Gove County Kansas

Grinnell Township Cemetery


NE 1/4 of Section 3 Township 11 Range 30

The Grinnell Township cemetery is located on the north side of Grinnell, 1/2 mile north and 1/2 mile west of the railroad crossing. There are two stones located north of the cemetery proper, one of a child and the other unknown. The information in this record came from the cemetery grave markers and the Grinnell Township officers. Additional information not on the headstone is indicated in the Notes column between the *.

Grinnell Township Cemetery

SurnameGiven Name Birth Date
on Headstone
Death Date
on Headstone
Row, LotInscription on Headstone
AlbertsonAlice A.x/x/1900x/x/19363-37-4 
AlbertsonDonald L.12/2/19274/21/20012-20AU.S. Army World War II
AlbertsonRobert Neil9/23/19267/19/19833-37-1U.S. Army World War II; *Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
AlbertsonRoy E.x/x/1900x/x/19793-37-3*Died Oct. 11, 1979*
AllisonNina B.5/31/190610/20/19069-158 
AllstonDelilah (Schoonorer)8/21/183411/20/19017-114-4 
AllstonRobert Jamesx/x/1815x/x/18987-114-3 
BarberLeona8/23/19118/30/19119-152-1Our Darling Baby.
BarberSarah Annx/x/1851x/x/19459-152-2Grandmother
BattersonRachel A.6/14/18469/5/190710-176At rest.
BeattieAlice I.x/x/1857x/x/18895-82-1 
BeattieCharles Wardx/x/1890x/x/19015-82-2 
BeattieHarriet Effiex/x/1891x/x/18945-82-3 
BeckmanCarl  8-135*Don S. Hall (Funeral Home) Marker*
BellAlice Agnesx/x/1905x/x/197010-172 
BemissFred J.x/x/1879x/x/19628-133-1Son of William S. and Olive.
BemissKeziah  8-133-6*Don S. Hall (Funeral Home) Marker*
BemissMaud M.x/x/1884x/x/19758-133-2Daughter of Charlie and Mary Morgan.
BemissOlive2/24/185510/17/19218-133-4Mother; *FLT marker*
BemissWilliam E.x/x/1906x/x/19488-133-3 
BemissWilliam S.5/19/18546/26/19058-133-5Father
BeougherBenjamin C.x/x/1856x/x/19311-3-2Father
BeougherDavid Lynn10/14/196310/14/19633-42Son of Delilah and Max Beougher
BeougherE. E.12/13/18778/30/19421-4-1Father. Born New York, NY. Died Grinnell, KS; a Mason; That Something You've Left Us As Memories Will Grow Sweeter, More Cherished Each Day
BeougherEdward Mendell6/7/191610/19/19671-4-3a Mason
BeougherEmma A.9/18/18829/24/19741-4-2Mother. Born Trego Co., KS. Died Grinnell, KS; Eastern Star; That Something You've Left Us As Memories Will Grow Sweeter, More Cherished Each Day
BeougherHarriet P.x/x/1860x/x/19451-3-1Mother. *Died Nov. 12, 1945*
BorahAdalton J.x/x/1917x/x/19406-101- 
BorahDall A.7/21/185910/25/19396-101- 
BorahEdmund H.  6-101-*Died Aug. 14, 1918; No Marker*
BorahEugene Watson5/7/19001/28/19726-101-Kansas CMI U.S. Navy. World War II; *Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
BorahGerald W.x/x/1918x/x/19686-101- 
BorahKilby A.x/x/1893x/x/19636-101- 
BorahKilby H.  6-101-*Died September, 1883; No Marker*
BorahMary L.  6-101-*No Marker*
BorahRay   6-101-*infant; No Marker*
BorahSarah M. Kilby12/29/18375/14/19016-101-Wife of Edmund H. Borah
BossE. H.x/x/1850x/x/19457-110-1IOOF Lodge no. 474 (Gove City, Gove Co.)
BossElzie H.5/10/18828/1/19177-107-1Son of E. H. and Mary Boss.
BossMary7/27/185010/29/19207-110-2At rest. Wife of E. H.
BossSylvia Junex/x/1882x/x/19597-107-2Wife of Elzie H. Boss.
BrandenburgHenry B.9/5/18892/7/19531-7-1 
BrownJerry Dean2/23/19723/21/19981-15Son of William and Barbara; Airbourne; Sgt. U.S. Army Persian Gulf; Veteran -- Desert Storm; *Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
CantrellLaura Jacobitz4/30/19013/14/195211-192-2In Loving Memory. *American Legion marker*
CheneyHenry C.3/24/18842/9/19194-58-3At Rest
CheneyHorace O.x/x/1858x/x/19324-58-2Omnia ad Dei glorium. Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh
CheneyMary E.x/x/1860x/x/19334-58-1Omnia ad Dei glorium. Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh
CheneyRay G.11/8/18857/25/191710-173-2At rest.
ChenowethLydia J.12/4/18963/19/19491-5-2That peace which the world cannot give; *VFW Ladies Auxiliary marker*
ChenowethOrval M.1/25/18969/19/19581-5-3*Veterans of Foreign Wars marker; FLT/R marker*
ChrismanElmer A.3/9/19087/20/19797-121 
ChristnerBaby  5-82-4*Hall Funeral Service Marker*
Cowboy   7-122 
CurryAmerica (Keller)x/x/1870x/x/193111-191-1 
DavisEarl W.3/7/18862/17/196010-167-3Kansas ELEC SGT 2CL U.S. Army. World War I.
DavisEdgar E.x/x/1914x/x/19714-67-1 
DavisHallie B.5/15/18699/4/193010-167-1In Loving Memory of Wife of J. H. Davis. Gone but not forgotten.
DavisJesse H.2/15/18619/21/192410-167-2Gone but not forgotten.
DavisV. Goldie x/x/1911x/x/19884-67-2*Born July 21, 1911; Died Feb. 26, 1988*
DohmAnna Lea  2-25-2Married May 4, 1941; Parents of Lynis and Lea Anna
DohmBeulah M. Kelly  2-25-4Married Aug. 14, 1940; Parents of Donna, Dennis, Delilah, Deanna, Darryl, and Della
DohmGrant G.10/11/19143/26/19912-25-1Married May 4, 1941; Parents of Lynis and Lea Anna
DohmWalter W. 8/10/19161/24/19992-25-3Married Aug. 14, 1940; Parents of Donna, Dennis, Delilah, Deanna, Darryl, and Della
DouglasFrederick7/20/19327/30/20042-19-4Sgt. U.S. Army
DouglasJames J.x/x/1877x/x/19554-55-2*Died Jan. 18, 1955*
DouglasJohn Williamx/x/1918x/x/19744-57*Died Feb. 18, 1974*; PFC U.S. Army. World War II; *Veteran of Foreign Wars marker*
DouglasKatex/x/1891x/x/19784-55-1*Died Dec. 17, 1978*
DouglassBarbara A.12/22/192710/5/19812-19-1Gone to a better life.
DouglassRobert O.4/7/19273/26/19922-19-2Catfish
DownardEdwin L.6/19/19041/12/19933-46-1 
DownardFreda M.6/19/19099/26/19893-46-2 
EarlyCharles C.6/9/190112/23/19017-118Son of Mr. And Mrs. C. R. Early
EastlackCharles D.x/x/1858x/x/19316-89-6Father.
EastlackHattie Cx/x/1864x/x/19496-89-5Mother. *FLT/R marker*
EastlackStanley LeRoy1/8/19165/15/19195-76In loving remembrance of our darling boy; *Son of Roy and Ella (Holaday) Eastlack*
EatonBertha8/27/190012/20/19822-24-1Wife of Ralph. Rebekah; *VFW Ladies Auxiliary marker; FLT marker*
EatonFrank B.x/x/1862x/x/19146-96-1*Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
EatonHarrison  6-96-3Company A, 13th Indiana Calvary. *Civil War Veteran.*
EatonRalph M.6/3/18965/17/19862-24-2Pfc. U.S. Army World War I; *Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
EpplerGeorge 3/25/19048-136Age 44y, 8m, 3d. *Born May 28, 1860* In after time we'll meet him.
EvansJames S.12/28/191310/7/19353-36 
ForneyBruce S.x/x/1875x/x/19546-98-5Father. *Son of P. F. and Mary.*
ForneyEdward H.x/x/1871x/x/19476-98-1*Son of P. F. and Mary. Never married.*
ForneyLulu 8/12/19028-140Wife of B. S. Forney. Age 18y, 2m, 18d. We will meet again. Asleep in Jesus.
ForneyMary J.2/11/18336/25/19096-98-3We mourn.
ForneyNellie M.x/x/1885x/x/19386-98-4Mother.
ForneyP. F. 7/7/19006-98-2Father. Aged 67y, 6m. Husband of Mary Forney.
FrintBettyx/x/1844x/x/19164-53*Born Oct. 15, 1844; Died June 18, 1916*
FrintWilliam E.  4-54*Born Nov. 11, 1842; Died Sept. 3, 1914* Company G, 45th Illinois Infantry. *Civil War Veteran; Veterans of Foreign Wars marker; Post 433 G.A.R.*
GallionArthur Ex/x/1885x/x/19624-65-1*Born Nov. 8, 1885; Died Oct. 13, 1962*
GallionBaby2/8/19212/11/19213-38-2Infant son of R. L. and E. M. Gallion
GallionEmily M.x/x/1889x/x/19643-38-3 
GallionLeonax/x/1909x/x/19974-65-2*Born Feb. 3, 1909; Died Oct. 24, 1997*
GallionRoss L.x/x/1889x/x/19453-38-4*FLT/R marker*
GallionThomas W.x/x/1846x/x/19127-114-2Company C, 67th Ohio Infantry. *Civil War Veteran; Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
GillaspieBetty Jean  10-184*Born Feb. 24, 1926; Died April 18, 1935; Hall Funeral Home Marker*
GladwillRichard Adrian7/1/19337/4/1933 *Grave is north of north drive.*
HammerWorthy D.x/x/1862x/x/19254-56-2 
HarperSylvia A. Slane1/30/18483/6/19157-106-2Wife of W. A. Harper. At Rest.
HarperWilliam A.1/1/184010/12/19177-106-1At rest.
HarrisonM. D. "Doc"11/22/189011/3/19804-66-1 
HarrisonRuth B.7/12/189412/1/19834-66-2 
HayesChester  6-92-2Chet and Nina Sidles were married Aug. 11, 1957
HayesNina  6-92-1Parents of Betty, Becky, Brenda, and Bonnie
HertzingElma (Douglas)  2-19-3*No Marker*
HoladayBetty Lou (Finch)2/15/19291/12/20044-62-3Married Dec. 11, 1948; Parents of Judy, Carol, Roberta, and Karen Sue
HoladayDennis  4-62-2Married Dec. 11, 1948; Parents of Judy, Carol, Roberta, and Karen Sue
HoladayEdwardx/x/1863x/x/19296-91-2*Born Oct. 30, 1863; Died Sept. 28, 1929*
HoladayEva Loree (Maxwell)  5-75-2Married Aug. 13, 1959; Parents of Rick, Ray, Jim, Tom, and Doris
HoladayJenniex/x/1863x/x/19216-91-1*Born Jan. 7, 1863; Died Aug. 8, 1921*
HoladayKaren Sue10/25/196510/25/19654-62-1Daughter of Betty and Dennis
HoladayRaymond C. E.7/13/19164/5/20015-75-1Married Aug. 13, 1959; Parents of Rick, Ray, Jim, Tom, and Doris
HoladayRoy Rx/x/1891x/x/19686-90-3Dad *Born Aug. 4, 1891; Died Jan. 26, 1968*
HoladayVianax/x/1894x/x/19846-90-2Mom *Born March 9, 1894; Died June 15, 1984*
HoladayWilliam  6-90-1 
HoldermanNelson H.2/15/190712/25/19824-68-1*Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
HomedaleD. Mayx/x/1902x/x/19971-9-2*Died Jan. 10, 1997*
HomedaleDurham J.x/x/1892x/x/19691-9-1*Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
HommCharles H.8/1/190110/13/196011-193-5Kansas. Pvt. 845 Guard SQ, AAF. World War II
HommEmma S.3/4/18589/28/18887-114-10How many hopes lie buried here. Peaceful be thy silent slumber. In my Father's house are many mansions
HommGeorge J.7/8/18941/27/195111-193-4Kansas. Pvt. 138 Infantry, 35 Division. World War I. *Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
HommHenryx/x/1865x/x/191911-193-1Love; We shall meet again.
HommMary  7-115 
HooverArlie Z.2/24/190310/19/197812-211-1 
HooverGladys H.4/2/19055/13/199912-211-2 
HooverLovina Mae  12-212Rebekah since 1949
HooverMartin L.1/19/185610/6/19405-78-3 
HooverMary E.6/5/185611/13/19305-78-2 
HooverWilliam L.11/6/18829/22/19105-78-1He giveth his beloved sleep and may he rest in peace. Son of M. L. and M. E.
HowardFlorence L.11/16/18991/17/19773-43-2 
HowardOren R.10/18/188811/26/19783-43-1 
HummerMrs.  5-84*Don G. Hall (Funeral Home) Marker*
JacobitzRalph U.7/24/191711/6/194511-192-3Pvt. Air Corps. Kansas. *Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
JenningsBenjamin F.3/4/18619/4/19279-156-1Father.
JenningsMary M. S.4/27/18652/28/19079-156-2Mother.
KinseyAnna Bell 11/7/194710-170-3*Don S. Hall (Funeral Home) Marker*
KinseyCharles C.x/x/1880x/x/19599-148-2Son of Jacob.
KinseyJacob3/18/18455/15/191110-170-2Father. *Veterans of Foreign Wars*
KinseyLuella x/x/1896x/x/19479-148-1*VFW Ladies Auxiliary marker; FLT/R marker*
KlineGuy William2/27/19228/25/19384-59-1 
KlineInfant Daughter  4-59-2*Hall Funeral Service Marker*
KlineIrene Mae5/27/19199/21/19204-59-3 
KlineJ. W. "Bill"x/x/1884x/x/19674-60-2 
KlineMarie E.x/x/1897x/x/19914-60-1*VFW Ladies Auxiliary marker*
KnudsenAnna C6/3/18575/13/19189-150-2Wife of K. H. Knudsen; We Mourn.
KnudsenJ. Henry12/21/18898/18/19159-150-1Gone But Not Forgotten
KnudsenK.H. (Knud Hansen)8/24/185512/10/19419-150-3We Mourn.
LaMarElma M.x/x/1872x/x/19404-51 
LaMarElsie M.8/30/190711/13/19283-35-1Gone but not forgotten. *FLT marker*
LaMarHarry F.x/x/1904x/x/19603-35-3*FLT on stone*
LaMarWilliam M.x/x/1869x/x/19264-52 
LaunderEunice "Kay" (Albertson)12/1/19241/10/20003-37-2Mother of Richard IV & Patricia
LengelEmma   7-115-3*no marker*
LengelJames P.  7-115-5*no marker*
LengelJoseph9/12/18336/16/19027-116-1Aged 68y, 6m, 4d. We will meet again. In loving memory of. Peace perfect peace. Civil War Veteran Co. A 167 PA Militia; *Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
LengelJoseph D.2/17/18727/5/18997-115-2How many hopes lie buried here. Peaceful be thy silent slumber. In my Father's house are many mansions
LengelMary A.x/x/1842x/x/19157-116-2Gone home.
LengelMinnie  7-115-4*No Marker*
LengelSamuel A.5/19/18758/28/19337-116-3 
LewisWilliam A.2/23/19087/30/19823-44SSGT U.S. Army. World War II; *Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
LongBaby  7-113-2Infant of John and Patience Long. *No Marker*
LucasMrs.  7-113-1*Hall Service (Funeral Home) Marker*
LuckcuckMinnie "Till"x/x/1865x/x/19504-61-1 
LyonsEdward A.x/x/1918x/x/19742-23a Mason
MatherInfantx/x/1908x/x/19088-137-3Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. H.
MatherJ. Harveyx/x/1879x/x/19708-137-1*Eldest son of James and Florence Pence Mather. Married Sarah E. Holaday Nov. 2, 1907. Children: Warren, Gordon, and Grace (Wright). Born Feb. 16, 1879; Died Nov. 14, 1970*
MatherSarah E.x/x/1883x/x/19678-137-2*Married James Harvey Mather Nov. 2, 1907. Children: Warren, Gordon, and Grace (Wright). Born July 25, 1883; Died June 15, 1967*
MathiasTamera L. Rudell7/15/19624/19/20011-10Daughter of Francis & Pamela Rudell; Mother of Jessica
MaurerElmer  8-131*No Marker*
MaurerMartha Elizabeth Gearhart10/3/186210/28/19138-132We mourn. Born in Snyder Co. PA. Died in Gove Co. KS.
McCulloughBeatrice Joan  3-45-2 
McCulloughJames Wilson8/16/19255/18/19833-45-1*Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
McDonaldAnna Marie4/29/19224/29/19228-142Daughter of Emery and Anna McDonald.
McDonaldInfant 2/10/19108-143-2Our Loved One. Son of Mr. And Mrs. W. T. McDonald.
McDonaldL. M.4/23/18462/16/19208-128 
McDonaldLaura B.8/26/18683/22/19128-143-1Wife of W. T. McDonald. Rock of Ages. Love - Life - Truth.
McDonaldMary E.2/15/189111/15/19188-143-3Wife of W. T. McDonald. Rock of Ages. Life - Truth - Love.
McDonaldMary Ellenx/x/1915x/x/19418-143-4 
McDonaldSamuel M.3/31/18799/10/19578-126Son of Thomas.
McDonaldSarah E.9/21/18427/30/19188-127-1Mother. Not my will but Thine be done.
McDonaldThomas M.2/10/18438/10/19178-127-2Father. Company K, 42nd Missouri Volunteer Infantry. *Civil War Veteran 61-65; Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
McDonaldWilliam T. (Billy)x/x/1867x/x/19438-143-5William T. Son of Thomas. Sheriff 1910 - 1914. *No Marker*
MillerAnna E (Homm)4/19/18971/30/194711-193-3 
MillerCordelia12/22/18553/5/19186-93-1Gone but not forgotten.
MillerGeorge Henry4/29/18495/22/19206-93-3At rest. Abide in Me; *Veteran 61-65 marker*
MillerIsaac  6-93-2Company D, 114th Ohio Infantry. *Civil War Veteran 61-65 marker*
MorganCharlie C.x/x/1860x/x/19388-129-2Came from Missouri in 1885.
MorganMary J.x/x/1831x/x/19158-129-1 
NationInfant  6-94-2Budded on earth to bloom in heaven. Son of D. C. and G. I. Nation.
NationLeonard12/28/19091/26/19106-94-1At home with Jesus. Son of D. C. and G. I.
OakesAndrew T.x/x/1881x/x/19533-35-2 
OakesHoward Carter3/24/19173/13/19633-35-4Kansas TEC4 160 FLD. ARTY BN World War II; *American Legion marker and Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
OrtMinnie Eatonx/x/1868x/x/19566-96-2Eastern Star; *Died Jan. 4, 1956*
PetersonGustavus  10-168-2Company B, 104 Illinois Infantry. *Civil War Veteran 61-65 marker*
PetersonHulda Imler11/26/185411/28/193010-168-1 
PritchardHugh R.x/x/1898x/x/19639-161 
PurmaEdward C.x/x/1879x/x/19573-40-2 
PurmaEdward Jerome12/20/19116/17/19933-40-1 
PurmaEmmax/x/1872x/x/19693-40-3*FLT marker*
RacetteTanner Eugenex/x/1982x/x/19822-26-1Infant son of Nicci and Kennan Racette; *born July 11, 1982; died July 12, 1982*
RacetteTobby Phillipx/x/1982x/x/19822-26-2Infant son of Nicci and Kennan Racette; *born July 11, 1982; died Sept. 6, 1982*
RauchCarolyn M. (Crumb)  4-70-2 
RauchGrant O. "Slim"3/29/192211/17/20004-70-1Beyond the Sunset
RoegiersFrancis Alweis  6-89-1U.S. Navy; Burial at Sea
RoegiersFrancis Lee11/16/196511/16/19656-89-3Son of Francis and Lores Lee Roegiers
RoegiersGlen Franklin7/31/19697/31/19696-89-4Son of Francis and Lores Lee Roegiers
RoegiersLores Lee  6-89-2Grand-daughter of Charles D. and Hattie Eastlack
RussellMonica Sue "Nicci"6/6/19626/20/20002-26-3Mother of Tanner, Tobby, Zack, Molly and Cash; Nicci Schoenberger Racette Russell
SchmidtGus A. 1/20/19037-111Farewell. In Memory Of. Age 57 years.
SchmidtMrs. Gus  7-112-1*Don S. Hall (Funeral Home) Marker*
SchwarzFrancis R.7/18/18743/12/19441-5-1 
SheesleyFerne M.1/13/19222/1/19774-64-1In His will is our peace.
SheesleyJan Mariex/x/1951x/x/19524-64-2 
ShermanCyres Franklin3/10/184212/26/19205-73-1Father. At Rest.
SidlesCharles A.8/12/19048/11/19625-77-3Married Aug. 24, 1931
SidlesCharles A.x/x/1869x/x/19257-114-7 
SidlesJosephine I.8/21/18805/23/19665-77-1Mother.
SidlesMabel A.x/x/1880x/x/19297-114-8 
SidlesRay L.x/x/1901x/x/19117-114-9 
SidlesRuth L.6/2/19111/21/20025-77-4Married Aug. 24, 1931
SidlesWilliam H.12/2/18677/11/19275-77-2Father.
SidlesWilliam T.8/13/190511/2/19697-114-6 
Sidles   7-114-5*Charles Sidles' infant; Hall Funeral Service Marker*
SimpsonClarence A.12/13/18797/22/19375-79-1 
SimpsonHudson S.11/15/191612/12/19169-147 
SimpsonIda V.11/x/18597/x/19195-79-3Mother.
SimpsonJames A.5/12/185312/10/19365-79-4Father.
SimpsonOrville L.11/x/18948/x/19105-79-2 
Sites Albertx/x/1857x/x/19487-108-1 
SitesHattie V.x/x/1864x/x/19347-108-3 
SitesMatilda M.1/8/19078/26/19883-41-2 
SitesRussell C.3/5/19055/16/19743-41-1 
Sites   7-108-2*Infant son of RC and Matilda Sites; No Marker*
SpragueA. J. 4/21/19028-139Age 46y, 1d. We will meet again. I.O.O.F 3652 Modern Woodmen of America
SpragueEarl W. 4/16/18977-120-2Children of A. J. and L. D. Sprague. Age 7y, 6m, 10d. Age 1y, 1m, 16d. Farewell. Safe in the Arms of Jesus
SpragueInfant 6/22/19017-120-1In My Father's house are many mansions. Son of A. J. and L. D. Sprague. Come to Me
SpragueVerna May 11/10/18997-120-3Children of A. J. and L. D. Sprague. Age 7y, 6m, 10d. Age 1y, 1m, 16d. Farewell. Safe in the Arms of Jesus
StevensonKatex/x/1873x/x/19391-2-2*Died Aug. 3, 1939*
StevensonRobert J.x/x/1864x/x/19301-2-1 
StoneW. H.x/x/1841x/x/18899-160 
SwitzerElizabeth A.5/29/19118/16/198311-192-1 
SymonsJ. L. x/x/193310-183*Don S. Hall (Funeral Home) Marker*
TeeterDoris F. (Schoenfeld)  3-47-2Married Oct. 22, 1942; Parents of Donald R. Mary Jane, and Larry D.
TeeterWesley M. "Shorty"8/22/19161/30/19973-47-1Married Oct. 22, 1942; Parents of Donald R. Mary Jane, and Larry D.; TEC4 U.S. Army World War II
ThornsberryFreda M.1/18/191312/23/19167-104At rest.
TrueNewcome Robert7/12/18809/30/190810-174Son of R. N. and I. D. True. At rest.
TruemanF. M.x/x/1869x/x/191810-169-2Gone but not forgotten. T.M. Trueman IOOF Lodge no. 595 (Grinnell, Gove Co.)
TruemanMike  10-169-1*Don S. Hall (Funeral Home) Marker*
TwidwellLucinda Shuler Graham12/19/18297/27/190710-179Our Mother.
UnknownBaby   *Grave is north of north drive*
UnknownInfant baby  6-97*No Marker*
Unknown   7-124 
Unknown   9-151*No Marker*
Unknown   9-155*Hall Funeral Service Marker*
Ver SteegWalterx/x/1860x/x/19277-112-2 
VerhoeffFrank J.3/1/18914/3/19569-157 
VerhoeffJohn E.x/x/1895x/x/197310-177-2Husband. Married May 30, 1937.
VerhoeffKathleen M.x/x/1938x/x/19389-153-1Twins of Frank J
VerhoeffLeandert  9-154-3Civil War Veteran 61-65; Company I, 17 1A Infantry
VerhoeffLeonardx/x/1856x/x/19069-154-2At Rest. We Loved Him. World War I. *Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
VerhoeffLeonard Lx/x/1938x/x/19389-153-2Twins of Frank J
VerhoeffMarie J.x/x/1907x/x/196110-177-1Wife. Married May 30, 1937.
VerhoeffMarion A.x/x/1893x/x/19769-154-7 
VerhoeffOliver J.1/1/18802/8/19449-154-6 
VerhoeffRickie Lee10/5/195410/5/19549-149 
VerhoeffWalter E.6/16/18895/19/19017-112-3 
VollbrachtGerald Delton3/4/1925 5-74-1Married Feb. 22, 1952; Parents of David, Dennis, and Duane
VollbrachtSylvia B. (Holaday)5/21/19333/28/20015-74-2Married Feb. 22, 1952; Parents of David, Dennis, and Duane
Von DehsenGerdt H.4/5/18506/24/191310-175 
WagonerTerry Eugene   1-6*Buried June 24, 1948*
WalzErnest G.11/15/188512/10/197110-171 
WheelerPaula Kay 5/9/19456-101- 
WhitcombMilo M.  5-85*Died May 17, 1887*; Company E, 13th Kansas Infantry. *Civil War Veteran 1861-65 marker; Veterans of Foreign Wars marker*
WilliamsJacob W.1/21/18446/30/19085-80-2At Rest. Gone but not forgotten. Company F, 66th Indiana Infantry. *Civil War Veteran; Post 433 G.A.R.*
WilliamsMartha Harbold12/6/184910/19/19245-80-1Wife of Jacob W. Williams. Gone but not forgotten. At Rest.
WrightSimon P.   10-185*Died 1943; No Marker*
YaleF. Onan 3/22/19184/4/19952-27-2Mason
YaleLeila  2-27-1Eastern Star

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