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Driving Directions

Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery

by Eddy & Cheryl


How to get from the Gove City Cemetery to the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery:



1.      You start from the Gove City Cemetery and go back to Highway 23.

2.      Turn left and drive 9 miles south on Highway 23.

3.      Turn right on County Road I and drive west for 6 miles.

4.      Turn left or go south on County Road 32 for 3 miles.

5.      Turn left on Road F and drive approximately one-half mile east.  You are now at the Swedish Evangelical Church.  It is on the north side of the road.

You will have to back track to get to the cemetery.  It is one-half mile to the south in a pasture, up on the ridge.  You cannot see it from the church.

6.      To get to the cemetery, take Road F back to County Road 32.  You will see a B.O.D. historical marker (Butterfield Overland Dispatch stage line) at the end of Road F.(There is a picture of a marker on the Main Page.)

7.      Turn right and drive north .6 of a mile.  (At .5 of a mile, look to your right or east.  At the top of the hill there is a gate next to the fence row.)

8.      Turn right at the .6 mile cattle crossing guard and enter it carefully.  You cannot drive straight to the cemetery gate.  Follow the path to the north and east if someone has driven it lately.  If not, then you must turn left and travel north around the gully eventually turning east and back south until you can safely get to the fence row.   Follow the fence row east to the cemetery gate.

9.      If you walk to the far southeast corner of the cemetery, you can look south and see the church.

10.  You have completed this tour.

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Trivia Questions

Who was the only one NOT Swedish buried in the cemetery?









Mrs. Armstrong