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1880 Census

Township 11-26


Continuation of 1880 Census of Township 11 Range 26, Gove County, Kansas, enumerated by John A. Lewis on June 8, 1880

Last NameFirst NameSexAgeRelationship to HeadSingleMarriedOccupationPlace of BirthFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
BrownEffie M.F12DaughterX At SchoolIowaN. Y.N. Y.
BrownGeo. L.M9Son   IowaN. Y.N. Y.
BrownAdeliaF7Daughter   IowaN. Y.N. Y.
BrownAlbert H.M6Son   IowaN. Y.N. Y.
BrownErnestM2Son   IllN. Y.N. Y.
EllisWm.M79  XFarmerNew YorkN. Y.N. Y.
EllisLadernaF73Wife XHouse KeeperNew YorkN. Y.N. Y.
WaitEliza J.F49   BoarderNew YorkN. Y.N. Y.
WaitAllenM17Son  LaborerIllN. Y.N. Y.
McCailleWm.M36  XCarpenterPaPaPa
McCailleMaggieF34   Keeping HousePaPaPa
McCailleCecilaF8    PaPaPa
McCailleValesiaF6    PaPaPa
McCailleBen F.M3    PaPaPa
ShraderGeo. HM53  XFarmerNew YorkN. Y.N. Y.
ShraderEmelineF41Wife XHouse KeeperNew YorkN. Y.N. Y.
ShraderWm. H.M13SonX Help FarmMichN. Y.N. Y.
VandorenWm.M35  XFarmerOhioOhioOhio
VandorenHattieF27Wife XHouse KeeperIndOhioOhio
VandorenWm. Jr.M9Son   OhioOhioInd
HarrisWm.M22 X FarmerIowaOhioIll
ComfortHarryM2    OhioN. Y.Ohio
ComfortHoraceM7/12    MichN. Y.Ohio
PerkinsAlbertM22  XFarmerMichR. I.Mass
PerkinsMaryF21   Keeping House OhioN. Y.France
SuenkedWm.M43  XFarmerGermanyGermanyGermany
SuenkedMinaF37Wife XKeeping House GermanyGermanyGermany
SuenkedSophiaF14DaughterX  MoGermanyGermany
SuenkedLizzieF9Daughter   MoGermanyGermany
SuenkedHenryM2Son   MoGermanyGermany
HillbrendWm.M56  XFarmerGermanyGermanyGermany
HillbrendMarthaF45Wife XKeeping HouseMoKentuckyKentucky
HillbrendElizabethF20DaughterX  MoGermanyMo
HillbrendMaryF18DaughterX  MoGermanyMo
HillbrendSilasM11SonX Help FarmMoGermanyMo
HillbrendCharleyM8Son   MoGermanyMo
HillbrendJohnM6Son   MoGermanyMo
HillbrendMirnaF4Daughter   MoGermanyMo
HillbrendFrankM2Son   MoGermanyMo
SpringerHenryM60  XFarmerGermanyGermanyGermany
SpringerCarolineF50Wife XKeeping House??GermanyGermany
SpringerSophiaF23DaughterX  MoGermanyGermany
PeckJohnM50 X FarmerIll  
RamseyIraM21 X FarmerIllKentuckyInd
FaskerH. W.M22 X FarmerWisEnglandEngland
FaskerAlfred H.M20 X FarmerWisEnglandEngland
HemphillJarvisM42  XFarmerKentuckyTennTenn
HemphillAdalineF38  XKeeping HouseKentuckyNorth CarolinaN. Carolina
HemphillAliceF12 X Keeping HouseIndKentuckyKentucky
HemphillThomasM10 X Help FarmIndKentuckyKentucky

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