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1880 Census

Township 11-28 and
Township 12-28


1880 Census of Township 11 Range 28 and Township 12 Range 28, Gove County, Kansas, enumerated by J.A. Lewis on June 2, 1880

Last NameFirst NameSexAgeRelationship to HeadSingleMarriedOccupationPlace of BirthFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
FultonFrancisM29 X CarpentorPaPaPa
KulpJohn E.M36 X Well Mach.PaPaPa
SmithA. J. R.M34  XPrinterOhioN. Y.Pa
SmithH. LouiseF31Wife XHouse Keeper ConCon
SmithGrace L.F8Daughter  At Home OhioCon
SmithWm. K.M6Son  At HomeKansasOhioCon
SmithIrvingM4Son  At HomeKansasOhioCon
SmithMary A.F3Daughter  At HomeKansasOhioCon
SmithRoy A.M1Son  At HomeKansasOhioCon
PatrickMarshallM28  XPlastererIndVirginiaInd
PatrickAnnieF25Wife XHouse KeeperMoMoMo
PatrickLenaF5Daughter  At HomeMoIndMo
WalravenKlasM53  XLaborerHollandHollandHolland
WalravenCorneliaF47Wife XKeeps HouseHollandHollandHolland
WalravenJohnM13SonX LaborerIowaHollandHolland
WalravenPeterM11SonX At HomeIowaHollandHolland
WalravenJantgeF5Daughter  At HomeIowaHollandHolland
VerhoofLenard Sr.M59   FarmerHollandHollandHolland
VerhoofPeterM14SonX LaborerIowaHollandHolland
VerhoofGarretM12SonX LaborerIowaHollandHolland
VerhoofNellieF10DaughterX House KeeperIowaHollandHolland
VerhoofJohnM8Son  At HomeIowaHollandHolland
WalkeyWm. N.M48  XFarmerPaPaPa
WalkeyErma A.F47Wife XHouse KeeperNew YorkN. Y.N. Y.
WalkeyW? W.M23SonX LaborerWisPaN. Y.
HeartleyClar?ce MF55Sisterlaw XBorderN. Y.N. Y.N. Y.
MouldingJosephM44  XFarmerEnglandEnglandEngland
MouldingMary A.F25Wife XHouse KeeperN. Y.EnglandEngland
HamNorman B.M22 X FarmerCanadaVermontEngland
ShawRichard E.M34  XCarpenterEnglandEnglandEngland
ShawMargarettF35  XHouse KeeperPaPaPa
ShawWm. H.M10 X At HousePaEnglandPa
ShawMorris E.M6   At HousePaEnglandPa
ShawLevinF1    PaEnglandPa
ShatteckWm. HM39  XFarmerMaineN. H. Maine
ShatteckAdelineF37Wife XHouse KeeperNew YorkN. Y.N. Y.
ShatteckBeu JimmieM1Son   MichMaineN. Y.
RenittWm. J.M43  XFarmerKansasPaPa
RenittSarah E.F37Wife XKeeping HousePaPaPa
RenittEdward B.M13Son  LaborerPaKansPa
RenittSarah E.F9Daughter   PaKansPa
RenittGeo. P.M7Son   PaKansPa
RenittClarenceM3Son   PaKansPa
RenittEmmaF11/12Daughter   KansasKansPa
HarrisHenryM23 X FarmerMichN. Y.N. Y.
MillerWm.M27 X FarmerN. Y.GermanyPa
??rathJacob W.M28  XFarmerIowaOhioOhio
??rathH???kaF26Wife XHousekeeperIowaOn SeaVermont
??rathIainM5Son   IowaOhioIowa
??rathFredM2Son   KansOhioIowa
??rathBabyF8/12Daughter   KansOhioIowa
WestElyM35  XFarmerDelawareDelMaryland
WestMaryF33Wife XKeeping HousePaPaDel
WestCharleyM13SonX LaboringDelDelPa
WestHarryM10SonX LaboringMarylandDelPa
WestJohn W.M6Son   PaDelPa
WestEddieM5Son   PaDelPa
WestFrankM3Son   PaDelPa
WestEuniceF1Daughter   PaDelPa
EllisLawrence H.M28  XFarmerMichN. Y.N. Y.
EllisAngelineF24Wife XKeeping HousePaPaPa
EllisMaryF3Daughter   IowaMichPa
PlatzGeo.M53  XFarmingOhioPaPa
PlatzClementineF49Wife XKeeping HouseOhioPaPa
PlatzLawrenceM23SonX Laboring FarmOhioOhioPa
PlatzColistaF19DaughterX House KeepingOhioOhioPa
PlatzAdaF17Daughter XHouse KeepingOhioOhioPa
PlatzAmandaF13DaughterX House KeepingIndOhioPa
PlatzChs. S.M10Son  At HomeTennOhioPa
RhodesGeo.M28 X FarmerOhioOhioOhio
SimmonsB.M23  XFarmerKentyKentyKenty
KreighGeo.M35  XFarmerIndPaPa
KreighMaryF33Wife XKeeping HouseIndGermanyGermany
KreighAllenM11SonX Working FarmIndIndGermany
KreighWm. S.M8Son   TenIndGermany
KreighIrvingM5Son   TenIndGermany
ReidHarvey M24 X FarmerPaPaPa
CalthermanTho.M22 X FarmerPaPaPa
GuyMartinM56  XFarmerOhioVirginiaVirginia
GuyElviraF53Wife XKeeping HouseOhioOhioOhio
GuyMary EllaF16DaughterX Keeping HouseOhioOhioOhio
RamseyMaryF3BoarderX BorderIndOhioOhio
EllaAlfredM18BoarderX BorderVirginiaOhioOhio
RowleyWm.M13BoarderX BorderOhioOhioOhio
GrayJas. TM29  XFarmerOhioOhioOhio
GrayMartha J.F25Wife XKeeping HouseOhioVirginiaVirginia
GrayBabyM5/12Son   OhioOhioVirginia
FosdicJohn H.M45  XFarmerOhioOhioOhio
FosdicMary R.F35Wife XKeeping HouseOhioN. Y.N. Y.
FosdicShermanM15SonX LaborerOhioOhioOhio
FosdicNellieF11DaughterX K. HouseOhioOhioOhio
FosdicJennieF4Daughter   OhioOhioOhio
HutchisonJohn J.M47  XFarmerOhioIreland?
HutchisonEliza A.F42Wife XHouse KeeperInd?N. Y.
DiggsEliza D.F7    IowaOhioOhio
MananhallA. NellieF4    IndIndInd
MananhallL. B.M27   PhotographerIndN. CarolinaN. Carolina
CoyCyras J.M37   FarmerN. Y. ConN. Y.
CoyFrank M.M8Son   N. Y. N. Y.N. Y.
McClunMillouM38 X FarmerIndVirgVirg
DiggsAllenM45  XFarmerIndNorth CarolinaN. Y.
DiggsAmanda E.F44Wife XHouse WorkOhioN. Y.Con
DiggsMaryellaF22DaughterX House WorkIndIndOhio
DiggsJohn D.M5Nephew   IowaIndOhio
DiggsHiramM46  XFarmingIndIndInd
DiggsCarrieF35Wife XHouse KeepingIllCanadaOhio
DiggsHattieF11Daughter  House KeepingIowaIndIll
DiggsEdwinM13Son   IowaIndIll

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