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Railroad News of Harvey County, Kansas

December 6, 1915 (The Newton Kansan):

O. M. Edson, timekeeper in the roundhouse, was absent from his work yesterday, and Warren Beech, timekeeper in the back shops, doubled over and worked in his place.

Chris Haman, baggage agent at the depot returned to work this morning, after being confined to his home for the past week with la grippe.  Mr. Haman stated that the baggage handled at the local office has decreased to a large extent, last month compared with former months.  The number of parcels checked to points on the Santa Fe lines were 994 and to points on foreign lines, 46, making a total of 1040 pieces checked.  1477 pieces were received coming from points on the Santa Fe lines and foreign lines making a total of 2517 pieces handled at the local office during the month of November.  Mr. Haman stated that the months of November and December are always the slackest months of the year, as the travelling men, who usually furnish the bulk of the business are home this time of the year, taking their annual vacation.  Luther Simms, night baggage agent who has been working in the place of Mr. Haman while the latter was absent has again resumed his duties on the night shift.

C. H. Fein, air man in th round house, went to Halstead yesterday to visit his brother Will, who was injured Saturday.  It is stated that Will was in the act of cranking a motor tractor and in some manner the engine back fired injuring him severely.  It will be remembered he was formerly employed in the shops.

W. R. Harrison, general foreman of the shops, left last night to spend the next few days hunting duck, near Ellinwood.  Pete Kiser, who usually accompanies Mr. Harrison on his hunts, stated this morning that he was unable to make this trip on account of the flat condition of his pocketbook.

Roy Harrison, stenographer in the general superintendents office returned yesterday afternoon from his two weeks trip, in the west.  The greater part of his time was spent visiting Dan Francis, an old High School pal, now living on a ranch near Flagstaff, Arizona.  Fat also took in the two expositions, and other points of interest, found in California.  He stated that he took in too many, in fact, as he was forced to ride in a tire way from Frisco to Newton in a smoker with nothing to eat but coffee and sinkers.  This surely went hard with the fat boy.

A. C. Haskell, chief clerk to the superintendent, returned yester after spending the past few weeks taking his vacation.  He travelled throughout California and the western part of the country seeing the two expositions and other interesting points.

H. N. Timmons, boilermaker apprentice in the round house, laid off from work today.  Orval Layton, boilermaker in the shops, is laying off from work for a few days.

Fred Maurer, boilermaker in the shops, has been transferred to Strong City to find service in the Santa Fe shops at that point.

H. B. Hickman, boilermaker foreman in the shops, returned last night from Florence, after spending the last couple of days working in the shops at that point.

Joe Venso, boilermaker and B. Dombrosky, boilermaker helper, who have been working the day shift, have been transferred to the night shift, for the coming week.

Bill Herman, boilermaker and W. Watkins, helper, who have been on the night shift, have been placed on the day side for the next week.  Frank Whitehurst, boilermaker helper in the shops, is also working nights for the next week.

A. P. Gluck, government boiler inspector was in the local shops this morning transacting company business.

Daniel Westfall was employed Saturday as hostler helper in the round house, taking the place of B. Crawford who resigned from the services of the company.

Leo Craig has been employed as student car repairer of the rip track force.

Guy Bailey, machinist in the round house returned to work this morning after spending the last two days visiting his father who is a patient in the Santa Fe hospital in Topeka.

Two sections of passenger No. 2 passed through Sunday, going west.  Conductor Kunce and crew took the second section out of this point.

Conductor Reid and crew found service yesterday morning on the special freight train going west out of here.

The following brakemen who have been employed on the western division have resigned from the services of the company:  J. R. Stotz, W. R. Greenwood, C. Darnell, Brakeman Oakes, and Brakeman Redding.

Brakeman Hackley is laying off from his regular runs for a couple of days on account of illness.

Brakeman Roberts is unable to take his regular runs on account of sickness.

Conductor Bender and crew took freight No. 21 west out of Newton last night.

W. Mathis was employed Saturday as machinest helper in the round house.  He started on his new work this morning.

G. H. Simms has entered the services of the company in the capacity of machinist helper.

James Harrial was employed Saturday as an engine wiper in the round house.

John Nicoll, machinist apprentice in the back shops,  returned to the local shops this morning, after spending the past ten days working in the Santa Fe shops in Wichita.

E. M. Utterback, operator in the Santa Fe telegraph department, is taking a vacation for the next few days.  he is spending the time visiting friends and relatives in different parts of Oklahoma.

F. A. Miller, formerly employed as operator in the local Santa Fe telegraph department, was in the offices Saturday spending a few hours visiting with the boys.  He is now employed at San Marcial, New Mexico.

Joseph Merrow, student operator, returned to work Sunday morning after spending the past few days laying off on account of illness.

Sidney Hawkins, clerk and stenographer in the train masters office, returned to work this morning after being off for the past few das on account of sickness.

O. F. Mallory, Wells Fargo messenger who has had runs out of Kansas City has been transferred to this point for service. he will take the runs of Bud Cole, who has resigned from here to Amarillo, on the Pan Handle run.

Barney Unruh, employed at the depot as head car inspector at night, is laying off from his regular work for a few days, and Martin Mayer, of the rip track force is working in his place.

J. Brunner, apprentice instructor in the back shops spent the latter part of last week checking up the tools in the tool room and boiler shop, and states that the tools checked up in extra good shape.

Frank Peterson, car carpenter at the rip track laid off from work today on account of illness. Art Cox, employed as car repairer at the rip track, laid off from work Saturday afternoon.  Clarence Schell, car repairer at the rip track, laid off from work today on account of illness.  August Schoenhoff, car repairer on the ript track force, laid off from work today.


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