Duty & Honor

The Veterans of Harvey County, Kansas

As headstones and various county lists are transcribed, additions will be made to this list.  Submissions welcomed.

If additional information on a veteran is listed in the Biography / Tributes section, the name will be highlighted.

((Names in Parenthesis) are veterans living in Harvey County in the year shown, and may not be buried here))


Civil War Confederate Veterans Buried In Harvey County, Kansas

Charles Frederick Dodson (Hillside Cemetery, Sedgwick)

Samuel James Eales (Burrton Cemetery, Burrton)

Armistead L. Barnes (Star Cemetery, Burrton)


Civil War Union Veterans Living & Buried In Harvey County, Kansas

As county headstones & other records are transcribed, additions will be made to this list.

T Acair
James Anderson
William G Armstrong
A. Baker
John Baldwin
D Barker
Charles Bate
Coleman Beckett
Harlan Bissell
Samuel Black
Amos Booher
Norman Brewster

Frank E. Brown

(William Bryant, Burrton 1882)
John Burch
George Carey

Peter Carey
Jonas Chadderdon
William Chidester
Thomas Corkill

John S Corlis
Lemuel Crippen
Robert Damp
Samuel Davis

Leicester Day

Jesse Dean
Alexander Dick

Joseph Dodd
James Duncan
James Edwards

Ike S Elder

(H. Emerson, Burrton 1882)
David Epple
George Fenimore
Leopold Fessler
Henry Finch
James Finnemore
John Fluck

(R. I. Frayne, Burrton 1882)

(J. Friend, Burrton 1882)

(P. Gelespey, Burrton 1882)
Simeon Glines

(John Goodwine, Burrton 1882)

(John Gorgas, Burrton 1882)

John W. Grubbs

(N. D. Hade, Burrton 1882)

I. H. Haney

David Hanselman
William Hendrickson
George Hoskinson
William Hyde

(Joseph Jarrett, Burrton 1882)

(E. Johns, Burrton 1882)
Moses Johnson

(Richard Judkins, Burrton 1882)

(James A Kinder, Burrton 1882)

David E. Kramer
William Kennedy
Carlos King
Amos Kinzer

James S. Lacy
John Legord
Joshua Lemert

(S D Leonard, Burrton 1882)
Owen Lewis

Charles W. Lindsey

Wellington Long
Franz Mayer

(P. McCart, Burrton 1882)
Anson McDaniel
Madison McDaniel
Amos McReynolds

(J. H. Morrison, Burrton 1882)
Thomas Murphy
William Napier
A. Nebergall

(James H Nickell, Burrton 1882)

(N. D. Night, Burrton 1882)
Erastus Nikes
George Nolder
Antoine Oskevi
Scott Owen

George W Page

(H. C. Palmer, Burrton 1882)
(J. R. Parker, Burrton 1882)

Payton Parker

Charles Parnham

Francis W. Payne
Joshua Perkins
Charles Perrine

(Adams Perry, Burrton 1882)

(John B. Phillips, Burrton 1882)
Benjamin Pitzer
Joseph Price

John Proctor
John Pruitt
William Riley
Mitchell Roseberry
Amos Royston

Jacob Saylor
Fred Shira
J Shirley
Thomas Shriver
Absalom Shuster

William M. Sigerson
Andrew Smith
John Smith
Franklin Spencer
John Stone

Joseph S. Stone
Isaac Swan
George Thompson

(Charles A Tracy, Burrton 1882)
William Tucker
Guilford Tuttle
Minor Underwood
Joseph Warhurst
Aaron Watkins
William Webb

(I. M. Welch, Burrton 1882)
Nathaniel Wickham
James Wiley

David W. Wilson
Hiram Young

(J. W. Young, Burrton 1882)


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