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History of
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High School

From The Beverly Banner, April 28, 1932

Before the Beverly Rural High School was built, Beverly had a city high school in what is now the grade school building. So many were wanting a high school education that it became necessary to build a basement room to seat the students. The state requested that they quit teaching in the basement room because it was injurious to the students.

Consequently bonds were voted in 1919 for the contstruction of a Beverly Rural High School building. It was decided to construct the building south of the railroad tracks on land purchased from Theren Powell.

The Eberhardt Construction Company of Salina, Kan., began building the Rural High School and finished it in September 1921. The building is of brick and concerte and is fire-proof. It is also equipped with modern equipment. There is a library, a study hall, sewer system, a domestic science department, a vocational agriculture department, electric bells, electric lights, gymnasium, furnace and showers. The building is 121 feet x 82 feet and cost approximately $75,000.

The Beverly Rural High School District consists of Logan and Colorado townships, half of Madison and parts of Beaver and Elkhorn townships.

While the new building was being constructed there was school in the old building. We received state aid that year. The first school board consisted of Mr. C.A. Greene, Mr. R.D. Campbell and Mr. H.E. Skinner. The teachers were Mr. Rush Ellenberger, Principal Miss Pace and Mrs. Walters Sparks. The school was class C and had an enrollment of nearly 50 students.

The first year of school in the new building started a week or so late because the building was not complete. The board consisted of the same members but there were five faculty members. Mr. Barnes, principal, Mrs. Barnes, Miss Allen, Miss Pace and Miss Brown. The school was rated as class B because of the number of teachers and the variety of subjects offered.

For the school term of 1922-23 the board consisted of Mr. Campbell, Mr. George Melling and Mr. Greene. The faculty were: Mr. Barnes, principal, Mrs. Barnes, Mr. C.D. Dean, coach; Miss Smith and Miss Brown. The school still ranked as class B.

The following year the board consisted of the same members and the faculty was the same except that Mr. Stitt, coach, and Miss Archer replaced Mr. and Mrs. Barnes. Mr Dean became principal.

The board remained the same another year but three new faculty members were hired, Mr. Law, coach; Miss Sperry and Miss Myers.

At the school meeting in 1925, Mr. Skinner replaced Mr. Melling. Other business brought up in the meeting concerned the bus system. A motion was made that the people of the district vote the board the right to provide a suitable means of transportation for students in the more remote parts of the district.

Seeing that there would be a need of more teachers, the faculty consisted of six members in 1925-26: Mr. Dean, Mrs. Law, Miss Esping, Miss Bernheisel, Miss Sperry and Miss Archer. The enrollment was nearly twice that of the first year. Nearly 100 students enrolled in 1926. At this time the school ranked as Class A.

There was little change in the teaching staff for 1926-27. This year’s vocational agriculture course was put in and Mr. Humphrey was the new teacher instead of Miss Bernheisel.

Several new teachers were hired in 1927-28, and they consisted of: Mr. Dean, Mr. Bruce, Mr. Humphrey, Miss Lapham, Miss Chilcotte, and Miss Espring.

In 1928-29 the faculty members were Mr. Dean, Mr. Fisher, Mr. Humphrey, Miss Chilcotte, Miss Crooks and Miss Godwin.

The following year only one change occurred in the teaching staff, Miss Murtaugh replaced Miss Godwin.

Only one old teacher was rehired in 1930-31, that teacher being Miss Murtaugh, the other new teachers hired were: Mr. Gentry, Mr. Young, Mr. Edgar, Miss White and Miss Buck. The board members continued to hold their respective positions during these five years.

Only two changes were made in the teaching staff for 1931-32. Mis Poole and Mis Hogan replaced Miss White and Miss Murtaugh. Mr. A.J. Bell was elected to replace H.E. Skinner on the board, but after a short while Mr. Bell resigned and Mr. Skinner was appointed to finish out the year.


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