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1880 Census

Township 11-31


1880 Census of Township 11 Range 31, Gove County, Kansas, enumerated by J.A. Lewis on June 18, 1880

Last NameFirst NameSexAgeRelationship to HeadSingleMarriedOccupationPlace of BirthFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
MillerRogerM38  XFarmingVermontVermontScotland
MillerAnnaF38Wife XKeeping HouseN. Y.N. Y.Con
MillerChs.M14SonX FarmerIllVermontN. Y.
MillerShalerM12SonX FarmerWisVermontN. Y.
MillerRogerM10Son  FarmerWisVermontN. Y.
MillerAlvaM7Son   WisVermontN. Y.
MillerEdnaF5Daughter   WisVermontN. Y.
MillerAnnaF3Daughter   WisVermontN. Y.
BoombowerGeo. D.M29  XFarmerN. Y.CanadaCanada
BoombowerAddieF26Wife XKeeping HouseN. Y.CanadaCanada
BoombowerFred K.M5Son   N. Y.N. Y.N. Y.
BoombowerJohn M.M4Son   N. Y.N. Y.N. Y.
BoombowerElla G.F2Daughter   N. Y.N. Y.N. Y.
AndersonJohn E.M50  XFarmerNorwayNorwayNorway
AndersonElizabethF39Wife XKeeping HouseMoMoMo
AndersonGeo. N.M13SonX Help FarmMoNorwayMo
AndersonMary A.F10DaughterX  MoNorwayMo
AndersonCarlotteF8Daughter   MoNorwayMo
AndersonWm. E.M5/12Son   KansasNorwayMo
SchmittJas. E.M34  XFarmerN. Y.CanadaN. Y.
SchmittEly A.F33Wife XKeeping HouseVermontVermontVermont
SchmittMartin L.M9Son   N. Y.N. Y.Vermont
SchmittAsaM7Son   N. Y.N. Y.Vermont
SchmittWillieM5Son   N. Y.N. Y.Vermont
WebbChs. O.M30 X FarmerMo  
McGregorAsaM31 X FarmerN. Y.VermontVermont
LynchThos.M50  XFarmerIrlandIrlandIrland
LynchMargarett E.F44Wife XKeeping HouseN. Y.IrlandCanada
LynchAnneF21DaughterX  WisIrlandN. Y.
LynchLouiseaF15DaughterX  WisIrlandN. Y.
LynchEugenaF13DaughterX  WisIrlandN. Y.
LynchGeorgeM10SonX  WisIrlandN. Y.
Lynch GraceF7Daughter   WisIrlandN. Y.
CowallNewmanM49  XFarmerN. Y.N. Y.N. Y.
CowallMartha J.F46Wife XHouse KeeperIndKentuckyKentucky
CowallWm.M25SonX  IllN. Y.Ind
CowallGeo. E.M23SonX  IllN. Y.Ind
CowallSarah L.F21DaughterX  IllN. Y.Ind
CowallMary M.F19DaughterX  IllN. Y.Ind
CowallFrancis M.F14DaughterX  IllN. Y.Ind
CowallJohn C.M9Son   IllN. Y.Ind
CowallWaller E.M6Son   IllN. Y.Ind
GregoryWm. N.M42  XFarmerPaPaPa
GregoryAliceF31Wife XKeeping HousePaPaPa
GregoryGeo. H.M13SonX  PaPaPa
GregoryLee J.M8Son   PaPaPa
GregoryMay A.F5Daughter   PaPaPa
HarveyRobertM54  X MassCanadaCanada
HarveyMary A.F55Wife   MassFranceCanada
HarveyHattieF7    MassMassMass

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