Information on Graduates
(Kansas State University)
1867, 1871-1913
(from a book published in in 1914)

1894-1897 GRADUATES

The following text was transcribed from the book:

(Manhattan, Kan. : Kansas State Agricultural College, Department of Printing, 1914)

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Maiden names of women appear in (parentheses)


--- AMES, Frank Weber, B. S., Record Clerk, Order Department, Carnegie Steel Company, 2212 Saranac Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher in Public Schools, Riley County, Kansas, 1894-'95; Clerk with National Merchandise Supply Company, Chicago, 1896; Insurance Agent, 1897-'98; Clerk, National Steel Company, Chicago, 1899; Clerk, New York City, 1900; Clerk, Pittsburg, 1901--
--- CASTLE, Clara Francelia, M. S., Housekeeper, 1022 Moro St., Manhattan, Kan. Housekeeper, 1894-
--- CHRISTENSEN, George Luther, B. S., Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Michigan College of Mines, 115 Clark St., Houghton, Mich. Machinist and Foreman of Machine Shop, Blue Valley Manufacturing Company, 1894-'96; Assistant in Mechanical Engineering Department, K. S. A. C., 1896-'97; Machinist and Draftsman, Brown and Sharpe Manufacturing Company, Providence, R. I., 1897-'98; Instructor in Mechanical Engineering, Michigan College of Mines, 1898-'05; Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, ibid., 1905-'11; Acting Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, ibid., 1911-'12; Head of Department, ibid., 1912-
--- CHRISTENSEN, John Cornelius, B. S., Financial Secretary, Michigan University, Ann Arbor, Mich. Instructor, Kansas Public Schools, 1894-'96; Graduate Student, University of Kansas, 1897; Bookkeeper and Office Clerk, 1898-'07; County Treasurer, Riley County, Kansas, 1903-'07; Office Clerk and Bank Cashier, 1907-'09; Deputy Bank Commissioner of Kansas, 1909-'11; Financial Secretary, K. S. A. C., 1911-'13; Financial Secretary, Michigan University, Ann Arbor, Mich., 1913-
--- CLEMONS, Lorena Estella, B. S., At Home, North Yakima, Wash. Clerk in Secretary's Office, K. S. A. C., 1894-'00; Secretary, K. S. A. C., 1900-'09; At Home, 1909-
--- COTTRELL, Martha Amelia, B. S., Housekeeper, Wabaunsee, Kan. Housekeeper, 1894- Specializing in Domestic Science, Poultry, Gardening and Horticulture.
--- (COTTRELL) WRIGHT, Sarah Esther, B. S., Housewife, Welsh, La. Residences: Lake Arthur, La.; Jennings, La.; Welsh, La.
--- CRESS, Alverta May, B. S., Teacher in City Schools, Manhattan, Kan. At Home, 1894-'04; Teacher, Country Schools, Kansas, 1904-'11; Teacher, Manhattan City Schools, 1911-
--- CRESS, Fannie Jane, B. S., Teacher, Oak Park, Ill. Teacher, Escanaba, Mich., Public Schools. 1902-'06; Teacher, Oak Park, Ill., Public Schools, 1906-
--- DONAVEN, Ernest A., M. D., Farmer and Physician, Pryor, Okla.
--- EVANS, Jephthah W., M. D., Fruit Grower, King Hill, Idaho. Practiced Medicine, nine years; Taught School and Attended College, six years; Fruit Grower, five years.
--- (FRISBIE) CRISWELL, Isabella Russell, B. S. Housewife, Rosslyn Va. Postgraduate Student and Assistant, K. S. A. C., 1894-'96; Professor of Domestic Science, South Dakota Agricultural College, 1896-'00; Housewife, 1900-
--- FROWE, Eugene Leonard, B. S. Died in 1898.
--- HARLING, Walter, B. S., Teacher and Farmer, Olsburg, Kan., 1894-'95; Teacher, Manhattan, Kan., 1895-'96; Teacher, Echo, Utah. 1896-'98; Principal, New West Academy, Lehi, Utah, 1898-'01; Assistant in Montone Sanitarium, Montone, Cal., 1901-'02; Lehi, Utah, 1902-'03. Died December 13, 1903.
--- (HELDER) MORSE Lorena Marguerite, B. S., Housewife, 485 K. C. Road, Olathe, Kan. Instructor in Music Department, K. S. A. C., 1895-'98; Student of Music in Boston, 1898-'00; At Home, 1900-'02; Housewife, 1902-
--- HESTER, Mark V., B. S., Real Estate and Insurance Agent, 346 Twentieth St., San Diego, Cal. Teacher, Kansas, 1894-'97; Student, Kansas State University, 1897-'98; Farmer, Kansas 1898-'05; Teacher, Ohio, 1905-'06; Fruit Raiser, Ohio, 1906-'07; Supervising Teacher, Civil Service, P. I., 1907-'09; Teacher, Colorado, 1909-'10; Real Estate and Insurance Agent, San Diego, Cal., 1910-
--- HUTCHINGS, Charles Ross, B. S., Civil and Mechanical Engineer, care National Iron and Steel Works, Mexico City, Mex.
--- JONES, Isaac, B. S., Lawyer and Fruit Grower, 724 East E, Ontario, Cal. Teacher, Lincoln County Schools, Kansas, 1894-'95; Assistant in Horticulture, K. S. A. C., and in Charge of Experiment Station, Oakley, Kan., 1895-'96; Assistant in Horticulture, K. S. A. C., 1896-'97; Prospector in Alaska and Northwest Territory, 1898-'99; Expert in Charge of Alaskan Investigation, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1900-'01; Fruit Grower in Southern California, 1902- Admitted to California Bar, 1909; General Law Practice and City Attorneyship in Ontario, 1912-
--- (KIMBALL) TUCKER, Stella Victoria, B.S., Housewife, R. 1, Arcadia, Fla. Teacher, Manhattan, Kan., 1895-'97; Teacher, City Schools, Manhattan, Kan., 1897-'02; Housewife, 1902-
--- (LYMAN) OTIS, Mary Eliza, M. S. Housewife, 1822 Chadbourne Ave., Madison, Wis. Postgraduate Student, K. S. A. C., 1896; Assistant in Home Economics, Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Peoria, Ill., 1897-'99; Housewife, 1899- ; M. S., 1901.
--- MOORE, William Henry, B. S., Florist and Horticulturist; Coal Dealer, Manhattan, Kan.,
--- (MOORE) FOSTER, Sadie, B. S., Housewife, 314 Melrose Ave., N., Seattle, Wash. Housewife, Mount Ida, Kan., 1894-'00; Housewife, Seattle, Wash., 1900-
--- ODLE, James Francis, B. S., Farmer, Wamego, Kan. Dairyman and Farmer, 1894-
--- PEARSON, Charles Randolph, B. S., Banker, Hoxie, Kan. County Superintendent of Schools, 1895-'99; Farmer and Stock Raiser, 1899-'05; County Treasurer, 1905-'09; Vice-President of First National Bank, 1909-
--- POPE, Horace Gershom, LL. B., Attorney at Law, 3135 Karnes Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. Student, Kansas University, 1894-'97; Graduated in Law Department, ibid., 1897; Practiced Law in Kansas City, 1897-
--- ROMICK, Minnie Louise, B. S., Teacher, 567 N. Gordon St., Pomona, Cal. Teacher, Southern California, 1894-
--- (ROMICK) CHANDLER, Winnie Luella, B. S., Housewife, 1550 Ames Ave., Long Beach, Cal.
--- SANDT, Victor Irwin, B. S., Manager Sandt Farms Company, Normac, Saskatchewan, Canada. Teacher, Marysville, Kan., 1894-'98; Teacher, Home City, Kan., 1898-'02; Instructor in Manual Training, Wells, Minn., 1902-'07; Instructor in Manual Training, Winona, Minn., 1907-'11; Manager, Canada Sand and Gravel Company, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1911; Manager, Sandt Farms Company, 1912-
--- SCHEEL, John Alfred, B. S., Farmer and Stock Raiser, R. 7, Emporia, Kan. Teacher, Kansas, 1894-'95; Rancher, North Dakota, 1895-'98; Prospector, Alaska, 1898-'00; Rancher, North Dakota, 1900-'03; Manager of Sawmill, and Threshing, 1903-'06; Farmer and Stock Raiser, 1906-
--- SECREST, Jacob Ulrich, B. S., Randolph, Kan.
--- SMITH, Charles Chrisfield, B. S., Superintendent of Grammer Schools, Orange, Cal.
--- (SMITH) STRONG, Jennie Ruth, B. S., Teacher, Mary Esther Fla. Teacher, Riley County, Kansas, 1894-'97; Student, Washburn College, Topeka, Kan., 1897-'99; Teacher, Manhattan (Kansas) High School, 1899-'00; Housewife, 1900-'11; Assistant Principal of Santa Rosa Academy, Mary Esther, Fla., 1911-
--- STAVER, Wesley Ohio, B. S., Attorney at Law; Assistant U. S. Attorney, Southern District of Texas, Box 115, Laredo, Texas. Law Student, Kansas City, Mo., 1894-'97; Attorney at Law, Fairplay, Mo., 1897-'98; Sergeant, Company G, Third Missouri Volunteer Infantry, 1898-'99; Attorney at Law, Bakersfield, Cal., 1900-'04; Immigrant Inspector, U. S. Immigration Service, El Paso, Texas, 1905-'07; Inspector in Charge, Port of Laredo, Texas, U. S. Immigration Service, 1907-'12; Assistant U. S. Attorney, Southern District of Texas, 1912-
--- STINGLEY, John, B. S., Funeral Director, 1133 Pearce Ave., Wichita, Kan. Tonnage Clerk, U. P. Railway; Salesman for Ohio Cultivator Company; Salesman for Moline Plow Company; Stingley & Ayers, Funeral Directors.
--- TAYLOR, John Edwin, B. S. Died in 1896.
--- TIMBERS, Delbert L., B. S. Merchant, Osborne, Kan. Teacher, 1894-'99; Editor, 1899-'00; Teacher, 1900-'04; Merchant, 1904-
--- (TURNER) CLOTHIER, Phoebe Carey, B. S., Housewife, Saint Marys, Kan. Teacher, 1897-'02; Housewife, 1902-
--- VINCENT, Samuel Robert, M. S., Secretary-Treasurer of Hanlon Machinery Company, Sterling, Kan. Teacher, Oklahoma, 1894-'96; Postgraduate, K. S. A. C., 1896-'98; Farmer and Teacher, Deer Creek, Okla., 1898-'01; Farmer, 1901-'13; Secretary-Treasurer of Hanlon Machinery Company, 1913-
--- (WATERS) DALE, Lucy Helena, A. M., Lake Mountain, Trinty County, California.


--- ABELL, Edward Jones, B. S., Farmer and Stock Raiser, R. 1, Riley, Kan. Principal and Superintendent, Scottsville, Wakefield, Scandia, Smith Center, and Leonardville Schools, 1895-'03; Farmer and Stock Raiser, 1908-
--- ADAMS, Carl D., B. S., Assistant in Department of Horticulture, Milwaukee County School of Agriculture, 253 Alice St., Wauwatosa, Wis. Teacher, 1895-'00; With Swift Packing Company, 1900-'05; Manager of Fruit Farm, 1905-'07; Teacher, Kansas State School for the Deaf, 1907-'12; Teacher, Milwaukee County School of Agriculture, 1912-
--- (AMES), Ethel PATTEN, B. S., Housewife, 2212 Saranac Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher in Public Schools, Shawnee County, Kansas, 1896-'97; Housewife, 1898-
--- BARNETT, Robert John, B. S., M. S., Associate Professor of Pomology, Washington State College, 304 Howard St., Pullman, Wash. Graduated, K. S. N., 1896; Public School Work and Post Office Service, 1897-'06; Instructor, K. S. A. C., 1906-'11; M. S., K. S. A., 1911; Assistant Professor of Pomology, State College of Washington, 1911-'12; Associate Professor of Pomology, ibid., 1912-
--- CONRAD, Burton Wesley, d. v. s., Veterinarian, Cor. Sixth and Whittenhall, Sabetha, Kan. Liveryman and Veterinarian, 1895-
--- CORBETT, Florence Ruth, M. S., Instructor and Dietitian. 1230 Amsterdam Ave., New York, N. Y. Dietitian Department of Public Charities, New York City, 1901-'09; Instructor, Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1909- ; Consulting Dietitian to Institutions; Director of Dining Rooms, and Dietitian, Teachers' College.
--- CREAGER, Sid Henry, B. S., Christian Science Practitioner, Hotel Walnut, Cincinnati, Ohio. U. S. Railway Mail Service, 1897-'01; Wholesale Flour and Produce Merchant, 1901-'03; Wholesale Lumber Sales Agent, 1903-'07; Christian Science Practitioner, 1907-
--- (CRUMP) AMES, Elsie Emeline, B. S., Housewife, 1408 N. Fifteenth St., Boise Idaho. Teacher, City Schools of Manhattan, Kan., 1895-'02; Teacher, City Schools of Boulder, Colo., 1902-'06; Housewife, 1906-
--- DAVIES, David Thomas, B. S., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Manhattan, Kan. Farmer and Stock Raiser, Manhattan, Kan., 1895-
--- DAWLEY, Frank Andrews, B. S., Farmer, Waldo, Kan. County Clerk, 1895-'98; Farmer and Stock Raiser, 1898- ; Representative, Osborne County, 1913
--- (DAY) McDOWELL, Daisy, M. S., Housewife, Billings, Mont.
--- (DAY) BARNETT, Flora, M. S., Housewife, 304 Howard St., Pullman, Wash.
---DEAN, George Adam, M. S., Professor of Entomology, K. S. A. C., and State Entomologist, 511 N. Juliette Ave., Manhattan, Kan. Principal, Highland Park (Topeka) Public Schools, 1898-'02; Assistant in Entomology, K. S. A. C., 1902-'05; Instructor in Entomology, ibid., 1905-'07; Assistant Professor of Entomology, ibid., 1907-'12; Associate Entomologist, ibid., 1912; In Charge of Entomology, K. S. A. C., and Experiment Station, and State Entomologist, October 1, 1912-
--- (DIAL) FALIN, Lillie Christena, B. S., Housewife, Cleburne, Kan.
--- ELLIS, Lucy, B. S., Teacher of Manual Training, 705 Lane St., Topeka, Kan. Teacher, Marysville, Kan., Westmoreland, Kan., Kansas City, Kan., Topeka, Kan.
--- EMRICK, Victor, B. S., Division Clerk, Passenger Accounting Department, Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation Company, 1034 E. Main, Portland, Ore. Teacher in Schools of Wabaunsee and Pottawatomie Counties, Kansas, 1895-'98; Clerk in Passenger Accounting Department of Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation Company, 1898-
--- FORSYTH, George, B. S., Automobile Garage Business, 201 S. Main St., Franklin, Ind. Merchant, 1895-'05; Traveling Salesman, 1905-'10; Automobile Garage Business, 1910-
--- FREEMAN, Ernest Harrison, E. E., Professor of Electrical Engineering, Armour Institute of Technology, 7026 South Park Ave., Chicago, Ill. Farmer, 1895-'96; Student, K. S. N., 1896-'97; Teacher in Public Schools of Kansas, 1897-'99; Student, Armour Institute of Technology, 1899-'02; Teacher, Armour Institute of Technology, 1902-'08; In Charge of Department of Electrical Engineering, Armour Institute of Technology, 1908-
--- (FRYHOFER) WEBSTER, Florence Eleanor, B. S., Housewife, 609 Grant St., Fort Atkinson, Wis. Teacher in Riley County, Kansas, 1895-'98; Housewife, 1900-
--- FRYHOFER, George William, B. S., Broker, 4428 Forest Park Blvd., St. Louis, Mo.
--- HALSTEAD, Oscar Hugo, M. S., Merchant, Manhattan, Kan.
--- (HARMAN) PATTEN, Hortensia, B. S., Housewife, 225 N. Lombard Ave., Oak Park, Ill.
--- HARMAN, John Bright, B. S., Rancher, Wigwam, Colo. Farmer, 1895-'01; Cattle Dealer, Wallace, Kan., 1901-'03; With Coal and Feed Store, Colorado City, Colo., 1903-'04; Rancher, 1904-
--- HOLSINGER, Clarence V., B. S., In Charge of Department of Horticulture, Milwaukee County School of Agriculture and Domestic Economy, 496 Wauwatosa Ave., Wauwatosa, Wis. Fruit Grower, 1895-'09; Horticulturist for Extension Department, K. S. A. C., 1909-'12; In Charge of Department of Horticulture, Milwaukee County School of Agriculture 1912-
--- JOHNSON, Christian Andrick, B. S., Stock Raiser and Farmer, Russell, Kan. Teacher, Success, Kan., 1895-'97; Student, Medical College, St. Louis, Mo., 1897-'98; In Hospital Service, U. S. A., 1898-'99; Stock Raiser and Farmer, Russell, Kan., 1899-
--- JOHNSON, John James, M. D., Physician, Lawton, Okla.
--- JOLLY, Fred Ralph, B. S., Real Estate, Care Midland Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.
--- JOSS, William Irving, M. D., Physician and Ranchman, Wheeler, Texas. Physician and Surgeon, Newark, Ohio; Physician and Ranchman, Wheeler, Texas.
--- (KENNETT) DARNALL, Maud Estella, B. S., Teacher in Portland Schools, Lents, Ore. Teacher in Kansas, 1897-'00; Teacher in Washington, 1901-'04; Teacher in Portland, 1904- ; Housewife, 1900-
--- LIMBOCKER, Myron Arthur, B. S., Banker, Burlington, Kan. Student, Kansas University, 1896-'97; Practicing Law, Kansas City, Kan., 1870-'01; Cashier, Quenemo State Bank, Quenemo, Kan., 1901; Cashier, Citizens' State Bank, Pomona, Kan., 1902-'10; Vice-President, People's National Bank, Burlington, Kan., 1910-
--- MCDOWELL, Samuel Alexander, B. S., Merchant, Billings, Mont.
--- (MCKEEN) SMITH, Laura Sarah, B. S., Housewife, Mena, Ark. Housewife, Russell, Kan., 1896-'13; Housewife, Mena, Ark., 1913-
--- MORSE, Theodore Wattles, M. S., Advertising Manager "American Breeder," 485 Kansas City Road, Olathe, Kan. Postgraduate Work, K. S. A. C., 1895-'97; Working for Secretary Coburn, of Kansas Board of Agriculture, and for Kansas City "Journal," 1897-'99; Newspaper Work, 1899-
--- OTTEN, Oscar Albert, B. S. Agent, C., R. I & P. Railway Company, Hebron, Nebr.
--- PAINTER, William Hackworth, B. S., Farmer, 1895-'99; Killed in Battle in Philippines, 1901-
--- PAPE, Charles Wesley, M. S., Assistant in Museum, 1895-'97, Teacher and Farmer, 1897-'09; Died in 1909.
--- PATTEN, John Vernon, B. S., President of Charles Smith Company, 225 N. Lombard Ave., Oak Park, Ill. Farmer, Silver Lake, Kan., 1896-'97; Teacher, Rossville, Kan., 1897-'98; With Charles Smith Company, Sycamore, Ill., 1898; Bookkeeper, ibid., Chicago, 1900; Secretary and Treasurer, ibid., 1902; President, ibid., 1912-
--- PHIPPS, William Henry, M. S., Agricultural and Dairy Specialist and Farm Adviser, 822 N. Delaware St., Independence, Mo. Principal, City Schools, White City, Kan., Principal, City Schools, Abilene, Kan.; Manager and Dairy Specialist for Kansas Creamery Company, Belleville, Kan.; Regent of K. S. A. C. (First Alumnus Regent); Secretary K. S. A. C.; Bookkeeper and Cashier, A. W. Bear Commission Company, Kansas City, Mo.; Superintendent and Dairy Specialist, Brady-Meriden Creamery Company, Kansas City, Mo.: Dairy Specialist and Manager, Blue Valley Creamery Company, St. Joseph, Mo.; Dairy Extension and Management Empire Cream Separator Company, Kansas City, Mo.; Dairy Extension and Management, Iowa Dairy Separator Company, Kansas City, Mo.
--- (QUINTARD) PECK, Alice Julia, B. S. Died in 1899.
--- RADER, Frederick Ellsworth, B. S., Fruit Grower, Etiwanda, San Bernardino County, California. Agent and Expert, Alaska Agricultural Investigations, 1900-'08; Fruit Grower, Etiwanda, Cal., 1908-
--- RADER, Ralph Waldo, B. S., Assistant Cashier, Doris Mercantile Company, 519 Madison St., Topeka, Kan. Farmer and Teacher, 1895-'02; Fruit Grower, and Secretary Fayetteville Fruit Growers' Association, Fayetteville, Ark., 1902-'06; Bookkeeper, McWray Banking Company, Fayetteville, Ark., 1906-'08; City Bookkeeper, Crosby Brothers Company, Topeka, Kan., 1908-'10; Assistant Cashier, Doris Mercantile Company, Topeka, Kan., 1910-
--- RICE, Ada, M. S., Instructor in English Language, 917 Osage ST., Manhattan, Kan. Teacher in Grades, Randolph, Kan., 1896-'99; Instructor in English Language, K. S. A. C., 1899-. Student, University of Chicago, Summer of 1902; Student. Harvard University, Summer of 1905; Travels in Europe, Summer of 1909.
--- ROYER, Benjamin Franklin Simeon, M. D., Physician and Optician, 209 N. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal. Professor of Science, Young Ladies' Institute, St. Joseph, Mo., 1895-'96; Student in Medicine, St. Joseph, Mo., 1895-'98; Practiced Medicine and Surgery, St. Joseph, Mo.1898-'05; Physician and Optician, 203 N. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal., 1905-'09; Owner and Proprietor of Jewelry and Optical Store, Los Angeles, Cal. 1909-
--- SELBY, Charles Baxter, B. S., Attorney, Marshfield, Ore.
--- (SELBY) LAUGHLIN, Mabel Gertrude, B. S. Housewife, Nogales, Ariz. Teacher, Enid, Okla., 1896-'97; Teacher, Kansas City, 1898-'01; Housewife, 1901-
--- SMITH, Ernest P., B. S., Carpenter Foreman, R. 1, Box 407, Lents, Ore.
--- SMITH, Frederick John, B. S., Farmer and Fruit Grower, Mena. Ark. Editor and Publisher "Russell Reformer." 1897-'03; County Clerk, Russell County, Kansas, 1903-'13; Farmer and Fruit Grower, 1913-
--- (SMITH) WHEELER, Kitty Myrtle, B. S., Housewife, Topeka, Kan. At Home, 1895-'98; Housewife, 1898-
--- (SMITH) REED, Marietta, B. S., Housewife, 718 Wisconsin Ave., Holton, Kan. At Home, 1895-'97; Student, Washburn College, 1897-'99; Student, Training School for Nurses, in Denver Hospital, 1900-'03; Private Nursing, 1903-'05; Housewife, 1905-
--- STEUART, William Henry, B. S., Farmer and Stock Breeder, R. 1, Winchester, Kan.
--- (STUMP) CHAFFEE, Cora Idell, B. S., Housewife, Lasita, Kan. Teacher in Public Schools of Riley County, Kansas, two years; Housewife, 1898-
--- (THOMPSON) WINTER, Dora, B. S., Housewife, 522 Eighth Ave., S. E., Aberdeen, S. Dak. Housewife, 1895- Residence; Blue Rapids, Kan., 1895-'97; Omaha, 1897-'02; Kansas City, Mo., 1902-'12; Temporarily at Aberdeen, S. Dak.
--- TREMBLY, Elven Creveling, B. S., Farmer and Stock Raiser, R. 5, Council Grove, Kan.
--- WHEELER, George Carpenter, B. S., Associate Editor of "Kansas Farmer," Topeka, Kan. Farmer, 1895-'96; Railroad Work, 1896-'02; Live Stock Assistant and Student, K. S. A. C., 1902-'04; Assistant in Feeding Experiments, 1904-'05; Instructor in Animal Husbandry, 1904-'06; Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry, 1906-'09; Assistant in Animal Husbandry, Extension Division, 1909-'13; Associate Editor of "Kansas Farmer," July, 1913-
--- (WILLARD) EMRICK, Mary Elizabeth, B. S., Housewife, 1034 Main St., Portland Ore. Taught District Schools in Wabaunsee County, Kansas, 1895-98; Housewife, 1898-
--- (WILSON) HOLSINGER, Olive Mabel, B. S., Housewife, 496 Wauwatosa Ave., Wauwatosa, Wis.
--- (YENAWINE) MAXWELL, Ora Gertrude, B. S., Housewife, 702 W. Euclid, Pittsburg, Kan.


--- (BOWEN) SCHOONOVER, May Haines, a. b., Housewife, 420 Seventh St., Marietta, Ohio, a. b., University of Chicago, 1901; Housewife, 1903-
--- BUCK, Con Morrison, M. S., Engineer of construction, Caney, Iowa. Assistant Engineer, Santa Fe Railway, 1898-'05; Office Engineer, Santa Fe Railway, 1905-'08; Electrical Business, 1908; City Engineer, Manhattan, Kan., 1909-'10; Chief Engineer, Manhattan City and Interuran Railway Company, 1910-'11; Engineer of Construction, Kansas City Southern Railway, 1911-'12; Engineer of Construction, Central Coal and Coke Company, 1912-'13.
--- (CARLETON) DOANE, Margaret Isaphene, B. S., Housewife, 1923 Jackson St., N. E., Washington, D. C. Housewife, 1897-
--- CAVENAUGH, William Annesley, B. S., In U. S. Army, Fort Leavenworth, Kan., 1896-'98; Second Lieutenant, Company I, Twentieth Infantry, 1898-'99; Lieutenant, Company I, Twentieth Infantry, Manila, P. I., 1899-'00; Lieutenant, Company D, Twentieth Infantry, Manila, P. I., 1900-'01; Lieutenant, Same Company, Fort Sheridan, Ill., 1901-'02; Lieutenant, Same Company, Fort Leavenworth, Kan., 1902-'03; Captain, Sixth U. S. Infantry, Fort Leavenworth, Kan., 1903-'04; Captain, Sixth U. S. Infantry, Manila, P. I., 1904-'07; Captain, Sixth U. S. Infantry, Fort Douglas, Utah, 1908-'11.
--- COE, William Arthur, B. S., Superintendent of Orchard Park Farming Company, R. 1, Boone, Colo. Farmer, Yates Center, Kan., 1896-'03; Farmer, Ford, Kan., 1903-'05; Farmer, Springfield, Idaho, 1905-'11; Superintendent of Farm, Boone, Colo., 1911-
--- (COTTON) SMITH, Charlotte Mabel, B. S., Housewife, R. 1, Box 407, Lents, Ore.
--- COULSON, Ernest Brown, B. S., Assistant Engineer, Utah Railway, Mohrland, Utah. Teacher, Newspaper Publisher, and Deputy County Clerk, 1896-'99; Oklahoma Civil Engineer, U., K. & A. Railway, 1899-'00; Civil Engineer, Oregon Short Line Railway, Idaho, 1906-'09; Chief Engineer, Castle Valley Railway, Utah, 1909-'12; Assistant Engineer, Utah Railway, 1913-
--- DIAL, George Henry, B. S., Stock Raiser and Farmer, Irving, Kan.
--- DOANE, Charles Francis, M. S., Dairyman, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1923 Jackson St., Washington, D. C. Agricultural Editor, Milwaukee "Journal," 1897-'98; Dairyman, Maryland Experiment Station, 1898-'05; Dairyman, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1905-'12.
--- DORMAN, John Berthold, Pd. B., Teacher in New York City Schools, and Real Estate Dealer, 784 Jewett Ave., West New Brighton, N. Y. Teacher, Saratoga, N. Y., 1896-'01; Student, Albany Normal College, Receiving Degree of Bachelor of Pedagogy, 1901-'02; Teacher, New York City Schools, 1903- Dealer in Real Estate, 1908-
--- DOUGHERTY, Bradford, B. S., Merchant, 334 N. Seventeenth St., Kansas City, Kan. Merchant, 1897-
--- EVANS, Charles Silar, M. D., Physician and Surgeon, McCurdy Bldg., Hutchinson, Kan. Nurse in U. S. Army, Marine Hospital Service, and Medical Student, 1896-'02; Physician and Surgeon, 1902-
--- FARRAR, Robert Kilby, B. S., Rural School Extension Work, Iowa State College, 125 Ash, Ames, Iowa. Teacher, Public Schools of Marshall County, Kansas, 1896-'02; Superintendent of City Schools, Downs, Kan., Osborne, Kan., 1902-'10; Principal, County High School, Colby, Kan., 1910-'11; Graduate Student, K. S. A. C., 1911-'12; Extension Department, Iowa State College, 1912-
--- FINLEY, George William, B. S., Professor of Mathematics, Colorado State Teachers' College, 1531 Ninth Ave., Greeley, Colo. Teacher, Riley County, Kansas, 1896-'98; In U. S. Army, Hospital Corps, 1898-'99; Teacher, Chautauqua County, Kansas, 1899-'01; Head of Department of Mathematics, Oklahoma University Preparatory School, 1902-'12; Professor of Mathematics, Colorado State Teachers' College, 1912-
--- FREEMAN, Joanna, B. S. Died in 1897.
--- FRYHOFER, John Jacob, B. S., Cashier, United Iron Works Company, 1820 Wall St., Joplin, Mo. Supervisor of Boys' State Soldiers' Orphans' Home, Atchison, Kan., 1896-'97; Farmer, 1897-'98; Student and Instructor, Central Business College, Sedalia, Mo., 1898-'00; Graduate in Commercial and Shorthand Departments, Central Business College, Sedalia, Mo., 1899; Bookkeeper and Stenographer, B. M. Stevens, Builder and Contractor, Joplin, Mo., 1900-'02; Bookkeeper, Freeman Foundry and Manufacturing Company, Joplin, Mo., 1902-'07; Cashier, United Iron Works Company, 1907-
--- GIBSON, Elmer George, B. S., Assistant City Engineer, 2234 Kansas Ave., Topeka, Kan.
--- HALL, George Clifton, B. S., Printer and Publisher, Green, Kan.
--- HAVENS, Alonzo Charles, B. S., In Charge of Coal Office, E. B. Purcell Trading Company, 402 S. Juliette Ave., Manhattan, Kan.; Farmer, 1896-'12; In Charge of Coal Office, E. B. Purcell Trading Company, 1912-
--- (HAVENS) NORTON, Gertrude Julia, B. S. Died in 1905.
--- HAYES, Lawrence Wilber, B. S., Foreman Local Freight Department, C., R. I. & P. Railway, Topeka, Kan.
---HOLLAND, John Warren, B. S. Died in 1913. Broker, 1353 Juan Luna, Manila, P. I. Died at Senguet Sanitarium Baguio, Bonguet, 1913.
--- JOHNSON, Henry George, D. D. S., Dentist, Lindsborg, Kan.
--- (JOHNSON) COOPER, Susan Effie, B. S., Housewife, R. 1, Beardsley, Kan. Teacher, Russell County, Kansas, 1896-'98; Housewife, Russell County, Kansas, 1898-'05; Housewife, Rawlins County, Kansas, 1905-
--- (JONES) PINCOMB, Marion Elizabeth, M. S., Housewife, R. 1. Lenexa, Kan. Teacher, County School; Teacher of Domestic Art, K. S. A. C.; Teacher of Domestic Science and Art, State College for Women, Tallahassee, Fla.
--- JONES, Thomas Lormer, B. S., Piano-tuner, J. W. Jenkins' Sons Music Company, 731 Barnett St., Kansas City, Kan.
--- JOSS, Edward Clarence, M. D. C., Wellington, New Zealand, Care U. S. Consulate. Inspector in Charge, Portland, Ore., Station, Bureau of Animal Industry, United States Department of Agriculture, Portland, Ore., Inspector in Charge, Wellington, New Zealand, Station, Bureau of Animal Industry, United States Department of Agriculture, Wellington, New Zealand.
--- (KEEN) MOORE, Elda Lenore, B. S., Housewife, Manhattan, Kan.
--- KELLOGG, Royal S., M. S., Secretary Northern Hemlock and Hardwood Manufacturers' Association, Wausau, Wis. Assistant, K. S. A. C., 1897-'99; U. S. Forest Service, 1901-'10; Secretary Northern Hemlock and Hardwood Manufacturers' Association, 1910-
--- KIRKPATRICK, Mark, B. S., Real Estate, Loans, and Insurance, Cor. Main and Washington Sts., Ardmore, Okla. U. S. Geological Survey, 1896-'98; U. S. Town Site Surveys, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, 1899-'02; Choctaw Land Office, Atoka, Ind. Terr., 1902-'04; Real Estate, Loans, and Insurance, Ardmore, Okla., 1904-
--- (LANTZ) SIMMONS, Edith Lynette, B. S., Housewife, 308 S. Fifth St., Victor, Colo. Teacher, 1900-'02; Housewife, 1902-
--- (LONG) STRAUSS, Sue, B. S., Housewife, Bradentown, Fla.
--- LYMAN, Charles W., B. S., Traveling Salesman, Seymour Packing Company, Care Seymour Packing Company, Topeka, Kan.
--- MCCAULEY, Charles Dwin, B. S., Farmer, R. 3, Fowler, Kan. Draftsman, A., T. & S. F. Shops, 1896-'02; Farmer, 1902-
--- MARTY, Charles Sumner, B. S., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Lake City, Kan. Farmer and Stock Raiser, 1896-
--- MORGAN, Arthur Houston, B. S., Farmer and Stockman, R. 3, Long Island, Kan. Teacher and Farmer, 1896-'99; Breeder of Percheron Horses, Hereford Cattle, and Poland China Hogs; Secretary-Treasurer of Freedom Township Percheron Horse Breeders' Association.
--- (NEWELL) BRANDT, Clara Verena, B. S., Housewife, Glenville, Nebr. Clerk, Manhattan, Kan., 1896-'99; At Home, Stella, Nebr., 1899-'01; Teacher, Stella, Nebr., 1901-'02; At Home, Glenville, Nebr., 1904-'07; Housewife, 1907-
--- (NORTON) ADAMS, Ellen Elizabeth, B. S., Owner and Manager of Dairy and Poultry Department of Windland Ranch, Windland Ranch, R. 1, Arapahoe, Colo. Postgraduate Student, K. S. A. C., 1897-'98; General Secretary, Y. W. C. A., and Postgraduate Student, K. S. A. C., 1898-'99; Educational and Sunday School Worker, 1904-
--- NORTON, John Bitting Smith, M. S., Professor of Botany, Maryland Agricultural College, and State Pathologist of Maryland; Botanist and Pothologist, Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station, Hyattsville, Md. Assistant in Botany, K. S. A. C., to August, 1896; Botanical Assistant, Missouri Botanical Gardens, St. Louis, Mo., 1896-'01; Professor of Botany, Maryland Agricultural College, and State Pathologist of Maryland; Botanist and Pathologist, Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station, 1901-
--- (PADDLEFORD) MCFADDEN, Hattie A., B. S., Housewife, Austin, Colo.
--- (PAINTER) ROGERS, Mary Kerilla, B. S., Housewife, Doby Springs, Okla. Teacher, 1896-'98; Housewife, 1898-
--- (PALMER) THACKREY, Elva Luthera, B. S., Housewife, 801 Duncan St., Stillwater, Okla. Student, DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind., 1896-'97; Housewife, 1896-
--- (PALMER) BARROWS, Inez Luella, B. S., Housewife, R. 5, Clifton, Kan. Residences: Washington, Kan., 1896-'99; Clifton, Kan., 1899-'03; Washington, Kan., 1903-'05; Marysville, Kan., 1905-'07; Emmons, Kan., 1907-'08; Greenleaf, Kan., 1908-'09; Clifton, Kan., 1909-
--- (PARKINSON) MOYER, Fannie, B. S., Housewife, Lyndon, Kan. Primary Teacher, Pomona, Kan., 1896-'97; Primary Teacher, Princeton, Kan., 1897-'00; Housewife, Princeton, Kan., 1900-'03; Housewife, Melvern, Kan., 1903-'09; Housewife, Lyndon, Kan., 1909-
--- PECK, Archie Carpenter, B. S., Manufacturing Confections, Box 1143, Los Angeles, Cal. Dealer and Manager Cotton Company, Oklahoma and Texas, 1897-'07; Real Estate Dealer, Oklahoma City, Okla., 1908; Manufacturing Confections, Los Angeles, Cal., 1909-
--- PETER, Arthur Louis, M. D., Physician, care R. N. Burgess Company, 732 Market St., San Francisco, Cal.
--- PINCOMB, Charles Edwin, B. S., Cashier of Bank, and Farmer, R. 1. Lenexa, Kan. Farmer and Stockman, Johnson County, 1896-
--- (PINCOMB) MOATS, Mary Josephine, B. S., Housewife, Box 104, Tampico, Mex. At Home, 1896-'99; Government Indian Service, 1899-'00; Student, Teachers' College, Columbia University, N. Y., 1900-'01; Director of Department of Domestic Science, University of Utah, 1901-'02; Housewife, 1902-
--- POOLE, John, B. S., Farmer and Cattle Breeder, R. 6, Manhattan, Kan. Farmer and Cattle Breeder, Manhattan, Kan., 1896-
--- POWELL, Edgar Arthur, B. S., Died in 1904.
--- PURSEL, Lisle Willits, B. S., Cement Contractor, 1318 Monroe Ave., Kansas City, Mo.
--- RHODES, Howard Newton, B. S., Assistant Cashier, Treasury Department, A., T. & S. F. Railway, 1524 Harrison St., Topeka, Kan. Assistant Postmaster, Manhattan, Kan.; Chief Clerk and Cashier, U. P. Depot, Manhattan, Kan.; Clerk, Freight Auditing Department, General Offices, A., T. & S. F. Railway, Topeka, Kan.
--- RIDENOUR, Ambrose Elliot, B. S., Instructor in Foundry Practice, Oregon Agricultural College, Corvallis, Ore. With the Blue Valley Manufacturing Company, Manhattan, Kan., 1897-'99; Farmer, 1899-'01; Foreman of Foundry, K. S. A. C., 1901- ; Instructor in Molding, ibid., 1909-'11; Instructor in Foundry Practice, Oregon Agricultural College, 1911-
--- (RIDENOUR) PLOWMAN, Mary Etta, B. S., Housewife, Heyburn, Idaho. Bookkeeper, C. P. Dewey & Co., Manhattan, Kan., 1898-'00; Housewife, Jewell, Kan.; Housewife, Heyburn, Idaho.
--- ROBERTSON, Isaac Archie, B. S., Clothing and Shoe Merchant, Alma, Kan. Assistant Librarian, K. S. A. C., 1896-'98; Operating and Construction Department, Missouri Pacific Railway, in Missouri, 1898-'03; In Clothing and Shoe Stores, Manhattan, Kan., and Alma, Kan., 1903-'09; Secretary, Knostman Clothing Company, Manhattan, Kan., 1909-'10; Proprietor Robertson Clothing Company, 1910-
--- SECREST, Grace Anna, B. S. Died in 1902.
--- SNYDER, Carl, B. S., Farmer and Dairyman, R. 7, Topeka, Kan.
--- SPALDING, Max Gilbert, B. S., Railway Postal Clerk, Box 434, Yates Center, Kan. Teacher and Farmer, 1896-'97; Shipping Clerk, Swift & Co., Kansas City, 1897-'99; Farmer, Eureka, Kan., 1899-'05; Railway Postal Clerk, Eureka, Kan., 1905-'07; Railway Postal Clerk, Wichita, Kan., 1907-'10; Railway Postal Clerk, Yates Center, Kan., 1910-
--- STINGLEY, Orville Ashford, d. v. s., Veterinary Inspector, Bureau of Animal Industry, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1317 E. Twenty-ninth St., Kansas City, Mo. In the Employ of the Union Pacific Railway, 1897; Bank Clerk, 1898; Inspector's Assistant in Bureau of Animal Industry, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1899-'00; Stock Examiner, ibid., 1901; Graduated Kansas City Veterinary College, 1902; Veterinary Inspector, Bureau of Animal Industry, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1902; Meat Inspection (Veterinary Inspector), Kansas City. 1902-'03; Southwest Quarantine, Bureau of Animal Industry, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1904; Meat Inspection, ibid., Kansas City, Kan., 1905-'07; Meat inspection, ibid., E. St. Louis, Ill., 1908-'09; Supervising Veterinary Inspector, Morris & Co. Plant, Kansas City, Kan., 1910-
--- (STINGLEY) HAGGMAN, Sadie, B. S., Housewife, Los Angeles, Cal.
--- (STUMP) CUDNEY, Gertrude Ella, B. S., Housewife, R. 5, Haviland, Kan. At Home, 1896-'02; Graduate Student, K. S. A. C., 1902-'03; Student Assistant, Domestic Art Department, K. S. A. C., 1905-'09; Instructor in Domestic Art Department, K. S. A. C., 1909-'11, Housewife, 1911-
--- (SWINGLE) JOSS, Mirian Esther, B. S., Housewife, Care U. S Consulate, Wellington, New Zealand.
---THACKREY, William Elwood, B. S., Clerk, Indian School, Albuquerque, New Mex. Teacher and Employee on Ranch, 1897-'99; Manual Training Teacher, Albuquerque (New Mexico) Indian School, 1899-'00; Disciplinarian, Genoa (Nebraska) Indian School, 1900-'01; Disciplinarian and Manual Training Teacher, Fort Shaw (Montana) Indian School, 1901-'05, Teacher and Assistant Superintendent, Fort Totten (North Dakota) Indian School, 1905-'08; Principal, Crow Agency (Montana) Indian School, 1908-'10; Clerk, Albuquerque (New Mexico) Indian School, 1910-
--- TRUMBULL, James Dunbar, B. S., Farmer and Stockman, Star Route, Dimmitt, Texas. Clerk, Manhattan, Kan., 1896-'02; Merchant, Riley, Kan., 1902-'06; Collector, Pico Heights Lumber Company and Cahaunga Mill and Lumber Company, Los Angeles, Cal., 1906-'08; Farmer and Stockman, 1908-
--- UHL, Frank Edwin, B. S., Member of Firm, Correll Manufacturing Company, 811 Fremont St., Manhattan, Kan. Teacher 1896-'97; On Dairy Farm, Gardner, Kan., 1897-'05; Member of Firm, Meyer Sanitary Milk Company, Kansas City, Kan., 1905-'10; Member of Firm, Correll Manufacturing Company, Manhattan, Kan., 1910-
--- WEBSTER, Edwin Harrison, M. S., Associate Editor "Hoard's Dairyman," 609 Grant St., Fort Atkinson, Wis. Student, Sedalia (Missouri) Central Business College, 1896; Instructor, Private School for Boys, Denver, 1896-'97; Machinist, Aermotor Company, Chicago, 1898; Graduate Student, K. S. A. C., 1899-'00; Assistant in Dairying, Iowa State College, 1900-'01; B. S. Agr., ibid., 1901; M. S., K. S. A. C., 1901; Assistant Professor of Dairying, ibid., 1901-'02; Professor of Dairying, ibid., 1902-'03; Scientific Expert in Dairying, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1903-'04; General Superintendent, Beatrice Creamery Company, Denver, 1904-'05; Chief of Dairy Division, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1905-'08; Dean of Division of Agriculture and Director of Agricultural Experiment Station, K. S. A. C., 1908-'13; Associate Editor "Hoard's Dairyman," 1913-


*---ATWELL, CORA, B. S., At Home, 1125 W. Third St., Topeka, Kan.
---BISHOFF, Roger William, B. S., Principal Chin Lee Indian School, U. S. Indian School, Chin Lee, Ariz. Farmer, 1897-'04; U. S. Indian Service, 1905-
---(CARNELL) ROE, Mary Frances, B. S., Housewife and Assistant Postmaster, Dorrance, Kan. Teacher, 1897-'99; Clerk in Millinery Store, Denver, Colo., 1899-'02; Housewife and Assistant Postmaster, Dorrance, Kan., 1902-
*---CHASE, William Burns, B. S.
---CHEADLE, Frank E., B. S., Farmer and Stockman, R. 2, Cherokee, Okla. Farmer and Stockman, 1897-
---CLOTHIER, Robert Waitman, M. S., Professor of Agriculture, University of Arizona, 639 N. Park Ave., Tucson, Ariz. Assistant in Chemistry, K. S. A. C., 1897-'01; Professor of Chemistry and Agriculture, State Normal School, Cape Girardeau, Mo., 1901-'06; Professor of Agriculture and Horticulture, University of the State of Florida, 1906-'07; Professor of Agriculture and Superintendent of Farmers' Institutes, University of Arizona, 1907-'11; Agriculturist, Arizona Experiment Station, 1907-'11; Professor of Agriculture, University of Arizona, 1911-.
---(CORRELL) UHL, Maggie A., B. S., Housewife, 811 Fremont St., Manhattan, Kan.
---(CRUMP) MCCAULEY, Mabel, B. S., Housewife, 2728 E. Seventy-fifth Place, Chicago, Ill. At Home, 1897-'01; Studied Music and Stenographic Work in Kansas City, Mo., 1901-'03; Housewife, 1903-.
---DIAL, Fred Volley, B. S., Farmer and Dairyman, Manhattan, Kan.
---DILLE, Viola Grace, B. S., Clerk in Office of Meriden Creamery Company, 3025 Woodland Ave., Kansas City, Mo. At Home, 1897-'99; Clerk, Office of Edgerton Creamery Company, 1899-'01; Clerk, Office of Forest Park Creamery Company, Ottawa, Kan., 1901-'03; Clerk, Office of Meriden Creamery Company, Kansas City, Mo., 1903-
---DOLBY, Samuel, B. S., Served in U. S. Army in Philippines, 1898-'01; Died in 1903.
---DOLL, George, B. S., Student, American School of Osteopathy, 601 S. Sixth St., Kirksville, Mo.
---(ENGEL) BLACKMAN, Anna Phillipina, B. S., Housewife, 220 Houston St., Manhattan, Kan.
---(FINLEY) SCHRODER, Emma, B. S., Housewife, R. 1, Pomona, Cal. Student, State Normal School, 1898-'99; Teacher, Manhattan City Schools, 1899-'02; Teacher, City Schools, Pomona, Cal., 1902-'06; Housewife, 1906-
---(FOX) SMITH OWEN, Martha, B. S., Housewife, 718 Western Ave., Topeka, Kan.
---FOX, Philip, M. S., Astronomer, Dearborn Observatory, Evanston, Ill. Assistant, K. S. A. C.; Army, Twentieth Kansas Infantry, U. S. Volunteers; Teacher, St. John's Military School, Salina, Kan.; Student, Dartmouth College; Assistant and Instructor, Chicago University; Observer at Yerkes Observatory; Student, University of Berlin; Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Dearborn Observatory, 1909-
---GREEN, Ned Merrill, B. S., First Lieutenant, 15th Infantry, U. S. Army, Manila, P. I.
---HAULENBECK, Mary Eliza, B. S. Died in 1901.
*---HEPWORTH, Lewellyn Gaines, B. S., Real Estate, 1735 Clay St., Topeka, Kan.
---HOLROYD, Ina Emma, B. S., Assistant in Mathematics Department, K. S. A. C., 1001 Moro St., Manhattan, Kan. Student, Kansas State Normal School, 1898; Teacher, Rural School, 1898-'99; Assistant, Academic Department, K. S. A. C., 1899-'10; Assistant, Mathematics Department, K. S. A. C., 1910-
---(HOOD) JOHNSON, Myrtle Hattie, B. S., Housewife, Russell, Kan. At Home, Manhattan, Kan., 1897-'98; Student, Sedalia, Mo., 1898-'99; Stenographer, Weltmer Institute, Nevada, Mo., 1899-'00; Housewife, Russell, Kan., 1900
*---HOOP, Charles Henry, B. S., 621 S. Santa Fe St., Salina, Kan.
---(HOUGHTON) BUCK, Winifred Anna, B. S., Housewife, 615 Poyntz Ave., Manhattan, Kan. Resided temporarily in Caney, La., 1913.
---HULL, Bret Redmon, B. S., Hardware Merchant, 624 Houston St., Manhattan, Kan. Lumber and Hardware Merchant, Alta Vista, Kan., 1897-'04; Hardware Merchant, Manhattan, Kan., 1904-
---INGMAN, Clay Berkey, B. S., Farmer and Stock Feeder, Barnes, Kan. Farmer and Stock Feeder, Barnes, Kan., 1897-
---(LYMAN) HALL, Gertrude May, B. S., Housewife, R. 3, Hancock, Md. Residences: Hyattsville, Md., 1901-'10; Madison, Wis., 1910-'11; Washington, D. C., 1911-'12; Hancock, Md., 1912
---MAELZER, Valentine, B. S., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Goldburg, Idaho. Farm Hand, Kansas, 1897-'98; Farmer and Teacher, Challis, Idaho, 1898-'99; Teacher, Oakley, Idaho, 1899-'90; Farmer and Teacher, May, Idaho, 1900-'07; Teacher and Surveyor, Challis, Idaho, 1907-'09; Farmer and Stock Raiser, Goldburg, Idaho, 1909-
---MEYER, Frederick Hugo, B. S., Manager Meyer Sanitary Milk Company, 701 N. Fifth St., Kansas City, Kan. Milk and Ice Cream Dealer, 1897-
---NEWELL, Sherman Bodwell, B. S., Ranchman, R. 3, Manhattan, Kan. Teacher, 1897-'00; Ranchman, Riley County, Kansas, 1900
---NOBLE, Oliver Ezra, B. S., City Engineer, 407 Colorado St., Manhattan, Kan. Surveyor of Riley County, Kansas, 1897-'01; Surveyor of Kiowa County, Oklahoma, 1901-'02; Draftsman and Instrument Man, U. S. Reclamation Service, 1902-'04; City Engineer, Hobart, Okla., 1905-'10; City Engineer, Manhattan, Kan., 1910-
---NORTON, Jesse Baker, M. S., Plant Physiologist, Bureau of Plant Industry, U. S. Department of agriculture, Washington, D. C. Graduate Student, K. S. A. C., 1897-'02; With Bureau of Plant Industry, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1902-
---(NORTON) POLSON, Mary Augusta, B. S. Died in 1908.
---OLSON, Bertha Olivia, B. S., Housekeeper, 2202 Francis ST., St. Joseph, Mo.
---(OLSON) AXELTON, Hilda Sophia, B. S., Housewife, R. 1. Garrison, Kan.
*---PECK, Russell John, B. S., Farmer, R. 3, Gotebo, Okla.
---PETERSON, William Oscar, B. S., Pastor Baptist Church, Ada, Kan. Teacher, Public Schools, 1897-'99; Farmer, Randolph, Kan., 1899-'04; Principal of Schools, Ogden, Kan., 1904-'05; Farmer, Randolph, Kan., 1905-'07; Principal and Superintendent of Schools, Grove, Kan., and Vermillion, Kan., 1907-'10; Student and Graduate of Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Kan., 1910-'11; Pastor Baptist Church, Clyde, Kan., 1911-'12; Pastor Baptist Church, Ada, Kan., 1912-
*---(PHILBROOK) JONES, Eva Louise, B. S., Housewife, Wakeeney, Kan.
*---PHILBROOK, Rufus M., B. S., Traveling Salesman, Standard Oil Company.
---RHOADES, William Joseph, B. S., Cashier, Patron's Bank, Olathe, Kan. Rancher, Grant County, Kansas, five years; Teacher, four years; With Partron's Bank, 1906-
---RICE, Carl E., B. S., Inspector of Immigration, Bureau of Customs, Manila, P. I. Farmer, Colorado, 1897-'98; Soldier in U. S. Army in the Philippines, 1898-'03; Patrolman, Manila Police Force, 1903-'09; Inspector of Immigration, Manila, P. I., 1909-
---ROBERTSON, Thomas Meade, D. D. S., Dentist, 616 W. Eighth St., Coffeyville, Kan. In Newspaper Work, and Assistant Postmaster, Scandia, Kan.; Graduate of Kansas City Dental College, D. D. S., 1900; Dentist, Coffeyville, Kan., 1900-
*---ROBINSON, Homer Joseph, B. S.
---SHELLENBAUM, Edward, B. S., Postmaster, Randolph, Kan. Clerk in Store and Post Office, 1897-'05; Postmaster, 1905-
*---SHOFE, Alice Myrtle, B. S., Principal Training School, Thyme Institute, Chase City, Va.
---SHULL, Charles Wesley, B. S., Special Student, K. S. A. C. Manhattan, Kan. Teacher, Riley County, Kansas, 1897-'98; Farmer and Dairyman, Riley County, Kansas, 1898-'03; Dairyman and Ranchman, Wallace County, Kansas, 1903-'12; Census Enumerator, District 229, Kansas 13th U. S. Census, 1910; Special Student in Dairying, Crops, and Feeding, K. S. A. C., 1913-
---SMITH, Alfred Caleb, B. S., 2007 Highland Ave., Hollywood, Cal. Real Estate Business, Seattle, Wash.
---SMITH, Phoebe Jane, B. S., Teacher of Home Economics, Intermediate High School, 122 E. Ave., 42, Los Angeles, Cal. Student, K. S. N., Emporia, Kan., 1898-'99; Teacher, Manhattan, Kan., 1899-'00; Teacher, Pueblo (Colorado) City Schools, 1900-'08; Student, Throop Institute, Pasadena, Cal., 1908-'09; Teacher, Los Angeles, Cal., 1919-
---SPOHR, Wilhelmina Henrietta, B. S., Instructor, Household Arts Education, Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1230 Amsterdam Ave., New York, N. Y. Teacher, Elementary Schools, Manhattan, Kan., 1897-'06; Student, Stout Institute, Menomonie, Wis., 1906-'07; Teacher of Domestic Science, Calumet, Mich., 1907-'08; Instructor of Domestic Science, Stout Institute, 1908-'12; Student, Teachers' College, 1912-'13; Instructor, Household Arts Education Teachers' College, 1913
---STOKELY, Charles Harrison, B. S., City Salesman, Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company, 4908 Wyandotte St., Kansas City, Mo. Student, Central Business College, Sedalia, Mo., 1897-'98; Bookkeeper and Stenographer, King-Ryder Lumber Company, Winthrop, Ark., 1898-'03; Salesman, Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company, 1903-
---TREMBLY, John E., B. S., Farmer and Stock Raiser, R. 5, Council Grove, Kan. Farmer and Stock Raiser, Council Grove, Kan., 1897-
---(VANDIVERT) REMICK, Harriet Agnes, B. S., Housewife, 613 Houston St., Manhattan, Kan.
*---(VOILES) JEWELL, Olive, B. S., Housewife.
---WESTGATE, John Minton, M. S., Agronomist, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Lanham, Md. Postgraduate Student, K. S. A. C., 1897-'99; Assistant Botanist, Kansas Experiment Station, 1899-'01; Graduate Student, University of Chicago, 1901-'03; Office of Forage Crop Investigation, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1903-
---WHEELER, Mark, B. S., Captain Sixteenth Infantry, U. S. Army, Presidio, 184 Infantry Terrace, San Francisco, Cal. Law Student, University of Kansas, 1897-'98; Joined U. S. Army as Second Lieutenant, Fourth Infantry, 1898; First Lieutenant 1899-'04; Captain, Assigned to Sixteenth Infantry, 1904- Served in the Philippine Islands, 1899-'02, 1903-'04, 1905-'07; At Little Rock, Ark., 1907-'10; Nome, Alaska, 1910-'12; San Francisco, Cal., 1912-
--- (WILSON) DUTTON, Clare Annie, B. S., Housewife, R. 3, Alta Vista, Kan. Teacher, 1897-'00; Housewife, 1900

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