Lincoln Central School
Gives Way
To Modern Structure

Lincoln Sentinel-Republican, May 25, 1950

The month of May marked the passing of another Lincoln landmark, old Central school, built in 1886-87, and occupied for 63 years by the boys and girls of school district 6.

Saturday of last week, the final stone of the building came to the ground and initial preparations were made to begin construction of the new grade school structure. …

Johnson Brothers Construction company of Salina will be builders of the new school, designed by Salina architects Charles W. and John A. Shaver. Holm Plumbing and Heating company, and the General Air Conditioning and Electrical company, also Salina firms, will put in the plumbing, heating and wiring.

Featuring an auditorium which will seat 2000 persons for stage performances and 1,200 for basketball games, the new building was designed to serve community activities as well as to serve its primary funciton as an educational plant.

The main entrance ot the building will bisect and separate the two main classrom wings, permitting separation of the lower grades and upper grades. All classrooms are square, approximately 29’x29’ in size, this shape considered the most desirable for ease of hearing, seeing, flexibility of seating arrangements and for teacher supervision.

Full employement of natural day lighting to the classrooms will be effected. The window arrangements in the new building is a combination system of windows and glass block….

All the native stone from Old Central was given away when the building was razed and none of it will go into the new grade building. There was a ready demand for the old stone and trucks from nearly every part of the county stood in line last week to haul away the rocks as fast as they were topped from the wall. Farmers and townspeople getting the stone said they would use it in the repair and construction of buildings, for building retaining walls, and for many other purposes.

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