Gove County Kansas

Pyramid View Cemetery


NE 1/4 of Section 17 Township 15 Range 31

This cemetery is located 2 miles south and 1 1/2 miles west of the Chalk Pyramids. It is 25 miles south of Grinnell and 8 1/2 miles west. Portions of the road are definitely "good-weather" road.

Kenneth Russell believes that two acres were given for this cemetery; however, only one acre is fenced in (1986). The land was given by Joe Russell in 1908.

Pyramid View Cemetery
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RowSurnameGiven NameBirth Date
on Headstone
Death Date
on Headstone
6BartlettElizabeth Russell18781959Mother
2BeckleyCora19041908*funeral home marker*
4BowlesRegina Kaye MatyasJuly 27, 1955Dec 13, 1978Aaron Dwaine (son)
3BrowningArthur M.Nov 11, 1892Aug 8, 1952 
3BrowningMabel E.Nov 6, 1893Feb 23, 1983 
3BrowningRuby DorisJuly 22, 1919May 7, 1932 
3BrowningViolet IreneFeb 9, 1913Feb 14, 1913In Memory of the twin daughters of Mr. And Mrs. Arthur Browning.
3BrowningVivianFeb 9, 1913Feb 14, 1913In Memory of the twin daughters of Mr. And Mrs. Arthur Browning.
 BunisInfant  *Unmarked grave. Child of Walt Bunis*
8CoeW. A.Feb 14, 1857Jan 20, 1933 
 CookAnna  *Unmarked grave*
10CookCaroline M.18321921 
10CunninghamIrene L. 19282005Born Dec. 17, 1928; Died Feb. 14, 2005
 DemondMr.  *Unmarked grave*
 DuncanTwin Baby  *Unmarked grave*
 DuncanTwin Baby  *Unmarked grave*
4DysonLinda LeaJune 18, 1943July 8, 1973*appears to be another stone for Linda Lea Meyers*
10EatonBaby  *Possibly a baby of Charlie Eaton. White chalk rock*
11EatonBaby  *Possibly a baby of Charlie Eaton*
7EatonInfant twin   
 EatonInfant twin   
5GrossSandra Jean WrightJan 27, 1953Mar 1, 2002daughter of Loyd & Rosemary Wright
11KennedyDavid O.Apr 10, 1863Dec 22, 1922 
11KennedyJohn E.Aug 18, 1897Jan 10, 1914 
11KennedyLaura J.Feb 12, 1879Jan 2, 1914 
11KennedyMerritt L.Apr 19, 1909Sept 5, 1925 
12LawsonMr.  *Two Negroes named Turnbowl and Lawson are thought to be the first two graves in this cemetery. Pieces of White chalk rock*
4McGuireLeland parents of Larry, James, Eddy and Judy
4McGuireRuby L. SmithOct 26, 1917Feb 20, 2001married May 4, 1940
4MeyersEljy E.May 15, 1914June 9, 1956 
5MeyersGrant O.Oct 30, 1905Aug 28, 1974 
5MeyersLinda LeaJune 1943July 1973Daughter of Grant and Lulu Meyers *appears to be another stone for Linda Lea Dyson*
5MeyersLula M.Feb 26, 1944Dec 8, 2000 
5MeyersShirley AnnJan 17, 1948Feb 24, 1950 
4MeyersWilse AlbertNov 19, 1907June 6, 1960Kansas. PFC Company A, 40 Training Bn. World War II
5MinearBonnie Lee WyrickOct 10, 1962Oct 19, 1990In Loving Memory of
2NayLafe's baby  *cement marker*
11OranderJohn M.June 6, 1869Aug 18, 1950 
11OranderLovettaJuly 10, 1895June 20, 1946 
6RussellDavid A.18751942Father
8RussellElmer LeeFeb 9, 1916Dec 6, 1973 
7RussellIva May Stacy-WrightDec 13, 1896Jan 8 1990*wife of Robert Russell*
9RussellKenneth IvanOct 4, 1925Nov 5, 2006;married July 12, 1942
8RussellKevin Earnest19741984 
8RussellMargaret N.Nov 22, 1921Apr 16, 1932Daughter of T. G. and M. E. Russell.
8RussellMary E.Sept 16, 1910Apr 13, 1915Daughter of T. G. and M. E. Russell.
8RussellMary E.Feb 11, 1881Dec 25, 1949 
9RussellMary JaneSept 4, 1925Mar 23, 2002married July 12, 1942
7RussellRobert A.Aug 25, 1879Feb 4, 1965 
8RussellStacy L.19672001 
8RussellThomas G.Mar 8, 1882Sept 4, 1966 
5SmithBessie M.18921963Mother
5SmithFrank D.19161923 
5SmithFrank J.18921968Father
5SmithViolet I.19121975Sister
 SnooksCal  *Unmarked grave*
3StacyFrank P.July 18, 1868Jan 2, 1923Gone but not forgotten
3StacyMinnie M.May 26, 1873June 20, 1938 
 SuttorInfant  *Unmarked grave*
7TeagueFlossieNov 14, 1908June 29, 2002Mom
7TeagueWilliamSept 19, 1903May 28, 1972Dad
 Tenn BossInfant  *Unmarked grave*
12TurnbowlMr.  *Two Negroes named Turnbowl and Lawson are thought to be the first two graves in this cemetery. Pieces of White chalk rock*
1Unknown   *white rock marker*
9Unknown   *white chalk rock*
1WakelandJames B.Dec 27, 1849May 31, 1932Gone but not forgotten
1WakelandJudy M.June 30, 1852Nov 22, 1934Gone but not forgotten
7WilliamsJohnJune 5, 1932May 4, 2003PFC. U.S. Army Korea *U S Veteran marker*
5WrightAimell L.18911964 
5WrightAlice E.19431969 
5WrightAnnetta V.18991970 
7WrightBessie M.19001908Daughter *Grave moved from SE/4 on 8/15/1931*
6WrightCleve19311937Son of Idella and Clifford Wright
5WrightDelmer L.19301939 
5WrightDoreen F.19371941 
5 WrightEvelyn A.Jan 21, 1912Nov 10, 1929 
5WrightFloyd E.July 1, 1906Feb 6, 1991 
6WrightHarlan1947 Son of Idella and Clifford Wright
6WrightIdella M.Nov 12, 1911Nov 9, 1998 
5WrightLoy O.19401950 
5WrightLoydOct 21, 1922Apr 12, 2002 
5WrightNewell A. "Slim"19171982 
6WrightWilliam CliffApr 2, 1902Apr 7, 1978 
4WyrickDaniel BlackwellDec 9, 1991Feb 7, 1992 
 ZimmeronMr.  *Unmarked grave*

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