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Mary Campbell (  21 June,2002
 Enos and Mary Abner Bartlett settled in Chetopa KS around 1866 or 1867. No record of Enos death, but Mary died in 1905 in Cherokee County KS and was buried  in the Fairview Cemetery as stated in the local newspaper. We could not locate a stone there, but wondered if at that time if they used something else to mark a grave. Enos died in 1874 June. Also there was a Alice Bartlett born in 1875 but found no
record of that. Nancy Scroggins as a sister of Mary and I am not sure where she died.  Nancy was living close to Mary around the same time 1866=1905.


Kathey Law ( ) 26 May, 2002
My Gr Grandmother is believed to have died in Labette Co. but we have no information as to  when or exactly where. The last info I have is that she is listed in the 1910 Census as Chloe F Smith. Chloe F. (Marney maiden name)  Schmidt, Schmitt or Smith are the names a I have seen connected with her. She was married to Jacob Schmidt 1903.


Grace Anagnostou (  20 May, 2002
I am looking for any help on the Bettis family. I believe my G-G-Uncle name was F. A. Bettis and he resides in Oswego KS in 1869. He was a
 member of the KS house of Representatives in the fall of 1876.


Ivy Maltbie ( 17 May, 2002
My mother grew up in Labette County. She was a foster child of Mary Jane Claxton. I believe of Parsons. However I am not certain of this. I understand the Claxton changed her legal name when they contracted to raise her from the agency ( a northeastern OK Orphanage.) I am trying to learn her birth name. I believe it was Racin Mae Sturm but have no documentation to support this.  She graduated from LCHS in 1929. She is now deceased.


J Jenkins ( 16 May, 2002
Do you have any information on Louisa Judd....think that she is a relative form NC that marrie and settled in KS ...maiden name possible Hayes of Jenkins.


CARR 15 May, 2002
I am looking for information on the John Carr Family. John S Carr , wife Maria Morrison ,son John Hamilton Carr married to Pathenia Brown. Pheobe who married a Canfield, and Charles. John and Pathenia had George, Alfred, and Ellen. Pheobe had a daughter Blanche. They were there between 1870-1890.


Jim Reed ( 8 May, 2002
I am looking for James Alexander Jones, wife Martha Burr of IL who came to KS in about 1871. Their oldest son A E Jones born in Oswego KS about 1872-3. Another son born in Caney. Were probably farmers.


Jan Majors ( 6 May, 2002
Searching for information on my Grandparents. Charles Manford Majors b 9 Oct,1887 Mound Valley KS. d.24 Dec,1919 Mound Valley KS. He married Jenny Estabrook/Esterbrook.  They had three children: Charles Manford died as a infant, Charles Manford b. 1914 Mound Valley d. 1972 Topeka KS, Francis Willard (my dad) b. 1917 Mound Valley d. 2001 Valley Falls KS. After Charles died she married a Mr. Ferguson/Furguson (Fergie) and moved to Topeka where Jenny ran a cafe.


Kathey Law ( 1 May, 2002
Looking for information for my Great-Great Grandmother. Katherine Diefenbouch Schmidt b. December 1849 in Germany d. 1901 in Oswego KS married to Karl Schmidt living in Oswego KS.


Debbie Furgerson ( 1 May, 2002
Looking for Robert A Read SR family of Mound Valley KS


Ron Cook ( 29 April, 2002
I am trying to locate information about my Ancestor Hiram Cook who lived in Labette KS. he was born mid 1800's and died in the 1900's. He lived in Labette the last half on the 1800's. His father was Asa Cook of Kansas City, KS who owned Cook's Furniture Store.


Cordelia Dawley ( 27 April, 2002
Seeking information about Uncle WM Dolmyer b. 8 Dec,1905. His father Albert Dolmyer, his mother Elizabeth Brown. He listed his birth place as Chetopa KS Labette county.


Flossie Braden ( 23 April, 2002
I  am searching for any info on George Lyons who died 19 May 1897 in Parsons KS.


James Barker ( 19 April, 2002
Searching for information on John A Kirby shown in 1880 census with family in Richland Labette KS from TN.


  19 April, 2002
Looking for information on Perks family of Parsons KS. Bessie Perks (1862-1931) was married to Rev. Thomas Perks. There children were Samuel, Andrew, and Bessie (married to Thomas Hilton.)


Carolyn Simmons ( 17 April, 2002
My grandmother Bertha Dancy was born in Chetopa in 1884. Her mother Nellie Wright married Frank Dancy there about 1880.


Moselle Rosenthal ( 14 April, 2002
 I am looking for any Vital records of my Great Grandfather, Marcus Littman, who died in Chetopa KS 1871. His son, Leopold Littman and his wife Harriet lived in Chetopa around 1871 to 1874. A daughter, Lydia was born there in 1873.


Maryann  ( 11 April,2002
Trying to find some info about a Nancy Scroggins living around 1870 close to Chetopa KS. Relatives were Enos Bartlett. Also trying to find some info about a photography studio called Rose and Sons in Chetopa KS around the years 1880-89 or earlier.


Joyce Cooper ( 07 April, 2002
I am doing some research to help a friend. Her family was form Labette co KS. She descends through Wilbur Melton Vail and Tennessee Worley Vail . Wilbur was b about 1880 in Labette Co. KS. Additional names in her line are Wallingford, Taylor  and Majors all of Labette Co. at some point or other their lives.


Henry Wraver ( 04 April, 2002
I had a Grandfather, Henry Fishbaugh, who lived in Labette County KS. The 1895 KS Census his wife was Mary Ann Cadell, Tharp, Gruber, Fishbaugh. He died in Dec of 1901  in Parsons I think. He and wife Ann are shown in Parson City Directory in 1900. The city combined 1901-1902 and she is shown as widow.


Betty ( 30 March, 2002
I am currently working on my Janes family, and an Uncle, Joseph W Janes, move to KS from WV in 1869. His Civil War Pension File states he died in Wichita KS but lived a long time in Labette Co  and was brought back to Altamont to be buried in the Wooden Cemetery  on Feb, 1914.  I know his wife preceded him in death, Lydia Janes, died about Feb 1904 as the paper states.  Also would like to know if  there is a listing of the burials in the Wooden Cemetery, and if so could some one find if Lydia Janes is buried there.


Sandie ( 30 March, 2002
Seeking information on the Moter family that lived in Parsons, Labette County KS as early as 1892. In 1900 William A and Harriet Pricilla lived o Corning Avenue with three of their seven children: Harvey A born Dec 1879 MO married Mabel J; Effie born 16 Mar 1877 Mo and William Alton born 1892 Parsons KS married Pearl. Other children were Pricilla R 1868, Lillie Gertrude 1870 married Dettwiler 1887 in Parson KS and Rebecca 1878 married a Sheets, widowed by age 42 all born in MO There was also one child that died very young.  The above Harvey A and wife Mabel K are listed in the 1910 Parsons Census as Motter which is incorrect.


James & Angie Lane ( 28 March, 2002
I am tring to find Andrew Miracle. He is supposed to be on the 1870 Labette Co Census. Looking for his wife and children if any.


Robert Brown ( 19 March, 2002
I trying to find the parents name of my Great-Grandfather James Brown. He died in Labette County in 1909.  Any information will be greatly helpful.


Laura Ball ( 16 March, 2002
Lucinda Jane Gilbert died in Labette Co KS Sept 26, 1908. I am looking for her place of burial and community she resided in/ during her time in Labette Co KS. and a obit if available also. She came to Labette Co KS from Daviess Co MO.



John Watts ( 12 March, 2002
I am researching my family and the trail seem as to dead end in Parsons KS. My Great Grand Father, Fredrick Milford Watts is buried in Parsons, as is my Grandfather, Earle Watts. My Grandmother was Rose Mary Murphy and her father was Joseph Murphy and that is where I seem to dead end. Fred's father was named Thomas Watts from Ill.


Debby Kracke ( 16 Feb, 2002
I have hit a brick wall regarding my Grandparents and my dad knows nothing of his family. This is what I know.  Henry A Spencer  GGGrandfather b. 09/27/1872 d. 1926 Oakly KS.  Chester D Spencer GGrandfather b. 04/30/1902 Kingston KS, d. 02/16/1943 CO  married Esther Goding 02/02/1928. I cannot find a record of their marriage in KS or NE. Also there might have been a child born to them in 1929 that was (is) unknown to my dad and his brother.  My Grandfather's siblings were: Kenneth, Vernon, Ruth.


Danny York (  15 Feb, 2002

My Great-Uncle Benjamin Franklin York is listed as living in Chetopa when his father Joshua York died in 1908.  B F York was married to Elizabeth Ann Boatman and some of their children's names were:  Charles B York, Chauncie Joshua York, Bessie York, Frankie O York, Pearle York. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Rosemary Matzke (  09 Feb, 2002
In the 1900 Census Township: Elm Grove, Labette County KS, I found my Great Grandfather Benedict Murphy shown as the City Marshall. Are there any records that show when he left that position or where he went? Are there any records stating where he came from and how long he was there? Who were his parents or any other family?  His wife was shown as Ellen, she was evidently married to a Mr. McKenzie previous to my Great Grandfather because she has two daughters shown  on the 1900 census born in 1885 and 1889. I would assume that she married him in 1884 in KS since both girls were born in KS. She also had brothers or uncles that helped establish the MT. Zion Baptist Church in Labette County.


Carolyn Garrett ( 31 Jan, 2002
I am looking for information of the Andrews family that was in Labette County KS and the town  of  Mound Valley in the years form 1916 to 1923. They could have been there earlier and later than these dates but do know that they were there in the dates. My Great Grandfather   Edgar Clinton Andrews passed away in Mound Valley KS  on 16 October, 1923 and I have been told that he was buried in the Mound Valley cemetary.  My father Edgar William Andrews born 4 March 1922 in Mound Valley and several of his sibling were born in Labette County to Fred and Olive Andrews.


Mavis Merrill ( 28 Jan, 2002
My ancestors are Thomas Edwards who was born in Harrison CO. KY, died in Oswego KS. He was married to Eliza DeJarnette who was born in 1810 probably in KY. We do not know where she died but they lived for some time in Labette County KS. Ida May Edwards and some other family members are buried in Oakwood Cemetery.


Andrew Horan ( 19 Jan, 2002
I am trying to locate information on my Great Grandparents who lived in Parsons prior to 1890. The names are John and Sara Horan or Edward and Sara Horan. Children's name believed to  be Andrew, Matthew, Daniel, Nan.  Sara is buried here in Denver, she died in 1892 from Cancer.


Jim Dewater (  15 January 2002
Seeking more information about S. B. BYERS.  I understand he's buried in Mound Valley Cemetery.  On 7 April 1909, he married to my Great-Grandmother (Elizabeth M. J. DEWATER) in the home of her daughter at Wichita.  When my Great-Grandmother died, she used her first married name (DEWATER).  She is buried at Clearwater.


Betty Henry Pilkington (  12 January 2002
3 July 1919 Vinita Journal (Craig Co. Oklahoma) newspaper told of death of Deputy Sheriff P. S. TEETERS of Labette County while trying to stop "booze transporters." My Great-Grandfather was John Robert TEETERS of Craig County, OK.  Would like to know the name of parents of P. S. TEETERS .  Is there a newspaper archive in Labette Co.?  Sounds like getting a death certificate to find this information would be difficult since I cannot prove relationship.  Maybe there would be a funeral home with records of 1919???? Would appreciate any help.


Shannon Drew (  12 January 2002
I am beginning my search for CURTIS in this area. My husband's Grandfather, Levi Roy CURTIS, was born in Labette County 1902 or 1903 to John L. CURTIS, (b IN) and Minnie Jean ALTUM, (b KS).  Levi married Vera SISSON in 1938 in California and they separated shortly after the birth of my mother-in-law.  She never knew her father so the only information I have to begin the search is Levi and Vera's marriage certificate.  I would appreciate any leads if the names look like a match to your research.


Kenneth Lester (  11 January 2002
I have been facing the proverbial brick wall in locating the burial site of my Great-Grandmother - Rosa (Rose) HEASTON (HIESTAND/HIESTEND) HILL. She may have been buried in Oak Hill Cemetery which, I believe, is south of Chetopa.  Rosa was born about 1876 in Indiana and died between 1906-1909 in Chetopa. She married Thomas B. HILL.  If I understand the information available, there would probably be no death certificate before 1911 in Kansas, so I am looking for any documents from the cemetery that would identify Rosa more clearly (DOB, DOD, parents, et al).  Any guidance that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


Carolyn Simmons (  7 January 2002
My grandmother, Bertha Dancy was born in Melrose, can anyone tell me about this place, I cannot find it in the Atlas.  Thanks so much.


Erma Fisher (  6 January 2002
Searching for obituary or place of burial for John Mollenhour, passed away Chetopa area, Labette County in 1875.


Sherrill Bryan (  4 January 2002
I am searching for any information on Solomon DILL.  He died in Timber Hill, Labette Co. Kansas after 1875.  Do you possibly know where Timber Hill was located?

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