Grainfield Township Cemetery



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Grainfield Township

Grinnell Township

Kelly or Union

Immaculate Conception

Morning Star

Old German Baptist

Park Catholic

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Pyramid View


Red Top

Swedish Evangelical Lutheran

Zion Norwegian



Driving Directions

Grainfield Cemetery

by Levi & Lupe


This is the start of a beginnerís tour, easily done by a car.


††††††††††† 1. From Interstate 70, get off at exit 93 (Grainfield).

††††††††††† 2. Go north on Highway 23, a short distance.

††††††††††† 3. Take the dirt road that is straight ahead and cross the railroad tracks.

††††††††††† 4. Turn right on Front Street, the dirt road going east.

††††††††††† 5. Turn left on Garfield Street and go north for about a mile.

††††††††††† 6.The cemetery is on the left.

††††††††††† 7.The next stop is the West Park Cemetery.†††



Trivia Questions

How many Civil War veterans are in the cemetery?

††††††††††† Scroll down for answer








There are twelve Civil War veterans.