Information on Graduates
(Kansas State University)
1867, 1871-1913
(from a book published in in 1914)

1890-1893 GRADUATES

The following text was transcribed from the book:

(Manhattan, Kan. : Kansas State Agricultural College, Department of Printing, 1914)

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Maiden names of women appear in (parentheses)


--- BORTON, Samuel I., B.S., Public agriculturist and general real estate, 128 Calaveras Ave., Fresno, Cal. Teacher and farmer, Hill Top, Kan., 1890-'00; Agricultural expert for American Beet Sugar Company, Lamar, Colo., 1900-'12; Chief agriculturalist for American Merchants' Syndicate, Los Angeles, Cal., 1912; Public agriculturist and general real estate, 1913-
*--- CAMPBELL, Frank A., B.A., Proprietor Oxford Hotel and Oxford Theater, 528 Kansas Ave., Topeka, Kan.
--- DAVIS, John, B.S., Professor of physics and chemistry, State Normal, Edmond, Okla. Teacher in public schools, Riley County, Kansas, 1890-'91; Student, Kansas State Normal, 1891-'92; Principal, Public Schools, Wakefield, Kan., 1892-'93; Principal, Ward School, Beloit, Kan., 1893-'94; Principal, public schools, Ashland, Kan., 1894-'95; Superintendent of City Schools, Blackwell, Okla., 1895-'99; Professor of English, Oklahoma Normal School, 1899-'05; Superintendent of City Schools, Nowata, Okla., 1905-'07; Superintendent of Consolidated Schools, Yale, Okla., 1907'08; Professor of physics and chemistry, Oklahoma Normal, 1908-
*--- DEWEY, Grant W., B.S., Photographer, 750 E. Forty-seventh St., Chicago, Ill.
--- DOBBS, Charles J., B.S., Attorney at law, 1063 Empire Bldg., Seattle, Wash. Law student, Topeka, Kan., 1890-'95; Member of law firm, Dobbs & Stoker, Attorneys, Topeka, Kan., 1895-'01; Attorney at law, Seattle, Wash., 1901-
*--- EARLE, Charles W., B.S.
--- HARNER, Schuyler C., B.S., Merchant and postmaster, Keats, Kan. Farmer and teacher, 1890-'02; Merchant, 1903-'07; Merchant and postmaster, 1907-
--- IJAMS, John W., B.S., Expert farmer, U.S. Indian Service, Holdenville, Okla. Farmer, 1890-'92; Industrial teacher, U.S. Indian Service, 1892-'93; Teacher and farmer, 1893-'98; Farmer, U.S. Indian Service, 1898-'08; Farmer, 1908-'10; Expert farmer, U.S. Indian Service, 1910-
--- (KIMBALL) DICKENS, Bertha S., M.S., Housewife, 509 Manhattan Ave., Manhattan, Kan. Teacher in country schools, 1890-'92; Graduate student and employed by Experiment Station as illustrator, K.S.A.C., 1892-'95; Illustrator, K.S.A.C., Experiment Station, and instructor in free-hand drawing, 1895-'98; Housewife, 1898-
--- (KNIPE) CURTIS, Eusebia, B.S., Housewife, 605 Chestnut St., Bloomington, Ill.
--- (LITTLE) DOBBS, Nellie P., Housewife, 1063 Empire Bldg., Seattle, Wash. Teacher, Manhattan, Kan., 1890-'94; Postgraduate student, Yale University, 1894-'95; Housewife, 1896-
--- MARTIN, Ellsworth Thomas, LL.B., Lawyer, 1008-69 W. Washington St., Chicago, Ill. Student, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich, 1891-'93; Practicing lawyer, Chicago, Ill., 1893-
--- MASON, Silas C., M.S., Arboriculturist, Bureau of Plant Industry, U.S. Department of Agriculture, R. 1, Bethesda, Md. Professor of horticulture, K.S.A.C., 1893-'97; Professor of horticulture and forestry, Berea College, Berea, Ky., 1897-'06; Arboriculturist, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1907-
--- MORSE, Wilton L., B.S., Architect and builder, Mancos, Colo. Teacher, 1890-'92; Foot Hall Indian School, Black Foot, Idaho, 1892-'93; Teacher, Black Foot, Idaho, 1893-'94; Farmer, Mancos, Colo., 1894-'96; Building contractor, Silverton and Macos, Colo., 1896-'03; Principal of schools, Macos, Colo., 1903-'05; Architect and builder, Mancos, Colo., 1905-
--- NEWMAN, Albert E., B.S., Inspector of Customs for Galveston District, Texas City, Texas.
--- PEARCE, Julia R., B.S., Scientist, Bureau of Plant Industry, Washington, D.C., Assistant to President, K.S.A.C., 1890-'92; Assistant Librarian, ibid., 1892-'94; Librarian, ibid., '92; On a farm in California, 1898-'00; Student and student assistant, University of California, 1900-'01; Scientist, Bureau of Soils, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1901-'06; Scientist, Bureau of Plant Industry, 1906-
--- PFUETZE, Emil C., B.S., Farmer, Manhattan, Kan. Superintendent of Waterworks, Burlington, Kan., 1895-'98; Lumber dealer, Manhattan, Kan., 1898-'13; Farmer, Manhattan, Kan., 1913-
--- SANDERS, William Henry, B.S., Instructor in gas engines, experimental engineering, K.S.A.C., 826 Osage St., Manhattan, Kan. Teacher, Mangonia, Fla., 1891-'94; Marine engineer, 1894-'95; Contracting engineer, Palm Beach, Fla., 1895-'96; Marine gas and steam engineer, Lake Worth, Fla., 1896-'01; Contracting engineer, Palm Beach, Fla., 1902-'03; Marine gas engineer, Palm Beach and Miami, Fla., 1903-'05; Installing refrigeration plant and laying city water mains and sewers, West Plam Beach, Fla., 1905; In charge dredge "Tomoka," Fla., Coast Line Canal Company, Fort Lauderdale to At. Augustine, Fla., 1906; Foreman in charge Pablo Division Dredges, 3 and 4, Coast Line Canal Company, St. Augustine, 1907-'09; Superintendent, North New River Canal Dredges, Furst-Clark Company, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 1911-'12; Instructor in gas and traction engines, assistant Power and Experimental Engineering, K.S.A.C., 1912-
--- SECREST, Emma, A.M. died in 1898
--- (SENN) HEATH, Marie Barbara, M.S., Housewife, 6027 Roxbury Ave., Seattle, Wash. Teacher, 1890-'92; Graduate student, K.S.A.C., 1892-'93; Grade and high school teacher in Enterprise, Kan., 1893-'94; Professor of household economics, State Agricultural College, Fargo, N. Dak., 1894-'02
--- SNYDER, Ralph, B.S., Banker, Oskaloosa, Kan. Farmer, 1891-'08; Banker, 1908-
--- STOKER, George E., A.B., Lawyer, Merchants' Exchange Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. A.B., Harvard University, 1893; Admitted to the bar, 1894; Lawyer, Topeka, Kan., 1894-'07; Lawyer, San Francisco, Cal., 1907-
*--- SWINGLE, Walter T., M.S., Physiologist in charge plant-life history investigations, Bureau of Plant Industry, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.
--- VAN ZILE, Gilbert J., B.S., Miner in Colorado, 1890-'91; Farmer in Carthage, Ill., 1891-'93; Studied law, Carthage, Ill., 1893-'95; Admitted to bar, Springfield, Ill., 1895; Practiced law, Carthage, Ill., 1895-'99; died January 29, 1899
--- WHITFORD, Harry Nichols, M.S., Ph.D., Special forester, Commission of Conservation of Canada, Care Forest Branch, Victoria, British Columbia. Special student, K.S.A.C., 1890-'91; Teacher, Kansas public schools, 1891-'94; Student, Washburn College, Topeka, Kan., 1895-'96; Special student in botany, K.S.A.C., 1896-'97; M.S., K.S.A.C., 1900; Special and graduate student, University of Chicago, 1898-'03; Assistant instructor in botany, ibid., 1901-'03; Instructor in biology, Armour Institute of Technology, Chicago, 1898-'01; Collaborator in U.S. Bureau of Forestry, 1901-'03; Instructor in Botany, Cold Springs Harbor Biological Station, Long Island, N.Y., 1901-'03; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1903; Botanist, Bureau of Government Laboratory, Manilla, P.I., 1904-'05; Forester, Bureau of Forestry, ibid., 1906-'07; Chief, Division of Investigation, ibid., 1907-'12; Co-Editor of Botanical Section, Philippine Journal of Science, 1908-'12; Professor silviculture and forest botany, University of the Philippines, 1911-'12; Instructor in forest botany, University of Michigan, Biological Station, summer of 1912; Special forester, Commission of Conservation of Canada, 1912-
--- WIMER, Thomas E., B.S. died in 1890


--- ANDERSON, William A., B.S., Secretary of W.E. Thomas Lumber Company, 4218 Propect Place, Kansas City, Mo. Clerk and stenographer, C.R.I.&.P. Railway, 1891-'93; Manager of retail lumber yard, Liberal, Kan., 1893-'95; Bookkeeper at lumber mill, Van Buren, Ark., 1895-'96; Farmer, Leonardville, Kan., 1896-'97; Stenographer and clerk, Long-Bell Lumber Company, Kansas City, Mo., 1897-'99; Sales manager, Culber Lumber and Manufacturing Company, Kansas City City, Mo., 1899-'02; Sales manager, Long-Bell Lumber Company, Kansas City, Mo., 1902-'09; Secretary and sales manager, W. E. Thomas Lumber Company, Kansas City, Mo., 1909-
--- ARBUTHNOT, William Sherman, D.V.S., Bank president, Lebanon, Kan. Drug business, Lebanon and Coffeyville, 1891-'13; Banker, 1913-
--- AVERY, Herman Willard, B.S., Farmer and stockman, R. 2, Wakefield, Kan. Farmer and stockman, 1891- ; State senator, Twenty-second District, 1909-'13
--- BRIDGMAN, Judd Noble, M.S., A.B., Assistant professor civil engineering, 1909 S. Twenty-seventh St., Lincoln, Neb. Student, Leland Stanford Jr. University, 1892-'94; Farmer, 1894; Twentieth Kansas Volunteer Infantry, 1898-'99; Assistant to city engineer of Leavenworth, 1900; Resident engineer, "Rock Island Lines," Assistant engineer, A.T.&S.F. Railway, 1906-'09; Assistant professor of civil engineering, 1909-
--- BROCK, Robert James, B.S., Lawyer, 514 E. Hancock St., Portland, Ore.
--- BURTIS, Francis Charles, M.S. Assistant in agriculture, K.S.A.C., 1891-'99; Professor of Agriculture, Oklahoma Agricultural College, 1899-'05; Seed merchant, 1905-'08; died in 1908
--- CAMPBELL, Charles Albert, D.D., Presbyterian clergyman, 391 W. First St., Dayton, Ohio. Teacher, Golden, Colo., 1891-'92; Special student, College of Emporia, 1892-'93; Graduated from Auburn (New York) Theological Seminary, 1896; Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Providence, R.I., 1896-'99; Pastor of Cohocksink Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pa., 1899-'02; Pastor of Twenty-third Avenue Presbyterian Church, Denver, Colo., 1902-'09; D.D., University of Denver, 1908; Pastor of Third Street Presbyterian Church, Dayton, Ohio, 1909-
--- CHAFFEE, Spencer Norman, M.D., Physician and surgeon, Talmage, Kan. Teacher and principal of schools, 1891-'98; Principal of Preparatory Department, K.S.A.C., 1898-'99; Writer on live stock, inspector, Woodward, Okla., 1901; Graduated in medicine at University of Illinois, Chicago, 1904; Physician and surgeon, Morganville, Kan., 1904-'05; Physician and surgeon, Talmage, Kan., 1905-
--- COBURN, Clay Ephraim, M.D., Physician and surgeon, 908 Orville St., Kansas City, Kan. With Armour & Company, 1891-'96; Medical student, 1896-99; Physician and surgeon, 1899- ; Member Kansas State Board of Health, 1908-
--- (COBURN) JESSUP, Gertrude, B.S., Housewife, 6323 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, Ill. Teacher of domestic economy, Stout Manual Training High School, and grade schools, Menomonie, Wis., 1891-'95; Professor of Domestic Economy, Iowa Agricultural College, Ames, Iowa, 1896-'00; In charge of food work, Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Peoria, Ill., 1902-'03; In office of State Board of Agriculture, Topeka, Kan., 1904-'07; Housewife, 1907-
--- (COBURN) TOMSON, Tina Louise, B.S., Housewife, Vernon Heights, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Teacher, Turner, Kans., 1891-'92; Teacher, Kansas City, Kan., 1892-'95; Stenographer and private secretary to the Secretary of State Board of Agriculture, 1895-'99; Housewife, 1899-
--- (CONWELL) THOBURN, Rachel Callie, B.S. Housewife, 217 W. Apache St., Norman, Okla.
--- CORLETT, Christine Mossman, B.S., Teacher and farmer, R. 2, Box 17, Guthrie, Okla. Teacher, Manhattan, Kan., 1892-'94; Music teacher, farmer and stock raiser, Guthrie, Okla., 1894-
--- (COTTRELL) PAYNE, Mary Emeline, M.S., Housewife, 1330 Houston St., Manhattan, Kan. Teacher, 1891-'02; Postgraduate work, K.S.A.C., 1892-'94; Teacher, 1896-'97; Housewife, 1897- [Transcriber's note: The dates here seem to conflict but are as appeared in the book]
--- CREAGER, Phil Sheridan, B.S., Farmer, 1891-'92; Agricultural editor, Topeka "Capital," 1892; Telegraph editor, Kansas City "Journal," 1896-'06; died in 1906
--- DAVIS, Kary Cadmus, M.S., Ph.D., Principal Seman A. Knapp School of Country Life, Nashville, Tenn. Graduated Kansas State Normal School, 1892; Teacher in high school and principal, Austin, Minn., 1892-'98; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1900; Science teacher, State Normal School, 1900-'01; Professor of Horticulture, 1901-'02; Principal, Dunn County School of Agriculture, Menomonie, Wis., 1902-'07; Dean, New York School of Agriculture, Canton, N.Y., 1907-'08; Professor of Agronomy and principal of short courses, New Jersey Agricultural College, New Brunswick, N.J., 1908-'13; Instructor in agriculture, University of Virginia, Summer School, 1908-'13; Author of "Productive Farming" (Lippincott Company); Editor of the Lippincott Agricultural Series; Principal, Seman A. Knapp School of Country Life, Nashville, Tenn., 1913-
*--- DAVIS, Thomas Clarke, B.S., Farmer and oil producer, Benedict, Kan.
--- (DOW) PECK, Helen Pearl, B.S. Housewife, Roslyn Estates, Roslyn, Long Island, N.Y.
--- (FAIRCHILD) WHITE, Anna, B.S., Housewife, Claremont, Cal. Residences: Manhattan, Kan., 1891-'97; Cambridge, Mass., 1897-'98; Brooklyn, N.Y., 1899-'03; Redlands, Cal., 1903-'04; Palo Alto, Cal., 1904-'05; Claremont, Cal., 1905-
--- GILSTRAP, Harry Benson, B.S. Postmaster, 322 W. Eighth St., Chandler, Okla. Farmer, 1891; Printer and editor of Weekly newspaper, 1892-'09; Postmaster, 1902-
--- GIST, Almon Arthur, B.S., Trainmaster, A.T.&S.F. Railway Co., 523 S. "A" St., Arkansas City, Kan. Clerk, U.P. Railway, Belleville, Kan., 1891-'92; Agent, relieg agent, and clerk, various locations, 1892-'99; Property clerk, Quartermaster's Department, Fr. Riley, Kan., 1899-'05; Agent, clerk and telegraph operator, A.T.&S.F. Railway Co., 1905-'09; Chief clerk to superintendent, A.T.&S.F. Railway Co., Arkansas City, Kan., 1909-'11; Trainmaster, A.T.&.S.F. Railway Co., 1911-
--- (HARRINGTON) DEIBLER, Amy Myrtle, B.S., Housewife, 117 E. Eleventh St., Leadville, Colo. Teacher, Geary County and Manhattan City Schools, 1891-'99; Housewife, Leadville, Colo., 1899-
--- (HOOP) MONTGOMERY, Delpha May, B.S., Housewife, 717 Humboldt St., Manhattan, Kan. Teacher, 1892-'99; Student, Library School, University of Illinois, 1900; Housewife, 1901-
*--- (HOUGHTON) BROCK, Mayme Amelia, B.S., Housewife, 514 E. Hancock St., Portland, Ore.
--- HUTTO, Willis Wesley, Merchant, Manhattan, Kan.
*--- JOHNSON, George Victor, B.S., Editor and proprietor "Times," Portales, New Mex.
--- LINSCOTT, Frank Mullett, D.V.S., Farmer, R. 1, Farmington, Kan. Graduated, Ontario Veterinary College, Toronto, Ont., 1893; Veterinarian, Ottawa, Kan., 1893-'95; Operated Hickory Hill Stock Farm, Holton, Kan., 1895-'00; General farmer, 1900-
--- LITTLE, B. Belle, M.S., M.D., Physician, 318 N. Fifth St., Manhattan, Kan. Student in Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1902-'06; Interne, New England Hospital for Women and Children, Boston, Mass., 1906-'07; Physician, Manhattan, Kan., 1907-
--- MARTIN, Albert Edward, B.A. died in 1906
--- (McDONALD) THAYER, Nellie Evangeline, B.S. died in 1902
--- McDOWELL, David Collins, B.S., Manager Colorado Trading and Transfer Company, Victor, Colo.
*--- MIDGLEY, Alfred, B.S., Manager of lumber-yard, Minneapolis, Kan.
--- MILNER, Madeleine Wade, B.S., at home, 4332 N. Hermitage Ave., Chicago, Ill. At home, 1891-'94; Special student, Armour Institute, 1894-'95; Library Training School, 1895-'97; Assistant in Armour Institute Library, 1897, 1899, 1900; At home, 1900-'01; Librarian of the Northern Illinois State Normal School, De Kalb, Ill., 1901-'09; At home, 1909-
--- MILNER, Paul Chambers, B.S., Official of Chas. Smith Company (Furnaces), 4427 N. Hermitage Ave., Chicago, Ill. Railroad work, various points, 1891-'95; Illinois Trust and Savings Bank, Chicago, 1895-'02; Farmer, southern Illinois, 1902-'10; Illinois Trust and Savings Bank, 1910-'13; With Chas. Smith Furnace Company, Chicago, 1913-
--- MOORE, Harry Elbridge, B.S., Real estate dealer, 824 Union St., Seattle, Wash. Clerical position, Portland, Ore., 1891-'93; Salesman, Kansas City, 1893-'00; Traveling salesman, Oklahoma, 1900-'06; Real estate, Seattle, Wash., 1906-
--- MORSE, John Otis, B.S., Lawyer, Mound City, Kan. Farmer, 1891-'94; Teacher, 1894-'97; Law student, admitted to bar, 1898; Served with 20th Kansas Volunteers, 1898-'99; Clerk, District Court Linn County, 1901-'05; County attorney of Linn County, 1905-'09; Lawyer, Mound City, Kan., 1909-
--- NOYES, Hattie May, B.S., Housekeeper, Wabaunsee, Kans., 1891-'96; Student, K.S.N., 1896-'97; Teacher, 1898-'00; At home, 1900-'01; Special student, K.S.A.C., 1901-'03; Teacher, 1903-'04; At home, 1904-'05; Teacher, 1905-'07; Taking boarders, 1907-'08; Housekeeper, 1908-
--- (REED) PADDLEFORD, Louise, B.S. Housewife, Waterville, Kan. Companion and household assistant, 1892; Homesteading, western Kansas, 1893; Homesteading and teaching, 1894-'95; Kindergarten student, San Diego, Cal., 1896; Kindergarten teacher, National City, Cal., 1897-'99; Housewife, 1899-
--- RUDY, Henry Vernon, B.S., Fruit packer, Box 1318, Fresno, Cal. Fruit grower and packer, 1891- [transcriber's note: Henry Rudy appears twice in this listing]
--- (SHORT) HOUSER, Charlotte Jane, M.S., Housewife, La Pryor, Texas. B.S., Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., 1902. --- SKINNER, Benjamin, M.D., Physician and surgeon, Owen & Puryear Bldg., Pawhuska, Okla. Teacher, Fairview, Kan., 1891-'94; Student, Kansas City Medical College, Kansas City, Mo., 1894-'96; M.D., ibid., 1896; Physician and surgeon, 1896-
--- (STINGLEY) VAN BLARCOM, Caroline Scott, B.S. died in 1899
--- (ST. JOHN) WILLIAMS, Lillian Alice, B.S., Housewife and bookkeeper, 616 Tenth St., Kansas City, Kan. Teacher, Manhattan, Kan., 1891-'97; Professional course, Emporia Normal School, 1897-'98; Teacher, 1898-'01; Housewife and bookkeeper for husband, 1901-
--- THAYER, Ellis Cheney, B.S., Chief mineral clerk, U.S. Surveyor General's Office, Helena, Mont.
--- VAN BLARCOM, Sam L., B.S., Railway mail service, 315 N. Quincy St., Kansas City, Mo. Railway mail service, 1891-
--- WAUGH, Frank Albert, M.S., Head of the Division of Horticulture and professor of landscape gardening, Massachusetts Agricultural College, Amherst, Mass. Newspaper work, 1891-'93; Professor of horticulture, Oklahoma A. and M. College, 1893-'95; Professor of Horticulture, University of Vermont, 1895-'02; Head of the Division of Horticulture and professor of landscape gardening, Massachusetts Agricultural College, 1902- ; Author of "Landscape Gardening," 1899; "Plums and Plum Culture," 1901; "Systematic Pomology," 1903; "Fruit Harvesting, Storing and Marketing," 1904; "Dwarf Fruit Trees," 1906; "The American Apple Orchard," 1908; "The Landscape Beautiful," 1910; "Kemp's Landscape Gardening," 1911; "Beginner's Guide to Fruit Growing," 1912; "The American Peach Orchard," 1913.
--- (WAUGH) DAVIS, Fanny Elizabeth, M.S., Housewife, Nashville, Tenn. Teacher, 1891-'96; Housewife, 1896-
--- WIEST, Flora Emilie, B.S., Teacher in city schools, 703 Poyntz Ave., Manhattan, Kan. Teacher, 1891-
--- (WINCHIP) SPILMAN, Bertha, B.S., Housewife, 324 Fifth St., S.E., Washington, D.C.
*--- WRIGHT, Alfred Orrin, B.S., Newspaper business, Rogers, Ark.
--- ZIMMERMAN, Effie Jeanetta, M.S., Treasurer Zimmerman Land Company, Bendena, Kan. Postgraduate, 1894-'96; Arizona State Normal School, Tempe, Ariz., 1902-'03; Proctor Academy, Provo, Utah, 1907-'09; Chautauqua lecturer; Treasurer Zimmerman Land Company, 1909-


--- CLARK, Grace Maria, M.S., Secretary to President Fairchild at K.S.A.C., and at Berea, Ky. died in 1904
*--- CLOTHIER, George L., M.S., M.F., in charge of Department of Forestry, Washington Agricultural College, Pullman, Wash. County superintendent of Wabaunsee County, Kansas, 1892-'94; Postgraduate student, K.S.A.C., 1895-'96; Assistant in botany, K.S.A.C., 1897-'99; Degree of master of science, 1899; Postgraduate student, Minnesota Agricultural College, 1899-'00; Agent, Division of Forestry, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1900; Student of forestry, Yale University, 1902; Degree of master of forestry, Yale University, 1903; Field agent, Bureau of Forestry, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1903-'09; Assistant professor of horticulture, in charge of forestry and plant breeding, Mississippi Agricultural College, 1909-'11; Professor of forestry, Washington Agricultural College, 1911-
--- CRINER, Lillian Clyde, B.S., Manager of McPherson Telephone Company, McPherson, Kan. Teacher in public schools; Editor, McPherson "Opinion;" First lieutenant, Company M, Twenty-First Kansas Volunteers; Manager of the McPherson Telephone Company, 1912- ; Member of Water and Light Commission, 1912- ; President of the Board of Trade, 1912-
--- DARNALL, Harry A., B.S., Lents, Ore. Teacher and publisher
--- EDELBLUTE, William H., B.S., Civil engineer, Rathdrum, Idaho. Teacher, Washington and Idaho, 1892-'99; Homesteader, Kootenai County, Idaho, 1895-'01; County surveyor, Kootenai County, Idaho, 1902-'08; Notary public, 1903- ; U.S. mineral surveyor, 1904- ; Member of State Legislature of Idaho, 1913; Officer in National Guard of Idaho, 1903- ; Colonel, ibid., 1913- ; Commanding officer of all National Guard forces of the state, 1913-
--- (EDWARDS) HARTLEY, Elizabeth, B.S., Housewife, Manhattan, Kan., 1892
--- FROST, John, B.S., Farmer, R. 3, Blue Rapids, Kan. Teacher in country and city schools, 1892-'00; Farmer, 1900-
--- (GILSTRAP) (FRAZIER) MELTON, Effie, B.S., Housewife, 1401 Seventh St., Oregon City, Ore. Associate editor, Chandler (Oklahoma) "News," 1892; Housewife, 1896-'00; Proprietor, book and news stand; Post office clerk; Housewife, 1909- ; Associate editor, Granite County (Montana) "News"
--- (HAMILL) TILLOTSON, Ava, M.S., Pharmacist, Latham, Kan., 1892.
--- HARNER, J. N. died in 1897
--- HARNER, Loyall S., B.S., Assistant superintendent of Golden Cycle Mining and Milling Company, 111 Hayes Ave., Colorado Spring, Colo. Prospector and miner, 1897-'00; Sampler for U.S. Reduction Company, 1900-'02; In Chlorination Department of Portland Gold Mining Company, 1902-'05; Investigating mining properties, 1905-'06; Chemist for Golden Cycle Mining and Milling Company, 1906-'08; Assistant superintendent, Golden Cycle Mining and Milling Company, 1908-
--- HARTLEY, Charles Pinckney, M.S., Physiologist, in charge of corn investigations, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 3420 Center St., N.W., Washington, D.C. Teacher, Idaho, 1893-'97; Postgraduate student, K.S.A.C., 1897-'99; In charge of corn investigation, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1899-
--- McDOWELL, James Laird, B.S., Superintendent leasing company, El Paso Mine, Elkton, Colo. Instructor, Fort Hall Indian School, 1892-'93; Miner, Cripple Creek, Colo., 1894-'02; Farmer, McCammon, Idaho, 1902-'09; Miner, and in charge of leasing company, Cripple Creek, Colo., 1909-
--- McILVAINE, Robert A., B.S., Teacher, R. 8, Spokane, Wash. Teacher and carpenter work, Kansas, 1893-'96; Student, Kansas State Normal, 1896-'97; Graduated, English course, ibid., 1897; Teacher, eastern Kansas, 1897-'04; Passed civil service examination, 1904; Teacher, Indian boarding schools, 1904-'09; Teacher, eastern Washington, 1909-
--- (OLDHAM) SISSON, Katherine, B.S., 318 W. Ninth Ave., Columbus, Ohio. Residences, Toronto, Canada, 1892-'99; Manhattan, Kan., 1899-'01; Columbus, Ohio, 1901- ; Abroad (Germany, Switzerland, Italy and England), 1905-'06 and summers of 1910-'12
--- OTIS, Daniel Henry, M.S., Assistant dean, College of Agriculture and professor of farm management, University of Wisconsin, 1822 Chadbourne Ave., Madison, Wis. Assistant in agriculture, K.S.A.C., 1892-'98; Assistant in dairying, ibid., 1898-'00; Professor of dairying and animal husbandry, ibid., 1900-'03; Manager of Deming Ranch, Oswego, Kan., 1903-'05; Associate professor of animal nutrition, College of Agriculture, Madison, Wisconsin, 1905-'09; Professor of farm management and assistant dean, College of Agriculture, Madison, Wis., 1909-
--- PARKER, Ivan Bryan, M.D., Physician, surgeon, banker, Hill City, Kan. Located at Grant's Pass, Ore., 1903-'05
--- POPE, Warner S., B.S. died in 1899
--- PUGH, Burton Homer, B.S., Manufacturer of farm implements, 324 Topeka, Kan.
--- REED, Elias Wilber, M.D., Physician and surgeon, 718 Wisconsin Ave., Holton, Kan. Farmer, 1892-'00; Student, Medical Department, University of Michigan, 1900-'04; Practiced medicine, Holton, 1905- ; Health officer, Jackson County, 1905-'10; Elected mayor of Holton, 1912
--- REED, Robert Stirling, B.S., Butcher's clerk, 304 N. Lincoln Ave., Beloit, Kan. Teacher, Chase County, Kansas, 1895-'97; Teacher, Mitchell County, Kansas, 1897-'98; Lumber and coal dealer, Simpson, Kan., 1898-'06; Miller, Simpson, Kan., 1906-'12; Butcher's clerk, 1912-
--- RICE, Arthur Daniel, B.S., Pastor, M.E. Church, Atwood, Kan. Pastor of M.E. Church, Granada, Colo., 1896-'00; Pastor of M.E. Church, Keats, Kan., 1900-'02; Pastor of M.E. Church, Rossville, Kan., 1902-'05; Pastor of M.E. Church, Hubbell, Nebr., 1905-'07; Pastor of M.E. Church, Atwood, Kan., 1913-
--- SEARS, Fred C., M.S., Professor of pomology, Massachusetts Agricultural College, Amherst, Mass. Foreman, Horticultural Department, K.S.A.C., 1892-'94; Assistant horticulturalist, Kansas Experiment Station, 1894-'97; Professor of horticulture, Utah Agricultural College, Logan, 1897; Director, Nova Scotia School of Horticulture, Wolfville, N.S., 1897-'04; Professor horticulture, Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Truro, 1904-'07; Professor of pomology, Massachusetts Agricultural College, Amherst, 1907-
--- SECREST, Bird E., B.S., Homekeeping at home, R. 2, Randolph, Kan. Mercantile business, 1892-'02; Student, Teachers' College, Columbia University, N.Y., 1902-'03; Teacher of domestic science, Kansas Industrial School, 1903-'04; At home, 1904-'09; Traveled in seven countries in Europe, 1909; At home, 1909-'12; Traveled on the Pacific Coast, five months, 1912; At home, 1912-
--- SECREST, May, B.S., Head of Household Arts Department, California Polytechnic School, San Luis Obispo, Cal. Assistant Domestic Art Department, K.S.A.C., 1899-'01; Diploma, Teachers' College, 1902; Domestic science, State Normal School, Stevens Point, Wis., 1902-'04; Associate professor of domestic art, Ohio State University, 1904-'05; California Polytechnic School, 1905-'12
--- (STOKES) SEARS, Ruth Tipton, M.S., Housewife, Amherst, Mass. Assistant in domestic economy, K.S.A.C., 1894-'96; Teacher of sewing, Scott Manual Training School, Toledo, Ohio, 1896-'97
--- STONE, Harry W., B.S., General Secretary, Y.M.C.A., 369 N. Thirty-First St., Portland, Ore. General Secretary, Y.M.C.A., Fort Worth, Texas, two years; General Secretary, Y.M.C.A., Atchison, Kan., one year; State Secretary, Y.M.C.A., Nebraska, one year; General Secretary, Y.M.C.A., Sioux City, Iowa, three years; General Secretary, Y.M.C.A., Portland, Ore, seventeen years
--- TUCKER, Walter Percival, B.S. Farmer, R. 1, Arcadia, Fla. Farming and newspaper work, 1892-'97; Expert accountant for American Smelting and Refining Company, Mexico, 1897-'09; Special student, K.S.A.C., 1909-'10; Fruit farmer, Arcadia, Fla., 1910-
--- (VAIL) WAUGH, Mary Alice, B.S., Housewife, Amherst, Mass.
--- WALLIS, Robert Lynn, B.S. died in 1895
--- WICKMAN, Daniel F., B.S., Real estate, 104 E. Sixth St., Topeka, Kan.
--- WILDIN, George Washington, B.S., Mechanical superintendent of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, Hotel Taft, New Haven, Conn. Mechanical draughtsman, Santa Fe Railroad, Topeka, Kan., 1892-'95; Locomotive fireman, Santa Fe Railroad, Raton, N.M., 1893-'95; Locomotive fireman, Santa Fe Railroad, 1895-'96; Locomotive engineer, Mexican Central Railroad, and superintendent of Aer Motor Works, Chicago, 1896-'97; Locomotive engineer, Chicago and Alton Railroad, Bloomington, Ill., 1897-'98; Machinist, inspector, and mechanical engineer, Plane System of Railways, Savannah, Ga., 1898-'01; Mechanical engineer, Central Railroad of New Jersey, Jersey, City, 1901-'04; Mechanical superintendent, Erie Railroad, Meadville, Pa., 1904-'07; Assistant superintendent, motive power, Lehigh Valley Railroad, Bethlehem, Pa., 1907; Mechanical superintendent of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, New Haven, Conn., 1907-
--- YEOMAN, Charles Ernest, B.S. died in 1902


--- ABBOTT, Edmund Clarence, B.S., Judge of First Judicial District, 235 Cerillos Road, Santa Fe, New Mex. Law student, 1894-'95; Practicing law, Trinidad, Colo, and Taos, New Mex., 1896-'00; Member House of Representatives, New Mexico Legislature, 1900-'01; District Attorney, First District, New Mexico, 1901-'06; Member Legislature, New Mexico, 1907; Assistant U.S. Attorney, New Mexico, 1908; District Attorney, First District, New Mexico, 1908-'11; Elected Judge First District for a term of seven years, 1911-
--- CURTIS, Edwin McMaster Stanton, B.S., Chief Clerk, Passenger Department, Southern Railway Company, St. Louis, Mo.
--- (DALY) BURTIS, Corinne Louise, B.S., Housewife, Muskogee, Okla.
--- (DAY) JONES, Laura Greeley, B.S., Housewife, 724 East E., Ontario, Cal. Assistant in Cosmetic Art Department, K.S.A.C., 1894-'95; Teacher of domestic science, Stout Manual Training School, Menomonie, Wis., 1895-'00; Special lecturer and short course worker, Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind., 1900-'01; Director of Department of Domestic Science, Stout Institute, Menomonie, Wis., 1902-'08; Extension work, Iowa Agricultural College, Ames, Iowa, 1909-'10; Became permanent resident of California, 1911
--- (DEWEY) SUTHERLAND, Ione, B.S., Photographer, 750 E. Forty-Seventh St., Chicago, Ill.
--- DICKENS, Albert, M.S., Professor of horticulture, K.S.A.C., 509 Manhattan Ave., Manhattan, Kan. Teacher, country schools, 1893-'95; Foreman Munger Orchard, Eureka, Kan., 1895; State certificate, 1895; Principal, Ellinwood (Kansas) Schools, 1897-'98; Life certificate, 1898; Assistant in horticulture, K.S.A.C., 1899; M.S., K.S.A.C., 1901; Acting professor of horticulture, ibid., 1901; Professor of horticulture, ibid., 1902-
--- (GARDINER) OBRECHT, Mary Maude, M.S., Housewife, R. 7, Topeka, Kan. Postgraduate work, K.S.A.C., 1895-'97; Assistant in household science, Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Ames, Iowa, 1898-'00; Professor of household science, Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, Stillwater, Okla., 1900-'04
--- (HALL) LINSCOTT, Susie, B.S., Housewife, R. 1, Farmington, Kan.
--- HARMON, Mary Frances Burgoyne, B.S., Teacher of drawing, Kansas City (Kansas) High School, Hotel Grund, Kansas City, Kan. Teacher, Valley Falls, Kan., 1893-'97; Teacher of drawing, State School for the Deaf, Olathe, Kan., 1897-'99; Teacher, Valley Falls, Kan., 1899-'00; Teacher of drawing, Kansas City (Kansas) High School, 1900- ; Summer work: Jefferson County (Kan.) Normal Institute, Chicago University, Chicago Art Institute, Harvard Summer School, Private instruction with Professor Walters, K.S.A.C., Private lessons, Keramics, Kansas City, Mo.
--- (HARNER) SELVIDGE, Ivy, M.S., Housewife, Care George Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville, Tenn. Teacher, 1893-'95; Graduate student, K.S.A.C., 1895-'97; M.S., 1897; Director domestic science, Louisiana Institute, 1897-'04; Traveling in Europe investigating domestic science in public schools, 1904-'05; Professor of household economics, Purdue University, Indiana, 1905-'08; Housewife, 1908-
--- HORN, Margaretha Elise C., B.S., Special student and assistant in Secretary's Office, K.S.A.C.; Teacher of natural science, Detroit High School; died in 1910
--- HULETT, Mac F., D.O., Osteopath, 702 Capital Trust Bldg., 8 E. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio. Treasurer, American Osteopathic Association, 1901- ; Member State Osteopathic Examining Committee, 1905- ; Article writer for Professional Press
--- HULETT, Marcia Ione, D.O., Osteopathic physician, 318 Tenth St., Alamagordo, New Mex.
--- HULSE, Fred R., B.S., Residence contractor, 730 Moro St., Manhattan, Kan. Farm Department, 1893-'99; Carpentry and contracting, 1899-
--- KIMBALL, Charles Augustus, B.S., Editor and publisher, 1215 Hudson Ave., Columbia, Mo. Read law, 1893-'95; Practiced law at Junction City, Kan., 1896-'98; Law and newspaper work, Courtland, Kan., 1898-'05; Newspaper work, Manhattan "Republic" and "Daily Mercury," 1905-'12; Purchased the Columbia "Daily Times," Boone County, Missouri, 1912-
--- (KNICKERBOCKER) PYLES, Maude Ethel, B.S., Housewife, Nourse Mines, Denver, Transvaal, South Africa. Teacher in public school, Iowa, 1893-'94; Student, Normal School, Spearfish, S. Dak., 1894-'95; Teacher in public schools, South Dakota, 1895-'06; Housewife, 1906- ; Resident in South Africa, 1906-
--- LYON, Thomas Eddy, LL.B., Lawyer, 849 Douglas Ave., Springfield, Ill. Teacher and farmer, 1893-'97; Attended Law School, University of Michigan, 1897-'00; Practiced law, Springfield, Ill., 1900-'13; Elected member 46th, 47th and 48th General Assemblies, Illinois Legislature, 1908, 1910, 1912
--- LYON, William Otis, B.S. died in 1907
--- McCREA, McLeod Wilson, B.S., Fruit grower, R. 1, Hemet, Cal. Teacher, Winchester, Kan. 1893-'97; Clerk, Santa Anna, Cal., 1907-'09; Fruit grower, Hemet, Cal., 1909-
--- McDOWELL, Rose Edith, B.S., Professor of household economics, Montana State Normal School, Dillon, Mont. Housekeeper, 1893-'06; Clerk, Billings, Mont., 1906-'07; Student, Stout Institute, Menomonie, Wis., 1907-'09; Teacher, domestic science, Dillon, Mont., 1909-'12; Teacher, domestic science, Beaver Head County High School, Montana Normal College, Summer Session, 1912; Student, Teachers' College, 1912-'13; Professor of household economics, Montana State Normal School, Dillon, Mont., 1913-
--- MELTON, George Lane, Ph.D., Acting dean and professor of history, University of Redlands, 310 Buena Vista Ave., Redlands, Cal.
--- (MUDGE) THOMPSON, Eusebia DeLong, B.S., At home, 3231 E. Ninth St., Kansas City, Mo. Housewife; Filled out husband's unexpired term as county superintendent; In charge of hardware store, three years; Housekeeper, 1913-
--- (NEWELL) HATCH, Nora, B.S., Housewife, R. 2, Manhattan, Kan. At home, 1893-'94; Special student, K.S.A.C., 1894-'95; Teacher, Riley County, Kansas, 1895-'97; Housewife, 1897-
--- NIEMOLLER, August Fred, B.S., Flour milling business, Wakefield, Kan. Teacher, 1893-'04; Miller, 1904-
--- NOYES, Susie Amanda, B.S. died in 1894
--- PELLET, Henry Leamer, D.O., Farmer and stock raiser, R. 4, Eudora, Kan. Farmer, Johnson County, 1893-'94; Student, Kansas University, 1895; Student at American School of Osteopathy, Kirksville, Mo., 1896-'98; Practiced osteopathy, Philadelphia, Pa., 1898-'99; Farmer, Johnson County, 1900-
*--- PETERSON, Charles John, B.S., Topeka, Kan.
--- PFUETZE, Carl Frederic, B.S. Farmer, Manhattan, Kan. Mail clerk, 1895-'07; Lumber dealer, Manhattan, Kan., 1907-'13; Farmer, 1913-
--- RIDDELL, John DeWitt, M.D., Practicing physician, 308 W. South, Salina, Kan. Received degree of M.D., Kansas City, 1895; Practicing physician, Culver, Kan., 1895; Practicing physician, Enterprise, Kan., 1896-'13; Practicing physician, Salina, Kan., 1913-
--- ROKES, John Albert, B.S., Lawyer, 617 Marion Bldg, Seattle, Wash. Teacher, Kansas, 1894-'97; Lawyer, Holton, Kan., 1897-'06; Lawyer, Seattle, Wash., 1906-
*--- (ROMICK) EDGAR, Agnes, B.S., Housewife, Yolo, Yolo County, California
--- SMITH, Fred Raymond, B.S., Court reporter, Twenty-First Judicial District of Kansas, 431 Kearney St., Manhattan, Kan. Admitted to the bar, 1896; Practiced law, Manhattan, Kan., 1896-'97; Court reporter, Twenty-First Judicial District of Kansas, 1897-
--- SMITH, George Wildman, M.D., Physician and surgeon, Treasurer, Hahnemann Hospital, 201 Bryant Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. Teacher, Manhattan, Kan., 1893-'94; Student, Emporia, Kan., 1895-'96; Principal of High School, Minneapolis, Kan., 1896-'98; Student of medicine, 1898-'01; Physician and surgeon, Kansas City, Mo., 1904-
--- SMITH, William Elmer, B.S., Attorney-at-law, Independence, (Martin Bldg.), Mo. Principal of High School, Manhattan, Kan., 1893-'97; Admitted to bar in Riley County, Kansas, 1897; Practiced law, Manhattan, Kan., 1897-'00; Practiced law, Kansas City, Mo., 1900-'07; Secretary, Kansa City Bar Association, 1902; Clerk of Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri, 1907-'11; Practicing law, Independence, Mo., 1911-
--- THACKREY, John Eugene, S.T.B., Pastor of First M.E. Church, 801 Duncan St., Stillwater, Okla. Pastor of M.E. Church, Hays Springs, Nebr., 1893-'94; Pastor, M.E. Church, Crawford, Neb., 1894-'95; Student, School of Theology, DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind., 1895-'98; S.T.B., ibid., 1898; Pastor, M.E. Church, Chapman, Kan., 1898-'01; Pastor, Grace M.E. Church, Kansas City, Mo., 1901-'06; Pastor Maywood M.E. Church, Kansas City, Mo., 1906-'08; Pastor, Maplewood M.E. Church, St. Louis, Mo., 1908-'10; Pastor, First M.E. Church, Chandler, Okla., 1910-'12; Pastor, First M.E. Church, Stillwater, Okla., 1912-
--- THOBURN, Joseph B., B.S., Instructor in history, Oklahoma University, 217 W. Apache St., Norman, Okla. Irrigation farmer and horticulturist, 1893-'99; Secretary of Territorial Board of Agriculture, 1899-'05; Newspaper work and author of Oklahoma history, 1913; Instructor in history, Oklahoma University, 1913-
--- THOMPSON, Charles Henry, M.S., Assistant botanist, Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, Mo. Specialist in botany, Shaw Gardens, St. Louis and Instructor in botany, M.S.U., 1893-'99; Forest ranger, Sierra nevada Forest Reserve, 1899-'02; Graduate student, Leland Stanford, 1902-'04; Botanical assistant, Seed inspector, collaborator, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1904-'12
--- THOMPSON, George K., B.S., Teacher and editor, 1893-'94; Elected superintendent of education of Marshall County, 1902; Reelected superintendent of education of Marshall County, 1904; Hardware merchant, 1905; died in 1905
--- YEOMAN, William James, B.S., Dealer in fancy horses, 214 W. Eleventh St., Hutchinson, Kan. Principal of schools, La Crosse, Kan., 1893-'94; Student, State Normal, Emporia, Kan., 1894-'95; Superintendent of schools, Kinsley, Kan., 1895-'98; Merchant, 1898-'05; Stock farmer, 1905-'08; Principal of schools, Pretty Prairie, 1908-'10; Superintendent of Sylvia Schools, 1910-'11; Dealer in fancy horses, 1911-

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