Lincoln County Births from the 1880s

Birth announcements gleaned from Lincoln County newspapers.

Lincoln Register, April 1, 1880

March 25, to John and Catharine Klepper, a beautiful healthy, nine pound daughter. "Donder and blixen, vhas next !!!"
[From the Franklin Township correspondent] William Gourley is the happiest man in Lincoln Co.; it is a boy, standard weight.

Lincoln Register, April 30, 1880

A son, on the 26th of April, 1880, to Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Thompson, of this city.

Lincoln Register, May 29, 1880

A son to Mr. and Mrs. M. Gregg, on May 20, 1880
A daughter to Samuel and Mary Crawford, on May 18, 1880, all of this city.

Lincoln Register, May 13, 1880

May 9th to James and Mary Runnells, an eight pound daughter. Tally three for the blacksmiths.

Lincoln Register, Sept. 24, 1880

On th 17th a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William Davis, of Valley township.

Saline Valley Register, Aug. 11, 1882

In Lincoln, on Aug. 9, 1882, a fine healthy daughter to George and Matilda Strange.

Saline Valley Register, Sept. 15, 1882

At the family residence in Pleasant township on Sept. 9, 1882, a son to Mrs. Mary Elizabeth and Mr. William Harrison.
On Sept. ?? in this city, a son to Mrs. Jennie and Truman T. Taylor. With this tiny wanderer came into this home new thought, new cares and new joys, such only as come with the first born. May the little wanderer be ever proud of his mother’s smile and directed by his father’s word.

Saline Valley Register, July 13, 1883

In this city on July 9, 1883, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Fayette Mathews.
At the parental residence near Tower Springs in this county on July 12, 1883, a son to Mrs. Sarah E. and Mr. M.S. Root.

Saline Valley Register, Aug. 23, 1883

On Aug. 14 1883 a girl to Lucy and Warren Hedrick, of Bashan in this county.

Lincoln Beacon, March 5, 1885

Feb. 23, 1885, to Mr. David Parker and wife, a daughter. Mrs. Parker was the first white child born in Lincoln County, and this child is the first born in the county of a parent born in the county. Mrs. Parker is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Green.

Lincoln Beacon, March 4, 1886

A little daughter came to bless the home of our estimable friends Mr. and Mrs. William M. Smith, March 2, 1886.
On Thursday night last there was a fine boy added to the population of Scott township, who has taken quarters at the residence of Mr. Joshua H. Foulke.

Lincoln Beacon, June 17, 1886

June 10, 1886, to George and Nancy Strange, a son.
To E.E. and Mrs. Minnie Quick, Tuesday, June 14, 1886, a son. Weight, 10 pounds. Dr. Goff in attendance.

Lincoln Beacon, June 24, 1886

To Ora and Mrs Etta Lyon, a 9 ½ pound son, June 18, 1886. Dr. Goff in attendance.
Our popular stone mason, Henry Sahlman, looks proud and steps high. It is a girl and was born June 22, 1886. Dr. Goff in attendance.

Lincoln Beacon, July 15, 1886

July 13, 1886, in Lincoln, Kan., to Frank E. and Mrs. Elizabeth Richardson, a daughter. Mr. Richardson is the son of Mrs. C.P. Wells and came to Lincoln with Mr. and Mrs. Wells, last March.
July 10, 1886, to Frank and Clara Doolittle, a daughter, weight 7 pounds. Everybody is doing as well as could be expected, including grandmother Doolittle.

Lincoln Beacon, July 29, 1886

A 12 ½ pound girl took up her residence in the family of Solomon Stainbrook last week, being introduced by Dr. S.A. Goff.

Lincoln Beacon, Aug. 12, 1886

Number seven. A boy to Mr. and Mrs. C. Bernhardt, born Aug. 8.

Lincoln Beacon, Dec. 9, 1886

[From the Pinon correspondent] A new male member of the Welty family constitutes an addition to the Prohibition army in this vicinity. He arrived very early on Friday morning, and Dr. Hall has been very highly complimented for meeting the cold wave in riding such a distance to introduce him.

Lincoln Beacon, May 5, 1887

Born -- To A.W. Elgin and wife, upon May 2, 1887, a son.

Lincoln Beacon, April 28, 1887

[From the Cedron correspondent] Mr. Willis Daily has a fine boy at his house.

Lincoln Beacon, Jan, 3, 1889

Dec. 25, 1888, to John and Dora Anderson, a fine daughter.
[From the Barnard correspondent] Charles E. McPherson and Charles Parsons have each a daughter added to their respect families, and A.J. Donovan’s first-born is a son.

Lincoln Beacon, Jan. 31, 1889

We have heard it whispered that Charlie Brown, of the Bank of Beloit, is the happy father of a fine boy baby. What’s the matter with the First National Bank now? The other two banks have increased their per capita in the last week. – Beloit Courier

Lincoln Beacon, Feb. 7, 1889

[From the Barnard correspondent] Mr. Bridenstine had a fine daughter born to him on the 30th ult.

Lincoln Beacon, Feb. 14, 1889

[From the Orworth correspondent] Joseph Smith is the father of a bouncing big boy; this is the first of the masculine gender that has put in an appearance at his house.

Lincoln Beacon, Feb. 14, 1889

[From the Denmark correspondent] Last week’s change in the Denmark directory reads as follows: Martin Nelson, a bouncing big boy; J.L. Nygaard, a wee small girl; Wabason, a Lolander girl. How is that for one week’s returns?

Lincoln Beacon, Feb. 28, 1889

[From the Sylvan Grove Sentinel] A bouncing baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brescha, 3 ½ miles southwest of town, last Sunday evening.

Lincoln Beacon, March 14, 1889

In Lincoln, Kan., Thursday, March 7, 1889, to Frank Wilmarth and wife, a fine large boy. Frank, who is in Washington State, was advised by telegraph of this accession to the tribe of Rodney.

Lincoln Beacon, April 4, 1889

March 22, 1889, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. George Repsher [Repshire].

Lincoln Beacon, April 11, 1889

To James Nothern and wife, March 31, a daughter.

Lincoln Beacon, April 25, 1889

To Dr. T.B. Reynolds and wife, a son.
[From the Logan correspondent] To the family of C.C. Sperry, a daughter. Also, F.M. Jackson has a new heir.

Lincoln Beacon, May 2, 1889

[From the Barnard correspondent] Another son has been added to the family of John F. Pierce.

Lincoln Beacon, May 30, 1889

May 28, 1889, in Lincoln, Kan., to F.M. Shepherd and wife, a daughter.

Lincoln Beacon, June 13, 1889

To Lon. A. and Julia A. Minx, at Salem, Ore., a son, May 26, 1889. Another Prohibition-Web-Foot has arisen to help make Kansas solid for prohibition in his daddy’s old age.

Lincoln Beacon, June 20, 1889

To William Myers and wife, of Franklin, June 13, 1889, a boy which weighed 13 pounds. It is said that this boy scores an advance of several pounds weight over any record Franklin township has ever before made.
To. L.N. Keener and wife, of Lincoln, a son was born on June 17, 1889.

Lincoln Beacon, July 4, 1889

Sunday, June 30, 1889, to J.S. Windsor and wife, of Lincoln, a 10-pound boy was born.
July 2, 1889, to H.C. Simpson and wife, of Lincoln, a daughter was born.

Lincoln Beacon, July 25, 1889

To Ira C. and Lillie M. Buzick, of Lincoln, Friday, July 19, 1889, an 11-pound boy.
[From the Logan correspondent] Born, unto John Bennett and wife, a girl weighing six pounds.
[From the Logan correspondent] Born, unto William Wilds [Wild] and wife, a fine girl. Will seems to be very proud.

Lincoln Beacon, Aug. 1, 1889

[From the Lone Walnut correspondent] A new baby boy arrived at Frank Whipple’s last week.

Lincoln Beacon, Aug. 29, 1889

Aug. 18, 1899, at Sylvan Grove, a daughter to W.H. and Annie Pilcher.

Lincoln Beacon, Sept. 19, 1889

To F.C. Downey and wife, of Lincoln, Sept. 5, 1889, a son.
Sept. 3, 1889, to B. Brewer and wife, a son, and his name shall be called Clinton B. Fish, and it is not a wild prophecy that when he is old enough to vote that his mother will be old enough to vote, too, and that national prohibition will be an established fact several years before that time.

Lincoln Beacon, Sept. 26, 1889

To Elmer Biggs and wife, of Lincoln, a son was born Sept. 23, 1889.

Lincoln Beacon, Oct. 3, 1889

To James E. Kerr and wife, Sept. 27, 1889, a daughter.
To Dr. E.S. Newton and wife, a fine son, Sept. 27, 1889.
To L.A. Lovin and wife, Sept. 30, a son.

Lincoln Beacon, Oct. 24, 1889

[From the Monroe correspondent] Born, to Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson, a girl baby, Oct. 14.

Lincoln Beacon, Nov. 7, 1889

To H.R. Banks and wife, of Lincoln, Nov. 1, 1889, a son.

Lincoln Beacon, Nov. 14, 1889

Nov. 5, 1889, to E. Christianson and wife, of Pottersburg, twin boys. Two more boys that will be trained up in the doctrine of equal rights for all without regard to sex.

Lincoln Beacon, Nov. 28, 1889

To Frank Johnson and wife, of Lincoln, a daughter, Nov. 13, 1889.

Nov. 23, 1889, to Lewis and Mary Moss, a fine daughter.

Lincoln Beacon, Dec. 5, 1889

[From the Barnard correspondent] A week ago yesterday a male resident came into the family of F.J. Wilkins. Both mother and son are doing well.

Lincoln Beacon, Dec. 12, 1889

Dr. H.F. Pratt of Beverly informs us that on Dec. 10 a daughter was born to O. Capper and wife, who live near that place, and that mother and child are doing finely.

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