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1880 Census

Township 11-46


1880 Census of Township 11 Range 46, Gove County, Kansas, enumerated by J.A. Lewis on June 18, 1880

Last NameFirst NameSexAgeRelationship to HeadSingleMarriedOccupationPlace of BirthFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
HearnBen G.M39  XFarmerMarylandDelDel
HearnMattie J.F35Wife XKeeping HouseOhioPaOhio
PlechatyLyndieM29  XFarmerBohemiaBohemiaBohemia
PlechatyMaryF25Wife XKeeping HouseBohemiaBohemiaBohemia
PlechatyJuliaF4Daughter   IllBohemiaBohemia
PlechatyJohnM3Son   KansasBohemiaBohemia
PlechatyLaimelraF1Daughter   KansasBohemiaBohemia
DykeAlbertM30  XFarmerIowaIrlandIrland
DykeMaryF24Wife XKeeping HouseIowa  
BelandEmedyM37  XCarpenterCanadaCanadaCanada
BelandHarretteF35Wife XKeeping HouseCanadaCanadaCanada
BelandJosephineF14DaughterX  IllCanadaCanada
BelandBenaveM12SonX  IllCanadaCanada
BelandGeorgeM10Son   IllCanadaCanada
BelandArchieM8Son   IllCanadaCanada
BelandLouisaF6Daughter   IllCanadaCanada
BelandLawrenceM2Son   IllCanadaCanada
WatsonWm.M28 X FarmerEnglandEnglandEngland
HamiltonJamesM47  XFarmerIrlandScotlandScotland
HamiltonMaryaF42Wife XKeeping HouseN. Y.IrlandIrland
HamiltonWm.M21SonX R.R. Emp.N. J.IrlandN. Y.
HamiltonJosephM16SonX FarmerN. Y.IrlandN. Y.
HamiltonSarah J.F11DaughterX  WisIrlandN. Y.
HamiltonMaryF8DaughterX  WisIrlandN. Y.
HamiltonJas. A.M6Son   WisIrlandN. Y.
PetersonGusM34 X FarmerIllSwedenSweden
DeHaamAdamM44  XFarmerHollandHollandHolland
DeHaamFiskamF53Wife XKeeping HouseHollandHollandHolland
DeHaamJohnM18 X  HollandHollandHolland
StilsonRussellM55  XFarmerN. Y.VermontVermont
StilsonClaraF51Wife XKeeping HouseN. Y.N. Y.N. Y.
StilsonHarveyM25SonX FarmerN. Y.N. Y.N. Y.
StilsonWillieM17SonX FarmerMichN. Y.N. Y.
StilsonMayF9Daughter   MichN. Y.N. Y.
WoodsSamuelM63   FarmerN. Y.  
ParkerWm.M39  XFarmerN. Y.EnglandN. Y.
HaynesGeo.M25 X BlacksmithMichN. Y.N. Y.
WoodhamsJessieM25  XFarmerMichN. Y.N. Y.
ShawJohn P.M55  XFarmerN. Y.  
ShawSarahF50Wife XFarmerN. Y.  
ShawFitz HenryM28Son XFarmerN. Y.  
AdamsJohn S.M31  XFarmerIllManeMane
AdamsPhebe G.F35Wife XKeeping HouseIndOhioOhio
AdamsGestadoudM8Son   IowaIllInd
AdamsMaudF6Daughter   IowaIllInd
ClarksonChs. L.M35  XFarmerIllIllIll
ClarksonMarraF27Wife XKeeping HouseIllIndOhio
ClarksonChs.M5Son   IllIllIll
ClarksonNesterM2Son   IllIllIll
ClarksonBabyM2/12Son   KansasIllIll

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