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Mary Dusseau ( 15 Dec, 2002
I am looking for information on my father, Earl Dewey Richardson, born in Parson KS on January 8, 1898. His parents John and Mary Louise Richardson. He had 3 brothers: Charles, Edgar, Carl and a sister Stella. Earl , my father married my mother Helen Hannah Ward in Newton KS in 1939. He was born in Parsons KS on Jan 8, 1898.


Laura Isenhart ( 11 Dec, 2002
I have a family member I know was living in Labette County KS in 1880. I think there is a good chance he married and stayed there. I would like to check out marriages of the era from about 1885 forward to see if I can find him. I am looking for Charles S Adams. At the age of 16 he was living with his brother's family in 1880.


Phil Streiff (  09 Dec, 2002
I am looking for Charles Streiff who died June 1952 in Mound Valley. I assume he is buried in that area. If he is buried with his wife I would like her name and death date.


Robert Brown ( 02 Dec, 2002
When did Labette County start keeping death records? My Great Grandfather , James Brown, died there on Jan 11, 1909. He was buried just outside  of Bartlett on Jan 13, 1909. I am trying to find who his parents were and I was hoping to find his death record might have that information.


Roger Rhoads ( 02 Dec, 2002
Hansen, b. ca 1841, and Sarah (Rhodes), b. ca 1845, Cohee moved to Labette, Labette County KS between 1870 and 80. They show in the 1880 census with two children: John, B. ca 1865, and Zollicoffer, B. 1867.


 Ramona Ward ( 29 Nov, 2002
I am looking fro my G, G, G, Grandparents: William L (Billy) and Amanda Gardner Williams. They have a daughter Grace Ellen Williams b: 1848. These are the only dates I have for the family. The moved to OK around 1907.


Jim Simmons ( 28 Nov, 2002
Iva Ethel Simmons was 20 years old and living in Labette County, KS when she applied for a marriage license in Ohio in 1907. Her father, Thomas H Simmons , was probably living in Labette County also.


Mary Gilmore ( 18 Nov, 2002
Mary Ann Cornelius Dick, b: 18 Feb, 1840 near Cicero, IN. daughter of George and Elizabeth (Eilar) Cornelius, married Leroy F Dick in IN. She died in Parsons KS 23 Dec, 1934. Perhaps living with one of her family or her brother Samuel's family who also must have come to Parsons KS from IN around the turn of the 1900's. That family of Hugh McConnell or the others by the surname Cornelius. I have a copy of a 1865 letter from Leroy F Dick to Mary Ann's Grandfather Samuel Eilar, which I would like to share and discuss with any descendants of this family. I am a descendant of her Mother's brother Benjamin Eilar.


Michael McCaw ( 16 Nov, 2002
I am looking for information on John McCaw. He was born in Ireland and died in Labette County KS in 1895. He was married to Annie Smith McCaw. They supposedly had 7 sons. Where was John born and who were his recorded ancestors.


Tracey Daly ( 28 Oct, 2002
Hannah Ovelia Ross- Buffington died 29 Sept, 1933 Oswego, Labette Co, KS.  Husband Alfred Buffington.


Cheryl Ashcroft ( 27, Oct, 2002
I am looking for info on a line of the Terry family. Nancy Hanson Farrow Terry had daughters that I believe all married in Labette County KS. Amelia married a Jacob Bortoff,  Amanda married a Orville Pennywitt, and Mary Ursuala married a T. W. Hindman. After loosing her husband (John T Terry) Nancy married a Levi Argenbright of Labette  County KS. I believe several of the men were Preachers. They were most likely from the Mound Valley area.


Millie Alexander, ( 22, Oct, 2002
Sargent, Maley (male) -listed in Labette, KS 1880 Census: Farmer, born 1832, Ohio, Farmer. Wife- Nancy, born 1843, New York. Daughter- Ella, born 1862, Illinois. Any information would be helpful.


Diana Johnson ( 14 Oct, 2002
Thomas Benton Pruitt b: 1/9/1875, son of Thomas and Mary Pruitt. He was born in Oswego KS. He had a brother, Perle (Pearl) that may have been born in Oswego. I am looking for any information on this family. In his later years, Perle ran a livery stable in Bartlesville OK.


Jeanie Culp ( 08 Oct, 2002
I am tring to trace family related to Oliver or Daisy Napier whom lived around Oswego, Labette Co KS around 1957.


Phil Crowther ( 07 Oct, 2002
I am looking for information on Mary Weldon Warren who died in Oswego, Labette Co, KS on 2 Dec, 1878 in the house of Almeron. Patchin (her son in law) of heart disease.

Carolyn Morse ( 12 Sept, 2002
I am trying to research my husband's family. His father was Royal Ray Morse, born in Coffeyville on March 17, 1882. His parents were John and Louisa Carolyn (Meek) Morse. John was born in Indiana, I believe.

Marvin Walden (  06 Sept, 2002
According to the obituary of my Grandfather, Asbury Walden in 1933, he was survived by an older brother, William Walden, who lived in Oswego in 1933. Does anyone have resources, such as an Oswego City Directory, which would allow you to search for info on my Great Uncle William Walden who lived in Oswego in 1933, and possibly afterward.
The Federal Census for 1940 won't be out for a few years, and I have tried to find Great Uncle William's death certificate in Kansas for a few subsequent decades  and no death certificates could be found. Since William was about 61 in 1933, I don't think he moved.
If there were any info in Oswego directories, that might help me track him.
So, if anyone have such resources, how much might it cost me, and how would I proceed?


David Thomson ( 31 Aug, 2002
I am looking for information on the death of Kate (Washburn) Thomson. She was married to David Wise Thomson b. 5/6/1851 in Ansonville-Jordan Twp., Clearfield Co PA. d 3/21/1921 in EL Paso TX. David married Dora Roxana Metcalf in Parsons, KS on 7/10/1880. Dora was b. 9/4/1857 in MO and d. 6/7/1949 in Inglewood CA.


Pearl Thomas ( 30 Aug, 2002
I know my Hudelson ancestors were in Edna and Chetopa. I was wondering if any one knew anything about them. My grandfather was Eddie Hudelson and my great grandfather was David Hudelson. I am searching for any information.


Betty Macdonald ( 13 Aug, 2002
I would like to know about the family of William a Thorn shown in the 1870 census of Oswego, Labette Co KS. He is shown as being a stone mason from NY. My Ancestor has a brother William Allen Thorn from Corning NY.


Betty Montgomery ( 10 Aug, 2002
I am researching my Grandmother Christine Samler Pratt. Her husband's name  was Waldo Oscar Pratt. They move to Parsons KS from St Louis MO around 1902. They were divorced around 1905. I would like to know when Christine died. She was in the 1910 Census, but not the 1920 census. I like to know the date she died and what cemetery she is buried in.


Rick Albright ( 8 Aug, 2002
Seeking information on a Stephen Bright b. 25 Dec 1825 Augusta Co VA. d. 8 Mar, 1874 Labette Co KS. Stephen , a widower since 1865, moved to Labette County from Mercer Co MO shortly before his death. One of his sons, James William Bright b. VA 1854 reportedly served in the Civil War from Ohio and may have a Veteran grave marker (cemetery unknown).


Claude Nolen ( 05 Aug, 2002
My father and I are interested in our  family's history in Labette County KS. My father has done most of the research on this. All of our family's history takes place in VA. with the exception of a few years ( 1869 to 1875) when on branch of the family moved to Mound Valley KS. I believe that they settled very near the famous Bender family. My family's name was Angell.


Jack Tharp ( 05 Aug, 2002
My father Lee Earl Tharp was born in Mound Valley on June of 1907. My grandfather's name was Perry Tharp and my grandmother's name Mary Vina Graybeal Tharp. Before my father's birth my grandparents lived in Cherryvale. I also had great grandparents William F Tharp and his wife Jane Herring Tharp who lived in  Cherryvale.


Nan  ( 30 July, 2002
 Clifford W Blake b: Oct 27,1886 d: Jan 02,1887,  Harry R Blake b: Jan 24,1888 d: Feb 24, 1888,  George P Jr b: Aug 5, 1889 d: MT>buried family plot. , Frank Otto b: May 9, 1892 d: MT>buried family plot., Annie Laura b: July 28, 1895 at Parsons Labette County KS b: MT>w/husband.  Parents names are George Willard Blake and Mary Louisa Lowey Blake. He worked on the railroad and was, I believe an engineer? I am trying to find his parents names (maybe on Census Records) and where for sure the other Children I mentioned were born and the two who died young, death info. I know all the rest of the Blake children are buried in the State of MT in a family plot or else where if female.  I know they moved to KS from MO about 1887/86.


Robyn Mills ( 30 July, 2002
I am trying to find information on the deaths of my G-G-Grandparents, George W McDaniel and Clara E (Gallatin) McDaniel, from Edna Labette County KS. They both died on July 31, 1940. I can't find any cause of death. If anyone knows of a storm or something that may have happen on that day please let me know.


Holly Krug ( 30 July, 2002
I am trying to find information about my Grandmother and Grandfather, who were married in Vinita Indain Terr. She is Buried there in the Bicknell Plot. Her mother was Frances Bicknell Rucker Day. 1st husband was a Rucker. I know they lived in Chetopa. My dad is Carson Donald Robison and his mother was Bernice Rucker Robison and his father was Carson Jay Robison.


Terri Brew ( 20 July, 2002
Seeking information on the Tusing Family that lived near Alamont during the 60's, specifically looking for Carol Elizabeth Tusing born apprx. 1947.  Also searching for Deborah Jean Davis


Bobbie Harlow ( 17 July, 2002
I am looking for the parents and siblings of my G-Grandparents George Washington Robinson (1861-1937) and Marion Frances Leffler (1867-1944). They were married in Cherokee County KS on Jan 30, 1889. My grandmother is their daughter, Ethel Lee Robinson (1897-1983), she married Robert Lincoln Babcock on July 2, 1914 in Oswego KS. My grandmother's siblings are: Eva May, Harvey Alfred (Buck), George Wesley, Cecil Leonard, Mabel Doris, James Clinton (Roni) Vina Irene (Viney) and Edith Myrtle.


Viola Dyer ( 16 July, 2002
My Maternal Grandparents lived in Labette Co KS in the 1870's and 1890's. I am trying to find out more information on "Hackberry Township". My Great Grandfather Elijah W Allen was killed in a duel in June of 1878 and was buried in the Hackberry Cemetery. I have a photocopy of his Cemetery Deed. My Great Grandmother Itha Jane (Smart) Harris died at Chetopa KS on July 4th 1889. Her husband Benjamin Proctor Harris may have died in Labette Co. but I have no proof of that.


Sheila Simpson ( 15 July, 2002
Albrooks, Ezra C. Participated in information of Cooks District, m Labette County. Buried in Bates County MO. Member of 2nd Calvary Regiment IA.


Larry Witt ( 5 July, 2002
I was looking for a cemetery look up for a Noah and Catharine Portrum. They lived in Parsons, Labette county, KS. They passed away sometime after 19000. Noah was born around 1825. Does the Library have newspaper microfilms of Parson Newspapers for their death period.


Robert Trout ( 01 July,2002
I am looking for information on my Grandparents, Franklin Talmadge Pratt and Rosa Belle Mashburn. They lived in Parsons KS in 1909 when my mother was born Pauline Frances Pratt.


Judy Maxwell

I am looking for the cemetery, graves or information of when my 3rd Great Grandfather Jacob H. Beatty and his wife Mary E. Beatty died.  They came to Labette County in the Osage Township in 1869 according to the Biographical Sketches of Osage Township that I found.  The last Census I found them on was 1885 still living in Labette County, Osage Township, so they died between 1885 - 1895.   Jacob was born in Pennsylvania, moved to Ohio, Illinois then to Kansas and was in the Civil War for a brief time. 

I am also interested in his son Fremont L. Beatty & wife Lillie they may be buried near Cherryvale.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Floyd Kolander

John Williams & Frank Butler (cousins) arrived by train in Parsons, Ka. from New
York city in March 1882.  Williams supposedly settled in Labette County while
Butler moved on to Dodge City.  Would appreciate any vital statistics or general
Floyd Kolander


Lois Goodrich

The following is an update:  Through obtaining a death certificate from the State of Kansas, I have found out that Herman W. L. Miller  was born June 27, 1884 and died February 9, 1952.  He is buried in the Mound Valley Cemetery.  He was married Emma Lude and they had 2 daughters, Bernice and Cornelia.  Herman also had a brother, Charles A., who died in Kansas before 1940.


Edward G. Allan 
I am researching my family, the Allan family who came from Scotland to the US in 1827. Margaret Allan who died in 1903 left items to John Torrence of Chetopka Labette County Kansas. 
 I believe that the Torrence family is directly related to the Allan family, and I would like to make contact with anyone who has nformation on the Torrence or Allan families. 
 Any help / posting you can help me with would be most appreciated.



Betty Waite Myers

Looking for information on Orin White and his children.

Orin White was born in Jennings Co., IN and moved to Fayette Co., IL.  He was in the Civil War, Co. F, 14th IL cavalry.  He was married twice: Sarah Melissa White and Martha Louella White.  His children were William, Nancy, Richard, Mary, Sarah.  Orin White is buried in Fly Creek Cemetery, Neoshia Twp.  His nieces, Pernina Jane, Gerneva Ellen and Lillie Parks were known to be living in Chetopa, Kansas in 1878 and probably with the White family. The Parks sisters father, Amos Parks, was killed in the Civil War and their mother, Martha Jane White Parks, died shortly after Lillie Parks birth.  I would like any information on the Orin White family and the Parks sisters.  Pernina Jane Parks and Gerneva Parks returned to Illinois but have no information on what happened to Lillie Parks.  I don't know if she married or died at a young age while in Chetopa, Kansas.





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