Chanute High School
Classes of
1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920

A reunion of five years of Chanute High School classes (1916-1920), "The Medicare Frolic," was held in June, 1968, in Chanute, Kansas. This is an edited transcription of the program handed out to participants and sent to those who were unable to attend.

I have tried to stay in line with my transcription of the original booklet with one major exception. The program has full addresses of class members. I have included only the city of residence. I've set up the class lists with parentheses to space names from married names and place of residence. The class lists appear uniformly except the class of 1918 which set up its list differently.

Blue and Gold


Chanute High School

Chanute, Kansas
June 8-9, 1968

The Elms

Rearing thy forms to the sky's light blue

And clothed in Autumn's old gold,

Many the brilliant feats of thine own
By daughters and sons are told.

Thou hall of learning endeared to all
E'en as the years roll away,

Thy sovereign sons of the gold and light blue
Thrive under thy dominant sway.

Never more loyalty shown to the world

Than that of thy valiant few,

Cheered on to victory, honor and fame
For rooters for old gold and blue.

Victory well won by hearts tried and true,
Merely their tribute to pay,

No thought of glory, but victory and pride
For the name of the Elms today.

Landmarks more beauteous than thou may be found

Beloved Elms; but we

Look with fond pride on thy time scarred sides
With love born of true loyalty.

Never forsaken by thy true sons
Though time thins our ranks to a few;

Nothing can quench thy loyal light
In the days of old gold and light blue.

(written by Blanche Rumbley Collins and Carl Jones)

Chanute High School, classes of 1916-1920

General Chairman -- Pauline Nation Barker
Secretary-Treasurer -- Marie Burris Bideau

1916 Class Chairmen -- Gladys Burris Hardendorf, Gertrude Stevens
1917 Class Chairmen -- Helen Goss Churchill, Catharine McCune Payne
1918 Class Chairmen -- Roberta Heminger Debolt, Adah Boner McCune
1919 Class Chairmen -- Inez Helm Bray, Kate Amyx McCune
1920 Class Chairmen -- Vertie Greenwood Mosier, Merritt Ramey


Registration: Tioga Hotel lobby, Saturday, June 8, 1968, 2-4pm.

"Mixer": Saturday, June 8, 1968, 5:30-6:30pm, Tioga Pine Room

Luncheon: Sunday, June 9, 1968, 1pm, Tioga Hotel Ballroom, 1pm

  • In Memoriam-Silent Prayer (before seated)
  • Table Grace: "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow"
  • "Sing Fest" (leader: Adaline W.D. Davison (1916-1917)
  • Greetings: Prof. W.D. Davison (1916-1917)
  • Response: Gary Church (Principal, Chanute High School 1968)
  • Recognition of Teachers
  • Recognition of Classes, 1916-1920
  • "Farewell to Thee"

    [sung to the] Tune, "Auld Lang Syne"

    We're here for fun right from the start

    Pray drop your dignity;

    Just laugh and sing with all your heart
    And show your loyalty

    [sung to the] Tune, "The More We Get Together"

    We should have met together, together, together,
    We should have met together, a long time ago;

    When the girls were more nifty,

    And the boys less hefty,

    When diets and birthdays would put on less show.

    [sung to the] Tune, "Long, Long Trail"

    You can tell the folks from Kansas,
    You can tell them by their talk;
    Of tall corn, and hay and cattle,
    You can tell them by their walk.
    You can tell them by their manners
    By their appetite and such--
    You can tell the folks from Kansas
    But you can not tell them much.

    [sung to the] Tune, "Till We Meet Again"

    Smile the while you tell me - and show
    I'm the one who you would always know;
    Even though the years gone by
    Have changed the shapes but not the eyes,
    Still our hearts keep always young and gay,
    Every classmate here for a perfect day,
    So enjoy the fun and memories,
    Till we meet again.

    [sung to the] Tune, "On Top of Old Smoky"

    The MEDICARE FROLIC will last but a day
    Will keep memories glowing, when all are far away,
    So lets give three cheers, for nineteen sixty-eight,
    And the MEDICARE FROLIC for renewed friendships made.

    [sung to the] Tune, "Farewell to Thee"

    Farewell to thee, oh past history
    Your charming thoughts will ever be among us.
    Our fondest hops for each and every one
    Until we shall meet again.

    Some of the teachers of 1916-1920

    Heath, Louise (deceased)
    Brewster, Miles (deceased)
    Hoover, Maurine (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
    Hurt, Ruth (deceased)
    Stewart, Fay (Mrs. Ray Q. Brewster, Lawrence, Kansas)
    Rumbley, Blanche (Mrs. L.M. Collins, Arvada, Colorado)
    Flinn, Jane Irene (Mrs. Jane Riddle, Kansas City, Missouri)
    Wickstrom, Jeanette (Chanute, Kansas)
    Hudson, Mrs. Mabel (Fredonia, Kansas)
    Hill, Adaline Fortney (Mrs. Fred Fortney, Chanute, Kansas)
    Harnley, Paul V. (Ventura, California)
    Newcomb, Fed W.
    Steele, F.M.
    Archer, Edna (Garnett, Kansas)
    Davison, W.S. (Pittsburg, Kansas)
    Trusler, Ivan (Gadsden, Alabama)
    Williams, W. J.
    Hall, Goldina (Olinger, Fredonia, Kansas)
    Lewis, Winifred (Lincoln, Nebraska)
    Hunzicker, Edna
    Axeline, Ivy (Jefferson City, Missouri)
    Clark, Gertrude (Ottawa, Kansas)
    Flottman, Ed A. (Kalis Pell, Montana)
    Hughes, J. F. (deceased)
    Sain, Lydia (decased)
    Hamilton, J. V. (Topeka, Kansas)
    Wade, Lola (deceased)
    Stop, Lela (Kansas City, Missouri)
    Houston, Hazel (Mrs. Hugo Wadell, Wichita, Kansas)
    Lyerla, W.S. (deceased)



    Brown, John (deceased)
    Cissell, Merrill (deceased)
    Cable, Leslie (Chanute, Kansas)
    Dyer, Raymond (El Reno, Oklahoma)
    Eltzholtz, Arthur (deceased)
    Evans, Glenn (Temple City, Califonia)
    Henrie, Bryan (Grove, Oklahoma)
    Jones, Glen (Whitmore, Colorado)
    Kaemmerling, Herman (deceased)
    McQueen, Paul (Emporia, Kansas)
    Miller, Howard (deceased)
    Oliphant, Lee (Chanute, Kansas)
    Olson, Sidney (Chanute, Kansas)
    Poppino, James (Long Beach, California)
    Remington, Paul (deceased)
    Shanar, Harry (deceased)
    Shapter, John (deceased)
    Smith, Jesse (Rev. J. Herbert Smith, Beverly Hills, California)
    Watkins, Roy (deceased)


    Hoffman, Edna J. (Mrs. Lee Oliphant, Chanute, Kansas)
    Johnson, Leta (Mrs. Leta Johnson Cather, Wellington, Kansas)
    McCune, Helen (deceased)


    Ahlers, Marie (Chanute, Kansas)
    Allen, Virginia
    Atkinson, Letha (Mrs. Henry Schmutz, Blue Eye, Missouri)
    Booe, Nellie (Mrs. D. Williams McNally, Kansas City, Missouri)
    Brandle, Ruth (deceased)
    Burris, Gladys (Mrs. E.D. Hardendorf, Chanute, Kansas)
    Clark, Nona (deceased)
    Copley, Edna
    Edwards, Opal (Mrs. Opal Smith, Chanute, Kansas)
    Foose, Mary (Mrs. Roy D. Johnson, Chanute, Kansas)
    Gilchrist, Nellie (Mrs. Nellie Sloman, Chanute, Kansas)
    Hensley, Edith (Mrs. Glen Whittaker, died in 1942)
    Kennedy, Opal (deceased)
    Lundine, Evelyn (Mrs. Evelyn Kellog, Guthrie, Oklahoma)
    McCullough, Mary (Mrs. Geo. Alford, Savonburg, Kansas)
    McCully, Faye (Mrs. Faye Renkosiewicv [Renkosiewicz ?], Shell Knob, Missouri)
    Monninger, Emmalou (Hyattsville, Maryland)
    Northart, Margaret (Mrs. Margaret White, Big Springs, Texas)
    Payne, Florence (deceased)
    Powers, Ruth (Ruth A. Moor, c/o Mrs. Nell Nelson, Vista, California)
    Rumbley, Olive (deceased)
    Stevens, Gertrude (Chanute, Kansas)
    Sturdevant, Ruth (deceased)
    Taylor, Myrtle
    Van Sandt, Eileen (Mrs. Dan Rankin; Chanute, Kansas)
    Waddle, Elsie (deceased)



    Alley, Amy (Miller; Gladstone, Missouri)
    Bacon, Frances (Mrs. Bruner Bell; Woodward, Oklahoma)
    Burghart, Clara (Colorado Spring, Colorado)
    Burris, Marie (Mrs. Marie Bideau; Chanute, Kansas)
    Calkins, Emma (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
    Carter, Frances (Mrs. Walter Burdge; Wichita, Kansas)
    Chickadonz, Clara (Mrs. W.D. Daley; Tulsa, Oklahoma)
    Davis, Wilma (Mrs. Wilma Braden Walker; Wichita, Kansas)
    Gaston, Beulah (Mrs. Beulah Moore; Amarillo, Texas)
    Gilchrist, Mary (Mrs. Fay Clower; Pullman, Washington)
    Gilmore, Bertha (Mrs. Bertha Gilmore; Kansas City, Missouri)
    Goss, Helen (Mrs. T.A. Churchill; Chanute, Kansas)
    Howell, Marie (Mrs. Marie McDonald; Chanute, Kansas)
    Huffman, Bessie (Mrs. Bessie M. Brady; Chanute, Kansas)
    Irwin, Grace (Mrs. Harry E. Anderson; Chanute, Kansas)
    Jenner, Cleora (Mrs. Paul McQueen; Emporia, Kansas)
    Johnson, Blanche (deceased)
    Jones, Gladys (deceased)
    McCune, Catherine (Mrs. Jo W. Payne; Chanute, Kansas)
    Miller, Marie (Mrs. Henry Stone; Chanute, Kansas)
    Olford, Florence (deceased)
    Phillips, Ruth
    Sams, Frances (Mrs. Ben A. Schutz; Parsons, Kansas)
    Slack, Shirley (Mrs. Shirley Bishop; Iola, Kansas)
    Stout, Marie (Mrs. Mariea Bolton [note: "Mariea" is how it was typed into the program; Wichita, Kansas)
    Strope, Sadie (Mrs. Sadie Warner; Phoenix, Arizona)
    Usher, Reva (deceased)
    White, Verna (Mrs. Lowell Estes; Denver, Colorado)
    Williams, Helen (deceased)
    Wilson, Daphne (Mrs. Robert H. Albach; Strafford, Pennsylvania)
    Wilson, Helen (Mrs. Floyd L. Johnson; Chanute, Kansas)


    Byers, Earl (D.E. Byers; Long Beach, California)
    Bell, Bruner (Woodward, Oklahoma)
    Bideau, Edwin (deceased)
    Bowers, Ralph (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
    Clower, Faye (Pullman, Washington)
    Correll, Ralph (Topeka, Kansas)
    Flaherty, Verne (deceased)
    Hudson, Ralph (Enid, Oklahoma)
    Johnson, Floyd (Chanute, Kansas)
    Johnson, Homer
    Johnson, Ras E. (Pollock Pines, California)
    Mason, Fay
    McCullough, Russell (Great Bend, California)
    Parker, Verne (Petersburg, Florida) [Saint Petersburg?]
    Payne, Jo (deceased)
    Phipps, Harry (deceased - Jan. 30, 1968)
    Searcy, Frank (deceased)
    Wingblade, Earl (Pittsburg, Kansas)



    Allison, Naoma (deceased)
    Avery, Betty (Mrs. David Ainsworth; Marshalltown, Iowa)
    Boner, Ada (Mrs. Vincent McCune; Chanute, Kansas)
    Carver, Rita (deceased)
    Comer, Marguerite (Mrs. August Moeller; Topeka, Kansas)
    Comer, Marie (c/o Mrs. Ray Smith; Parsons, Kansas)
    Crowe, Ruth (Mrs. Ruth Jones; Glendale, California)
    Cunningham, Mary (Mrs. Mary Heilman; Chanute, Kansas)
    Fesler, Marjorie (deceased)
    Fisher, Pauline (deceased)
    Foose, Florence (Mrs. Florence Russum; Gardner, Kansas)
    Greenwood, Dessie (Chanute, Kansas)
    Heminger, Roberta (Mrs. Chas Debolt; Chanute, Kansas)
    Hesp, Esther
    Lees, Harriet (Chanute, Kansas)
    McCullough, Minnie (Mrs. Henry J. Alford; Chanute, Kansas)
    McWilliams, Helen (Hollywood, California)
    Marcel, Genevieve (deceased)
    Means, Gertrude (Mrs. Gertrude Brothers; Coffeyville, Kansas)
    Mitchell, Alma (deceased)
    Mosier, Dora (Mrs. Dora Foust; Erie, Kansas)
    Phillips, Jennie (Mrs. Claude Apoddard; Coquille, Oregon)
    Phipps, Frances (deceased)
    Purdy, Marie (Kansas City, Missouri)
    Rankin, Alma (Mrs. Alma Ecord; Grand Junction, Colorado)
    Scott, Thelma (Mrs. Richard Potts; Wichita, Kansas)
    Steele, Mabel Claire (Mrs. Leslie Cable; Chanute, Kansas)
    Stevens, Ethel (Chanute, Kansas)
    Turner, Rowena (Mrs. Ralph Hudson; Enid, Oklahoma)
    Wartenbee, Marie (deceased)
    Wheeler, Imogene (Mrs. Imogene McAlester; Wichita, Kansas)
    Wingblade, Pearl (deceased)
    Winkler, Hazel (Mrs. H.W. Oyster; Topeka, Kansas)


    Barnes, Herschel (Tusla, Oklahoma)
    Blom, Reuben (Independence, Kansas)
    Bray, Wren (deceased)
    Burks, Lloyd (deceased)
    Downey, Clifford (Chanute, Kansas)
    Ecord, Estell (deceased)
    Gamble, Guy (Kansas City, Kansas)
    Gray, Gordon (deceased)
    Irwin, Fred (Newton, Kansas)
    McKee, Dick B. (Pittsburg, Kansas)
    Morton, Wilford (Okmulgee, Oklahoma)
    Oliphant, William (deceased)
    Reinhardt, Edward (deceased)
    Reinhardt, George (Mesa, Arizona)
    Stipp, Charles (deceased)
    Strope, Max (Leawood, Kansas)
    Stugard, Erwin (New Rochelle, New York)
    Wible, Earl (Chanute, Kansas)



    Lucille Redelberger Beale (Washington, D.C.)
    Eva Hudson Begg (Manhattan Beach, California)
    Marie Helm Blevins (Denver, Colorado)
    Inez Helm Bray (Chanute, Kansas)
    Lois Irwin Cady (Chanute, Kansas)
    Myrtle Calkins (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
    Blanche Johnson Caplan (Chanute, Kansas) Helen Jones Cooper (Wichita, Kansas)
    Nezzell Williams Cowen (Chanute, Kansas)
    Nola Morehead Ellison (Chanute, Kansas)
    Sylvia Dimon Ethridge (Omaha, Nebraska)
    Ruth Gray (Chanute, Kansas)
    Maude Becannon Gunby (Houston, Texas)
    Bertha Kepley Hoffman (Chanute, Kansas)
    Blanche Morehead Imel (Portland, Oregon)
    Julia Midcap Johnson (Chanute, Kansas)
    Nellie Mae Hatcher Leeper (Mattoon, Illinois)
    Ethel Howerton Lewis (Chanute, Kansas)
    Imogene Cox Lewis (Santa Ana, California)
    Helen Loy (Chanute, Kansas)
    Stella Henderson McCloney (Monrovia, California)
    Sylvia Wilson McColm (Fort Worth, Texas)
    Faye Jones McCormick (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
    Kate Duke McCune (Chanute, Kansas)
    Viola McKee (Siloam Springs, Arkansas)
    Dorothy Brandle Miller (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
    Velma Woosley Morehead (Chanute, Kansas)
    Elsie Hummer Newton (Wichita, Kansas)
    Vernice Keach Perry (Chanute, Kansas)
    Rena Liess Purviance (Chanute, Kansas)
    Catherine Loy Redheffer (Kansas City, Missouri)
    Louise McDowell Riddick (Terre Haute, Indiana)
    Lora Conkwright Sharpe (Topeka, Kansas)
    Helen Garvin Shepherd (Encinitas, California)
    Ruby White Shirck (Denver, Colorado)
    Beryl Kanzler Smith (Carthage, North Carolina)
    Norma Dyer Swearinger (Tiffin, Ohio)
    Velma Bower Thielen (Chanute, Kansas)


    Everett Carlson (Kirkwood, Missouri)
    Edgar Eklund (Portland, Oregon)
    Morton Hudson (Toledo, Ohio)
    Louis Jobe (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
    A. Carol Long (Bell, California)
    Donald McCune (Chanute, Kansas)
    George McCune (Chanute, Kansas)
    Walter Pfundstein (Chanute, Kansas)
    Omer Wible (San Diego, California)
    Owen Wiggans (Trinidad, Colorado)
    Harold Woosley (Arkansas City, Kansas)



    Colaw, Mamie (Mrs. Mamie Noltensmeyer; Chanute, Kansas)
    Braden, Gladys (Mrs. Ben Brown; Barstow; California)
    Carpenter, Edna (Mrs. James H. Powell; Wichita, Kansas)
    Carter, Lucile (Barltlesville, Oklahoma)
    Chaffin, Oleta (Mrs. Roy Gerhardt; Dallas, Texas)
    Clem, Irene (Kansas City, Missouri)
    Cunningham, Hazel (Mrs. Homer McCollough)
    Cunningham, Helen (LaCanada, California)
    Devore, Gladys (Mrs. Phil (Homer) Elliott; Pico Rivera, California)
    Durall, Bertha (Mrs. Russell Davidson; Chanute, Kansas)
    Eltzholtz, Amelia (Mrs. Ralph Rhodes; San Francisco, California)
    Gamble, Ethel (Mrs. Harold Woosley; Arkansas City, Kansas)
    Greenwood, Elsie
    Greenwood, Vertie (Mrs. Fed T. Mosler; Chanute, Kansas)
    Greve, Esther (Mrs. O.J. Stich; Chanute, Kansas)
    Hagerman, Rosa (Chanute, Kansas)
    Hartwig, Lillian (deceased)
    Heminger, Oressa (Mrs. Frank J. Dooling; Coral Gables, Florida)
    Higby, Leo (deceased)
    Hoffman, Florence (Mrs. George W. Hansen; Chanute, Kansas)
    Massey, Hermia (Mrs. Leonard Axe; Nevada, Missouri)
    McCormick, Anna
    McDonald, Letha (deceased)
    McIntyre, Helen (Mrs. John Driscoll; Wichita, Kansas)
    McIntyre, Lelah (deceased)
    Mitchell, Cecyle (deceased)
    Moehler, Emily (Mrs. Lloyd Stewart; Wichita, Kansas)
    Nation, Pauline (Mrs. J. Leroy Barker; Chanute, Kansas)
    Olford, Eleanor (Mrs. Eleanor Beaver; Wichita, Kansas)
    Owens, Gertrude (Mrs. Charles Alvis; Topeka, Kansas)
    Phillips, Sarah (Mrs. Virgil Churchill; Meridian, Idaho)
    Reilly, Helen (Mrs. Frank C. Irwin; Kansas City, Missouri)
    Roe, Edith (Mrs. John Akins; Gadsden, Alabama)
    Roggers, Lois (Mrs. Walter Hartman; Chanute, Kansas)
    Rumbley, Marie (deceased)
    Smart, Alice (Mrs. James V. Vickery; Billings, Montana)
    Tevebaugh, Zita (Mrs. Zita Winter; Green River, Wyoming)
    Turner, Leona (Asheville, North Carolina)
    Unsell, Agnes (Mrs. John Olson; Gary, Indiana)
    Waller, Helen (Marceline, Missouri)
    Weber, Emma (Mrs. Emma Willoughby; Chanute, Kansas)
    Silvey, Mildred (Mrs. Roy Allen; Roanoke, Virginia)


    Axcell, Walter (Topeka, Kansas)
    Behmer, Russell (New York City, New York)
    Burghart, Robert (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
    Chastain, Homer (Decatur, Illinois)
    Clark, Ernest (Crown Point, Indiana)
    Elliott, Homer (Phil) (Pico Rivera, California)
    Giesler, Raymond (Boulder, Colorado)
    Glaze, Everett (deceased)
    Gotthelf, Manfred (Chicago, Illinois)
    Jones, Carl (Costa Mesa, California)
    Lewis, Dean (Urbana, Illinois)
    Irwin, Frank (deceased)
    McFadden, Sharon (deceased)
    Pens, Walter (Victorville, California)
    Ramey, Merritt (Chanute, Kansas)
    Schlosser, Leland (deceased)
    Smith, Floyd (deceased)
    Spidell, Cecil (deceased)

    The transcription is dedicated to the memory of Ruth Anona Powers Moor, Chanute High School class of 1916, by her grandson, Bill Sowers.



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