The information below was abstracted by Raymond H. Banks from civilian registration cards completed in 1917-1918.
All rights reserved.
Some men do not have birth locations listed because they registered on the final draft registration day in 1918 when this information was not recorded. Almost 24 million men registered for the draft -- not always in the county of residence.

CAUTION: Middle Eastern and East European national boundaries and country names were quite different than those seen on today's maps.

Microfilm copies of the original cards are maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints (LDS...the Mormons). Researchers can probably order loaner copies of specific reels from Salt Lake City through requests at local LDS family history centers. Payment for mailing costs is required. Catalog subject heading: UNITED STATES -- MILITARY RECORDS -- WORLD WAR I [although these records are not actually military records]. Original cards are kept at the National Archives branch near Atlanta, Georgia.

The compiler has not abstracted the registrant's address,
the name and address of next of kin,
occupation, work address, general physical description and
occasionally listed general description of a disability.
Please consult the original card to verify all information.

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spelling unreliable
Dale, Clarence Homer 16 Nov 1875 W Kearny KS
Dale, Silas Edgar 13 Mar 1879 W Kearny KS
Daniels, Franklin Eugene 20 Sep 1894 W Toronto KS Kearny KS
Darbro, Zelbert 3 Apr 1877 W Kearny KS
Darr, Leslie Ellsworth 7 Jul 1897 W Lakin KS Kearny KS
Darr, Leslie Ellsworth 7 Jul 1897 W his dad b. Leesville IN Kearny KS
Davis, Carl Robert 5 Mar 1889 W Burlington KS Kearny KS
Davis, George Lorenzo 23 Mar 1882 W Kearny KS
Davis, Leon Scott 10 Oct 1883 W Kearny KS
Davison, Carl Otis 28 Apr 1900 W Kearny KS
Davison, Nicholas Chauncey 1 May 1876 W Kearny KS
Dean, Fred Elmer Sep 1880 W Kearny KS
Dean, Gilbert Lincoln 26 Oct 1887 W Nickerson KS Kearny KS
Dearmond, Elmer R. 8 Dec 1884 W relative lives Caney KS Kearny KS
Dearth, Earle Tedrow 20 Mar 1885 W Kearny KS
Deckwa, George 6 Oct 1882 W Kearny KS
Deever, Robert Earl 22 Jan 1900 W Kearny KS
Diaz, Pedro 29 Jun 1898 W rel. lives Santana del Conde Me Kearny KS
Dickens, William Henry 13 Mar 1885 W Kearny KS
Dillon, Posey Lester 27 Mar 1889 W Henry Co. VA Kearny KS
Dodge, Wilbur Allen 30 May 1894 W Bethany MO Kearny KS
Donaldson, Murton H. 2 Jan 1875 W Kearny KS
Dora, Ernest Lee 24 Mar 1889 W Kearny KS
Doran, Arthur Wilson 6 May 1892 W Williamson WV Kearny KS
Dowdy, James Allen 4 Mar 1876 W Kearny KS
Downing, Oscar Julian 20 Jan 1877 W Kearny KS
Downing, William Edgar 7 May 1879 W Kearny KS
Doyle, Clarence Hughes 25 Sep 1892 W Martinsville VA Kearny KS
Doyle, Harry Waller 12 Oct 1889 W Henry Co. VA Kearny KS
Doyle, James Holman 8 Jan 1894 W Martinsville VA Kearny KS
Doyle, Raymond Howed 28 Jun 1896 W Henry Co. VA Kearny KS
Doyle, Warner Howard 14 Sep 1887 W Henry Co. VA Kearny KS
Drake, Charles 15 Oct 1879 W Kearny KS
Drawbridge, Mason Roy 20 Nov 1885 W relative lives Northloup NE Kearny KS
Dulebohn, Irl Hicks 9 Jan 1892 W Lakin KS Kearny KS
Duncan, Clarence Elton 7 Jan 1890 W Oswego KS Kearny KS
Dunn, Robert Byron 7 Mar 1888 W Milliard MO Kearny KS
Dye, Oatis Augustus 11 Sep 1886 W Morris KS Kearny KS

Registration Cards for:
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