman of the Department.
--- MOORE, William C., B.S., Breeder of registered Jersey cattle, breeding stable, and farming, R. 6, Parsons, Kan. Employed as editor of the Junction City (Kansas) daily and weekly "Union," 1888-'89; Editor and half owner of the above "Union," 1889-'01; Founded the Parsons (Kansas) evening and semi-weekly "Herald," 1901; Sold to the Parsons Sun Publishing Company, June, 1904; Conducted a wholesale and retail milk business in Parsons, 1905-'10.
--- NICHOLS, Ernest Fox, M.S., D.Sc., College president, Hanover, N.H. M.S., Cornell, 1893; D.Sc., 1897; Graduate student, physics, Cornell, 1889-'92; University of Berlin, 1894-'96; Cambridge University, 1904-'05; Professor of physics, Colgate University, 1892-'98; Professor of Darmouth College, 1898-'03; Professor experimental physics, Columbia, 1903-'09; President Dartmouth College, 1909- ; Associate editor of Physical Review; Contributor of many scientific papers to scientific journals in U.S. and abroad.
--- ROBB, Harry E., B.S., Lumberman, Millerton, Okla.
--- SNYDER, Anna, B.S., Merchant, Lebo, Kan., At home, 1888-'91; Teacher, 1891-'03; Telephone work, 1903-'08; Merchant, 1909-
--- SNYDER, Edwin H., B.S., Publisher and editor Publicity Department of the City and County of Denver, 2825 Wyandot St., Denver, Colo. Printer, Topeka, Kan., 1888-'89; Ranch and sawmill laborer, Colorado, 1889-'90; Editor and publisher, 1890-
--- UTTER, Oliver L., A.B., A.M.S.T.B., Minister, 322 Broadway, Piqua, Ohio. Minister in Methodist Episcopal Church; Graduated from Boston University, and studied in Graduate School of Philosophy; A.B. and A.M., Baker University; S.T.B., Boston and honorary degree of D.D.; several locations.
--- WALTERS, Aaron, B.S. died in 1892
--- (WALTERS) BEELER, Lora L., M.S., Housewife, Glen Ellyn, Ill. Teacher, 1888-'99; Housewife, 1899-
--- WORKING, Daniel Webster, A.M., Agriculturalist; District leader in farm management field studies and demonstrations for Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, R. 2, South Denver Station, Denver, Colo. Teacher, public schools, 1891-'92; Secretary Colorado State Board of Agriculture and Agricultural College, 1893-'97; Superintendent of schools, Arapahoe County, Colorado, 1905-'07; Principal of St. Petersburg School, 1907; Superintendent of Agricultural Extension, West Virginia University, 1907-'11; With Office of Farm Management, U.S. Department of Agriculture, stationed at Denver, Colo., 1911-


--- ALLEN, Emma A., B.S., Teacher and assistant in Botanical Department, K.S.A.C. died in 1891.
--- BAYLES, Joseph W., A.B., Pastor, 510 Dexter St., Clay Center, Kan. Teacher, 1890-'92; Student, Ottawa University, 1892-'95; A.B., 1895; Pastor, Auburn, Kan.,, Peoria, Ill., Onaga, Kan.,Clay Center, Kan., 1895-'13; President of Clay County Chautauqua Association; Secretary-Treasurer of State Baptist Ministerial Association; Member State Board, Kansas Baptist Convention; Moderator Republican Valley Association.
--- BROWNING, Walter R., B.S., Dealer in grain and coal, Padonia, Kan. Farmer, Hamlin, Kan., 1889-'96; Dealer in grain and coal, Padonia, Kan., 1896-
--- BUNDY, David Everett, B.S., Pastor of M.E.C.S. and presiding elder of Durango District, Denver Conference, Aztec, New Mexico. Teacher, Riley County, Kansas, 1889-'90; in U.S. Indian Service, Pawnee Agency, Indian Territory, 1891-'92; Pastor of various charges, Kansas and Colorado, 1892-'07; Missionary to the Navajo Indians, 1907-'10; Pastor, Aztec, New Mexico, 1910-
*--- COBB, Samuel S., B.S., Postmaster and publisher, Wagoner, Okla.
--- CRISWELL, Judson Henry, B.S., Assistant superintendent of Arlington Experiment Farm, Rosslyn, Va. Farmer, 1889-'93; Manager of farm, 1893-'99; Salesman, implement warehouse, 1899-'03; Crop foreman of ranch and farm, 1903-'05; Postgraduate student, Iowa State College, 1905-'06; Superintendent of experimental farm, Farm Crop Station, Experiment Station, Iowa State College, 1906-'09; Dean of College and professor of farm crops, farm mechanics and soils, Winona College of Agriculture, Winona Lake, Ind., 1909-'12; Assistant superintendent of Arlington Experiment Farm, 1912-
--- (FARLEY) CARR, Mattie I., B.S., Teacher in city schools, Yoncalla, Ore., Oakland, Ore.
--- FREEMAN, Clarence Everett, M.S., E.E., Hydro-electric engineer with the Arnold Company, 181 La Salle St., Chicago, 7026 South Park Ave., Chicago, Ill. Graduate Kansas State Normal School, 1890; Principal, Shorey School, North Topeka, Kan., 1891-'92; Graduate student, K.S.A.C., 1892-'93; Professor electrical engineering, Armour Institute, Chicago, Ill., 1893-'08; Hydro-electric engineer with the Arnold Company, Chicago, Ill., 1908-
---(GALE) SANDERS, Hattie L., B.S., Housewife, 826 Osage St., Manhattan, Kan. Teacher, Mangonia, Fla., 1889-'90; Member "Shakespeare Club," West Palm Beach, Fla.; Patroness, West Palm Beach, Free Reading Room, 1899-'08; Returned to Manhattan, 1908.
--- HAZEN, John S., B.S., Local forecaster, U.S. Weather Bureau, 1118 N. Jefferson St., Springfield, Mo. Assistant observer, U.S. Weather Bureau, 1889-'98; Observer, 1898-'05; Local forecaster, 1905-. Instructor in meteorology, Drury College, Springfield, Mo., 1910-'13; In charge of Weather Bureau Office, Springfield, Mo., and Tampa, Fla., 1898-'13
--- KIMBALL, Albert B., B.S., Stock farmer, Allison, Colo. Teacher, 1889-'95; Editor and proprietor Scandia (Kansas) "Journal," 1895-'08; Postmaster, Scandia, Kan., 1897-'04; Editor and owner Belleville (Kansas) "Freeman," 1908-'09; Own and operate 300-acre irrigated ranch, San Juan County, New Mexico, 1910-
--- KNABB, William, B.S., Vice-president First National Bank, 301 N. Second St., Hiawatha, Kan. With the First National Bank, Hiawatha, Kan., 1889-
--- LEE, Mary Cornelia, B.S., Librarian, Carnegie Free Public Library, Manhattan, Kan. Home student, Kansas University; Student, Pratt Institute Library School; Librarian, Manhattan Carnegie Free Public Library, Manhattan, Kan.
--- MILLS, Alonzo A., B.S., Nurseryman and real estate dealer, Anaheim, Cal.
--- (NICHOLS) ESHELMAN, Susan W., B.S., Housewife, 2709 LaFayette St., St. Joseph, Mo.
--- OLIN, Walter H., M.S., Director of Agricultural Extension, University of Idaho, State House, Boise, Idaho. Principal, Wabaunsee (Kansas) School, 1889-'90; Principal, Waverly (Kansas) School, 1890-'91; Superintendent, Osborne (Kansas) School, 1891-'86 [Transcriber's note: '96?]; Principal, High School, Ottawa, Kan., 1898-'01; Special student, K.S.A.C., January-April, 1902; Assistant agronomist, Funk Bros. Seed Company, Bloomington, Ill., 1902; Professor farm crops, Iowa State College, 1902-'04; Professor of agronomy, Colorado Agricultural College, 1904-'06; Vice-Dean of of agriculture, Colorado Agricultural College, 1906-'08; Industrial commissioner, D.S.&N.W. Railway, Denver, 1908-'11; Director of Agricultural Extension, University of Idaho, 1911-
--- PADDLEFORD, Eli M., A.B., S.T.B., Minister, Waterville, Kan. Teacher, 1890; Principal of Riley School, and member of Board of County Examiners for the Common Schools, 1891; Student at Baker University, 1892-'93; Minister, 1894-'95; A.B., Baker University, 1896; Student, Theological School of Boston University, 1896; Student Theological School of Boston University, 1896; S.T.B., ibid., 1899; Minister, within bounds of Kansas Conference, 1899-
--- (SAYERS) DeLAND, Maude F., M.D., One of the physicians on the staff of the Topeka State Hospital, Topeka, Kan. Accountant, Pittsburg, Pa.; Medical student, Philadelphia, Pa.; Physician, Topeka State Hospital, Topeka, Kan.
--- (SECREST) LINDERMAN, Florine, B.S., Housewife, Esparto, dent [Transcriber's note: All that is written here is "dent"], San Jose Normal, one year, graduating in 1892; Teacher in public schools of Yolo County, California, 1892-'96; Housewife, 1898-
*--- SNYDER, Stanley, B.S., Dodge City, Kan.
--- THOMPSON, Charles W., D.D.S., Dentist, 415 Wisconsin Ave., Holton, Kan. D.D.S., Kansas City Dental College, 1892; Dentist, 1892-
--- TUNNELL, Jane Chapin, B.S., Teacher, Hyde Park High School, 1514 E. Fifth-fourth St., Chicago, Ill. Assistant librarian, K.S.A.C., 1889-'91; Teacher in High School, Manhattan, Kan., 1891-'93; Graduate student, University of Chicago, 1896-'97, 1909-'10; Teacher, Frances Shimer Academy of University of Chicago, 1897-'00; Teacher, Township High School, Joliet, Ill., 1900-'07; Teacher, Hyde Park High School, Chicago, 1907-
--- (TURNER) BRUCE, Ina M., B.S., Housewife, 731 Rock Creek Church Road, Washington, D.C. With Kansas Newspaper Union, Topeka, 1889-'93; Residences: Topeka, Kan., 1893-'94, St. Louis, Mo., 1894-'09; Washington, D.C., 1909-
--- WALDRAVEN, Robert U., B.S., Minister of the Gospel, Trinidad, Colo. Teacher and farmer, 1889-'92; Licensed to preach, 1893, by the Methodist Episcopal Church South; Filled appointments in eastern Kansas and Nebraska till 1905; Thence to Farmington, San Juan County, New Mexico; Presiding elder of Durango District, 1907-'11; Appointed to Trinidad, Colo., 1912-
--- WILLARD, Henry S., B.S., M.D., Druggist, Manhattan, Kan. Teacher, Keats, Kan., 1889-'90; Student of Medicine, Kansas City, Mo., 1890-'92; Physician, 1893-'01; Druggist, 1901-

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