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I am researching Phoebe Wood Lisle wife of Dr. George Lisle. She was born 11 Dec 1814 and died 31 Dec or 6 Jan 1863. I have seen these two different dates in biographies of the Doctor. I am specifically interested in finding a obituary, death records or anything pertaining to her parent’s names. She was born in Belmont County Ohio. I would appreciate any information or direction in the above. Judith Wood Hinton

Need to find obituary of:
Joseph Henry Snider/Snyder
b. 26 Jun 1843
d. 31 Mar 1925, Labette Co. KS
If possible, would like tombstone picture too.
Thanks for any help,
Nancy E. Howell

Looking for any information on MARGARET "PEGGY" WHITE and family. She was said to have died in Parsons, KS in 1891. Her husbands name was Augustine White, also known as Austin. Don't have a date for his death, or whether it was in Kansas. Most interested in a list of her surviving children at the time of her death. My GGrandmother is supposed to be one of them. Also would like to get a copy of her death certificate. She was born in 1799 in Bath, KY. Thanks in advance for any help or leads you can provide.



Seeking info on the ancestors of Thomas Melvin Long b. 29Aug1868 Mack Pauls, IA d. 13July1942 Labette, Kansas, buried Russell Creek Cem. Craig Co. OK m. Mary Delana Moore. His father was William Jackson Long Jr., g-father, William Jackson Long, Sr., ggfather. William Andrew Long b. 1785 m. Elizabeth MacKay b. 1788, this set of g-parents are the ones I am looking for, but have not been able to find anything.  Hoping some relatives might still live in the KS area and have additional info


I am looking for information on the Houser Family. They were supposed to be living in Chetopa Labette County Kansas in 1895. This was according to an obits for Mrs. Permelia Sutherland. Mrs. Houser was her daughter. Any information would be appreciated.   Thank you   Kay Sutherland


I've hit a brick wall maybe you could give me some tips. I'm looking for an 1891 birth cert. that apparently doesn't exist. I have already called Oswego and for sure they don't have one, but I wonder if there are any other options. Do you have a list of populated towns in Labette from that time? I have the exact date and Labette Co for sure and I know where he was nine years later but I need more. Was there any publications at that time that may have his birth or maybe his mothers death? Do you know what graveyards existed then. Sorry to inundate you perhaps I glassed over a website to help. Lynda


I recently visited the Genealogy library in Fort Scott. Mrs. Patterson, a regular volunteer, told me that there were several women from Parsons who attended a workshop, and might possibly do some lookups for me in Parsons. I've not been able to locate book with death and burial records from large Parsons cemetery. I'm wanting to know about the following persons who probably are buried in Parsons since they were residents of Parsons in early 1900's according to city directories and census records.

John M. CLARK, b. 1842/1843
Malinda CLARK, spouse, b. 1852
Charles E. CLARK, son, b. 1879
Nora (Mondy) CLARK, d-i-l, b. abt 1885
Anna MONDY, b. abt. 1855
Fred CLARK, grandson, b. abt 1906
I would greatly appreciate it if you could pass this request along to someone in Parsons who might do a lookup for me in the cemetery records. Jean Gilmore

I am looking for information on Rosel Edward Barton, his wife Ida M. and their children (if possible). I know three of his children's names: John Henry (apparently died during WWI); Andy Edward (prob. married Hazel O'Conner - not sure where or when); and Elzie R. (a son - married Dorothy - not sure where or when). They also had a daughter - I know nothing  about (she was mentioned  on Andy's WWI draft reg.). I am hopeful that both Rosel Edward (as a young man he went by Edward; aft 1880 he seems to have changed to using his first name  Rosel) and Ida are buried and had obituaries in the Labette county area. They were both alive, and listed on the Labette Co., KS 1930 Federal Census. Rosel was 68Ys old; Ida was 52. Do you have a volunteer that might be able to help me by finding their obits? Thank you, Cec Barton, Rochester Hills, MI


I was wondering if anybody has done any work on the Strickland family. Thank You. Richard E. Strickland

Would like info on Brooks family living in North Township. David Brooks from Kentucky and members of his family.


I am looking for an obituary for Margaret McClain White. She died in 1891. I'm trying to prove a link to my gggrandmother Jessina White. I'm hoping the obituary would list surviving children. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks


I'm trying to find information on my family.  They live in Labette county for over 100 years.  The name is Raymond.  My great grandfathers homestead is still standing between Parsons and Altamont. My great grandfathers name was Fredrick Raymond my grandfather was Hendrick Alfred Raymond.  I'm trying to find out any information about my family.  My great great grandfather was also Hendrick Raymond he was married to Matilda Hurst they were married in Ohio.   I know that they came from the Cleveland Ohio area.  I have found the original homestead in Ohio.  Fredrick was married to Hannah Imogene Doyle.  They had 7 children but 5 that survived.  They are Hedrick, Sylvia, Gertrude Isabel Raymond, Bessie Matilda, Edna and a boy that died at the age of 2 by the name of Ralph. Fredrick and Hannah are buried at Fairview Cemetery in Oswego Kansas. The two children that died are buried with them in Fairview. Please let me know anything that you can.  My name is Penny M. Raymond-Sloan.  Thank you for any help.



Two of my Great Grand Uncles, Joseph Simpson and Taylor Jeffries Simpson are enumerated in 1870 in Labette County (Kansas, LABETTE, Liberty, Sheet 7, June 14, 1870, Roll 436, p. 24) (Taylor is indexed as "Laighlor").  I am interested to know if they left any descendants or other traces in the county.
Michael K. Simpson
4, blvd de la Victoire
67000 Strasbourg


Thanks for any help in finding the burial site of Elizabeth "Beta" Dean Walker, d. 31 Oct. 1883, supposedly in Labette Co., Kansas, where she had gone to live with her daughter and son-in-law, Peter and Terresa Walker Riepe/Riepie/Reepe.  There is a P.H. Riepie listed in Altamont in the 1901 History of Labette. County, Kansas. Nancy Harmon


I am looking for any info on Albert Pearl Miller buried in the Labette , cemetery. This is my grandfather and he died the year before I was born. I know that at one time he worked for the Demming ranch, and was a farmer. He also helped build bridges. He was the father of Frances (Getman) Alma (Crew), Alma is my mother who passed away Nov of 2003, Albert Jr. and Arthur Miller. At one time they lived in Altamont, Oswego and other areas. Also would like to find info on the Mary Bigham family and her children. At one time she lived down the road from the Labette cemetery, just before you went over the tracks. The only time I saw her was when she was a resident of the funeral home that was the Demming home nursing home. Thanks for your help. E-mail me at E-mail me at

I hope you can help. I attempted to contact Mary Colvin who is listed for look ups for Oakwood Cemetery in Parsons, Labette Co., KS. The address listed came back as User Unknown.
Do you either have her current e-mail address or a new contact for Oakwood Cemetery?
Thank You
Robin Provence

I am looking for a listing of names in the Oak Hill Cemetery south of Chetopa.  Or would this be on the Oklahoma side? Thank you, Kathryn Lee


Looking for info on Albert Pearl Miller and family. This is my Grandfather, and I know that he is buried in the Labette Cemetery. I lost touch with my family, and my Mother Alma Pearl Miller, Crew , Passed away Nov 2003. She is the daughter of of Pearl and Edna Miller and I can find nothing about each. Will send you info on the remaining children of this family and their Children if you need it. Thanks for your help! Pam You can contact me at Pam.


The last child born to Robert and Hanora Hanrahan-Cahill was John Patrick Cahill who married Beatrice Roberts.  They lived in Labette County, McCune, KS.  John was born in 1880 in Osage City, Osage County, KS then married and moved.So about 1900 onward would fit for a date. Sharon L. Loveless


She was born as DANIAUX, Argentine in Rouvroy. France in the region of Nord-Pas de Calais on March 6, 1901.   She arrived in the U. S. on  a ship named the Rotterdam which arrived in  New York, Ellis Island  on Oct. 11, 1911.    She married Ben Clancy who worked for MKT  Railroad (Missouri, Kansas-Texas Line).  She lived 1106 31st Terrace,  Parson, Kansas.  She died February 21, 1984 in Chanute Kansas, but is  buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Parsons, Kansas  Her parents were  Léon Daniaux and Florence Moreau.  She had one sister,  Germaine  Naiman who lived in Chicago, Illinois and then California. Lila Hansen


I'm finally trying to figure out the actual birth place of my Grandmother, Sina "Hazel" Adams. I always thought she was born in
Cherryvale, but I'm now pretty sure she was born in Morehead. I remember her telling me there was a lot of changes in counties and some of the towns currently do not exist, since the "freeway went in".
My ancestors, Ralston Waltermyer Adams and family, moved to Kansas in 1871, when they first went to a farm near Oswego. Is Oswego in Neosho County or Labette, County? And which county is Shiloh located in, back in 1899? The Web seems to be no help to me.
So, what I'm asking is: Is Morehead, Kansas still around and was it located in Neosho County or Labette County on my grandmother birthday; June 16, 1896?
Does Cherryvale still exist? I still have aunts, uncles and cousins who live in that area.
Father: George Washington Adams
Mother: Emma Rosetta (Saxon) Adams
Their Children:
Sina "Hazel" Adams June 16, 1896 Morehead, Neosho or Labette, Kansas
Etta May Adams Nov. 10, 1898 Morehead, Neosho or Labette, Kansas
Mildred Violet Adams Mar. 17, 1908 Thayer, Neosho, Kansas
Also, I'm having trouble finding the addresses and phone numbers of the records departments both counties. Oswego seems to be the county seat of Labette County, and Erie, is the county seat of Neosho. If I'm wrong, let me know.
Should I just start calling these county offices until I find this information?
Thank you in advance if you can help. I put this off a long time, but now that I want to apply to the DAR for the benefit of my children, and I have to know more details. Let me know if I can find any information for you in California or help you find a name in OneWorldTree on've joined all their departments! Janeva Frisby


I would like to find some information about my great grandmother's second husband --William Jay.  He married Catharine Carter Hart on August 23, 1874.He lived near Angola, KS in Labette County at that time. He was older than she was and did not live so very long after that marriage I was told.  I do not know when, where he died or where he was buried. Any information about William Jay would be appreciated.
Norma Hart Oatman
5648 Knox
Merriam, KS 66203-2470
email address
or phone (913) 362-6517


I am researching the Santee's - My great-great grandparents. Reuben Samuel Santee died and is buried in LaBette KS in 1872. I am looking for more information. Drasher - the maiden name of my great-great grandmother Elizabeth Drasher Santee.  I am not sure if she was in Labette because of Drasher family ties, or the Santee family ties.  Winters - Elizabeth's family name.  I know they were in Kansas near the Santee's, I just have not found anything about this yet. Dennis - Redford Dennis & wife, Catherine Dennis was  a Santee and I know they were there in LaBette Co also.  But not for a long period of time.
Any information on these families would be helpful. These are the names I am searching.
Thankyou  Gail Struska


J.J. Miles settled in Labette Co in 1869 near Altamont.  Believed to have been born in 1874 Montgomery Co., Va to Lavina Kelsey and Franklin Miles.. moved to Indiana and received schooling there. Would like to make contact with descendants, am a Kelsey descendant and am interested in her story.
Marilyn Canfield


I'm currently doing research on buffalo hunters in \West Texas.  One was John R. Cook who was the town constable of Labette in 1867 and author of The Border and the Buffalo. I would like to find a connection to his Cook family and would appreciate any help.
Best wishes from Lubbock,Texas
Judy Womack


My name is Janice Buckmaster Holton and I am searching for records regarding my great grandparents.  I am searching for marriage and divorce records for John Buckmaster and Laura Belle Chatfield.  They were married December 25, 1894 in Mound Valley and divorced sometime between June 1900 and July 1902 which is the date of her 2nd marriage. 

Janice Buckmaster Holton


I am looking for information on William Henry Sine, Lucy Ann Sine, Luella (Hayes) Sine or Hannah Adella “Della” (Elledge) Sine.  Their mother Nancy A. (Brown) Sine passed away 29 Jul 1901, in Oswego, Labette, Kansas.  Any information about the family in the obituary?


My great great grandfather is buried in Mound Valley Cemetery.  His name is William H. Madron.  I have his obituary. But, I would like to know where I can write to find an obituary for other relatives Issac & Dora E. Thomas both died 1915( no month listed on their tombstone) and buried in Mound Valley Cemetery. I know it may be difficult to find an obit due to no exact month or day, but would appreciate any help you can provide.
Thank you,

Joyce Hayes


I am trying to locate the date of death and place of burial for Martha Jane Allen, born to John Allen and Margaret Barbara Grimes on 28 June 1841 in Kentucky.  She married first to James Blackerby in Davis Co., Iowa on 4 Nov. 1855.  In about 1909 she married Thomas Beach who was from Labette Co., Kansas.  She lived in Labette County and also in Jasper Co., Missouri.  She was still living and shown as Martha Beech (different spelling) in 1922.  I have been unable to find a death certificate for her in Missouri, so suspect she died in Kansas, perhaps Labette County.

Ruby Coleman


Seeking information on John W. Cox, son of Joseph Addison Cox and Mary Madewell Cox, born Jan 1849. He was married to Martha J. "Mattie Cox. (maiden name unknown) John W. Cox died sometime between 1900 and 1910. On the US Kansas Census 1900, he is listed with wife Mattie, daughters Doria or Dosia  and Frederica in Chetopa Kansas. They are listed as having had 4 children, 3 of which are living. Would love contact with any descendants and exchange of information.

Barbara Harvey


Seeking information on the family of Joseph Addison Cox who lived in Labette County from abt 1867 to 1878. I know that son John W. Cox married a women named Martha and in 1904 moved from Labette to Coffeyville. Son JA Cox Jr. moved to Texas and married Louise Dignan in 1888. As did Zenas Cox, and married a women named Anna. I can't find any information on Lydia Cox she was born 1855 in Illinois and came with the family to Labette in 1867. They had ties to the Crain and the Virgin families who came to Labette around the same time. Any information on this families would be very welcome.


Barbara Harvey

Looking for information on Jordon V. Crockett  b. 04 Nov 1844 Carroll County, Indiana  and died 05 Nov 1919.

State Hospital, Parsons, Labette County, Kansas His wife was Louise M. ( maiden name unknown)  she may have been a second wife. They were married 1894 in Kansas. Jordan came west to Kansas with his parents about 1865 --they died in Jefferson co KS in 1869.  He would have been 23 when they died.
1870 census: Elk City,  Howard County, Kansas  page 333 just 2 doors away from sister Nancy Jane Isaacs:
Crockett   Jordan    26  b. Ind    farmer / single (=b. 1844)

1880 Source Information:
  Census Place Washington, Chautauqua, Kansas
  Family History Library Film   1254375,  NA Film Number   T9-0375, Page Number   406B 
 O.P. COBERLY   Self   M   Male   W   39   IN   Farmer   OH   OH 
 Nancy J. COBERLY   Wife   M   Female   W   33   IN   House Keeper   OH   KY 
 David W. COBERLY   Son   S   Male   W   11   KS      IN   IN 
 Jessey P. COBERLY   Son   S   Male   W   8   KS      IN   IN 
 Anna M. COBERLY   Dau   S   Female   W   5   KS      IN   IN 
 Norton V. COBERLY   Son   S   Male   W   2   KS      IN   IN 
 Josiah E. COBERLY   Son   S   Male   W   4M   KS      IN   IN 
 Roxella DUNN   Niece   S   Female   W   12   KS      IN   IL 
 Jordon V. CROCKET   BroL   S   Male   W   39   IN   Laborer   OH   KY   __
 Ina May ROBERTS   Dau   S   Female   W   1   KS      KY   IL 
 Margret JONES   MotherL   W   Female   W   45   OH  OH   OH 

This census record above would make him born 1841 --- 1845 comes from his death certificate. He died without family around --so 1841 may be more correct.

1900 census: Chautauqua County, Kansas  ( about 50 miles W of Parsons)
Washington Township
Crockett Jordan   Nov 1844   b. Ind    m 6yr
              Louisa G.  Feb 1845  b. Ky    mother of 8  3 living
              Henry        Sept 1873  b. Ks  m 2 yr  (? was he a Crockett ???--son of Jordan ???)
              Lela E       June 1880 Ks       m 2 yr  mother of 1 --0 living

Was Louise a second wife???? ---Henry was born before they married -- in 1894 at age of 50
so was Henry --Jordan's son or Louise's son --- being Crockett -- it is probable that he was Jordan's son by an earlier marriage. Yet, Henry is not with Jordon in 1880 ---Jordon is listed as single and living with his sister.

1910 United States Federal Census Record
about Jordan Crockett
Name: Jordan Crockett
Age in 1910: 64
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1846
BirthPlace: Indiana
Relation to Head of House: Inmate 
Home in 1910: Parsons Ward 4, Labette, Kansas
Marital Status: Married 
Race: White

I would like to find where Jordon was buried and who his children were



Samuel W. Kennedy, was a resident in Parsons, Labette Co., Kansas in 1919.  This is a surprise to me as I have searched 25 years in OK and TX for him.

Can someone help me in my search?  I have little information on Samuel.  His parents were Rebecca Carolina and William Mallory Kennedy.  He was born around 1860-70 probably in Georgia.  They were in Arkansas in 1880.  Brothers were Charles Patton Kennedy, Benjamin F. Kennedy, James Devereaux Kennedy.   
Your help will be appreciated. 


I am looking for any info on a Hinson or Sarah Jane (Rhodes) Cohee
Luana Mills

I am searching for the family of Coleman C. Turner who was born in Pendleton County Kentucky.  He was married to Mary Applegate in Harrison County,

Indiana.  They then moved to Labette County Kansas.  He was listed on the 1900 Census with his son, Wm. M. Turner.

Is Coleman C. Turner buried here in Labette County somewhere?  If so, where and what is his death date?  Any information pertaining to this family is

appreciated.  Please email to

Other family members include James M. Turner; Charley; Lafayette and William M.

Thank you.

Barbara Miller

Colorado Springs, CO.


My wife and I are looking for cemetery records for Chetopa, KS.  My ancestor, Quindaro Nancy Brown Guthrie, was a Wyandot Indian and according to the Wyandot tribal records of Oklahoma, she is buried in Chetopa.  Other records indicate she is buried in Kansas City, KS.  If she is buried in Chetopa, we plan to drive there soon on our trip to visit our son in Springfield, MO.

Any help you can give would be appreciated.  If you have access to these records, we will pay you for a search.
Thanks so much!
413 Hillcrest Dr
Durango, CO 81301

FAGAN, Edmund H. Appears on 1880 Federal census as hotel keeper in Chetopa Township. Fagan sold Franklin County, KS farm to my great-grandfather in 1869 and apparently moved to a farm in Montgomery County. By 1880 he and his family were in Labette County in the hotel business. Are there any photos of this hotel or any historical information about it?  

Gary L. Collins


Trying to locate information on the Eli W.Beal/Beals family that lived in Oswego,Labette,KS1860's thru early 1880's after that they lived in Sheridan Township, Cherokee County, KS also believe there were relatives also living in Oswego KS
My great aunt was Grace Beal born 1888 in Cowley County, KS to Salena McPherson and a Mr.Beal. I believe Eli was related to Grace!
Any help/suggestions will be appreciated
Thank you!
Jackie Hart Stegeman


I have just found Clayborn B. Lykins in the 1870 census in Osage Township, Labette County.
Do you know whether the genealogical society and/or library there have any files or information on this man?  Are there any cemetery transcriptions for this area (in the event he died there)?  (In the census, he identifies himself as a physician--he may also be a medical missionary with some Native American group...)

Rose Ann Findlen


Looking for Jerry Getman that lives in or around Oswego Kansas. His father was James Getman, and his Mother was Frances Miller, Getman. Their children were Zora, Sally, Nancy, Peggy, Linda and Jerry Getman.We are long lost cousins! email me at   Thanks! Pam Fry


I am seeking information on the family of Jabez Burnett and wife, Susan Caroline Jackson. They lived in Texas early in their marriage and then moved to Oklahoma and Kansas. Susan is buried in Parsons. They had one girl and I believe at least one other child. I am seeking living relatives as well as any information on the family. My line is Jackson through Susan’s father, Howard Jackson . Time line would have been late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Thanks, Bill King


I have census research that shows my SPIES family in Labette county in 1870, 1880 and in Indian Territory, Cherokee nation twp 20 in 1900... can anyone tell me if the family moved or if the county was called different titles in different years?  Can anyone tell me about the Indian Territory or Cherokee nation?  Adam Spies died in that area after 1900 and before 1910.  I am looking for his burial and any SPIES information- other spellings are Speis, Speez, Spiess. etc...

Lisa Spies


Emma Pearl Clark Matthews, died at Chetopa, Kansas around 1900.  Do you have any record of her death or where she is buried?  She was married to Joe B. Matthews and they had one child, my mother, Pearl Matthews.  Thanks for any information you can give me.

Vernon Gage


My name is Rose Shelton (, and my grandfather, Antonio Gobea, lived in Parsons due to a 1930 census.  He was born in 1891, and I believe his date of death is August 1932 but I cannot find anything in the archives of the local Parson's newspapers.

Thank you.


I need help with Benjamin F. Ford who died around 1899 in Labette cty. I found him in the 1895 Kansas census, also Walter d Lozier/Lozer who married Dora M. Ford in Labette city in about 1901. Ay help would be appreciated I am at a dead in with this for over ten years. Thanks Brandon


I am looking for information about William E. and Grace Copeland and their son Richard A. (born abt 1915) living in Parsons in the 1930 Census. 
Harlan Copeland (


Our grandfather and grandmother are buried in a cemetery in Dennis, Kansas.  Our father, John Dale Dean, is recently deceased and wants his ashes to be interred with his father and mother. Can you help? Ethel M. Dean 1875 -1934; Edmund L. Dean 1870 – 1952

Thanks very much, Ellen Dean and Andi Schleicher


I had a site(Oak Hill cem.  Chetopa, KS) It's gone -under the title was Roy Alexander Moore, Sarah Edna (Blundell ) Moore, Sarah Ann Ventle plus more. Was it changed ? if not could you email the address if you have it .I really like the fact my grand parent was listed on the net.

Terry Stafford

I am searching for my daughters real father. All I have to go by is his first name is Troy and he was from Edna, Kansas. He lived there in 1981.He would be in 

his 40's. Is there a way to find who lived in Edna or near Edna in 1981? Thank you, Mike Houlihan


Seeking information on Charles F. Eplee and Nellie A. Brewster Eplee.  They had three children, Hazel, Johnnie Carl, and Maxine. 

Nellie was the daughter of John A. Brewster who was a brother to my great-great-grandmother Elizabeth Brewster McGriff.
James T. Sears


Looking for information on Hiram Etter and his son Edwin. And family history, They were members of  the Kansas 6th Volunteers-Calvary.

Thank you

Vern Netter


Looking for descendants of Solomon Pearson, born NC in 1805, moved to Kansas via Tennessee and Ohio...specifically looking for information of his descendants who were numerous and lived in Labette county....have information in the form of a letter written by his grandaughter to my great grandmother in NC that I would love to share with family..

Joe Jenkins

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