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1880 Census

Township 11-27


1880 Census of Township 11 Range 27, Gove County, Kansas, enumerated by J.A. Lewis on June 7, 1880

Last NameFirst NameRaceSexAgeRelationship to HeadSingleMarriedOccupationPlace of BirthFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
FranklinMarcusWM25  XFarmerOhioOhioVirginia 
FranklinChristina N.WF24Wife XHouse KeeperIowaFranceGermany 
FranklinEdwardWM2Son   MoOhioIowa 
GrabbGeo M.WM51  XFarmerGermanyGermanyGermany 
GrabbBetsyWF32Wife XHouse KeeperPaPaPa 
GrabbTensaWF9Daughter   PaGermanyPa 
GrabbAnna M.WF5Daughter   PaGermanyPa 
DeBooreGeo.WM40  XFarmerIndIndInd 
DeBooreLydaWF30Wife XHouse KeeperOhioEnglandOhio 
DeBooreFrankieWM9Son   IllIndOhio 
DeBooreRossieWM7Son   IllIndOhio 
WilliamsGeo.BM39 X FarmerVirginiaVirginiaVirginia 
WilliamsCharityBF45WifeX House KeeperAlabamaAlabamaAlabama 
HunterRussell S.WM43  XFarmerOhioScotlandMaryland 
HunterMary AnnWF44Wife XKeeping HouseIndVirginiaKenty 
HunterWm. W.WM22SonX FarmerIndOhioInd 
HunterMiles W.WM19SonX FarmerIndOhioInd 
HunterSamuel P.WM16SonX FarmerIndOhioInd 
GaligarWm.WM25 X FarmerPaGermanyGermany 
WestAlbertWM49  XFarmerOhioR. I.R. I. 
WestRobert L.WM37  XFarmerOhioR. I.R. I. 
WestLizzieWF39Wife XHouse KeeperIllN. Y.Kenty 
WestMaryWF11DaughterX House KeeperIowaOhioIll 
GriffinHenry C.WM39  XFarmerOhioN. Y.N. Y. 
GriffinMariaWF36Wife XHouse KeeperOhioPaPa 
GriffinEstellaWF5Daughter   IndOhioOhio 
CobbPerry L.WM57  XJoinerPaVermontN. Y. 
CobbSallie M.WF51Wife XHouse KeeperPaPaVermont 
BrownLucyWF42  XHouse KeeperNew YorkN. YorkN. York 
BrownChs.WM14SonX FarmingMichN. YN. Y. 
BrownBurtonWM12Son   MichN. YN. Y. 
BrownWm.WM3Son   MichN. YN. Y. 
CartrightWm.WM42  XFarmerNew YorkN. YN. Y. 
CartrightMaggieWF37Wife XHouse KeeperN. Y.N. YN. Y. 
CartrightOslieWM12SonX At SchoolMichN. YN. Y. 
CartrightCarrie M.WF10DaughterX At SchoolMichN. YN. Y. 
CartrightCorieWF7Daughter   MichN. YN. Y. 
BohnRobertWM29 X FarmerIllDenmarkGermany 
PeachAugustinWM46  XBlacksmithNew YorkGermanyGermany 
PeachElizabethWF43Wife XHouse KeeperN. Y.IrlandIrland 
PeachMariaWF19DaughterX House KeeperN. Y.N. YN. Y. 
PeachJoseph E.WM17SonX House KeeperN. Y.N. YN. Y. 
PeachSamuel M.WM15SonX FarmerN. Y.N. YN. Y. 
PeachMaryWF13DaughterX House KeeperN. Y.N. YN. Y. 
PeachThos. H.WM11SonX Help FarmN. Y.N. YN. Y. 
PeachEllen V.WF7Daughter   VirginiaN. YN. Y. 
PeachGraceWF2Daughter   KansasN. YN. Y. 
SheleJoseph M.WM27 X Li???????PaPaPa 
BrownSamuel P.WM41  XFarmerN. Y.N. YN. Y. 
BrownAnne E.WF35Wife XHouse KeeperN. Y.N. YN. Y. 

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