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1880 Census

Township 12-26


1880 Census of Township 12 Range 26, Gove County, Kansas, enumerated by J.A. Lewis on June 9, 1880

Last NameFirst NameSexRaceAgeRelationship to HeadSingleMarriedOccupationPlace of BirthFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
KleineJohnWM36  XFarmerNew YorkGermanyGermany
KleineSophiaWF35  XHouse KeeperNew YorkGermanyGermany
KleinWallis S.WM16SonX FarmerNew YorkGermanyGermany
KleinEmma J.WF33Boarder X New YorkGermanyGermany
KleinArchaboldWM13BoarderX  New YorkNew YorkNew York
KleinEmma S.WF11BoarderX  IllNew YorkNew York
KleinElla D.WF5Boarder   IllNew YorkNew York
KleinHarry J.WM6/12Boarder   IllNew YorkNew York
KleinLizzieWF37BoarderX  New YorkGermanyGermany
BatesJamesWM32  XFarmerEnglandEnglandEngland
BatesSarah J.WF25Wife XHouse KeeperEnglandEnglandEngland
BatesSarahWF5Daughter   MarylandEnglandEngland
BatesJohnWM3Son   MarylandEnglandEngland
HastingsW.WM41  XFarmerIrlandIrlandIrland
HastingsMargarett J.WF39Wife XKeeping HouseIrlandIrlandIrland
HastingsChs. A.WM8Son   MichIrlandIrland
WilliamsIrvinWM28 X LiveryN. H.N. H.N. H.
WilliamsClaraWF25SisterX House KeeperN. H.N. H.N. H.
WilliamsNellieWF20SisterX  N. H.N. H.N. H.
MartinJacobWM40  XFarmerPaPaPa
MartinAnnieWF37Wife XHouse KeeperPaPaPa
MartinKittieWF13DaughterX House KeeperOhioPaPa
MartinJohnWM3Son   IllPaPa
BartlettFranklinWM56  XCarpenterMassMassMass
BartlettSarahWF41Wife XHouse KeeperPaPaMaryland
BartlettJessieWF10Daughter  House KeeperIllMassPa
GubbinsPatrick J.WM45  XFarmerIrlandIrlandIrland
GubbinsGrace M.WF36Wife XHouse KeeperIrlandIrlandIrland
KraftWm.WM42   FarmerGermanyGermanyGermany
KraftWm. Jr.WM7Son   OhioGermanyGermany
KraftDavidWM5Son   OhioGermanyGermany
KraftJohnWM3Son   OhioGermanyGermany
KraftFredieWM7/12Son   KansasGermanyGermany
CallyLizzie M.WF38  X IllN. Y.N. Y.
CallyHarryWM15SonX FarmerIllN. Y.N. Y.
CallyHerbert E.WM11SonX Help FarmerIll  
LewisEbenesorBM30 X FarmerN. Y.N. Y.N. Y.
ClarkWm. H.BM40  XFarmerVirginiaVirginiaVirginia
HillForest M.BM27  XFarmerMichVirginiaOhio
ComfortHenry A.WM66  XFarmerN. Y.N. Y.N. Y.
ComfortMarna A.WF66Wife X N. Y.PaConn
ChaceMyer? H.WM36  XFarmerOhioN. Y.N. Y.
ChaceLydiaWF33Wife X MichN. Y.N. Y.
ChaceEffieWF9Daughter   OhioOhioMich
ChaceCasieWF7Daughter   MichOhioMich
ChaceHarryWM4Son   MichOhioMich
ChaceArthurWM2Son   MichOhioMich
ComfortWallaceWM37  XFarmerMichN. J.N. J.
ComfortRoselthaWF33Wife XKeeping HouseOhioOhioOhio
ComfortMaggieWF10DaughterX  OhioMichOhio
ComfortHattieWF8Daughter   MichMichOhio
ComfortCassieWF6Daughter   OhioMichOhio

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