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Pictures of Anthony, Kansas

Past & Present

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Below are old picture post cards from the early 1900's.

antpc1.jpg (32323 bytes)   Anthony Downs Horse Races

antpc2.jpg (40320 bytes)   Main Street - Anthony, Kansas

antpc3.jpg (53839 bytes)   "A Buisy Corner" - Anthony, Kansas

antpc4.jpg (37306 bytes)   Harper County Court House - Anthony, Kansas

antpc5.jpg (57071 bytes)   City Park - Anthony, Kansas

antpc6.jpg (38617 bytes)   Citizen's National Bank - Anthony, Kansas

antpc7.jpg (41064 bytes)   First National Bank - Anthony, Kansas

antpc8.jpg (38407 bytes)   Anthony Sanitarium - one of many of Anthony's Doctor's Offices

antpc9.jpg (27411 bytes)   Anthony High School - Part of this building still exists as Anthony Elementary School

antpc10.jpg (40634 bytes)   Anthony Wholesale Grocery Store

antpc11.jpg (40631 bytes)   Congregational Church - Anthony, Kansas - Still in use today!

antpc13.jpg (37238 bytes)   Burchfiel Hotel - Anthony, Kansas

antpc14.jpg (35560 bytes)   Ice & Salt Plant - Located just outside of Anthony

That was then and this is now - 90 or so years later.

  Welcome to Anthony

ant1.jpg (17458 bytes)   Harper County Courthouse - Anthony, Kansas

ant5.JPG (41298 bytes)   Carnagie Library - Anthony, Kansas  - Now a dance studio

ant6.JPG (20125 bytes)   Anthony Public Library - Anthony, Kansas

ant7.JPG (21034 bytes)   Anthony Downs Dog & Race Track - Anthony, Kansas

ant8.JPG (31899 bytes)  ant9.JPG (23630 bytes)   Anthony Historical Museum - The Museum is the old Southern Pacific Depot.

ant10.JPG (22248 bytes)   Main Street - Anthony, Kansas - Same view as "A Busy Corner"

ant12.JPG (20119 bytes)   Main Street - Anthony, Kansas

ant13.JPG (16207 bytes)   Main Street - Anthony, Kansas - See anything familiar from the post card view?

More pictures of the Anthony Community


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