Scattered Graves:

Near Copeland in Gray and Haskell counties are three small graves located southeast of the McMichael farm. The graves were fenced up until 1915. Yellow roses and iris grew over them. Older residents say they are the graves of three children who died of diptheria. Their parents were traveling through the country in a covered wagon and camped at that spot while the children were ill. About 1890.

Two miles north of the W. W. Ward ranch in Haskell county is the lonely grave of a homesteader who died and was buried on his homestead. A check on the SE quarter Sec. 2 reveals that it was filed by Joseph E. Marvin, April 1891, proved up and sold Sept. 1895 to Edward B. Johnson. The southwest quarter, filed May 1895 shows it was filed by same and sold to Samson Garrett, 1895, who sold it later to A. H. Jennings in 1901. A check on the SW quarter of Sec. 1, adjoining, shows that it was filed by George B. Marvin, 1891. Released and sold to Robert H. Benson, 1895. The SE quarter was proved by George B. Marvin in 1895 and sold three months later to Joseph Gregory. It is thought that one of these men occupies the grave there.

Three miles north of Copeland on the NE corner of Sec. 29, are three graves on the homestead of James Naylor, one of the earliest homesteaders in that area. The burials were made in the 1880's and are believed to have been relatives of the Naylors or Lamberts.

Submitted by Mrs. Faye Ward of Copeland, Kansas (no date)