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Only queries pertaining to Hodgeman County, Kansas are posted here.

BALL, Paschal Sat Apr 04, 1998
Paschal and Sarah Ball were in Spearville in 1880. Paschal was a farmer. I believe Paschal died in Hodgeman as Sarah is next found in Island Co., Washington in late 1890's. Would like to locate evidence of Paschal's death and know how long they lived in county.
Contact Connie Bradbury - bradbury@acsalaska.net

NAME="98003">BOYD, Joseph Sat Apr 11, 1998
Joseph George Boyd and his wife, Ella (BALL) Boyd were in Hodgeman County in 1880 census living in Spearville. Their daughter Bessie was born there. Would like record of Bessie's birth? Will share information.
Contact Connie Bradbury - bradbury@acsalaska.net
FAULKNER, George Mon Jun 01, 1998
I am looking for information on George Faulkner family who originally settled Kidderville in 1879. I had contacts with Charles PITTS family, but have lost it over the years. Any help in locating family who may help fill in questions, would be appreciated. Thank you.
Contact Shirley A. Nance - Sarahlee@att.net
HARLAN, Earl W. Sat Nov 07, 1998
I am looking for any information on Earl W. Harlan who moved to Hodgeman county with his family when he was three in 1877. His father was John Wood HARLAN who became the County Attorney in 1882. The family moved Jetmore in 1885. Earl was in real estate in Jetmore for over 40 years and was very active in the Methodist Church there. At one time Earl owned the Republican, Jetmore's newspaper. He passed away in 1957. Siblings of Earl were; Ardena Burnell, A. Roy and Lorena Floy. The Harlan House is at 705 Bowlus, Jetmore.
Contact Larry Harlan - nalrah@aol.com
JETMORE, John Fri Jan 30, 1998
Need information about John Jetmore, born about 1778; (Germany) married Mary BRANNON.BR> Contact Willis E. Mills - wmills4890@aol.com
JETMORE, John Fri Apr 04, 1998
Seeking information on John Jetmore or any other Jetmores located in Jetmore, Hodgeman County, Kansas. Any and all information is greatly appreciated.
Contact No name listed - tw3sons@aol.com
OWENS, Joseph Babcock Thu Aug 13, 1998
Looking for any information about Joseph Babcock Owens who settled in Hodgeman County and is listed on the 1860 census.
Contact B. Smith - obarb@yahoo.com
PURPLE, Samuel Thu Apr 23, 1998
I am seeking information of the murder of his wife and children by Samuel Purple abt Oct 30 1886 at Marens and his subsequent lynching by enraged neighbors after taking him from the Jetmore jail. What happened to the surviving children? Wife's maiden name was LOWBER also spelled LAUBER and her step-father (his also) was Augustus HEIMER who married Mary Baldwin Purple. Surviving children were Mary Veronica and Edwin Sheffield. Does anyone have knowledge of these. The surviving sister of Joanna/ Hannah Lauber may have married a COLEGROVE and returned to PA.
Contact Barbara Purple LaViers - hlbp@worldnet.att.net


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