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original query, please include it.  If you do NOT have it, please give me enough clues so I can identify it.  Thanks for you patience!! *****

Ronald Goforth Mon Sep 30 10:32:25 1996
Interested in obtaining information on John & Marianna DOBRINSKI who immigrated from Prussia to Ellsworth County. See my home page at: www.hal-pc.org/~rgoforth

Jeanne Lee Cunningham Wed Nov 20 09:19:17 1996 UPDATED JAN 1998
Looking for anyone with information on any of these people: Presly Stuart CUNNINGHAM 1831-1911, Ernest Oakley CUNNINGHAM 1855-1939, Daniel Presley CUNNINGHAM 1888-1957 , Maynard William CUNNINGHAM 1921- 1973, Mary Grimes FARIS 1833-1907, Daniel Ambrose CAMPBELL 1826-aft 1900, Florence Mary CAMPBELL 1856-1926, Nancy Ann DUGAN 1832-1891, Icah Elizabeth Edna FORNEY 1893-1960, Harry Roland FORNEY 1872-1934, Julia LONGSTRETH 1852-1925, Effie Ann FAIL 1872-1907, Ira Webster FAIL 1836-1858 in Ellsworth and Rice counties in KS. UPDATED Jan 1998

Glenda Taylor Thu Nov 28 15:18:29 1996
I would like any information on Edward ARTAS, (my great grandfather) who committed suicide by hanging on either March 6, 1890 or sept. 6, 1890. He lived in Ellsworth Co. and is believed to have come from Germany although he spoke Czech and the surname "ARTAS" is probably not german. Any information about any other "ARTAS'" would be appreciated. Some of them relocated to Russell county later. Thank you.

Tom Masterson Thu Nov 28 17:31:16 1996
Seeking any information on surname HUSCHKA in Ellsworth County KS. Will correspond, share and exchange HUSCHKA family info. Thank you Tom UPDATED Jan 1998

Barbara Westman Wed Dec 18 07:54:26 1996
Seeking information on William Turner MITCHELL and Ida Mae ANDERSON of Langley, Ellsworth, KS. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Barbara Westman gen-e-olgy@cox.net Home Page http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~westman/ UPDATED AUG 2002

Mel Besthorn Wed Jan 22 11:24:00 1997
I'm researching family information relative to the following surname families that were or are in Ellsworth County KS. The following surnames are those I'm interested in: ADAMEK, BESTHORN, BRANDA, HEINZE, JIRIK, SKALICKY, STOLTENBERG, UHER, URBAN, ZAVESKY and ZVOLANEK. Can you or anyone you know help me with these surnames?
UPDATED Dec 09 1998 Mel Besthorn

Bill Blazier Wed Jan 8 12:11:28 1997
ANDERSON. Need information on Amos ANDERSON family which resided in Ft. Harker, Ellsworth County about 1870.

Marcus Mason Sat Jan 11 16:39:30 1997
Looking for any and all information on living and dead relatives of Lillie Estel SPALDING, father Fred SPALDING and Mother Francis SPALDING (would love to know maiden name). Lillie was married to William Henry MASON, but later was remarried to a HANDLEY. She is most likely buried under the HANDLEY surname. These people are all believed to be buried in Lucas, Russell Co, KS, and to have lived in Lucas, Russell, and Bunkerhill. The only dates I know is that of Monte MASON born 8-21-1913 to William Henry MASON and Lillie Estel SPALDING.

Sharon Kline Sat Feb 22 09:26:39 1997
Seeking information on family of William Christopher MYERS who lived in Ellsworth Co. between 1878 and 1890. Came to KS from the Toledo, OH area. Children: Clinton Benjamin, Marietta, Crace,(born in OH) Guy, Harry, Raleigh (born in KS). Wm. C. MYERS married Ruth Jennie MIDDLETON in Henry Co. OH in 1875. Any information on the MYERS or MIDDLETON families would be appreciated.

Patsy Luke Tue Feb 4 10:54:53 1997
I am searching for information on the Surname-BANTA. Jasper Newton BANTA and spouse -Emma PLUNKETT and their son Charles Wesley BANTA. They may have been in Ellsworth County in the late 1800's. Any information on BANTA lines would be helpful.

Rosemary Cameron Fri Feb 7 20:24:30 1997
I'm looking for any information on a Thomas WILSON emigrated from Ireland to Ellsworth around 1880, his address was at Davisons and Rossiter office, landbrokers. Also Jane (WILSON) and James EMERSON, stockbroker who lived in Ellsworth but left and went to Bethany, Illinois.

Deborah Crain Wed Mar 12 13:27:22 1997
Eliza Jane MAYABB was living in Ellsworth Co. in 1920. her son, Josiah MAYABB was living there at the same time. would love to find out where and when they died.

Janice Ringold Thu Mar 27 15:59:13 1997
Looking for the family of William C. WINKELHAKE, son of Mr & Mrs C.H. WINKELHAKE (per a wedding invitation) and Bernice RICE. They were married 12 Jun 1920 at the home of C.H. WINKELHAKE in Haven, Reno Co, KS. The bride had once lived in CA with the BAKER family who were originally from Wilson, Ellsworth, KS.
Rita Wolgamott Tue Apr 8 16:40:47 1997
My grandfather was born in Ellsworth Co., KS, August 22, 1881 and died in Woods Co., OK. His name was Elmer E. WILLIAMS. I am trying to find out what is parents names were, and how many brothers or sisters he had. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Rita Wolgamott

Rhonda McCabe Wed Apr 16 21:03:10 1997
I am looking for the burial place of my great grandmother Ane Margrete ANDERSEN born in Baekager,Holavad,Odense,Denmark 1854. My grandfather Peder Christian ANDERSEN born in Arbor, Denmark came to the United States when he was about 3 with his mother (so I have been told),he settled in Ellsworth and died there in 1965. I do not know what became of his mother. Out of 12 children from Peder there are only two remaining alive and I am also requesting information from them. I would also like information on my grandmother family, Peder's wife, Nina Eudora MARKELL born 1886, died 1976 in Ellsworth.

William Pickering Sat Apr 26 15:49:00 1997
Inquiring about Sylvester PICKERING family who farmed just north of Langley, KS in Ellsworth County from ca1880 to 1895. Information about the family or their children, particularly Maude Della PICKERING who married Dave DAVIS 6/27/1888. William Pickering/KS

Janice Bowers Mon May 19 17:44:50 1997
My name is Janice BOWERS. I am looking for any information on my Grandfather, Richard H. KAISER. He came from Germany in 1908 and lived in Lorraine, KS in Ellsworth County. He may have had family living in Lorraine at the time. He then went to Kenosha, Wisconsin in 1913. He would have been about 22 years old at his time of arrival in to Lorraine.

Larry Boston Mon May 19 22:51:17 1997
Geneology of William BOSTON, settled in Langley Township, Ellsworth County, KS, about 1883.

Juanita Maglio Sat May 24 20:49:31 1997
Looking for information on my great-grandfather, Frederick Bernard GREEN (possibly GREENE), grand-mother, Florence Alice GREEN (again possibly GREENE). The family moved from Ellsworth in the late 1800s and moved to Alberta, Canada. Frederick Bernard GREEN was born in England on February 29, 1872. Florence Alice GREEN was born June 23, 1898.

Bon A. Kaplicky Wed May 28 10:39:12 1997
Information on KAPLICKY, CIPRA, & DEMEL families settled in Ellsworth cty. in 187-?

Thomas Eric Schulz Sun Jun 1 13:12:36 1997
Looking to verify my Dad's birth in Ellsworth Co. KS

Robert R Sneed Sat Jul 5 09:29:07 1997
Clarence Richard SNEED Everett SNEED

Fred Feldman Fri Aug 15 14:59:46 1997
I am researching the FELDMAN family. One son of Bernard FELDMAN moved to KS in the late 1800s from either IN or OH. Edward and his wife Caroline(Carry) lived in Kearny Co. from about 1900 till they died. Any information on them or their descendants/ancesters will be greatly appreciated.

Dawn Hibler Thu Aug 21 00:12:24 1997
Luther L. and Lovina (WEBBER) FLANDERS moved from Brown Co., Ind. to Ellsworth, KS abt. 1877 and lived their until the 1890's. They had five daughters Sarah (ADAMS), Bessie, Angenora (DEES), Mertie (THIERS) and Carrie (HEITSCHMIDT) and one son Harrison (Harry). The family was originally from Marietta, Wash. Co., Oh. Luther's father was Thomas FLANDERS Jr., first m. to Sarah FENN, and 2nd to Emily PERKINS and they are buried in Ellsworth Cem. Several of Thomas's son lived in Ellsworth, including Wade who became very well known there. Would love to correspond with descendents of the FLANDERS or of the allied families.

John Matrow Tue Sep 909:30:41 1997 UPDATED MAY 1999
Am seeking ancestors/descendants of:Henry BROWN (b.4/26/1833) & Elizabeth Margaret HAWKINS (b.11/25/1840) Children: James Selman BROWN (b.1/3/1862), William H. BROWN (b.4/1/1863) infant daughter (b.8/4/1865), Mary Alice BROWN (b.9/26/1868-IL), Elijah BROWN (b.9/27/1871), Margaret M. BROWN (b.5/19/1881) Residence: Bushton, Coles Co., Illinois Residence: Ellsworth Co., KS Residence: Olympia, Washington (w/Elijah & Margaret)

Inez Gipson Tue Sep 9 17:11:09 1997
Would like any information regarding David William (also known as D.W. or Will) and Rebecca LENHART who resided in Ellsworth County in the 1920 census. Would also like any information on Rebecca's brothers H.C. and Granger POWELL who resided there in both the 1910 and 1920 census records.

Frank S. Foster Sun Sep 14 10:25:19 1997
I am looking for information about Frank S. FOSTER, my great grandfather. He was postmaster of Ellsworth, around 1917. He was also possibly the publisher or editor of the town newspaper which I believe was the Ellsworth Messenger. I would like to obtain an original paper from the time he was connected with it.

Jeannie Josephson Fri Sep 19 20:19:56 1997
My grandfather, Frank(lin) ? N. McCLAIN, b. NE. Feb.26, 1891 m. Tessie BERRY in Ellsworth, Ellsworth co.,KS on August 21, 1915, Frank divorced Tessie in Independence, Montgomery co.,KS on Feb 23, 1918 . Frank re: married, Lillian Gladys BRETCHES March 12, 1918 in Claremore, Rogers co., OK. Together Frank and his 2nd wife resided in Sycamore, Montgomery co.,KS where Frank was shot to death July 19,1919. I have copies of murder trial transcripts, death certificate, marriage/divorce records probate documents, 1915 KS State Census showing Frank in Sycamore Twp., Montgomery co.,KS living with a family by the name of STEVENSON as a farmer/spouse is not listed with Frank. My grandfather is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Independence, Montgomery co.,KS. NO where have I been able to learn the names of Frank's parents. His parents were never notified of his un-timely death. My mother was 10 mos old when her father was killed. ARE YOU MISSING A FRANK N. McCLAIN in your family line ? ARE YOU RESEARCHING THE "BERRY" line that connects to TESSIE BERRY ? I've been searching for 10 years for a clue to the quarter of my family heritage we are missing. I would appreciate ANY amount of information or clue as to where to search to learn about my grandfather's parents. Good Luck to all and Thank You,

Patti Hyatt Tue Sep 23 11:39:53 1997
I am searching for surviving descendents of Rev. John Adams BRIGHT, b. 1845 in Aaronsburg, PA. Moved to Ellsworth, KS in 1882 as a house missionary and was planning on building a new Lutheran Church there. Married Mary Isabella SCHEARE in PA 1868. Had two sons and one daughter, names I do not know. If you know of any of Rev. BRIGHT's descendents it is very important that they contact me --

Pamela Brown Tue Oct 7 12:16:12 1997
I am looking for the CONRAD family that lived in Ellsworth County. I am interested in Emma CONRAD that married James BUNKER. Wishing to make contact with any of the CONRAD family around Wilson and Dorrance ,KS in Russell County.

Jeff Hunt Thu Dec 11 21:18:54 1997
I am looking for information concerning the family of Edwin Leroy ARNOLD, reportedly born April of 1881 in Hollywood Ks. (most likely, Holyrood in Ellsworth Co. Ks.). His parents are reportedly Warner ARNOLD and Lima WILCOX, both from Illinois. according to information in his obituary, Edwin had at least six brothers and four sisters, names unknown at this time. Any information regarding this family would be appreciated. Thank you, Jeff Hunt

Bob Kruse Tue Dec 30 21:19:11 1997
I am interested in information about William Henry KRUSE, Born December 27, 1895. Died May 10, 1926; Son of Henry and Bertha (nee BECKER) KRUSE; Married to Cora Belle SMITH; worked in flour mill in Claflin before returning to becoming a farmer in Ellsworth county (1915???); Had been in Army WW I; believed to have been Baptist ; had brothers named Jess, Alan, Roger, John, Alvin; sisters were Esther, Gertrude, Ethel. Schooled where? Married where? When? Grandparents names / origins ? Thanks. Bob Kruse western Michigan

Gayle Gardner Tue Jan 06 19:37:02 1998
OZIAH, RILEY, POWELL, DORRANCE, HOLMES James K. OZIAH died Ellsworth County May 1880, wife Lucretia (perhaps maiden name RILEY) POWELL OZIAH died Nov 1897. I have looked for them in Ellsworth Co cemetery books, no stones appear. Where did they live? Where are they buried? Lucretia appears near Holyrood in the 1880 census with an undecipherable interpretation of OZIAH as a surname with son Minot (Martin) also difficult to read. She is the mother of James C. POWELL, Mary POWELL DORRANCE (who moved to OK) and Henry POWELL. What happened to Henry? James. C. POWELL and wife Rose HOLMES POWELL owned a farm northeast of Holyrood as well as the lumber company in Holyrood before James death in March 1896. He is buried at Union/Jeffers Cemetery at Lorraine, KS. Thank You! Gayle Gardner gayle1@wheatstate.com

Loren P. Hoboy Sat Jan 17 20:40:19 1998
HOBOY-Ellsworth County KS Source 1870 Census Ellsworth County KS HOBOY, Christopher - age 59 born in France occupation: soipes(?) Engineer & Keeps HOBOY, Magdaline - age 65 born France occupation: Boarding house -Keeps house HOBOY Mollie- age 25 born Phila PA
I am trying to get more information on these people. It looks like they took in RR boarders from the Census takers notes in the margin. Can you suggest where I can start my search. The name does not appear in earlier or later census records I have located. Thank you for your help. Loren Hoboy Anacortes WA

Todd HERZIG Mon Feb 02 nn:nn:nn 1998
Greetings.........I am searching for info on my great-great grandfather by the name of Leopold HERZIG. He fought for a regiment from OH,and after the war moved to KS to serve as deputy sheriff in Ellsworth..He is buried in Ellsworth..... Todd HERZIG 316-554-1109

Carol MIESKE Fri Feb 13 23:00:18 1998
I am looking for Michael HEALEYb 1840 Galway Ireland married Margaret MARTIN b. 1849 Ireland children Patrick, Michael, Ellen, Mary b. 1869, married J.J. MAHER. Would like to have any information on HEALEY and MAHER families...Carol

Betty Parkes DAMRON (BityDamron@aol.com) Thu Mar 12 10:21:17 1998
Joseph PARKES, Lived in Ellsworth, KS, in January 1900. He was the son of George D. PARKES, b 7-15-1871 in NJ, d 11-20-1889 in IL and Ella ??? who died 1/12/1871, possibly in NJ.
Betty Parkes Damron Waxahachie, TX

JRWhiskey Fri Apr 10 17:09:38 1998
Am researching the ZAMRZLAfamilies, from the towns of Wilson and Ellsworth, in Ellsworth Co., KS. There are two families (1) James ZAMRZLA Sr. b. 7/26/1871 in Detroit, MI; d. 1/13/1965 in Wilson, KS. He married Hannah DRISCOLL b. 3/29/1873 in Dubuque, KS. They were married in Dubuque, KS 1903. Children born in Wilson KS include Hannah born and died 1904, Hannah Mae b. 1905, Jimmie b. 1906, Georgiana b. 1908, Margeret b. 1910, Julia Ann b. 1912, Joseph b. 1914, John b. 1916, George b. 1918, Ernest b. 1920. All these dates are from family records! The second family (2) is Joseph ZAMRZLA m. Mary NIKODIM. Born in Ellsworth KS was Camelia b. 1888, Anthony b. 1898 born in Altcona (?)KS, Staza b. 1900 in Wilson KS. Am willing to share any information I have on these families. They are relatives of my great grandfather John ZAMRZLA who came to KS, and then to Chicago IL.
Thanks for writing to anyone with information!

Larbar Thu Apr 16 20:38:06 1998
Francis Douglas MELVILLE----Ellsworth County KS - I am looking for information in Ellsworth County KS on Francis Douglas MELVILLE. Died in NOVEMBER 1904. Buried in Ft. Riley, KS. Had a son by the name of Frank Sylvester MELVILLE. Date of birth August 7, 1866. Died April 13 1944 in Springfield, Missouri. Had a daughter by the name of Hester MELVILLE. Born Jan 1867. Died April 5, 1880. Buried in Ellsworth, KS. Had another son by the name of Charles MELVILLE. Born sometime in 1870. Died during the summer of 1880. Buried in Ellsworth, KS. Had a son named George MELVILLE. Born in 1873. Died during the summer of 1880. Buried in Ellsworth, KS. Had a daughter named Nell Lenore MELVILLE. Born Nov 7, 1876. Died in 1940 in Stigler, Oklahoma. Had a son by the name of Harry MELVILLE. Born January 1880. Died April 6, 1881. Buried in Ellsworth, KS. Had a daughter by the name of Marie M. MELVILLE. Born February 27, 1886. Had a daughter by the name of Lillie Pearl MELVILLE. Born March 12, 1888.
Francis Douglas MELVILLE was married to Rachel Anna MELVILLE. I think her maiden name was SHANKI.

Bill Beaty Thu Apr 23 08:37:17 1998
BEATY, Charles Henry born Jan. 18, 1868 in Ellsworth, KS. I am looking for any information. billyb@mtnhome.com Thank You

Howard Beckman Tue Apr 28 01:17:35 1998
Seeking information on the family of Jason MAZE, b. Jan. 4, 1835 OH, d. April 9, 1912, Ellsworth Co. KS. Wife was Mary C. (nee RAINEY); children's names unknown. UPDATED MAR 2001

E.E.Buck Arnold Tue May 05 23:20:18 1998
Ellsworth Co. Burials/ Margaret Hagle BUSH or BUSCH - I'm looking for information on my GGgrandmother Margaret Hagle BUSH. Her maiden name acording to family legend was BUSCH, but was changed to accomodate the prohibitionist attitudes of her time. She was also reportedly buried in the "Old German Cemetery" at Ellsworth, KS. Her husband, who out lived her many years is buried in Hawley, OK. His name was Jacob Regor ARNOLD. She was said to be a Menonite. Thanks for your efforts in this search.
AFGRUNT@aol.com, E.E.Buck ARNOLD, 18606 E Alameda, Norman, OK 73071

Ken and Roberta Sun May 10 20:10:24 1998
Looking for any info regarding my grandmother, Elizabeth F. NICHOLS (unknown maiden name) b. 1872 in Texas, d. possibly mid to late 1920's. She was married to Charles H. NICHOLS and had lived in Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS until he passed away. She then moved to Grand Ave in Ellsworth, Ellsworth Co., KS with her 10 yr old son (my father) Josiah Rush NICHOLS. This information is from the 1920 US census record. Is there anyone else researching the NICHOLS family in KS that might be able to provide a link or even a clue I could follow? Also, has anyone in visiting the various cemetaries in the Ellsworth area remember coming across any NICHOLS headstones? I live in the Pacific Northwest so any on scene searching is pretty much out of the question. Any information will be helpful, thanks.

Donald W. Richardson Thu May 14 21:04:59 1998
Jeffries cemetery Lorraine, KS - I am looking for a list of graves for Jeffries cemetery near Lorraine, KS. Many graves aren't marked. I have relation buried there. I visited the cemetery several years ago and found some kin but not all. A list of people buried there would help me alot. There is a kin named Mary Margaret RICHARDSON married to Asher OGDEN buried there. They had a son named John OGDEN. If you could point me in some direction, I would appreciate it. Thank You.
1031 East Rosebrier
Springfield, Missouri 65807

BAngel100 Mon May 18 02:54:26 1998
I am looking for information about Lemuel BYERS. He was supposedly born on 4 July, 1884 in Ellsworth County, KS. His parents were George BYERS and Harriet HUTCHINSON. He married Mary Mae POPE on 10 July 1909. Although I don't know where. If anyone has info on his birth or marriage of his parents, please E-Mail. Thanks. Brenda

Beatrice Wilson Leach Sat Jun 06 01:03:12 1998
Looking for our grandmother Martha Anne STEPHENS (DIBBLE) WILSON who was left in central KS around 1900 by her husband, may have been with daughter/step- daughter Viola (FRANK) NELSON who was known to be living in Ellsworth in 1910. Grandpa and grandma separated and the children were told she had died (in 1916 obituary listed as deceased wife of Samuel(Sylvanus) WILSON. Viola NELSON also turned up in Herington, KS in 1916 (same obituary). We have bits and pieces of information, nothing definite. Viola remarried in 1931 to Peter LAURITSEN and ended up in Audubon, IA.
thank you...
Beatrice Wilson LEACH

Kenneth W Mcdonald Thu Jun 11 14:39:17 1998
Marriage 1874 - We are looking for marriage of Aaron G. MCDONALD & Ida V. EDDY JUNE 8, 1874 in Wilson, Ellsworth Co., KS and any more information you may have on them or their families. Thank you K W MCDONALD

Alice DEMOS Wed Jun 17 00:43:35 1998
Ellsworth County, Wilson Township - I am currenty searching for TERRY. I only have Rev. M.G. TERRY listed on a marriage cert. from April 18, 1900. Rev. TERRY listed as M.E. Minister on this paper work. Looking for any leads possible. Thank You Alice DEMOS
E-Mail ALolly@aol.com

MJALWARD Sun Jun 28 07:31:09 1998
I am looking for any information on Frank Bert ROHE married Anna SWEHLA. They had three children: Eugene C. ROHE, 1899, Leonia,1905, and Grace, b.d. unknown.

Kate RUSSELL Mon Sep 28 16:05:05 1998
I'm looking for information on Belle BOWER, who died sometime around 1930. Her husband was Clarence POHLMAN. She had three children: Clarence POHLMAN, Robert Lantz POHLMAN (my father), and a daughter whose name I do not know. Do you have any info on her or on any of the others?
Thanks much!

Diana NEWMAN Tue Jul 07 12:37:32 1998
My paternal great grandparents, Joseph Arbuckle and Mary (Winnie) Handley WILLIAMS were living there in the early 1880's. My grandfather, Ernest WILLIAMS, was born there in 1883. His brother, Elmer, was born there in 1880. The family later were in Greeley County (Can't find them there "officially", either, but that's another story.) Do know that "Winnie" is buried in Greeley County. Also, know that Joseph participated in the first land run in OK in 1889. Grandfather told many times of having to stay and watch the horses for his dad and others while they ran to stake out their land, and he was just a little boy then.
Family lore has it that Joseph and Winnie came from WVA in late 1870's. He was a land surveyor by profession, and came west to do just that, and to build "water canals".Supposedly, that is why he went to Greeley County, as they needed water there more than in Ellsworth Co. They also had a "merchandise store" in Greeley County. He freed his slaves before he left WVA, but approximately 70 of them chose to come with him west. We have found them in Greenbriar Co. WVA in 1870, and do know that the 2 boys were born in Ellsworth County, and "Winnie' is buried in Greeley County. Can't trace them from 1870 to 1880 when Elmer was born.
Diana NEWMAN West Mineral, KS

Peg HOLMES Thu Nov 12 11:57 1998
Can you help us? We are trying to find a death record of a Luke KEHOE --an early settler of Holyrood--he died shortly after arriving there with his family and a team of horses. They had migrated from Ontario--taking 6 months in route. They arrived in September 1875 and he died the following year in February. There were several children in this family and may have set up some kind of eating establishment to support themselves. This is what we think--and or boarding house. Can you put us in contact with someone that can help? Thanks--Peg

E. Thorpe, Jr. Mon Jan 11 19:35:13 1999
Seeking any information on the THORPEs in Ellsworth County, specifically Everett THORPE, (Sr). He was born around 1887 and eventually migrated to New York. He was my father. Would appreciate any information regarding him and his parents (my grandparents). Thank you. EThorpejr@aol.com.

John Richardson Fri Jan 15 01:33:40 1999
Seeking information on Joseph BRUNSON (colored) Born in Indiana Co., PA abt 1843. He died sometime in 1913, Ellsworth, Ellsworth Co., KA. Need exact date and place of burial. He married Sarah _____, (caucasion), supposedly in Ellsworth, Ellsworth Co., KS. in 1899. There were no children/issue during the marriage.Need exact date and Sarah's maiden name, also Sarah's exact date of death and place of burial. Joseph BRUNSON was a veteran of the 5th Massachusetts Cavalry(colored) during the civil war. After the war he moved to KS to homestead land. He had to give up the land due to inability to farm it caused by wartime injury (a horse fell on him). Is it possible to find out more about the land he homesteaded? He was a member of Ellsworth, KS GAR post #22. Would like further info regarding Ellsworth GAR Post #22 records to determine if other 5th Mass. Cav. Members also settled in the area. My interest is based on a study of the 5th Massachusetts Cavalry and I would like information on any of its past members. Thank you.

Dorothy Martin Thu Jan 21 19:41:07 1999
I am Dorothy MARTIN from Saucier, Mississippi (about twenty miles North of Gulfport, Mississippi), and have been doing research on my Mother`s family, Ellsworth. I seem to have lost directions in Kanfamily, even though the family was a big influence in yet it seems not to be anymore, but rather (maybe) incorporated by another town.
Also Ellsworth County , where mention of city work done by a family member, no name given in family records.
For some time,William(Bill) ELLSWORTH held the position of Highway Commissioner for the State of KS.
My Great Grandfather, Albert Wilfred ELLSWORTH, lived in what once was Formosa, KS.
Any help in directions to find information would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you kindly!
Dorothy MARTIN

Doyle EKEY Sat Jan 30 22:41:42 1999
Looking for information on Thomas J. and Martha Ann DEAN who with children G. Henry, Charles, Luther, Clara M., and Franklin were enumerated in Ellsworth Co in the 1880 Census. Trying to find out how long they were there and where they moved.
Any help is appreciated. Doyle EKEY DEkey68402@aol.com

Frank BROWNE Mon Feb 08 08:03:26 1999
Can you tell me if there is a city directory for Ellsworth for the years 1870 and 1875? I'm trying to locate my g-grandmother and her first husband and their family. Their names were John W. FARRELL and Rosetta FARRELL. John W. FARRELL died about 1874.

Karen PETERSON Tue Feb 09 16:25:54 1999
TRACY - Would like to find anybody related, but mainly who he married, when he died and where? The cemetery would be a find!! Thank you Karen PETERSON

Phyllis LOPEZ Tue Feb 09 16:26:36 1999
I am looking for information on Issac BURRALL. He married Rebecca from Ellsworth County,KS before 1857 and lived in Franklin PA and later went back to KS. Maybe died there. I would appreciate any and all information. Thank you in advance for your help. Sincerely, Phyllis

Gayle Thu Feb 25 09:23:11 1999
Living next door to my relative James C. POWELL in the 1880 Ellsworth Co KS census is Lewis POWELL born in 1853 Wisconsin (father born NJ Mother born PA -- the same as James C. POWELL's parents) and his wife Mary b and daughter Rose b 1879 KS. By the time of the 1885 KS State Census Lewis and daughter Rose have disappeared, but Mary born 1858 OH, and daughters Letta born 1881 and Adda born 1883 are living with the James C. POWELL family.
Lewis has not been found with his family in the 1860 or 1870 census. His mother (?), Lucretia Riley POWELL OZIAH remarried in the late 1850's or early 1860's. In her application for a Civil War pension, there is a statement dated in the 1880's that the only one who was present and could verify the marriage was Lewis POWELL, and he was already dead. What happened to Mary POWELL and daughters? Who was Lewis? Was he the brother or perhaps a cousin of James?
Gayle gayle1@wheatstate.com

Pat DECKER Thu Mar 18 09:28:06 1999
I am researching information regarding the surname of WEINHOLD. All the following came to Ellsworth County to live. Samuel, who married Catherine GRILL; Abrian, who married Elizabeth LAMBERT (I am especially interested in Abrian and Elizabeth); Catherine who married Jacob BOWERS; Sara who married Samuel GRILL and Miranda who married Ezra DAGUE. Henry was married for a time to Susan GRILL but returned to Illinois. They are all descendants of Nicholas I, Nicholas II and Michael I.
Pat Decker 10330 Rosehill Road Overland Park KS 66215-2290

Shirley Sun Mar 21 19:29:46 1999
Seeking info on a family by the name of WOOLSEY who lived in Ellsworth, KS in 1910-11-12 . The woman's name was Alice, I do not have her married name or if she was married, just know that her maiden name was WOOLSEY. There was a brother by the name of Ernest WOOLSEY married to a Grace ?. Two other brothers by the names of Willy and Wiley.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Shirley

Sam TAYLORSat Mar 27 1999
I can't seem to find a township map on the Ellsworth County page. Do you have one? Thanks, Sam TAYLOR

Helen Lane BALDWIN Fri Apr 02 09:05:07 1999
I am searching for descendants of James Harvey and Eliza J. BOLES. James Harvey was born in Iowa, July 1, 1855 and died in Ellsworth, KS August 31, 1934. His widow was living in Ellsworth in 1925. Their children were; Pearl, Jewel, Harvey, Olly, Julia, James and Robert. Any assistance is appreciated.
Helen Lane BALDWIN Great Grand Daughter of Martha Emiline BOLES, EMMONS, KURTS

Kathleen RIZER Sat Apr 03 15:57:15 1999
Dennis SPRINGER is in the 1885 Ellsworth Co. Ks. State census. He was born July 1854 in Fayette Co., IN, the son of John Small SPRINGER and Hannah W. BURT. His first wife was Rebecca A., the former widow of James L. POWER. Dennis and Rebecca married 8 Oct 1883 in Lincoln Co., KS Rebecca is buried with James in the Ellsworth Cemetery, Ellsworth Co., KS. In the 1900 KS census Dennis SPRINGER is in Highland twp, Lincoln Co. Dennis apparently married as his second wife a Mrs. William DICKERSON, but where in KS did this marriage take place? Would like death date for this Dennis SPRINGER.
Thank you, Kathleen RIZER

Kathy DOWNEY Tue Apr 06 1999
My grandmother, Clara, was born in Ellsworth, KS in 1882-83. Her mother's maiden name was Cndis Harriett (or Harriett C.) PARKER. Her father was an Englishman, but I don't know his name. Clara was 17 on 28 APR 1900 when my father was born. Looking for a marriage license for Harriett or birth record for Clara. Jim MIDDLETON

Dean MONTGOMERY Tue 06 APR 1999
I am looking for information about my grandfather, Henry Worth MONTGOMERY aka Worth MONTGOMERY. He went to Ellsworth, KS in the 1870's. Most of all he resided in or around Ellsworth most of his life. He died in Ellsworth, 04 OCT 1940 and is buried in the Ellsworth Cemetery. It was reported to me that he lived with a family of which the father was a member of the KS legislature. Is there anyone in Ellsworth who remembers my grandfather and/or the family who cared for him.
Dean MONTGOMERY, 201 East Woodvine Street, Boise, ID 83706-1234

Galen BRINSON Wed 07 APR 1999
Searching for information on descendants of Frank MILLER, born later part of 1800s. Frank was married to Mary SACKMAN. Children include Frank, Maggie, Jacob, Edith, Cliff, Clint and Ella Mae. Last known family residence was at Wilson, KS. Purpose is for genealogy research - we're interested in family connections, not social status.

Emiline Sat 10 APR 1999
I am searching for the descendents of James Harvey BOLES. James was born 27 MAY 1854 in KS, probably Shawnee County. He married (1) Elizabeth "Eliza" J. and we believe two children were born of this union; Pearl U. BOLES in December 1879 in Ellsworth County, KS and possibly Robert. He married (2) Mary Virginia DOIL on 22 OCT 1881 in Salina, Lincoln County Bk. A Pg. 186. James and Mary had five children; Jewel H. BOLES b. March 1884 in Cloverdale, Putnam County, IN, Harvey BOLES, b. 1886 also in IN, Olly P. BOLES b. December 1888, James D. BOLES 1889, and Julia G. BOLES born February 1893. Mary Virginia DOIL BOLES died at the home of her son in Salina, Ellsworth County (sic) and James Harvey BOLES died August 31, 1934 in Ellsworth County, KS.
My Great Grandmother, Martha Emiline BOLES was the sister of James Harvey BOLES. Hoping to connect with family members. Thank you.

Sharon A FOREETue 13 APR 1999
Elm Creek, Ellsworth Co, KS - 1868 William SHAY and Eliza LOTT SHAY were living here. Eliza died June 1868 in Elm Creek. Would like to find cemetery where she is buried. 1870 census can only find William SHAY in Fort Harker, Ellsworth Co, working on railroad; can't find children: William B., Wilmot Warren, Wallace Washburn, Walter Ellis, and Imogene aged 6 to 16. Were they farmed out to other families, perhaps the DARLING family? Thanks, Sharon A FOREE e-mail S_Foree@Prodigy.com

ckimes@mvillage.com Fri 16 APR 1999
J. Philip MARKER, b. 07 March 1857 in St. Joseph Co, IN, was the only child to move away from the area of his family. He lived in Wilson, KS ca 1900. His parents were Jacob MARKER, b: 14 March 1835, Germany, and Elizabeth SPEICHER, b: 26 March 1842 in Holmes Co, OH.
Siblings were Fred C. b. 24 June 1863, Jacob S. b. 23 January 1870, Mary E. b. 15 November 1866 (m. Martin MOCHEL), Caroline b. 05 November 1868 (m. Norman KELLY), David W. b. 13 February 1872, Henry J. b. 21 July 1874, Anna R. b. 20 April 1876 (m. Charles WEBER), Lora S. b. 03 January 1880 (m. Fred HORINE), and Olga M. b. 06 February 1884.
Jacob MARKER, the father, was about 2 yrs. old when he came to America with his parents.

Ben SHAW Thu 22 APR 1999
Andrew D. HEINZE. Wilson, KS, died in 1945.

Carol STEVENS Sun 25 APR 1999
Thanks to a very nice volunteer from your GENWEB site, I now know the following:
Buried at Carnerio Cemetery:
Alva L. BRADY 1879 - 1954
Lyda L. BRADY 1891-1964 (this is his 2nd wife)
Jennie L. SHELLHORN BRADY, dec. 24, 1878 - Feb. 9, 1951 (this is his 1st wife and mother of their son, Melvin)
Alva was the depot agent for the Union Pacific railroad in Carneiro for many years. He died in Denver Colorado.
When he died, his son Melvin resided in Inglewood, Los Angeles County, CA.
Seeking obituaries on any of the above people that might have appeared in Ellsworth County newspapers.
Seeking information on Melvin.
Also seeking information on Jennie L. SHELLHORN BRADY's ancestry and did she marry Alva in Ellsworth County??

Reed MORROW Thu 22 APR 1999
I am interested in the MITCHELL, WALDEN, and EDWARDS families of Ellsworth Co. Sarah MITCHELL WALDEN EDWARDS was alive as late as 1892. When did she die and where is she buried? One of her sons was William Henry WALDEN. Her second husband was David EDWARDS. Any information is appreciated.

HOUSTON Mon 03 May 1999
HOUSTON family in the 1850's - My great Grandfather and his family came from SCOTLAND in 1850's I do not know his parents names, they were buried in Ellsworth county His name is David HOUSTON he served in the civil war and died in prison in Rice county. This is why I am having trouble finding anything on him. Family in past did not want any information of this to be in the family records. My ancestors lived in Ellsworth, and Rice Counties in the war years and after. What cemetery sites are there and any records of the deceased in those cemeteries. If you can help me get closer to the information I am looking for I would very pleased.
Thank you for your time, Mike HOUSTON mhouston@transport.com

Tod M Jackson Tue 25 May 1999
My name is Tod JACKSON. I am the grandson to May and Clarence JACKSON. I believe my grandmother May HARPER JACKSON was born in Ellsworth County, Sherman Township on 06 OCT 1910 to Pleasant S. and Cora JACKSON. She also had a twin brother by the name of Maynard HARPER I also know that there was a lot of other children in this family. If you are able to help find relatives or have other places for me to check please contact me via e-mail at tod.jackson@gte.net.
Thank You very much for you time,

Lew Franklin Thu 27 May 1999
Looking for info on my great grandparents: Hartman and Christina STEFFAN or others in the line.

Darlene Kroah Fri 2 Jul 1999
My name is Darlene KROAH. My maternal grandmother, Mildred Lucille SON RICHARDSON, was born in Salina to Walter Bales SON and Myra Estelle ELLSWORTH SON . I believe that Myra was born in Michigan but have had the impression that her family was connected to Ellsworth County. Walter and Myra had three other daughters as well. First born was Geneva SON , second Marjorie SON WEHRLY, my grandmother(born Sept. 27, 1904), and Dorothy SON ZINNEN. .
Geneva passed away before finishing high school. Sometime after that they moved to Twin Falls, Idaho where Mildred and Dorothy graduated from Twin Falls High. They then moved to Los Angeles, California where the remained. My grandmother was the last to pass in November 1997.
I don't know if you can provide me with any information or not. If you could point me in the right direction that would be helpful. I haven't been able to find any SSDI records for Walter or Myra.
Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, Darlene KROAH KroahsNest@aol.com

David HARMON Mon 5 Jul 1999 My name is David HARMON. I was born in Ellsworth 9-8-49. My great grandfather was Robert M. HARMON -grandfather Bert L. HARMON, Sr. Farmed in Ash Creek township. My father Bert L. HARMON, Jr. also farmed the land 8-9 miles South of Ellsworth which is now owned by the RATHBUN family. Would love to learn the HARMON history starting around 1875. I'm using my buddy's email at the Brooklyn V.A. Hospital. N.Y.

Sherri MUSSELMAN Thu 08 Jul 1999 I am searching for information on my ggrandfather, Max (possibly Maxwell) JOHANSEN. He lived in Ellsworth county in Holyrood. Am also seeking information on my ggrandfather Markus SIEMSEN of Holyrood. Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you. Sherri Musselman

Mary ZAVESKY PAVEL Sun 11 Jul 1999 John ZAVESKY (born 1838 in Bohemia) and Frank PROCHASKA (born 1828 in Bohemia) settled near Blackwolf in Ellsworth County, KS in 1878. I have done a lot of research on those two families and their descendant in Ellsworth County, KS. I have traced their roots back to 1750 in Bohemia. Anyone interested in those two families can find out more information by visiting my website at http://members.aol.com/busybusy99/opinions3 or sending me an e-mail at busybusy99@aol.com.

Pauline PYE 16 Jul 1999 Looking for family of Sarah HOLT b. in Highland, PA in 1872, came to Ellsworth with her mother and step-father Mr. H. LEITH in 1878. (Her mother, Mary Ann PARKES was widowed by Sarah's father, Joseph HOLT in PA in 1874. It is not known whether she was remarried before of after she got to Ellsworth). Sarah died in 1909. Was married to R. O BAKER and 20 of her four children survived her, namely Marwood and Roy BAKER. Would like to have obituaries, if possible, or any other info on this family. Sarah had a sister called Lizzie DICK and two step-brothers W.J. and James LEITH, all of Ellsworth and two full-sisters, Mrs. George LONG and Mrs. Bessie MAY, both of Kansas City. Sarah predeceased all of the above and she was buried in the Ellsworth cemetery from the E.M. church in a funeral service conducted by a Rev. J. W. BATES.

B4Uwin@aol.com Tue 20 Jul 1999 I'm looking for any information about my ggrandfather, Thomas HARRIS. I do know that he married my ggrandmother Jennetta COBB, Dec. 31, 1879, Wilson, Ellsworth, Kansas, and I've been told he died before the birth of his only son, my grandfather, Dean HARRIS. I've been told that he died of gun shot wound(s) received during a bank robbery, and he was a sheriff or deputy. His son was born Jan 8, 1881 in Bates county Missouri. Jennetta COBB was born Aug 1, 1861 Auburn, Kansas.
Please forward any information to B4UWin@AOL.COM Thank you for your assistance.

Linda HELMS Wed 28 Jul 1999 I am looking for family members by the name of SMITH, descendants of Ferdinand and Salome CARBEINER SMITH. They were from Wilson, KS. Also, I am looking for a MATOSH family who lived in Holyrood, KS around the turn of the century. My great-grandmother's name was Mary MATOSH SMUTNEY.
Thanks. Linda HELMS.

Sharon WILLIAMS Wed 28 Jul 1999 I am searching for any info on John MAMMEN, born in Ellsworth ,KS, 09 FEB 1879. Parents Christian E. MAMMEN b 27 MAY 1849 & > Johanna E. EILERS b 09 OCT 1855. Also any info on his parents. Thank you .
Sharon WILLIAMS skw1@swbell.net

Glapn@aol.com Tue 03 Aug 1999 Searching for the family of Elizabeth WIRES, a widowed farmer in Carneiro Township. Am seeking to know the name of her husband and the date and circumstances of his death c. 1902-05. They had six children born between 1890 and 1902: Flossie (BISHOP) WIRES, Grace (MAVRY) WIRES, Earl WIRES, Hazel (NOLAN) WIRES, Della (HOYT) WIRES , and Ted WIRES.

Bill BASCOM Thu 05 Aug 1999 I am looking for any and all information on my great grandfather who homesteaded in the Ellsworth area in the mid 1870's. His name was Daniel C. BASCOM and he homesteaded sections 24 and or 25 of the County Assessor's Map east of Carneiro. Any information you could direct me towards would be most appreciated.
Thank you, William A. BASCOM
35 Magnolia Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63124-1554
U. S. A.

Harosmith@aol.com Sat 14 Aug 1999 I would like to know the address in the Fall of 1940 of Robert and Marian RYCHEL. He was a teacher at the High School at the time, and also coached the Tennis team. His daughter, Roberta RYCHEL was born in Ellsworth Hospital on June 1, 1940.
Also, do you know what Church they went to? Anything else about them? I know he left Ellsworth for another job in Okla. around January, 1941.
Thanks for any information you have.

David J HARMON Mon 16 Aug 1999 I`M searching for my great grandparent`s& grandparent`s Robert M. HARMON & Bert L. HARMON of Ash Creek Township. I would love any & all info

Dewayne MOULIERE Wed 18 Aug 1999 My name is Tammy MOULIERE. I am looking for my great-gr-grandmother's tombstone. I have records that she died About 1900 in Ellsworth County, Kansas. Her nmae is J. Cynthia DURNIL. Would you have any information on this. Thank you. My e-mail address is mou713@flash.net

Freddie L. DICKERSON Wed 01 Sep 1999 I am searching for any information about Robert ERB or Hazel ERB. All I know is that he was a rice farmer in the Lyons or Great Bend area in approximately 1918 and had a daughter named Hazel. Would like marriage, death, land ownership, etc. If you can help I would appreciate it.

Kellie0722@aol.com Wed 25 Sep 1999 My name is Kellie and I am researching my husband's family but am at a standstill. I know his father is Clair William Cody SVOBODA born 8/16/1925 in Columbia, Ellsworth Co., KS. His father was Charles Frank SVOBODA who was born around 1883 or 1884 in Ellsworth Co., KS. We think he had siblings named Frank and/or Michael. But everything I check shows no SVOBODA at all. If anyone has information on any SVOBODA who lived in Ellsworth Co or surrounding area, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you!

Bruce & Donna SIEMSEN 29 Sep 1999 I am looking for any information about Heinrich HORST. He lived in and around Holyrood in Ellsworth County and died in 1929. Have come to a dead end. Bruce SIEMSEN at bhsdks@midusa.net

MCaritj@aol.com 04 Oct 1999 I am seeking a birth record for my Grand Uncle: Frederick HOFFMAN, born March 5, 1890, Ellsworth, Ellsworth Co., Kansas. Parents names were; Charles (also seen as Carl) N. HOFFMAN and Louise ULBRICK-HOFFMAN (also seen as ULRICH/UHLRICH.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Richard ATKINSON 31 Oct 1999 I am inquiring about my Grandfather, George BROWN. He was born in Worth, Jefferson Co. New York. He died October 29, l866 in Fort Ellsworth, Ellsworth, Kansas. I would like to know, if possible, cause of death and where he is buried. Clara ATKINSON

Cathy KEISER 09 Nov 1999 I am looking for information on a Robert MILLIGAN who lived in Holyrood around 1944 if not sooner. He was born May 19, 1881, in New York. He had two sisters, Gussie and Mabel. He was married to Cora JOHNSON and they had two sons, Willis and Charlie. Robert died in 1962. His parents were divorced, Charles MILLIGAN and Nancy HOUKE. Nancy later married Frank LARSON.
Any information you might have would be appreciated.

Martha NASH 11 Nov 1999 I was in Ellsworth visiting my nephew, Will E. DICKINSON last week and found my grandmother's name (or her mother, or mother-in-law) on the monument at the cemetery SW of town. The monument was erected by the State of Kansas in 1964. Can you give me any information about the Mother BICKERDYKE Memorial? My grandmother's name was Martha E. JACKSON. If not, who would I contact in Topeka for this information.
Thanks for your help.

Steve SCHMITT 11 NOV 1999 I am looking for my distant cousin and her husband who lived in Holyrood, Kansas from 1900 until about 1940. Their names:
W. Frank CIPRA (born 1866) and Barbara MILLER CIPRA (born 1865), children: Anna, Clara, Agnes, Emma and Winslow
Steve SCHMITT e-mail PaSchmitt@aol.com

Ann EWING 25 DEC 1999 I'm looking for information on my grandfather, Thomas Henry EWING, born 1896 in Kanopolis, KS.

Donna STRONG 05 JAN 2000 Am trying to determine a marriage date between my great-uncle and great-aunt. His name was William Arthur BROCK; hers, Mary (Unknown). He was born May 01, 1880 in Louisville, KY. She was born in Little River, KS in 1890; however, I do not know her parents' names. They lived in Hutchinson, KS at Arthur's death in October 1949. His obituary states he lived in Hutchinson for 40 years (1909 timeframe). Mary lived in Hutchinson until 1961 when she moved to California, where she died in 1977 (at Grass Valley).
Their children were: Robert Lee (made a career in the military); Viola (married Dale WALL); Eva (married Bennie SIGMAN); and Waverly "Waive" married Bob DAVIS. I have no specific birth years for the children; however, I'm estimating Robert in the early 1920s. He may have been one of the younger children, as I've found a Eva WALL who passed away in the late 80s that was born in 1912. I'm figuring Arthur and Mary may have married around 1909/10, pretty soon after he found himself in Kansas.
Would appreciate any information, Donna (BROCK) STRONG Hamilton, Ohio

Kellie SVOBODA 16 JAN 2000 I am looking for information on Charles Frank SVOBODA. I show he was born in Ellsworth Co, 1884 and married Marie Helen KORALEK. He had several siblings we think were also born in Ellsworth Co. - Frank SVOBODA, Michael SVOBODA, and Katherine SVOBODA. If anyone has any information, please email. I have no parent names.
Thank you! Kellie SVOBODA

Valerie KARVOSKI 16 JAN 2000 Hello. While looking through my deceased father's belongings, I found a letter, dated 17 July 1888, from General D. B. LONG, Commander In Chief of the Union Veteran Army, Ellsworth, Kansas, to General John R. WILSON, Jersey City, N.J. Do you know anything about this organization? If not, do you know anyone who could help me find out about it? Any help that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Sincerely, Valerie KARVOSKI , DaisyGambel@msn.com

Dianna CAUTHEN 09 FEB 2000 Looking for any information you might have on a Fred Hazelwood. I know he had a plumbing company at one time.
Thanks for your effort. Dicauthe@piona.com

Frank COOK 16 FEB 2000 Looking for any information about cemeteries around/in Kanopolis, KS. The names and how long they have been in existence. Or if you know of a book on cemeteries in this area. I am searching for Jennie L. SMITH REAL who was laid to rest in one of these cemeteries. I would appreciate any help or information you share with me. Thank you so much for your valuable time.

Sharon J KOUNTZ 17 FEB 2000 Looking for marriage info on Sarah Jane CRABTREE and James Gidion SCOTT, married 1872 in Ellsworth. Can you lead me in the right direction please? Thanks, Sharon

Emily GOOGINS 06 MAR 2000 My son and I have started researching GOOGINS and have found that John L. GOOGINS and Miss Susie R. FRAZIER, both of Ellsworth were married on Dec. 24, 1885. We would appreciate any information about them and how to continue our search in Kansas. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Emily GOOGINS

Bill KVASNICKA 21 MAR 2000 Looking to verify the immigration date, port of immigration, and village of origin for my grandparents. Frank KVASNICKA and Marie CARDASK KVASNICKA.
The information I have: KVASNICKA, Frank, Born September 24, 1876. The family records show the village of birth and immigration as Histovic. After visiting the Czech Republic I am certain that the village should have been Chlistovice. Frank immigrated between 1886 and 1890. Marie followed about 1889 and traveled with six children. They settled near Wilson, I believe in Ellsworth County. I would anticipate that the family would be listed in the 1890 census records. The family moved to a farm near Lucas in Russell County about 1899. My Grandfather was the stone mason for construction of the Opera House and Catholic church in Wilson.
Marie CARDASK KVASNICKA. Born August 15, 1857.
Would also like to verify the birth year of my father: Ferdenand John KVASNICKA (AKA Fred). I have one listing of April 1 1894 Wilson, KS. However we have engraved his head stone April 1, 1896. If these records are not in the Ellsworth County records I will contact Russell County.
I will be visiting the area around Memorial day and could visit the archives if you could provide information of where the records are located.
Thanks for you assistance. Please let me know if there are charges for this service.
775 784 1377 office, 775 359 9246 home.

Thomas L. KOPKE 27 MAR 2000 Can you provide any additional information on the following person Harlow Daniel KOPKE born in Ellswsworth County, KS in December 1894 Parents Henry John KOPKE and Emma Jan MABERLEY Thomas L. Kopke e-mail address topke@flash.net

Bonnie KOPKE 09 APR 2000 Samuel P. SMITH died Oct 24, 1952 and his wife Tabitha V. BOLTON SMITH died July 24, 1924. I would appreciate any information on these 2 people. I appreciate your help so very much. I am in LA if I can be of any help to you.
Thank you for your kindness. Bonnie

Susan NEWELL 15 APR 2000 I am looking for information on the sister of my great grandfather. She was a KINNINGER who married a HINSON and they settled in Ellsworth, Kansas.
I know they were there in 1897, her father moved there from Ohio and died in Ellsworth, and she was still there in 1927 when her brother, Frank H. KINNINGER died in Toledo, Ohio.
I haven't found a marriage record for her yet, so she could be one of two sisters of Frank's. The third sister married a Wilson and moved to Jacksonville, Florida.
Anyone searching this line, please contact me at: Sue112749@aol.com.
Thanks in advance for any help. Susan Newell

AMSOIL4RVS@aol.com 08 MAY 2000 Looking for any information on the EITEL family in Ellsworth County from 1870 to 1900.

ed&jan 15 JUN 2000 I'm in search of a will for a Cason BURCKHALTER. I'm also in search for a Maggie A. Bradley daughter of Cason BURCKHALTER/BUCKHALTER and Wife of J. B. BRADLEY. They are in the Cemetery in Forest Grove/Home Cemetery.
I'm wondering if J.B. BRADLEY and Maggie A. BURCKHALTER/BUCKHALTER- BRADLEY had any children. She was in Iowa Census in 1870 and they left for Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas trying to see where they got married, I never found anything in Iowa so trying to find information in Kansas. Maggie died 12 Jan. 1879. If you can find anything I would appreciate it.
Hope to here from you soon.
Janelle DUNBAR FOUNTAIN edjan@machlink.com

Lori DUNLAP 25 JUN 2000 Henry and Alma SHRIVER moved to Ellsworth County in the mid 1880's and proceeded to raised their family. They had the following children:
1. Estelle married John KASTNER
2. Frank
3. Mabel M. married ?? MORGAN and then Ira CROSBY
4. Carrie Pearl
5. Charles married Mary Julia Opal COSSEL
6. James
7. Bert married Hellen ARTERBURN
Any info would be appreciated. Lori DUNLAP @ aol.com

Laura 26 JUN 2000 Hi!! I was wondering how to go about obtaining information about Leah CLEM CARRICK and John DeSILVEY, who were married in Ellsworth, Kansas on February 13th, 1869. I know that Leah was a cook for CUSTER in the war and her first husband was also in CUSTER's army, but he died. I am assuming that John was also in the army, because he was born in New Castle and settled in Vinton Cty, OH after he and Leah were married.
Thank you so much for your time!! :)
Laura Nefret8@aol.com

Dianne LEONARD 04 JUL 2000 I am looking for Alvorah Rowland LEONARD who died in Ellsworth, Kansas on November 5, 1896. He was buried in Ellsworth, Kansas. Any help would be appreciated.
Dianne Leonard William_Leonard@msn. com

Richard SMITH 08 JUL 2000 I am searching for information about my gg grandfather Charles Ferdinand SMITH (SCHMIDT) (1833 - 1907) and wife Salome CARBIENER. They moved to the Wilson area about 1874 and farmed. Ferdinand came from Prussia about 1852 to South Bend, Indiana with his parents and served in the Civil War Indiana 15th Infantry 1861-65.
I need information so I can trace his parents - death cert., obituary ...

DCrain6568@aol.com 23 JUL 2000 Looking for info on: Eliza Jane FLINCHUM MAYABB, 1920 and after; Josiah MAYABB, 1920 and after. thanks

Brenda HUSS-WILSON 28 JUL 2000 I'm looking for any information on Hebert HUSS. I'm not sure when he was born, but I have an approximate two years of death. sometime between 1956 and 1958. I do know he was born and died in Ellsworth, Kansas. He was married to Etta, don't know her date of birth. They had four sons, Vernie, Wilford, Delbert and Dean. Any info you may have would be appreciated.....
Thank you, Brenda HUSS-WILSON

Cheryl Bath DOTSON 31 JUL 2000 I am trying to find out if the Buckeye Cemetery is where my grandfather, grandmother, and possibly other ancestors are buried. Their names are Theodore Roosevelt BATH and she was Nellie DULEY BATH. His father was Charles Sheldon Augustus BATH.
Thanks for your time. Cheryl BATH DOTSON

Molly DEVOID 03 AUG 2000 Would like to correspond with anyone concerning Taylor DEVOID who appears on the 1870 Ellis (sic) Co., KS Ellsworth census. Any help would be appreciated.

Mary K. BERG 14 AUG 2000 I would like to exchange information on George SHIVELY, s/o John SHIVELY & Anna MELIZA. Born 21 Feb 1842, Henry Co, IN. Married 11 MAR 1869 to Sarah A. CUMRINE at Davis Co, IA. In 1907 he was a resident of Kanopolis, Ellsworth Co., KS, according to his father's obituary. I am looking for his death date, place of burial, and any children.
Mary K. BERG MKMeliza@aol.com

Robert URBAN 16 AUG 2000 I hope that you might be able to help me out. I've been searching so many historical and genealogy web sites for Kansas and have yet to turn up anything on my family. One piece of information that I thought would be easy to find was my GGGrandfater's name. He was William MONROE and was a sheriff in Holrood between the approximate dates of 1870 - 1910. His wife's name was Eglentine CALVERT MONROE. They had two girls - Cora Ada MONROE (who is my GGrandmother and who later married Jacob DEMEL) and Maybel MONROE. I can't seem to find any information. I also know that my Cora grew up there and was married there. If this is out of your range, might you point me in another direction? I'm a little new at this. An information would be helpful. It's funny, my entire family tree passed through Kansas at one point or another and I can't find anything on any one of them. Hope you can help. Other family surnames that you might find include: MONROE, DEMEL, KIRCHHOFER, STUTLER, CALVERT.
Thanks so much for your help! Andrea LEVI-URBAN

Debby EVANS 16 AUG 2000 Mason DAVENPORT & wife Temperance DAVENPORT nee CURTRIGHT were living In Ellsworth, Ellsworth Co., 1885. I believe Temperance (CURTWRIGHT) DAVENPORT to be buried there. Any info on this family would greatly be appreciated.

Frank D JURENKA 14 SEP 2000 Am seeking a lookup for the 1920 Census for the Frank (Franz) JURENKA family with specific needs of year of arrival and year of naturalization.

Bill BASCOM 16 SEP 2000 I am looking for any and all information on my great grandfather who homesteaded in the Ellsworth area in the mid 1870's. His name was Daniel C. BASCOM and he homesteaded sections 24 and or 25 of the County Assessor's Map east of Carneiro. Any information you could direct me towards would be most appreciated.
Thank you, William A. BASCOM 35 Magnolia Drive St. Louis, Missouri 63124-1554 U. S. A. 314-997-2533

Michael BAIN 20 SEP 2000 Looking for information on William A. ASHMEAD, Martha Jane ASHMEAD, George Rufus ASHMEAD who lived in Ellsworth Co. 1870's to 1888. Carolina Anky BOEKEN who married George ASHMEAD August 20, 1884. Paul ASHMEAD born at Alliance, KS in 1885. Helen ASHMEAD born at Alliance, KS in 1887. Wondering if community of Ashmead in Green Garden Twp is connected to ASHMEAD family

MNS2121@aol.com 22 SEP 2000 I am searching for information on my great grandmother, Orpha Sarah LORIMOR and her daughter, Maud Cecil LORIMOR. Maud married Harry Emily Edda STRONG in Ellsworth on Jan. 29, 1902. I think my great grandmother Orpha Sarah LORIMOR remarried some time around 1893-1900. Would like any info on these people.
My email address is: MNS2121@aol.com Thank you.

Janice CHAPEK 30 SEP 2001 Trying to find information on my grandfather, Ladimir Ralph CHAPEK . He was born July 14, 1878 in Holyrood, KS. He, obviously moved at some time to Chicago, because in 1907 he married Anna J. WIEDEMANN in Chicago.
Ladimir was brother to Dolovar, Ottocar, George and Rose. George was in World War I, but died shortly after the war after stepping on a pitch fork. Rose never married. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
--- Janice CHAPEK --- janushka@earthlink.net

Robert SCRIPTER 15 Nov 2000 My gg-grandparents were married in Wilson, Ellsworth County, KS on 4-25-1872. Their names were Stephen Shepard DOLSON/DALSON and Mary Ellen MALLETT. Any connections, please email me.

Bruce KENNEDY 19 NOV 2000 I am trying to get information on Pomeroy, Laura Ann and Adolphus Henry TRYON. The 1870 census index shows Pomeroy living in Ellsworth County in the Fort Harker Post Office area (listed on page37. By the time of the 1875 Kansas Census, Laura Ann and Henry had also moved there. I am trying to find out if Laura died in that area. Also what happened to Pomroy and Adolphus?

CONLEE 29 NOV 2000 I am searching for the place of birth for my 2gg father Frederick LUKER and his brother Henry who was born Sep 1824 in Prussia & died in Wilson, Ellsworth, KA May 1905. The Wilson City Clerk records for internment permits lists the place of birth for Henry's wife Rachael (SCHEITEL) LUKER but not for Henry. They attended the Lutheran church. Often the burial records in the Lutheran Church parish registers lists the place of birth for the deceased. Could someone put me in touch with the minister or repository that may have the Lutheran parish registers for Wilson for the time period I need. I will be happy to pay for the search.
Thank you. Sincerely, Marianne CONLEE conlee @mstar2.net

Cynthia HURD 01 DEC 2000 Andrew RICKETT married to Mary E. (SPENCER) RICKETT lived around Kanapolis, Ellsworth County, Kansas in 1890s
Children are Dr. John Richard RICKETT , Vina RICKETT , Nancy RICKETT , George RICKETT , and Joe RICKETT . Is there a listing of where they are buried?
Is there any information on these children:
Perry CAMPBELL to Serena Ann JOHNSON married August 1, 1861 at Ft. Harker, Kansas both died August 5, 1905 in Kanapolis, Ellsworth County, Kansas. Children are Hulda Barbara CAMPBELL (b10/11/1862), Mary CAMPBELL (b1863), Robert Sherman CAMPBELL (b4/21/1865), Elijah J. CAMPBELL (b9/11/1866), Charles D. and Harker CAMPBELL - twins (b11/3/1868-died soon after birth), Sarah Anna Campbell (b7/12/1869), Melvin Grant CAMPBELL (b5/28/1871), and Catherine Raheumania CAMPBELL (b4/19/1875).
Is there a listing of where they are buried?
Is there any information on these children?
Dr. John Richard RICKETT to Hulda Barbara CAMPBELL married December 25, 1880 in Kanapolis, Ellsworth County, Kansas Is there any information on their marriage?
Children: Louie Ethel RICKETT (b9/2/1883), Sarah Ann RICKETT (b6/28/1885), Johnny Campbell RICKETT (b12/30/1888 - d4/30/1889 sever burns), and Amy Eunice RICKETT (b6/19/1890). All born in Ellsworth, Ellsworth County, Kansas. Is there any information on where Johnny was buried?

GN7NRANCH@aol.com 01 DEC 2000 I am looking for genealogy information about George Napoleon ARD family about 1890.

Sharon CAIRNS 26 DEC 2000 Trying to get information on Vemba Mae DUSBABEK who is thought to have been born in Wilson about 1890 to Joseph John and Barbara DUSBABEK . E-mail: cairnss@euler.mcs.utulsa.edu

Linda 28 DEC 2000 My husband's grandmother was Florence Mildred (HENRY) HIXON . She was born June 15, 1895 in Ellsworth Kansas to John Ellery HENRY and Rosamond E. BAKER. She married James L. HIXON May 09, 1915. She died March 28, 1973 in Lawton Oklahoma. I have been unable to find anything on this HENRY line. Does John Ellery HENRY sound familiar to your HENRY research. John Ellery HENRY was born March 1864 possibly Pennsylvania. and died May 1942 Unknown
Thanks in advance, Linda RUSSELL

Mary EVERS 03 JAN 2001 Book: History of Kansas, State and People. Individuals to look up: John HOUSINGER (could also be spelled HUIZENGA) Nicholas HUIZENGA
This information I have from a book, Our Roots are Deep, A History of Monee, Ilinois, by Murial Milne. John H. moved to Ellsworth in 1878 and died there on or about Jan. 1st, 1893. Earlier in his life he lived in Monee, IL, Will County and in Tree Oaks, Michigan. I am trying to make a connection between this Housinger and my husband's Great Great Grandfather Ewald HUIZENGER.
I believe that Nicholas HOUSINGER (son of Ewald) was an heir to John H. I have found a record that Nicholas married Hulda REDINGER in Kansas (year unknown) so a connection seems likely. It also says of this John H. that he served in the Mexican War and in 1848 acquired land in Will County, IL.
If you can find any records of John HOUSINGER and Nicholas HUIZENGA in your books I would be so grateful.
Thank you, Mary EVERS

Janelle JOHNSON 04 JAN 2001 The name I am searching for is Carl Fredrik SVENSSON (later SWANSON), b. 18 July 1847 in Vena, Kalmar, Sweden. He lived in Illinois in 1873, then moved to Marquette, Kansas before 1886. Probably farmed. Then he is in the McPherson Co. census in 1920. By then he is about 73 years old. I can only assume he died there or near there sometime after. He had a wife, Matilda Sophia (TILDA) JOHNSON, b. 26 Dec. 1854 in Sweden, a son, Carl Johan SWANSON , b. 24 Aug. 1876 in Woodhull, Henry Co., Ill. but the next child Emma, was born in Kansas, July 1886. Then Anna b. Feb. 1894 in Kansas. Looking for descendants of this family. thanks.

Barbara SHEEHAN 04 JAN 2001 Am interested in a FLETCHER family, daughter Isabel born about 1880-90, attended Central Normal School in Great Bend, married in 1910 to Senator George McGILL and divorced in 1918. Isabel worked for a time at the Wichita Eagle newspaper in Wichita. This is my husbands grandmother and we would like more information, birth date, parents names, etc. Any information would be appreciated.
Barbara SHEEHAN elbarbara@aol.com

Pat DECKER 04 JAN 2001 How can I find World War I military information about Clarence Leroy HUNTER? He was b 9/02/1894 and d 3/08/1954. He was born and died in Ellsworth County. He supposedly went into the World War I service on 5/25/1918. He lived on a farm in Ellsworth County all his life. I think he might have been a cook in the war and I know he was overseas, but I don't know where. Do you have any suggestions as to where I might find any kind of military information about him? Any suggestions appreciated.

Pat QUINN 04 JAN 2001 I am looking for a Morris Erastmus HEADLEY. He died in Ellsworth Co. in April of 1928. some of his children were: Lowell, Goldie , Lawrence, Gladys, Wanda, Sylvia, Lester and Nellie.
He was my great grandfather's brother. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Pat QUINN

J D WAFFORD 04 JAN 2001 Am looking for any information regarding Franklin Edgar HISSEM and wife Evelyn, who lived in Ellsworth County. I do not know Evelyn's maiden name, but do know that they had a daughter Margaret Evelyn HISSEM, born March, 1920-1925? Any information may be sent to JDWafford@aol.com
**UPDATE** 18 Dec 2001 I have discovered new information regarding this family. Frank's wife's name was Florence (GREEVES], not Evelyn like I had been told. I would still like any information that I can get concerning this family. Thank you, Joyce

Debbie EWERT 21 FEB 2001 I am searching for information about my grandmother Helen MCGUIRE who had a daughter Phyllis (MCGUIRE) NEWTON born in Kanopolis, Ellsworth Co. Helen MCGUIRE was married to Robert NEWTON of Goodland ,KS. Phyllis was born in 1933 and Helen was 20 at the time.

Shery JARVI 01 MAR 2001 I am trying to find Ruth HOREJSI , maiden name SHERIN. Her father; James Sherin, born In Orange Township, Douglas County Minnesota, July 11, 1891, was my grandfather's brother. I am reseaching our family tree. My Mother who is 76 remembers that her dad's brother [James] had a daughter named Ruth. Do you think there is a connection anywhere?

Teresa GREEN 18 MAR 2001 I am looking for the burial place of my grgrGrandfather. I haven't been able to find any relative that can tell me where in Kansas the family lived in the late 1890's, just that it was in Kansas. I have been able to locate a picture of the headstone for my grgrGrandfather so I know one at least did exist. The information is:
Charles Fredrick WILLITTS b. April 25, 1854; d. September 8, 1897
The writing on the picture is fuzzy, so I am unsure if the "family info" is correctly engraved into the headstone. The headstone is white in color and looks to be sitting on a cement plot outline. Other family surnames possibly traveling together at that time is: SWITSER, KEMPTON, JAQUES, and/or DONNELLY.
Do you have this listing in your information?
Thank you for your help.
Teresa GREEN

Allen TOMAN 29 MAR 2001 Do you know if there use to be or currently is an Indian Reservation at or near Kanopolis. My father was born at Kanopolis in 1923 and I was told that it was at the Indian Reservation. If this info is correct, could you tell me where I may find some info about it. Thank you for assistance.
Kansas City, Missouri

Jean S POWELL 02 APR 2001 I am searching for information on the Thornburg family. Mary Ellen WHITE THORNBURG was born 1838 in IN and was in Ellsworth County in 1888. I do not have her husband's name. Any information on the family would be greatly appreciated.

Fred BLAIR 07 APR 2001 Looking for information on KRALIK and MUDRA. A Lottie KRALIK married Wenslow ZAJIC and they lived in the Holyrood area. Also Josie KRALIK married Henry ZAJIC in the same area. Thank You. Fred BLAIR

Dee (SCHWEIGEN) BROWN 23 APR 2001 I am currently researching my family tree and was wondering if it would be possible for someone to look up the obits for the following family members.
Robert SCHWEIGEN - died Jan. 1971, Kanopolis Kansas Elizabeth SCHWEIGEN - died Nov. 1972, Kanapolis Kansas
Thank you for all your help
13204 N. Maher Rd.
Brimfield, IL 61517
email - sdbrown@bwsys.net

Hilda DURNIL HUTCHINSON 27 APR 2001 My cousin & I are searching for burial of our Gr-gr-grandmother that we beleive might have been buried in one of the two cemeteries listed on net. She gave her address as Ellsworth County, KS as she had applied for a civil war pension of Henderson B. DURNIL. The pension stopped and they have her death as 18 APR 1900. Her name was Jacinthia (Cynthia) CALVERT HAWKINS DURNIL. She was married (2nd)10-10-1850 in MO to Mr. DURNIL. Could be spelled DURNELL. If there is a charge for this please e-mail me with your instructions.
Thanks, Hilda DURNIL HUTCHINSON -Gene_hel_hel@lyn.net

Bud CALVERT 16 MAY 2001 I'm trying to locate the daughter of Jane HOUSER. (maiden name, I don't know her married name) I was told recently that Jane had died about 5 years ago in Ellsworth. She had lived there for several years with her husband and two children, a girl and a boy.
Now to make this story longer. My mother borrowed Emily HOUSER's (Jane's mother) punch bowl and cups, at least 50 years ago. Emily died in a tragic train accident about this same time. My sisters and I lost touch with Jane. I was also told that Jane is buried somewhere in Ellsworth. Your help would be greatly appreciated. The punch set needs to be returned.
Thanks in advance for your assistance. Our mother would rest much easier if she thought we had found the rightful owner.

Pat DAVIS 27 MAY 2001 I am looking for information on my ggreatgrandparents. They were Jacob and Myrtle Mae KLINE. They lived in Ellsworth County from about 1892 until their deaths. Jacob was born 5/5/1862 in PA. Myrtle Mae was born in NY.8/1891. His parents were Michael and Ephia KLINE and hers were ? ROBINSON and Charlotte WALKER ROBINSON. Jacob died in 1928 and Myrtle in 1946. They had 13 children. John, Ephia (died at 1yr), Ben, Hazel, Asa, Lucille, Donald, William, Eva, Iva, Aleta and Ted. According to 1920 Ellsworth County Census he was a farmer. The location listed is Empire Township. I know they are buried in Buckeye Cemetery. If anyone has any knowledge of any of these people, I would like to hear from you.

rdstphsn 07 JUN 2001
Looking for ANDERSON in Langley cemetery.

Phillip LONG 10 JUN 2001
Looking for any info on my gr gr gr grandfather David Burton LONG. Thank You.
Phillip LONG

Linda Early MESINAR 11 JUN 2001
I am researching my Great Grandfather Charles J. EARLY who lived in Kanopolis, Ellsworth Co., KS at least until 1950. He married Clara (no last name). Charles went by "C J" to most. He was a member of the Free Masons of Kansas and the Odd Fellows in Wakeeney. His 1949 drivers licence was issued to him with an address in Kanopolis, KS. He originally settled in Palco, Rooks Co., KS with his parents George James EARLY and Amelia (METCALF) EARLY in about the early 1870's. They were farmers for the most part, but I know they did other things as most did to survive back then. CJ's first wife was Lulu GINDER daughter of Francis GINDER and Jennifer RICHARDS. They had three children, Marion EARLY, Margaretta EARLY and Charles Alvin EARLY (my grandfather). Marion EARLY lived with his father and grandmother Amelia for a very long time in Kansas, possibly until their deaths - while Lulu took the other two children, when still very little, off to California with her and married another man by the name of CORPORON. CJ EARLY lived in Kansas until his death, and I'm trying to find where he is buried and also where his mother Amelia and son Marion and second wife Clara are buried. Any information or connections with other family of the GINDERS/RICHARDS or family of Clara (?) would be wonderful. Thank you, Linda Early MESINAR (Nevada)
My email address is: shelbygma@aol.com

AToman3180@aol.com Fri, 15 Jun 2001 I am looking for any members of the TOMAN Family who currently or previously lived in Ellsworth County. My father, Alfred TOMAN was born at Kanopolis in 1923. His father was Charles Irvin TOMAN and his grandfather was William James TOMAN. Any help would be appreciated. I know there is still some TOMANs in Ellsworth county and am looking for a family connection. Thank you.

Bob TREHEARNE 01 JUL 2001 I am looking for anything on the TOBIAS Family. They were early residents of Wilson- 1880. I am trying to trace the family as there are TOBIAS members in my ancestry. Annie TOBIAS was my grandmother and she was about 15 years old in 1880. Any help will be appreciated.

Billie Lee RAMMELSBERG Sat, 7 JUL 2001 Can anyone tell me what happened to Henry RAMMELSBERG , his wife Sidonia (KARST), RAMMELSBERG, and his daughter, Helena RAMMELSBERG? He opened a store building in Ellsworth Co., KS in 1879, dealing in dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, millinery, & notions.
e-mail: allcockw@netins.net
P. O. Box 13
Blairstown, IA 52209-0013

Gary A. THOMPSON Sat, 14 JUL 2001 I am seeking information on the family of Gilbert Lewis BAKER, b. 3-14-1873. He married Grace Mary EIKLEBERRY b.3-20-1877. They had a child James Merle BAKER b. 7-17-1897 and died 4-1976 in Holyrood. He married Virginia GOODMAN b. 7-27-1900 and died 2-6-1987. They had children James Maynard born 12-5-1950 and Peggy Sue. Gilbert Lewis's father was James Washington BAKER and his mother Harriett "Hattie" M. WEEDMAN
We are working on a family tree that relates to this BAKER line
Gary and Cheri THOMPSON
email: garyt82148@prodigy.net

Edna J. MILLER Sun, 22 JUL 2001 I'm trying to find my great grandmother's grave. She supposedly died in 1878 in Ellsworth Co., KS. Her name was Mary Ann (KING) EBY. She was married to Elias Vandimark EBY and they had several children. Can anyone help me? I need to file for her death record and I can't till I find out for sure where she is buried. Are there old funeral home records somewhere or old newspaper obituaries somewhere or old cemetary records?
P.O. Box 923
Quapaw, OK 74363
email: goldielocks102665@yahoo.com

Edward HERRING 02 AUG 2001 I am doing research on an Old West madam who got her start in Ellsworth County. Her name was "Rowdy Kate" Lowe and at the time she was supposedly married to "Rowdy Joe" LOWE. The pair later moved on to Wichita, but I would be interested in any primary info on either of the LOWEs. I have all the major books and articles on Kate and Joe. What I need are City, County and District court criminal and civil records, newspaper accounts, "old-timer" accounts of the pair, deeds, etc. Any help would be appreciated and I will be glad to cover any expenses for copies, postage, etc.
4017 Co Rd 17
Mt. Hope, Alabama 35651

Arlene JOHNSTON" 14 Aug 2001 My great grndfather William B WAYT and my great grandmother Jennie R JELLISON were from Dorrance and Wilson . I am trying to find out their family history in kansas. I know that william and his sister Mary and Jennie and her brother Sumner and their cousins the STONE children went to a school in Wilson. I have Jennies autograph book from 1882 thru 1884. William and Jennie were married in Dorrance in 1886 and Jennie had a son in 1886 named Howard. I would appreciate any and all info on their families , especially the names of their parents and where they came from......thanks

Linda Williams JANKE 22 AUG 2001 I'm searching for information on William and May (SHAW) OVERTON , who lived in Ellsworth in 1880, and probably divorced there between 1880 and 1886. Do these names sound familiar to anyone out there? Thanks in advance for any help.
Portland, Oregon

Tom BATTLE 16 AUG 2001 I am searching for information about my great-great grandfather, Peter KIELY (or KILEY) and his sister, Mary Ann (KIELY) PHELAN They were among the emigrants from Bruce County, Ontario, who came to Kansas in the 1870's. Apparently a leader of the group was Roger CAIN, who gave his name to Cain City. The group also apparently named Holyrood, after a small village in Bruce County.
Peter emigrated around 1880, and settled in Green Garden Twp. He became a US citizen in 1886. He died between 1889 and 1893 (is there an obituary around?) and was apparently buried in the Cain City Cemetery, along with his oldest son William, who died Nov 5, 1885. One daughter, Anna, married Francis LONNON in 1885. Son John married Julia FINNIN in Odin in 1896; their two children were Frances McGLINN and John KIELY. Alex KIELY joined the US Army in 1897 and fought in Cuba and the Philippines, dying there in 1902.
Dennis and Mary Ann (KIELY) PHELAN settled near Holyrood, where they both died on March 22, 1902. Several children: Susanna (b. 1846, married John CORRIGAN , John (b. 1848, married Josephine GROUNDS, went to Missouri), Patrick (1849-1912, married Mary Ellen SULLIVAN, buried in Ellsworth), Marion SUMNER (1851-1929, buried in Odin), James (1853-1916, buried in Odin), Margaret (1855-1943, Odin), Johanna (b. 1857, married Joseph Andregg, moved to Iowa), Bridget (1858-1931, married Patrick CORRIGAN), and Ellen (b. 1860, married SAUNDERS, moved to Oregon?)
Thank you for your assistance.

Garry STEPANEK 25 SEP 2001 I'm looking for information on the John STEPANEK family from Ellsworth, Kansas. John and wife Mary moved to Ellsworth in late 1800's . They had Edward, Frank William , Rose and maybe another. They moved from Riverside Iowa. Contact me at garstep@netins.net.
Thank You

Clarice BAKER 28 Sep 2001 I am looking for name of parents or any information on my g-grandmother, Hattie CORBIN, who was married to Thaddeus Moore, Sep. 24, 1876, Ellsworth. Ellsworth Co. KS. Marriage license states; "they were married at her father's residence on the Mulberry". Any help will be appreciated. Clarice BAKER, 485 W. Linden Way, Heppner, Oregon, 97836, ccbaker@centurytel.net

Peter LUCAS 30 Sep 2001 If Thomas L. KOPKE would contact Peter at plucas@totalise.co.uk I have information about Harlow Daniel KOPKE.

Ethelyn ST JOHN 11 Oct 2001 RE: Betty (Moore) Purma - Looking for any information and an obit. She died 10 April 1999 Re: Charles Purma - Looking for any information and an obit. He died 7 August 1990
Ethelyn ST. JOHN, ethelyn@fiberpipe.net

Kirk DENTI 16 Nov 2001 I am looking for information on my greatgrandparents whom lived, died, and are buried in Holyrood, Kansas. His name was Joseph KLIMA and her name was Mary KLIMA ( I think her maiden name was SCHUTTES). He passed away in approximately 1938 and was born approximately 1883. She died approximately 1945, however, I don't have any date on her birth. Do you have names of cemetaried in Holyrood where they might be buried along with phone numbers? Thank you for your efforts. Sincerely, Kirk DENTI, Fort Worth, Texas

Brad BRADFORD 19 JAN 2002 I am Vernon L. "Brad" BRADFORD, I was born in Ellsworth and both my father and mother were born in Ellsworth county. I am interested in my mother's family history. I know that she was born in 1905 in Ellsworth and her sister Elisa and brother Lawrence were born in Ellsworth county. I know that my grandfather, A. H. "Bert" HENRY worked at the Sherman ranch until he developed his own ranch in the Mulberry creek valley. He later purchased a section on the upper end of Alum creek. My grandfather had a brother who owned or ran a drug store, both them and their spouses are buried in the Buckeye cemetery. I understand they were raised in the Kannapolis area. Did they have any other brothers and sisters, who were their parents, where were they born, where are they're parents buried, where were their parents from,etc......!!!!!! BradBRADFORD bbradfor@amfam.com

Marilyn ROLFS 18 OCT 2002 I'm looking for information on my husband's gr gr grandparents, Fritz and Engel ROLFS arrived in US in 1877. Settled near Lorraine (Ellsworth County), Kansas. Children Cobus b 2/28/1862 in Remmels Ostfriesland, Germany, d 11/8/1922 married Margaret TANNER 3/5/1885 (gr grandparents). Had 10 children, Fred, Henry & Louis, live near Frederick, Jake and Rudolph resides in Chicago, William and Walter are farmers near Genesco. Dortha ROLFS BULA and her husband live in Chicago. Elmer is in the employ of Mr. Henry SIX in Lyons and Miss Clara ROLFS resides with her mother in Lyons. Other children of Fritz and Engel ROLFS, 2 sons Rudolph and John ROLFS and four daughters Mrs. Ernest WENDELBERG, from Stafford, Kan., Mrs. Heye HANKINS from Larned Kan,. Mrs. W. EHRHORN of Wasco, Ca., Mrs. Fred HISSEY of Portland, Ore.
I got all of this information from the death notice of Cobus ROLFS from the Lyons Daily-Nov. 8, 1922.
Any information that you could add would be greatly appreciated. Marilyn ROLFS rolfs@bellsouth.net

Mary RADIX 26 AUG 2002 I am trying to find our family genealogy in Wilson, Kansas. According to the information that I have so far, great-grandfather Stanislaus J. RADIX opened a hotel called the Radix House. There is nothing in Harvey County except an obituary for a child Radix. On the death certificates of two of Stanislaus' children the birthplace is listed as Wilson, Kansas.
Could you be of any help? I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you Mary RADIX

Jean KENNEDY 03 SEP 2002
Trying to find info on William E. TRYON born 1847 in OH. Parents: Jason & Laura TRYON. Were in Saline Co. 1870, Geary Co. 1860. I am trying to find who he married first.

Jean KENNEDY 09 SEP 2002
I am trying to find marriage for Charles HARRISON & Laura Ann TRYON married May 1857.

Linda GROVES 18 SEP 2002
Does anyone have the cemetery records and can do a look-up for Ellsworth County? I'm looking for Leonard JETT who was born Nov 5, Harper, Kansas and died Jul 9, 1964 near Geneseo. Family lore is that although Geneseo is in Rice county, he was buried in Ellsworth county in a cemetery near the two counties borders. Any help?

Mary Lou MORRIS 26 SEP 2002
Francis James CONWAY and Isabella LIVINGSTONE CONWAY, died in Ellsworth Co in 1892, my great-great-grandparents.
(757) 463-3856 (Home)

Looking for information on Erskine BECKER and descendants. Erskine and his wife Catherine Elizabeth STRYKER moved to Ellsworth Co. in Jan 1871 and settled on Clear Creek. He was a postmaster and justice of the peace. Five children were born: Clarence Henry, Gertrude Helen, Mary Elizabeth, George Erskine & Brownlee. Catherine died in 1880 and Mary and Brownlee were adopted by Henry V. & Emma FARIS. In 1883, Erskine married Beulah PASCHALL. They had three children: Bergh Paschall, Harry Veltman & Helen. Any information on these folks would be greatly appreciated.

Robert and Marianne CONLEE 05 OCT 2002
I am looking for the place of birth for Henry LUKER, born in PRUSSIA, Sep 1824. He & his wife Regina (Rachel) resided in Wilson Twp., Ellsworth Co. KS., from about 1882 until their deaths. Regina died 20 Mar 1902 & Henry died May 1905 both are buried in Wilson.
Thank you, Marianne CONLEE

Gordon PALMER 06 OCT 2002
I am trying to gain family information concerning Charles Edward BOEKEN and Ottlie Elleonora VON DOERING who met and married in Ellsworth, KS on March 15, 1883. They then had at least 5 children there before moving on sometime between 1893-1895 on their way to CANADA. One of the children, Edward Charles BOEKEN died there in @1891. In particular I am interested in any particulars around their origins and families of origins that may show up on their marriage certificate. As well, any information on what they did there during that time - farming I would suppose.
Thank you for your efforts, Gordon PALMER
Address: 801 742 Kingsmere Cr. SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2V 4H8

Alice BANKS MAR 2003
Do you have a Henry WABER, died abt. 1885? He was in the Empire Township 1880 census. His wife Linda was still in the same area in the 1900 census - she had evidently remarried - her last name was KING.
Is there a good source in Empire for genealogy research that you're aware of? I'm looking for information on this family. Thank you for your help. Alice

Susan POWELL 09 MAR 2003
Would like to share info. on the POWELL family in Ellsworth County in the late 1800's. Specifically John M. POWELL who married Margaret BROWN. Their children were; William Edward POWELL, born 1865 in Illinois, Charles Hamilton POWELL, born 1867 in Indiana, Linder POWELLl, born 1868 in Illinois, Emma Rachael POWELL, born 1870 in Illinois, Rebecca POWELL, born 1872 in Illinois, Granger POWELL, born 1874 in Illinois. I'm not sure when they moved to Ellsworth county but my grandfather was born there in about 1900. Also know Charles, Granger and Margaret resided in the area. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Sue Susan POWELL susan.powell1@worldnet.att.net

Hello, I am searching for Joseph Dewitt ELLSWORTH b abt 1848 MI. His father was from New York. He married May SHREEVES. Any inf would help,at revaells@earthlink.net thanks Reva ELLSWORTH

Earl & Jo 28 NOV 2003
I looked in the 1880 Census for a family with the last name of WOOD . I found Benj A. and Mary A. WOOD with a daughter named Isa WOOD. She is 7 years old and it says that she was born in Arkansas. She was born approximately 1873.
I believe that this Isa WOOD was adopted by this couple and that her birth name was Isa Phena ROLL or ROLLS. And then she married when she was about 13 to 15 years of age to Daniel Perry KILE. If anybody has any information on this couple or about Isa's birth parents, I would appreciate an email. Thanks, Jo!

Bob LANTRY 30 MAY 2001
I am interested in any information on the LANTRY family that lived in Ellsworth from about 1910 to about 1930. Some may have been there earlier. The fathers name was either Harry Robert or Harry Samuel LANTRY and the mothers name was Dora Elizabeth LANTRY (HARTMAN). These were my parents and I have little information on them since they didn't raise me,. Thanks so much
I some new and addtional information on the name of my birth father...Harry S. (Singleton) LANTRY, Conductor on UP, (mother) Dora Elizabeth HARTMAN LANTRY. The lived in Ellsworth KS from about 1918 until 1928 with two boys and two girls.
I am Harry Robert Singleton LANTRY

Georgiana CORAY 3 JAN 2004
One of my ancestors (g-g- grandfather) resided in Ellsworth County for some time. His name was James Miles COOMBS (b 12-8-1824 or 1826) and he was married to Deborah COOMBS. They were both originally from Maine. I believe he was in Kansas (Ellsworth Co) from 1852, may have left from 1860-65 and then back again. In 1880 he and his wife and one child (Charles) were living in Spring Creek, KS. I think he spent time with General James B. LANE and supposedly (?) was "involved" in the rescue of Dr. DOY in 1859.
Can you be of any assistance to me at all? Sure would appreciate any help.
Georgiana CORAY San Diego, CA

Larry KELLER 17 JUN 2001
I am researching the CRUMRINE and related families. They were living in Empire Township of Ellsworth County as early as 1880, and are believed to still be living there in 1901. The surnames are CRUMRINE, GILKESON and SHIVELEY. Thank you very much for information you can provide. Sincerely, Larry KELLER

George STRELLA 03 JAN 2002 Seeking information about grandparents: John (Jon) STRELLA, B-1853- Bohemia, D-1918-Ellsworth Cemetery; Anna BALIN STRELLA, B-1850- Bohemia, D- 1921-Ellsworth Cemetery. There were twelve children born to them: six in Kozland, Bohemia, and six in Ellsworth. I am the youngest child of their youngest child, James (Vaclav) STRELLA. Would like leads to other family members. Thanks.
George G. STRELLA 5320 E 38th Street, Tulsa, OK 74135 gstrella@ifriendly.com

Sheila K 16 Apr 2003 Surname: SWITLIK On May 19, 1908, my great-grandparents were married in Ellsworth, KS. Their names were Rudolph John HORAK and Jennie Margaret SWITLIK. Jennie's parents were John and Marie SWITLIK. They made their home on a farm east of WaKeeney where they lived until 1927 when they moved into WaKeeney. Thank you for any information you might have.

Jim ANTHONY 22 APR 2003 I am looking for information on K.M. Herold who was in the township of Valley around 1875 to 1890. They had a son John Henry HEROLD who was my Grandfather. Also looking to see if there may living descendants of this family in the area Thank you
CCIE #1025, CCAI
Cisco Networking Academy
Front Range Community College - Westminster, CO

Becky TAPPENDICK 23 JUN 2003 I am looking for anything on a Herman TAPPENDICK and Maria FROHERICH they were married in 1909 in Holyrood, Kansas. Also a Whilhelm, Johanna (wife of Whilhelm) and Emil (son) FROHERICH came to Holyrood 1906 any info on TAPPENDICK/FROHERICH from around the Holyrood, Ellsworth and Great Bend areas would be greatly appreciated. contact Becky TAPPENDICK by e-mail -- Gimp1leg@aol.com thank you

Nancy A. SANDEN 19 AUG 2003 Seeking information and descendants of Hattie HENRY, maiden name BURK. She gave an affidavit for her mother in 1927 and gave address as Carneiro, KS. Information I have gives husband's name as Bert HENRY, have not been able to find them in 1930 census. 1936 obit for her mother, Rhoda BURK, gives name as Hatty HENRY of Carneiro, KS. Any information or leads greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance. Nancy A. SANDEN

Ted WHITMER 16 SEP 2003 I am looking for information on my grandfather's family on my dad's side of the family. My Grandfather's name is Joseph L. WHITMER and he died on Feb. 26, 1945 in Wilson. I know they had a trucking business and maybe ran a grocery somewhere in Ellsworth county. If anyone knows anything about him or his wife Hattie please let me know at twhitmer@indy.tds.net. thanks ted

Stan ALMQUIST 29 SEP 2003 I am attempting to locate the parents of Elizabeth PIEL, born 16 June 1886 in Holyrood. She married James W. FAIRBURN 12 Sep 1906 in Holyrood. Thank you. Stan ALMQUIST Marshall, TX grandson of James FAIRBURN and Elizabeth PIEL NOTE: as of 11 JAN 2004 the above email address is not working... JLC

Mark MYRDAHL 08 OCT 2003 I am researching family history information on the following surnames from Ellsworth County, Kansas: JILKA, STEINER, PETERSILIE, ELBERSON, KROBOTH, DOLECEK, KRATKY and BLAZEK. Any information about these families would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mark MYRDAHL mmyrdahl@adelphia.net

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