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1880 Census

Township 11


1880 Census of Township 11, Gove County, Kansas, enumerated by J.A. Lewis on June 16, 1880

Last NameFirst NameSexAgeRelationship to HeadSingleMarriedOccupationPlace of BirthFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
CorrettJosephM29  XGen MerchantNew YorkFranceFrance
FinleyJohn P.M23 X Clerk in StoreIowaIrlandIrland
JohnsonGus F.M28  XR.R. Emp.SwedenSwedenSweden
JohnsonClaraF28  XKeeping HouseSwedenSwedenSweden
JohnsonHillmanM8    SwedenSwedenSweden
JohnsonEllenF3    SwedenSwedenSweden
NeffWm. E.M21 X BlacksmithPanPenPen
RinheartChrist C.M24  XBlacksmithPenPenPen
Peer?Jas. C.M25 X Saloon KeeperKansas  
DonoldsonThos.M18  XHotel KeeperKansas  
DonoldsonKateF18  XKeeping HouseKansas  
E?ffan??augerJ.M23 X R.R. Emp.SwitSwitSwit
FaustAdamM34  XHotel Prop.PaPaPa
FaustMary A.F33Wife X PaPaPa
FaustIda M.F7Daughter   PaPaPa
FaustMelvinM5Son   PaPaPa
FaustBessie J.F2Daughter   PaPaPa
FaustJaneF16 X  PaPaPa
LeachJohnM38 X R.R. EmployIrlandIrlandIrland
EnglishJohn W.M30 X R.R. EmployN. Y.IrlandIrland
Cox?Chs. A.M33  XR.R. EmployWisPaIll
BarkieJohnM21 X R.R. EmployScotlandScotlandScotland
BelandJohnM27  XR.R. EmployCanadaCanadaCanada
BailieWm. J.M26 X FarmerWisIrlandIrland
BrackWm.M28    HollandHollandHolland
SmithGusM33 X LiveryGermanyGermanyGermany
JonesEmmaF21  X IndCanadaN. Y.
JonesJoseph A.M2Son   IndIndInd
JonesCoraF5/12Daughter   IndIndInd

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