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1885 City of Anthony Census


First Known Census of Anthony Shows Rapid Growth in First Seven Years of Existence.

The Republican is indebted to Nyle Miller, with the Kansas State Historical Society, at Topeka, for a copy of the first known census of Anthony, taken in 1885 and written by Assessor E.G. Wright.

"The handwriting was not always legible," Mr. Miller says, "and it is evident that the assessor's spelling was none too good, and that he spelled many names by sound, hence there are many possible inaccuracies in spelling."

"To make the list as short as possible, ages and birthplaces have been omitted."

"Each paragraph represents a family. Names in the family are separated by a semicolon. If occupations of citizens were available, they are also listed."

Business Proprietors and Professionals

A.S. Lindsay (postmaster)

Adams, Mrs. S.E. (milliner)

Anderson, P. (banker)

Bennett, G.W. (hotel proprietor)

Blackburn, A.R. (carpenter)

Bodley & Arnett (meat market)

Brown, B. (shoe maker)

Brown, John D. (justice of the peace)

Cade W.S. (lawyer)

Casteen, O.F. (dry goods)

Childs, Rev.T.D. (Congregational)

Costa & Ghio (hardware)

Davis, A.H. (hardware)

Duncan, E.W. (hotel proprietor)

Forbes, J.B. (groceries)

Gaines & Stevens (grocers)

Goodroe, N. (blacksmith)

Grove, Paul (lawyer)

Harper County Bank

Herold A. (blacksmith)

Hinsey, D. (baker)

Holdridge, Connelly & Co. (props. Globe Flour Mills)

Howe, O.C. (lawyer)

Hull, F.C. (physician and druggist)

Kellar, G.M. (physician)

Kensley, A.J. (livery stable)

Kirkpatrick, H.N., (physician)

Kirkpatrick, W.R. (lawyer)

Knapp, J.W. (livery stable)

Knapp & Halsey (grain, flour and feed.)

Lee & Brown (land and loan agent)

Lindsay, A.S. (Editor of the Republican.)

Lockwood, R.I. (land agent and justice)

Meigs & Simpson (land and loan agent)

Meredith, F. (publr of the Journal)

Miller, C.A. (druggist)

Pennock B.D. (harnessmaker)

Pierce, E.F. (grocer)

Scott, J.M. (nursery)

Shaw, G.B. & Co. (lumber)

Shephard, R.B. (lawyer)

Shidler, Rev. J.H. (Methodist)

Stevens, T.H. (carpenter)

Taudler Bros. (dry goods)

Wilson, J.K. (druggist)

Howe, Irving (barber)


A.S. Lindsay (postmaster)

Abbott, Thomas (teamster)

Abott, H.C.

Adams, Allen, (farmer) Nora.

Adams, Mrs. S.E. (milliner)

Adams, Sam (contractor) Emma; Edna; Mable.

Adams, Simon (laborer)

Alexander, H.V.

Alexander, M. (cook)

Allen, I.L. (carpenter) Catherine; Will; Mollie.

Allen, Mable.

Alley, Chas. (mason) Lucinda; Lillie; Esley; Clara; Hattie.

Allie, Lilly.

Alpha, Wm.

Amey, Henry (farmer) Margaret; Alma.

Anderson, James (farmer) Elisa.

Anderson, John (cook) Nancy; Ruban.

Anderson, Julius (banker) Belle; Etta.

Anderson, P. (banker) Emma: Frank (bookkeeper) Julia.

Andrews, J.C. (doctor) T.; Edith; Daisy; W.C.

Antrim, S.J. (carpenter)

Archbold, J. (stone mason) Lizzie (weaver)

Archebald, James (stone cutter) E.; John.

Arner, Frank (machinest)

Arnet, Charlie (butcher) Mattie.

Arnett, G.H. (butcher)

Arnett, W.G. (butcher) S.E.; Laura.

Arnold, A.T. (farmer) Sirilda; Frank.

Arnold, Jack (liveryman) N.M.; Floid; Viola.

Aspinall, Mary.

Aspinall, Chas. (clerk)

Baily, Lem (laborer)

Baldwin, J.R. (plasterer)

Baldwin, Moss (music teacher)

Baldy, J.B.

Ballinger, P. A. (laborer)

Bankirk, S.A. (attorney)

Barbier, Wm. (mail carrier)

Barcus, L.M. (laborer)

Barlow, James (blacksmith) Martha; L.J.; Maud; Rola.

Barns, Joseph

Bassett, F.L. (druggist)

Baum, R. (waiter)

Bayne, J.W. (agent) Hattie; Kate; J.G.

Bayne, John; Mary; Sam; Walter; Abbie; Oscar; Minnie; Wm.; Annie; Alice.

Bayne, Samuel (grocer) Belle; S.; Jonny; Bertha.

Beard, LF.

Bebb, L.

Beebe, Nathan (laborer) Sam.

Bennett, G.W. (hotel proprietor)

Bent, J.M. (hotel keeper) C.B.; A.E.; J.W. (tinner) V.M.; L.C.; L.J.

Berns, E.S. (laborer)

Bernstein, Wm. (laborer)

Bery, Robert.

Betty, J.F. (merchant) Annie; J.J.; E.; M.E.; Claud; P.

Bidwell, L.C. (cattle dealer) C.A.

Birchfield, Laura.

Black, J.T. (laborer)

Black, James (farmer) Emma; Grace; Jim; C.; May.

Blackburn, A.R. (carpenter)

Blackburn, A.R.; Rebeca; James; Wm.; E. (mould worker)

Blakey, G.W. (liveryman) A.G.; Harry; M.D.; L.Q.; Oscar; Pearley; J.F. (farmer) M.C.; Anna; Ida; Nora; Walter.

Blender, Hyrum; Rebeca; Harvey; Alvy.

Bleshke, H. (barber) E.; Martha; Lizzie.

Bobo, C.G. (laborer)

Bodley & Arnett (meat market)

Bolger, James.

Bowen, Fred (stone mason) Ben.

Boyle, Rebeca.

Brash, J. (laborer) Dave.

Braverman, John (carpenter)

Bright, L.S. (laborer)

Bristall, N.S.; Lida; Lida.

Broadstone, Allen (clerk) Emma; Maud; Ralph; Bruce; Pearl; Mable.

Broffitt, L.M. (milliner)

Brookman, Eva.

Brown, B. (shoe maker)

Brown, H. S. (laborer)

Brown, J.D. (real estate agent) Nettie.

Brown, John D. (justice of the peace)

Bruffit, Lula M.

Bulger, Charles; Ida; Emily; Clarence.

Bullock, A.E. (milliner)

Bunch, G.R. (merchant) Jennie; Jessie; Bennie; Lue.

Burr, Frank

Cadamy, James (butcher) Ida; Maudie; Jossie.

Cade W.S. (lawyer)

Cade, C. M. (broker)

Cade, Cash (r.e.)

Cade, W.L. (attorney) Lizzie; B.M.

Campbell, Annie

Campbell, James (hackman)

Carey, Chas.; Mattie; Minnie; Jessie; Sam.

Carnahan, A.S. (laborer)

Carr, S.W. (carpenter)

Case, Bert; Lida.

Case, E.P. (saloon keeper) C.R.

Cashman, Mike (laborer)

Casteen, O.F. (dry goods)

Chain, E. (grain buyer)

Chain, I.B.

Childs, Dent (farmer)

Childs, Rev.T.D. (Congregational)

Chilton, J.C. (painter)

Chism, I.

Chissen, J. (carpenter)

Chubbuck, W.J. (merchant) M.C..

Clark, Charlie (stockman)

Clark, Lawson (teamster) Elizabeth

Clark, N.M.; Ella; Willie.

Clark, Sallie.

Clark, Thomas; M.E.

Clendenin, J.W. (abstracter)

Clery, Henry (laborer) Sarah; William; Lewis; Eliza; Jack; Daisy; C.R.; Molly; M.; Sam.

Clusey, Harry (farmer) S.A.; John; Levi; Catherine; Jack; Daisy.

Coffman, A.J. (real estate)

Coffman, A.M. (land agent)

Colier, Perry (farmer) Fanny; Katie; Ada; Perry.

Collings, R.O. (laborer)

Colter, I.W. (teamster) Maggie; James.

Comer, W.C. (carpenter) J.B.

Conley, H. (clerk)

Cook, Jas.Jr. (carpenter) Mary; John; Jerry; Eliza; Lydia; Geo.

Cooks, Charlie (laborer) C.; Frank; Earnest; Lizzie; Katie.

Cooledge, Fred (cook)

Cooling, Frederick.

Corbet, John (blacksmith) N.C.; G.L.; Wm.; I.F.; Mollie; S.A.; Sarah; Ben R.; J.C.

Cormick, Joseph (clerk)

Costa & Ghio (hardware)

Costa, James.

Cotten, Lanny (carriage trimmer)

Couley, Annie; Arthur; Hellen.

Coulson, F.

Craddick, Tom

Craig, Andrew.

Craig, Andy (laborer)

Craig, C.A. (painter)

Craily, F.

Crane, J.B. (hack driver) Anna.

Crawford, Mary.

Creighton, W.F. (laborer)

Crommel, George (carpenter)

Crooker, G.B. (lawyer) W.R.; W.E.; G.K.

Crossman, G.L. (photographer)

Cummings, Etta.

Curian, R.C. (teamster) Julia.

Cutforth, J.B.

Cutter, E.R. (blacksmith) A.A.

Dalton, J (merchant)

Dalton, Lee (merchant) J.

Danney, Matt (laborer)

Darling, H.W. (merchant) Etta.

Darrough, S.A. (realestate) H.; May; Marie.

Davis, A. H. (hardware merchant) Tom.

Davis, Bertha.

Davis, Elias (carpenter) Melissa; Harvey; H.; Melissa.

Davis, James (waiter)

Davis, M.J.; M.J.; M.; Arthur.

Davis, M.M. (printer)

Davis, Mary; Rebby.

Davis, W.L.(painter) Margret.

Deets, John (carpenter)

Deets, John (laborer)

Demac, Julia

Denilinger, Harry (banker) Frank.

Deparade, A. (tinner)

Deric, Florence

Dermot, John.

Deulenger, H.M. (clerk)

Deveraux, Tom; Rosa; Ella; Willias; Rosa; Tibbs.

Dickerson, Wm. (carriage maker) Maria; Cora.

Dillon, Eva; Chas.; Molly.

Dillon, G.V. (laborer) Alice; John.

Dillon, George, (farmer) Alice; John; Eva; George; Mary.

Disbro, Jake (carpenter)

Dixon, Joseph (teamster) Malinda; J.O.; Sam.

Dobbins, W.J. (clerk)

Doll, Bessie

Doll, Nettie

Doney, George (laborer)

Dorety, Charlie (bookkeeper) Minnie; Wilber; Bryan; Sharp; (painter)

Dougherty, Alice (waiter) Walter.

Drake, H.T., plasterer

Drankhouse, A. (shoemaker)

Duboise, J.A. (coal merchant) M.J. John; joe; Maggie.

Duncan, E.W. (hotel proprietor)

Duncan, E.W. (stockman) M.M.; Clara.

Dunlap, W.A. (laborer) R.E.; Mary; Edith.

Dunlap, Wm.; Rody; Mary; Edith.

Duwitt, Seth (farmer) Persila; Mahala; David.

Duwitt, Wm. (farmer) Elizabeth; Florence; Jonnie; Ellen.

Duzan, Edy.

Earp, John (laborer)

Easton, B. (laborer)

Edwards, J. R. (preacher)

Elgin, A.C. (farmer) Minnie; Loral.

Eliott, W.T. (laborer) W.T.

Elliott, W.T. (harness maker)

Emery, Agness.

Erman, Anthony; Magdolene; Clara; Joseph; Frank; Charlie; George.

Erman, J. (tinner) Minnie; Minnie; John; Freddie.

Erman, Jacob; Fred; Dora.

Evans, C.B. (laborer) A.V.; Mitchal; Tom; Wm..

Fains, M.S. (carpenter)

Farar, Columbia

Fergison, Wm. (teamster)

Finch, E.W.

Finchin, James (laborer)

Finchum, James.

Finengan, John (laborer)

Finnegan, J.C. (laborer)

Firestone, P.C.; Anna; Frank; Mabel.

Fisher, E.J. (laborer)

Fisher, Edward (attorney)

Flanagan, Tom (carpenter)

Flanegan, T.J. (laborer)

Floyd, James (laborer)

Folks, Louie.

Follick, Leonard; Hannah; Addie; Mary; Arthur; Clara; Jennie.

Forbes, J.B. (grocery merchant) S.E.; Olen.

Foreman, E.A. (laborer)

Foreman, E.A. (painter)

Foster, J.B.; J.M.; Jim.

Foular, Charlie (carpenter) Lizzie; Myrtle; Lula; S.J.; Anna; Leo; Roy.

Fourth, L.J. (merchant) A.L.; Annie; Arthur; Myrtle; Clyde.

Fox, R.H. (shoemaker) M.V.; Viola; Earnest; Laura; Chas.; Nellie; Edgar.

Frail, Ben (laborer) C.S.; Adam; John; Sally.

Frances, James (farmer) S.E.; F.F.; Wm.; Nannie; George; Perl; Eddie.

Frank, Jack (clerk)

Frank, P.H.; Mrs. P.H.

Frazer, W.S. (laborer) Nettie; Willie; John; Lillie; E.R.

French, W.W. (brick maker) Mary; Wm.

French, W.W. (brickmaker) Mary; W.B.; Katie; W.W.; Oscar; T.M.; Jennie.

Frost, J.B.; Sophy; Fanny; Frank; Elsie.

Furnish, Moras (teamster)

Gaines & Stevens (grocers)

Gaines, Henry (laborer)

Gaines, Tex (merchant) Edith.

Gardner, J.S. (sheriff) Micie; Robert; Emma; Wm.; Nora; Calvin.

Garrison, Thomas (laborer)

Gass, Bette

Gay, Daniel (laborer)

George, Albert (plasterer)

George, Albert; M.E.; S.B.; M.J.; Wm.R.; A.J.; M.H.; O.W.; M.T.

George, S.B. (carpenter) M.E.; M.J.; N.R.; L.A.; M.H.; N.O.; R.E.; M.

Ghio, John (merchant)

Gibson, Ed. (laborer)

Giles, W.N. (laborer)

Gillian, Milton (wagon maker)

Gird, Frank

Girtges, Wm. (peddler)

Glenn, W.W. (laborer)

Glenn, Wm. (dishwasher)

Goff, Samuel (teamster)

Goggin, J.F. (lawyer) Annie.

Goldsberry, C.W. (barber)

Goodroe, N. (blacksmith) Ella; Josephine; Mary E.; Bertha; Nepolian; Jennie.

Goodwin, Henry; Lula; Guy; Ruby; Maud.

Goss, G.M.; Mary.

Goss, J.E. (real estate agent) Anna; Toby.

Goss, J.M., (farmer)

Goudy, Geo. D. (paper hanger) G.G.; Hulda; Cora.

Gow, Julia; Edna; Eva.

Grady, Wm. (laborer)

Graham, Will

Graham, Wm. (laborer)

Grantham, S.G. (laborer)

Graves, W.E. (laborer)

Gray, John (farmer)

Gray, John (laborer)

Gray, John.

Gray, St.Clair(poultryman) Clara, Barton.

Griffith C.E. (cook) A.M.

Griffith, C.C. (hotel keeper) E.J.; Hattie; Annie; Bessie.

Grove, Paul (lawyer) Hattie; Paul; Ethel.

Grover, G.W. (laborer)

Guthrie, David (laborer)

Hall, George (laborer)

Hall, J.G. (mason)

Hall, J.R. (carpenter)

Halsey, Milton; Mary; Elsworth; Wallace; Estella; Zelda; Emery; Nettie.

Ham, Fred (laborer)

Hamilton, F.H. (merchant)

Hamilton, Lena (waiter) Maud (waiter)

Hampton, J. (RR carpenter)

Hanline, M.E. (painter) M.E.

Hanna, C.B. (teamster)

Hannan, John (laborer)

Hardin, F.J.

Hargis, Mark.

Harisberg, J.M.; M.C.; M.A.; A.J. (hotel man)

Harkins, Joseph (shoemaker)

Harper County Bank

Harris, Mat (laborer)

Harris, Nathan (laborer)

Harris, Wm. (clerk)

Hart, Willie (photographer)

Harver, Clarence.

Harvey, J.S. (farmer) Mannie; Lorran; Emmit.

Harvey, N.L. (carpenter) Cora.

Hatfield, T.R. (laborer)

Hatfield, Thomas (laborer)

Hatz, Joseph (RR carpenter)

Hayden, Mart.

Hayden, Martin.

Hayden, Will.

Hean, R. (stone mason)

Hecock, E.E. (carpenter) Mary; H.; Ida; Hannah.

Hellen, Della.

Henton, J.N. (jeweller)

Herbert, J.E. (laborer) M.A.; J.F.; Laura; Rita B.;; Maud.

Herold A. (blacksmith)

Hersberg, Abe (merchant)

Hexenbaugh, C. (laborer) C.A.

Hicks, Lucy; S.E. (farmer)

Hicks, Wm. (farmer)

Hide, F.A.; Nannie.

High, J.W. (grocer) Sarah; Laura; E.; Clyde.

Hill, Sam.

Hinsey, D. (baker)

Hirch, Wm (laborer)

Hit, Andy (laborer)

Hixon, W.E. (laborer)

Hoath, Adaline; Hollan; Jessie; Mary.

Hoath, James (plasterer) Jossie.

Hoath, Joseph (plasterer)

Hoath, W.J.; Addie; Hollan; Jossie.

Hoderness, W.H. (laborer) Mary; Eddie; Charlie.

Hog, Thomas, (laborer) T.V.

Holdridge, Connelly & Co. (props. Globe Flour Mills)

Holdridge, T.J. (real estate agent) Laura; Lawrence; J.

Hollerness, H.W. (laborer) M.E.; Jonnie.

Hollingsworth, J.J. (merchant) Carry; Blanch; Delyn; Effie.

Holm, Lorence (carpenter) Maggie.

Holman, J.C.

Hoops, E.

Hope, Sam (laborer) Jane; Susie; Lem.

Hornback, Alice.

Horne, Robert (laborer)

Houston, Minnie

Howe, Ervin (barber) Sussie; Roy; Lula.

Howe, Irving (barber)

Howe, O.C. (lawyer)

Hudson, R.R. (carpenter) Lucy; Healy; Herbert.

Hudson, R.R. (farmer) Lucy; Arthur; Hurbet.

Hudson, Wm.D. (stockman) Sarah; O; Steven; Jennie; Grace.

Hughes, C.S. (druggist)

Hughs, E.T. (harnessmaker) E.F.; Lula; Charlie; Cleveland; Wm.; Eliza; Walter.

Hull, F.C. (physician,M.D. and druggist .) F.C.; Berthan; Frank.

Hull, J.F. (laborer)

Hungerford, C. (laborer) Lucy; Ed; John; Maud.

Hunt, I.; Hattie.

Hunt, J.T. (laborer) Hattie.

Hunt, James (clerk)

Hunter, S.T. (druggist)

Hurbet, J.P. (farmer) Laura; Rila; Maud; Nellie.

Ingram, Charlie,(stone mason) Cynthia

Irwin, Henry (carpenter) Mary; H.; Ida; hannah.

Jack, Clark (merchant)

Jackson, J.O. (milliner) W.L.; G.L.; D.L.; L.; J.B.W (school teacher) J.M.; J.W.; Ada; S.F.

Jackson, L.C. (druggist ) C.A.; R.P.

Jackson, S.D. (merchant)

Jacobs, Stren.

Jennings, O. (real estate agent) K.L.; Lewis; Will.

Jewett, Simon (teamster)

Johnson, Dale (stone mason) Luella; Leo.

Johnson, J.B. (attorney) Maggie.

Johnson, James (laborer) Manervia.

Johnson, John.

Johnson, Margie.

Johnson, N.L.; Mary; Charlie; Joseph.

Johnson, Thomson (laborer)

Johnson, W.L. (stone mason) Sarah; Dale; Wm.; Rosetta; Berdett.

Jones, H.L. (abstracter) Louie.

Jones, L.H. (lawyer)

Jones, M.C. (laborer)

Jones, R.F. (carpenter) E.D.; H.L.; E.D.

Jones, T.F.

Julian, J.T. (carpenter) Emma; Clara; Aultie; Molley; Joseph.

Julian, John (silversmith) Emma; Clara; O.L.; Maudie; Rosa.

Kaapach, C.J. (carpenter) D.L.; Charles; Josie; Ben; Mary.

Keefer, Lewis (bookkeeper) Cora.

Keever, Christ; Herman.

Keever, Hurman (clerk)

Keiffer (clerk) C.J.; L.E..

Kellar, G.M. (physician)

Kellem, George (carpenter) Edith; E.W.; Lillie; George; Lucy; Clarence.

Keller, Elizabeth; J.D. (farmer)

Keller, G.M. (doctor)

Keller, J.D.

Kelley, J.D. (marshal)

Kendall, K.H.; Mary.

Kendell, Emma (boarding house) Elisa; Albert; Carey.

Kenley, John.

Kensley, A.J. (livery stable)

Kephart, C. (laborer) Harry.

Keran, H (laborer)

Kerry, Mattie (dressmaker)

Kesner, Adolph (RR carpenter) Ed. (RR carpenter).

Killgore, C.S. (merchant) Annie.

King, C.L. (laborer)

King, Madie (school teacher)

King, Wesley (teamster)

King. W.E., (marshall) Annie; Robert; Richard; G.; Yola.

Kingston, Wm. (carpenter) Maggie; Fanny; Mary; Wm. (carpenter) Ruben; James; Jennie; Minnie; Owen; August; Laura.

Kinsley, A.J.,(liveryman) B.A.; Mattie; Leo; Bessie.

Kinsley, John (contractor) M.J.; Edward; Bertie; May; Gracie; Clyde.

Kirk, Samuel (laborer)

Kirkpatrick, H.N. (physician) Clara; N.W.

Kirkpatrick, J.A. (doctor)

Kirkpatrick, W.R. (lawyer) Maud; Addie.

Kitchen, Milton.

Kite, Fanny

Kite, Wm. (millwright) Eva.

Kite, Wm.; Evaline; Rufus; Francis; thomas; James; Cora; Ellen; Alfred.

Kline, W.H. (carpenter) Susan; John; Lizzie.

Knapp & Halsey (grain, flour and feed.)

Knapp, J.W. (livery stable)

Knapp, J.W. (merchant) L.A. Bert; Fred.

Knolan, John

Lane, S.C. (cook)

Larmier, F.M. (carpenter) Silvesta.

Lasey, Hattie.

Lathan, Wilson (carpenter)

Lathan, Wilson (merchant)

Laughlin, W.D. (laborer)

Laurie, Ed. (machinist).

Law, George (farmer) Margaret.

Law, George, Billy; Oates.

Lawflin, W. (farmer)

Lawlson, M. (mason)

Lawtson, M. (baker)

Leaphart, O.O. (editor)

Lee & Brown (land and loan agent)

Lee, B.F. (land agent) Artilla; Ben; Ida; Agness; Fanny; Oscar; Orm.

Leins, Jane (seamstress)

Lemen, E.O. (farmer)

Lermons, Eugene (laborer)

Lewis, Carry

Lewis, George (farmer) Ida; Susan.

Lewis, Ida; George (laborer)

Lewis, Mamie.

Lewis, Mart (merchant) Lew.

Light, Ludwic (laborer)

Linch, J.F. (carpenter)

Lindsay, A.S. (Editor of the Republican.)Viola; Cecil; Tom; Fred; Brent.

Lindsey, Ida

Lipps, Lizzie (cook)

Little, R.H.

Livengood, May.

Livermore, John (teamster) Belle; Nettie; May; Frank.

Lockwood, Ralph (real estate agent and justice) May; Chester.

Long, Joe (gentleman) C.E.; C.O.

Long, W.F.

Longe, George (carpenter)

Love, Isaac (school teacher) Ella; Letta; Boyed; Will.

Lowery, C. L..

Lucans, H.D. (laborer)

Lynn, J. A. (school teacher) Ella; Essie; Edna.

Lyons, J.W. (carpenter) M.M.; Edith; Myrtal; Stella; Geo.; Sam; Joseph; Celia.

Mack, D.M. (watch maker).

Magee, A.H. (painter) Mary; Bable; John; Ben.

Major, F.L. (laborer)

Mallhousem, Gus.

Maloney, James.

Manning, W.; Susan; Arthur; Columbis.

Markwell, Able (carpenter) Lavina; Elmer; James; Pleasant; Frank

Markwell, Sarah

Marsh, Lue (laborer)

Marshell, E. (liveryman) E.; Lucy.

Marshtin, S.

Marts, Charles (laborer) Will (laborer)

Martz, C.W. (laborer)

Mason, E.S. (laborer)

Mason, Mel; Lucy.

Master, Tellesta.

Mastin, Sigh (carpenter) Mary; Sam; Pat.

Maupin, James (barber)

May, Thomas (liveryman) Luella; Elmer.

McAhan, J.G.

McAhan, John (laborer)

McAntire, I.R. (carpenter)

McCallen, Ella (laborer)

McCarter, W.H. (cabinet maker)

McCartney, J. (carpenter)

McClain, J.W. (bricklayer) Nettie; David; Harry.

McClain, J.W. (r.r.) Nettie; David; Harry.

McClain, Thomas (laborer)

McCone, L.C. (laborer)

McCoy, Belle

McCoy, J.C. (attorney)

McCune, Arthur; Mary.

McGriff, L.S. (carpenter)

McKee, Lewis (laborer)

McKeever, Viola

McKnight, Jos.

McLebo, James (laborer)

McMahon, J.C. (attorney)

McNultie, T.; M.; A.G.; Ela; Tommy.

McNulty, M.C. (laborer)

McPhee, I.A. (attorney) M.J.; Willie.

Meek, L.F. (lawyer)

Meigs & Simpson (land and loan agent)

Meredith, F. (publr of the Journal)

Merril, Ed (merchant)

Meyer, Chas. (painter)

Michell, John (carpenter)

Miller, C.A. (druggist)

Miller, H.J. (plasterer)

Miller, J.C. (carpenter) Allie; Maud; Jessie.

Miller, J.C. (stone mason) Allie; Maud.

Miller, Wm.

Mills, Mary (school teacher) Ada.

Mitchell, J.J. (laborer)

Mitchell, Samuel (laborer)

Mock, W.H. (farmer) L.L.; L.L.; J.W.; G.W.; C.U.; M.J.; J.W.

Moffett, T.O. (county treasurer) Susanna.

Montague, G.A. (laborer) D.B.; L.B.

Montgomery, C. (laborer)

Montgomery, J.W. (attorney)

Monty, Joseph (RR carpenter)

Moore, Andrew.

Moore, C.W.; Cora; Roy; Loy; Lucy; Jennie

Moore, Nettie

More, Clay.

Morehead, Sam (laborer)

Morford, Wm.H. (teamster) Elizabeth; David.

Morgan, A.L. (RR carpenter)

Morris, Orman (laborer)

Mosher, J.E. (laborer) Ollie; Perl.

Mosier, E.J. (laborer) Ollie; E.P.; J.B.; Della; H.L.; J.H.; E.C.; L.P.; F.W.; Alta..

Mosier, Ella; J.

Mott, F.O. (attorney)

Mountz, George (laborer)

Muller, A.G. (carpenter)

Murney, J.D. (stone cutter) Lottie; Loyd; Claud.

Murphy, Ed (stone mason)

Murrey, Dora (milliner) Florence; Fred (liveryman) Arthur; Parker; Hellen.

NcNabb, S.L. (RR carpenter)

Neel, A. G.

Neher, James (carpenter) Ludie; Ellen; Ida; Rosa; Addie.

Nelson, Anna.

Nelson, Robbie; Eddie; Ralph.

Neumeister, Augusta (merchant) Gertrude; Christa; Lillia; Augusta; Ausker; Hulldy.

Newbort, Lewie (carpenter)

Newcome, Guy (plasterer) Della; Bertie.

Newlove, B.C. (carpenter) L.L.; Guy; Kate.

Newman, A.K.B. (druggist) Ella.

Nichols, J.T. (doctor) Ora.

Nicholson, C.R. (real estate)

Nighswongar, Wm. (farmer) Fanny; Cora; Willie; Minnie; Edward; Leroy; F.

Noftsaygar, Tom (attorney)

Northrop, O.S. (grocer) Addie; Harry; Melissa; Oray; Bert; Addie; Claud.

Notrell, Fritz (cook)

Odell, Frank (carpenter)

Odell, R.S. (laborer) S.G.; T.R.; L.S.; R.T.; U.S.; Susie; Robert; E.W.

Ollar, E.J.

Olmstead, W.P. (clerk) P.A.; Fred.

Orn, O. (laborer) M..

Orr, Jim; Mary; Edith; Laura.

Panter, J.M. (gentleman) E.J. G.M.

Pantier, S.B.; Alice; Nora; Gerty; Rosco; Leonard.

Parks, H.J. (laborer)

Parsons, Charles (carpenter) Clara; Luella.

Patton, Charlie (bookkeeper) Lula; Olive; hugh.

Payne, Claud

Peckhouer, John (laborer) Mrs. J; Anna.

Peditt, Elisebath; D.C.(livery man) Jenny.

Pendelton, A.H. (carpenter) R.S. (carpenter)

Pennock, B.D. (harnessmaker) Anna.

Philips, Frank; Mary.

Philobou, Mary; Frank; Annie; John.

Piate, L.T. (laborer)

Pierce, E.F. (grocer)

Pierce, James; Maud; Ida; Cora; Clarence; Claud.

Pinkerton, Sam (laborer)

Poorman, B.F. (miller) B.A.; L.E.; N.D.; Tom; R.J.; A.G.; Oscar; C.A.

Poorman, C.M. (miller) R.A.; W.E.; J.E.; E.A.; C.A.

Pope, I.T. (laborer)

Pope, John (carpenter)

Potter, M.G. (officer) E.J.; Henry.

Potter, Mart.

Preneau, J.W. (mason) Mary; Robert; Edward; Della; Ella; W.T..

Pring, Charlie; Annie

Private, F. B.; Malinda; Mary; Walter; Lizzie; S.; Fletcher; Arthur.

Pryor, Carolton (stockman) Margret; Alice; Sila; Phreasa.

Pryor, R.R.; M.A.

Pursell, Wm. (stage driver).

Quimey, H.H.

Ralstin, W.E. (merchant) E.E.; Anna; Murel.

Ramsey, C.C.

Raney F. (school teacher)

Rapp, I.H.

Real, Thomas; Lucy.

Reaves, N.H. (painter) Nora; Wilson; Sarah; Ralph.

Redford, Maggie.

Redlesberge, John (shoemaker).

Reed, W.F. (real estate agent)

Reed, Wm.F. (attorney)

Reed. R.L. (clerk)

Reeder, C.A. (lawyer)

Rewlan, J.W. (carpenter) M.A. Walter; Edward; Della; Allie; Will.

Reynolds, Q. (music teacher)

Rice, Emily (clerk) L. Pantier, S.B.; Alice; Nora; Gerty; Rosco; Leonard.

Parham, J.A. (painter)

Richey, John (laborer)

Richmond, P.L. (laborer)

Rigdon, N.J.

Riley, A.J. (RR carpenter)

Riley, Mary (cook)

Rinehart, Annie; Leo.

Rinehart, Phillip (carpenter) Eva; Lula; Joseph.

Roberts, J.B. (hotel keeper) M.D.

Roberts, J.J. (clerk)

Robertson, Belle.

Robinson, Belle (cook)

Robinson, R. (laborer)

Robison, Mary.

Rodman,Harry (well digger) Ira (well digger)

Rogifer, A.C.; Lissie; John; Myrtle; L.; Brents; Charlie; Errett; Bessie; Nannie.

Rolind, Clay (merchant) Aggie.

Rood, James.

Rosenberg, Geo. (blacksmith)

Rouse, L.O. (laborer)

Rout, W.B. (brick maker) Kate; Wm.

Rowley, A.H. (lumberman) M.E.; R.M.

Rubby, Etha.

Ruby, David (laborer) George; Kate.

Ruby, George (laborer)

Ryan, Clarence.

Ryan, George.

Ryan, Joseph (carpenter)

Ryley, R. (teamster)

Ryne, Clarence (dishwasher)

Sackett, Joseph (mason)

Sanders, B.Y. (laborer) Rebeca; Gorden; Gerald; Lucy; Reed.

Sargent, Lew (real estate agent) nellie; Loyd; Arthur.

Saunders, S.R.; Louisa; Homer (grocer) Leonard; Lester; Judeson.

Saye, John (laborer)

Schall, I. F. (farmer) R.E.; Ralph; Harry; Chas.; Mary.

Scott, J.M. (nursery)

Seaney, Joe (liveryman)

Secres, Eli.

Seester, James (RR carpenter)

Shafer, Donald (laborer)

Shaw, Elizabeth.

Shaw, G.B. & Co. (lumber)

Shelton, E.C. (merchant) E.N.; U.

Shelton, S.J. (tanner) M.G.

Shepard, R.B. (lawyer) Sarah; George; Ethel; Harry.

Shephard, R.B. (lawyer)

Shidler, Rev. J.H. (Methodist)

Shier, Sam (mason) Sally; Katie; Wallace; Mable; Homer.

Shoemaker, W. (farmer)

Shoeman, Sam (laborer)

Shortman, Harry

Shuelte, C. (painter)

Silverthorne, O.J. (real estate agent)

Simpson, Mary.

Simpson, R.J. (real estate) H.; Mable; John.

Siny, John (washer) Jonah.

Skellings, Ernest (clerk)

Slocum, John.

Small, Albert (carpenter) Annie; Albert; George; Etta.

Small, R.; M.J.; A.D.; H.B.; A.W.; R.

Smith, Alice

Smith, B.F. (farmer) E.A.

Smith, I.C. (clerk) Theodocia, Roy.

Smith, N.W. (tender) Elizabeth; Sarah; George; Lody; Jonnie; Joseph.

Smith, Rolin.

Smith, Sally; Laura; Raymond; Chester.

Smith, W.M. (carpenter) Lizzie; Jennie; Gilbert; Rhoda; John; Lulu.

Snitzer, Mack (tailor)

Sohl, Wm. (druggist)

Spiker, I.T.; L.P.; Etta.

Spiker, J. (laborer) E.A.; Etta; Charlie.

Sprague, Wm.

Springer, N.L.; Leta, George (clerk).

Stanard, John (laborer)

Stedman, B.H. (insurance and land agent) Ellen.

Stein, J.J. (wagon maker)

Stevens, C.B. (laborer) Lizzie; Willie; Robert.

Stevens, Clark

Stevens, T.H. (banker) E.M.; Maud; Ruella; M.E.

Stevens, T.H. (carpenter)

Stevenson, Isebelle.

Stewart, R.B. (farmer) R.A.; Susie; Gilbert; Frank; L.V..

Stout, W.I.

Street, S.F. (merchant)

Strofal, P.T..

Stroud, Rachal; Ada; Wm.

Stroupt, John (laborer)

Strow, T. (laborer)

Swortts, B.C. (preacher) Mary; Eva; Hellen; Stella; S.P.; Adiline.

Tally, Frank.

Tatershall, R.F. (real estate and land agent) E.J.; Pauline.

Taudler Bros. (dry goods)

Taudler, Abe (merchant) Lillie.

Taylor, Arthur: Melissa.

Thompson, T.C. (professor of music)

Thornbro, J.C.; Dora.

Thornhill, M.; T.A.; A.M.

Thornhill, Samuel; Francis; Wm.; Nola; Sally.

Tilton, Wm.

Tinker, Maggie; James (plasterer)

Tolls, J.W.; H.

Torence, Mical (stone cutter) U.

Tout, J.H. (brick layer)

Tracer, J.S. (clerk) W.

Tracey, M.M. (preacher) Edward; Francis; Abby.

Trask, Belle; I.O.

Travers, H. W. (farmer) Evaline; Jim; Eva; M.H.

Truax, G.; Catherine; Cora; John; Bessie.

Truax, Stillman (merchant) Anna; Sam; Bertha.

Truck, Katie

Trump, Chas. (painter)

Tucker, Lem (laborer)

Tull, Frank; Katie; Mable; John.

Turner, B.T. (clerk)

Turner, D.

Turner, Stason (carpenter)

Tuttle, J.T.

Vandike, A. (laborer) Lucy; Nellie; Alice.

Vangilder, Alva (carpenter) Nina; Bertie; Harry; Birlington; May.

Vanlaningham, A.M. (r.d.) Nancy; L.A.; S.J..

Vincent, Robert (laborer)

Viney, T.F. (mason)

Wade, Thomas (lawyer)

Wagner, Duglas; Lena.

Walker, Tom (laborer)

Walters, Anna (dressmaker)

Walters, J.B. (laborer)

Walton, F.S. (laborer)

Ward, A.D. (laborer) Molly; Vera.

Ward, John (contractor) M.J. (milliner) Jasper (carpenter) J.W..

Ward, John (merchant) Mary; Sam; Abbie; Oscar.

Ward, Mary

Ward, Minnie; Annie; Will; Allie; Belle; Lerena; John; Bertha.

Ward, Will.

Ward, Wm. (clerk) Ida; Roy; Fred.

Warner, Wm.; Hellen; Glenn; Wilber.

Watrous, E.M. (carpenter) Chas.

Watts, W.W. (stone mason)

Watts. M.

Welch, L.

Westhoffer, Sam (carpenter)

Wheeler, Agness; Daniel (cabinet maker)

Wheeler, Daniel; Agnes.

Whistoler, J.O. (bus man) Jennie; George; Stella; Pet.

Whitney, E. S. (gentleman)

Whorton, J.G.; M.A.; Hattie; Jessie; Joe; Bennie.

Wienstene, W.I. (merchant)

Wikoff, L.A.

Willhouser, Gus (carpenter)

Williams, H.S. (carpenter) M.J.; Albert; Jessie; Sally.

Williams, Henry (carpenter) Mary; Albert; Jessie; Sadie.

Williams, I.O. (carpenter)

Williams, James (stone mason) Persilla; Charlie; Emma; Mattie; James.

Williams, Jessie.

Williams, Lizzie

Williams, S.S.; Rebeca; John (carpenter)

Wilson, A. (farmer) Margaret; Morton.

Wilson, J.K. (druggist) C.A.; O.A.

Wilson, Wm. (laborer)

Wood, Gracie; Gertie; Stella; Susie.

Woodring, T.F. (carpenter)

Woods, J.D. (preacher)

Wooley, Tylor (labor) Alice; Clarence; Effie.

Worral, Arthur (laborer)

Wright, Will (clerk)

Wykoff, L.A. (carpenter)

Wylie, Wm.

Young, Ella; Libbie; Minnie; Flora; Hattie; Belle.

Zuigley, F.


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