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Newspapers(Harvested by Bill and Diana Sowers, Tracee Hamilton and others)


..... The gleanings below come from microfilmed newspapers available on interlibrary loan from the Kansas State Historical Society. Click
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Local newspaper offer a wealth of information and insight into the lives of our ancestors. What follows are gleanings from Lincoln County newspapers for your perusal. Included here are marriages, births, divorces, departures, arrivals, special celebrations, tragic accidents, etc. from 1880-1889 newspapers If you are looking for death notices or obituaries please go to our Lincoln County Obituaries page.
An important note... the places, Colorado and Indiana, sometimes refer to locations (i.e. townships) within Lincoln County, not the states... We have tried to indicate this when those names show up.


The Beacon of Lincoln --- January 5, 1882
  • Frank DAVIS has returned to Dickinson County
  • Mrs. J. S. BECK started for a visit to Ohio last week.
  • H. F. PROUTY, now of Council's Grove was in town last week.
  • J. A. SMITH moved a few days ago into the house formerly occupied by Frank LYONS.
  • New subscribers and renewals to the Beacon listed in this issue: J. W. JAYCOX and Jesse TURNER, both of Tower Spring, -H. D. STONER, H. MEER of Syria, H. S. STEELE of Vesper, G. S. LEWIS of Vesper, E. M. BAUGHN, of Pottersburg, J. L. NYGAARD, T. L. WEBSTER of Sylvan Grove, Capt. LIMPUS formerly of Monroe now in Olathe, Kansas.
  • G. W. LOCKWOOD, of Milo, starts next week to make a prolonged visit at his old home in Schoharie County, New York.
  • Carl REINER, the boy who was shot through the body about two weeks ago will probably be about in a short time. He is gaining rapidly.
  • R. S. WILMARTH will open a feed and flour store in about two weeks in the building now occupied by the billiard hall. He will also keep the best grades of coal.
  • J. BRADEN has begun housekeeping in his residence property on Court Street. Mr. and Mrs. BRADEN are an addition to our society that is appreciated by our best people.
  • Capt. SMITH, R. S. WILMARTH and many others are working up a movement to build a cheese factory in Lincoln County. There is no reason why it can not be done.
  • W. H. QUILLEN of Tower Spring, J. W. MEEK of Orbitello, J. A. PECK, postmaster at Rosette, and Rev. W. A. MATSON were all visitors at the newspaper office last week.
  • Mathew JAMES, we learn, intends to go to Texas in a very short time. Sorry to lose him.
  • S. J. JUDD of Monroe has moved to Salina, we suppose to reside there permanently though we hope for his speedy return.
  • Mr. O. B. EDGETT and family will become residents of our place next week. They will occupy the house formerly occupied by E. S. PIERCE.
  • C. L. TREMAIN of Allamead, keeps on hand and will sell McGuffey's series school text-books.
  • Mrs. Frank LYONS and Miss Kate ROBERTSON think of going into the millinery business shortly. They are ladies of taste and skill and would undoubtedly succeed.
  • (From Pleasant Valley local news) The celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. STOVER's wedding, held at their residence at Pleasant Valley on Christmas Day was a very pleasant affair...
  • (From Beaver local news) Miss Cora DOWNS is teaching school on Spring Creek and getting along well.
  • (From Beaver local news) Mrs. WADLEIGH of Lincoln Center has moved on to the McKNIGHT farm, where her husband is engaged for the present in taking care of quite a large flock of sheep owned by H. A. C. ELROD.
  • (From Probate Court news section) Marriage license was granted to Seneca SEYMOUR and Hattie WIKOFF, both of Lincoln County, upon December 30.
  • (From Probate Court news section) Marriage license was granted to Leonidas O. MILLS and Ann CLARK, both of Lincoln County, upon December 31.
  • (From Probate Court news section) Letters of administration were granted to John McCORMICK upon the estate of Leford McCORMICK, deceased, upon December 28.

    Beacon of Lincoln County --- June 15, 1882

  • Go to M. M. George for buggy and team whips.
  • There is a small, new boy up at Charley Wood's house.
  • J. A. Terrell, of Woody, called upon us last Monday and Subscribed for the Beacon.
  • John E. Brown, of Marion township, this week subscribes for the Beacon.
  • C. H. Chapler will furnish cooling drinks of soda water at five cents a glass and a brand of first-class cigars at five cents apiece.
  • The river, Spilman, Bacon and Salt creeks have been very high during the past week and much of the time the creeks were impassable.
  • Wm. McCormick, of this place, lost a horse from his team upon Saturday last. He had picketed the team near Lost Creek, half a mile southwest of town. One of the horses pulled his picket pin and afterward got tangled in the rope, fell in the creek and was drowned.

    Beacon of Lincoln County --- June 22, 1882

  • [Note from compiler: I managed to delete the top of this article so I can't tell you just what convention these men were elected delegates to!] Delegates to the convention to be held at Lincoln on 24th inst. have been elected as follows:
    Beaver: M. N. Stearns, Ben Miller, John Pinkerton and George Dougherty / Battle Creek: J. P. Webster, Fred Herman and --?-- Babcock / Colorado: B. W. Allsworth, G. Webb, W. Smith, E. Tozier, Ed Johnson, John Reed, and J Boyles / Cedron: Reuben Williams, Henry Williams, H. Anglin, Samuel Halfhide, Horace Furey and Wm. Morgan / Franklin: Chas. Anderson, David Jones, Thos. Twible, and Samuel Donley / Grant: H. Leaf, J. Peters, B.? McCormick, Jno McCormick, Wm Mahoney, P. Jenson, Geo. Lynam, and J. Broadwater / Highland: A. Klotz, C. A. Corliss, G. W. Wolf and J. W. Meek / Indiana: Jno. Heiser, L. D. Farnsworth, and Fred Steinhaus / Logan: J. Harshbarger, G. O. Chapman, T. P. Randall and F. M. Jackson / Madison: L. W. Metcalf, Jno. Pfeifer and Chas. Metcalf / Marion: Wm Crawford, D. L. Ruggles, M. Marshall, W. D. Morgan and R. Dudley / Orange: Dr. Patterson, John Staley, Henry Brown, W. A. Matson and A. Boyer / Sylvan Grove: O. S. Sutton, Wm. C. Linder, Ira C. Buzick, Lon. Buzick, Thos. Farley and Wm Eaton / Valley: Judd Farnsworth, G. S. S. Ward and Otto Olsen / West Elkhorn: Geo. Green, H. Hammer, S. O. Hinds, D. H. Malone, T. Tyler, Ben Wicker, Hiram Williams, W. H. Parker and John Deuwell
  • T. V. Malone, grocer, on Lincoln Ave., opposite the post-office, is doing a fine business in his line, and is keeping constantly on hand as fine a lot of groceries as was ever brought to Lincoln Center. He keeps Arbuckle's Roast Coffee, also Green Coffees of the best grades. Teas, California canned fruits, dried fruits of all kinds, spices, raisins, corn starch, beans, rice, baking powder, cod fish, white fish, maple and common syrups, crackers, rice, apple butter, lamps, lamp chimneys, scrubbing brushes, wooden ware, soaps, tobaccoes, stationery, notions, candies, salt, flour, corn meal, coal oil, etc. He will take in exchange butter, eggs and potatoes. His goods are all fresh and he sells cheap for cash. Give him a call.
  • Married, Tuesday evening, June 20, at the Wolfkiel House in Lincoln County, by Rev. H. C. Bradbury, Chas. J. Kenzy with Ella Wolfkiel, both of Lincoln Center.
  • Mr. Boning, of Valley township, was quite severely sun-struck last Saturday but is recoverning.
  • G. B. Van Fleet reports harvest in progress in Logan township, with the probabilities of an increased yield over last year.
  • Prof. Coover took a trip to his home in the western part of the county the latter part of last week. His sister accompanied him.
  • Mrs. Smith, a sister-in-law of J. A. Smith, accompanied by her son, arrived here a few days ago from Pontiac, Illinois. She will return soon, while Mr. Smith will remain some time.
  • J. Lafferty while crossing the river a few miles above here last Sunday had a young horse stumble and fall and drown helplessly in water so shallow that he threw his head out repeatedly while lying down.
  • J. A. Smith is building a new residence on his farm west of town.

    Beacon of Lincoln County --- Nov. 30, 1882

  • Supt. BIGGS and family moved to their farm near Orbitello last Monday.
  • Miss Ruth CHURCHILL, sister of Mrs. Anna C. WAIT, started for her home at West Richfield, Summit county, Ohio, last week.
  • L.G. WIGHTMAN, who used to keep the Syria store and postoffice, is up from Abilene, where he now lives.


    Lincoln County Beacon --- March 1, 1883
  • Married: At the house of the bride's parents, at Sylvan Grove, Kansas, on Sabbath morning, March 4, 1883, by Rev. H.C. Bradbury, George D. Fogler of Graham county, to Margaret Bender, of Sylvan Grove.

    Lincoln County Beacon --- March 29, 1883

  • Upon Sunday, March 25, at the house of the bride's parents, by Elder H.C. Bradbury, Joseph Stewart to Luella Stevens, both of Bashan, Lincoln county.

    Lincoln County Beacon --- April 13, 1882

  • Upon Sunday last, in the Catholic church in this place, Owen Mulloy to Miss Delia Whalen, both of Lincoln county.

    The Beacon of Lincoln County --- Thursday, May 26, 1883
    Married May 26, by Squire PIERCE of Colorado Township, E.W. TOZIER and Miss Mary RAPLEE, both of Colorado Township.

    The Beacon of Lincoln County --- Thursday, May 31, 1883
    Married May 30, by Judge ARTMAN at his office, E. BROCKELMAN and Nettie GOURLEY, both of Brush Creek, this county.

    The Beacon of Lincoln County --- Thursday, June 7, 1883
    Married Sunday, June 3, 1883, at Woody, Lincoln County, by Rev. H.C. BRADBURY, Rev. J.A. WOODY assisting, Marshall VAN FLEET and Miss Kate HARRIS.

    The Beacon of Lincoln County --- Thursday, July 19, 1883

  • Married Monday, July 16, 1883, by Judge ARTMAN, W.B. DeSHAZER to Miss Rosetta CARNES, both of Lincoln County.
  • Married Saturday, July 14, by Rev. C. Robert KAISER, David B. LONG to Miss Olive B. ASKEY, both of Indiana Township.

    Lincoln County Beacon --- Aug. 16, 1883

  • Married, Sunday, Aug. 12, by Rev. Baker, of Minneapolis, at the Roy school house, in Culver township, Ottawa county, H.P. Talhelm, of Lincoln Center, to Miss Anna R.M. Stanley, of Ottawa county. To bride and groom we extend our congratulations, wishing them a long life and prosperity in Lincoln Center.
  • Aug. 9, by Squire O.S. Sutton, of Pleasant township, Elias Farr to Miss Nannie Summers, both of Pleasant township.

    Lincoln County Beacon --- Sept. 1, 1881

  • Married: At the residence of Mr. J.W. Lewman, in Battle Creek township, Aug. 11, 1881, by Rev. W.A. Matson, Mr. Benj. Smith of Salina and Miss Katie Menefee of Lincoln.
  • Married: Aug. 28, 1881, by Judge Wellman, at his residence, A.F. Mathews and Helen C. Sweet. To the parties of the above contract we tender our congratulations; may fortune smile kindly upon them, and may the wishes of their hosts of friends that they may enjoy long life and happiness, be realized.

    Lincoln County Beacon --- Sept. 22, 1881

  • To Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Springer, upon Friday, Sept. 16, a daughter.


    Lincoln County Beacon --- April 24, 1884
  • Married, at Lincoln, Kansas, April 22, 1884, by Henry C. Bradbury, minister of the gospel, James Peter Nelson, of Lincoln county, Kansas, and Henrietta Elizabeth Jenson, of Denmark. Miss Christina Nelson interpreted the marriage ceremony to the bride. Real love tempted Miss Jenson to cross the stormy Atlantic to marry the man she loves best. She arrived on the last Sabbath in Denmark, Lincoln county, from old Denmark. May God bless such love "that never fails and endures all things."


    The Geauga (County, Ohio) Republican --- Nov. 11, 1885
  • Hambden: In a private note to a friend, Miss Lorettie Mead, of Kansas, says: "On the 17th of Oct. 1885, I was married to Frank Lee, at the home of my brother, Buford Brown, near Wilson, and expect soon to go to housekeeping in Sylvan Grove, Lincoln Co., Kansas.: Lorettie has many relatives and warm friends in Hambden and Montville, who will ever be glad to hear of her welfare and prosperity.


    Lincoln Sentinel --- Thursday, July 8, 1886
  • Alf MILLER, formerly of this place, now of Kansas City, spent the glorious Fourth [of July] in Lincoln with his uncle, J. D. MILLER.
  • Dave LEWIS of Beloit, an old time resident of Lincoln Center, was over visiting with old friends last week.
  • David BISHOP of McPherson is in town visiting his brother, E. B. BISHOP.
  • Miss May TAYLOR of Detroit, Kansas, and Miss Birdie PERKINS made the "Beacon" a visit last Tuesday. Miss TAYLOR is visiting with her aunt, Mrs. CASNER, of Marion Township.
  • CARPENTER & GARNDER have begun the new hotel at the corner of Main and Sixth Streets. The foundation is being laid and the building will be up without delay. It will be 85 x 64 feet, two stories high with a large attic.
  • Last Sunday evening the closing sermon of Rev. MORGANS was interrupted by the report that the youngest child of S. ADMANSON had died during the meeting, and a large number of friends and relatives left for Mr. ADAMSON's house. The child was only suffering from a convulsion however and is now reported convalescent.
  • W. A. AUSTIN of Providence, Rhode Island, will relocate in Lincoln Center the coming week representing the Central Loan Company of Emporia.
  • Mr. James MILLER, formerly of Lawrence, Kansas, has located in our city and can be found at EDGETT & WARNE's Hardware Store. Mr. MILLER is a practical gun and locksmith...
  • We are glad to welcome Miss Ida R. HURST, formerly of Sedalia, Missouri, to our thriving little community. Miss HURST is a relative of our enterprising milliner and dressmaker, Mrs. L. E. MILLER, and will hereafter assist Mrs. MILLER as a partner in her dress shop.
  • Married.... At the bride's home in Sylvan Grove on Sunday the 4th of July, 1886, but the Rev. Benjamin F. McMILLAN, Charles LOY, of Vesper, and Nannie R. MERRIMAN of Sylvan Grove, both of Lincoln County.
  • L. V. MINX and C. B. STOVER have sold two hundred acres out of section three, town twelve, range eight, to John McDOWELL for $5,000 ...... Mr. McDOWELL is from Milroy, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.
  • L. D. FARNSWORTH and family arrived in town last night and are stopping at Mrs. M. PARKER's. The family had located in Tulare, California, a short time ago and one week last Tuesday were burned out and concluded to return to Kansas.
  • Ed M. HARRIS, J. B. GOFF and L. J. BUCK are attending the Democratic congressional convention in Stockton.
  • (From Beverly area local news) Born on June 29, 1886 to Mr. and Mrs. V. BALL, a daughter. All parties are doing well.
  • (From Cedron area local news) F. M. BALL, brother of J. M. and Volany BALL, is up looking around. His home is in Kansas City.

    Lincoln Sentinel --- Thursday, July 15, 1886

  • L. S. WITEMER now of Ogallah, formerly of Vesper is back in Lincoln County, only to remain a short time.
  • Mrs. F. M. STUBBS has removed her millinery and dressmaking establishment to her residence, the first house north of the Presbyterian Church.
  • H. W. GRAHAM, Sr., now of Missouri, an old resident of Lincoln County and formerly proprietor of the Rocky Hill Mills, spent a few days in the vicinity last week and this.
  • B. B. HOLCOMB is building a residence in the Doolittle Addition.
  • M. A. KEELER and family have returned from Marvin, Phillips County.
  • Born: July 13, 1886, in Lincoln County, Kansas, to Frank E. and Mrs. Elizabeth RICHARDSON, a daughter. Mr. RICHARDSON is the son of Mrs. C. P. WELLS and came to Lincoln last March.
  • Born: Saturday, July 10, 1886, to Frank and Clara DOOLITTLE, a daughter, weight 7 pounds. Everybody doing well as can be expected, including grandmother DOOLITTLE.
  • (From Beverly area local news) Frank CHRISTIE is building him a residence on Agnes Avenue.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Oct. 7, 1886

  • Don't forget that Susan B. Anthony, the world-renowned woman suffrage lecturer, arrives in town tomorrow to stay in Lincoln several days. First meeting Friday evening, in the Presbyterian church.

    All of the above articles come from newspapers available on interlibrary loan from the Kansas State Historical Society. You can view a listing of Lincoln County newspapers on microfilm available from the Society by clicking HERE. (Note: The numbers off to right of the list are the reel numbers at the Society). For more information on borrowing these newspapers go to the Society's Interlibrary Loan page.


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