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We hope you're enjoying our genealogical handiwork on the Net as much as we're enjoying putting it up. If you have questions, comments, suggestions critiques about any of our pages, drop us a note... If we have erred on any of the data we provide or if you'd like to add to what we have let us know.

Our purpose for providing these pages is to share what information we find on families and places with you. We also want to make available a place where you can contribute information you have... within the limits of space and time that we have online and relative to our county genealogy pages or one of our family pages. Genealogy has to be a cooperative venture to succeed, and helping others often boomerangs back benefitting the helper as well as the helped. So keep those cards and letters coming in, folks and let's see what we can do for one another.


For those of you curious about who we are here's a bit of basic info:

Diana Sowers.... born and reared out on the high plains of southwestern Kansas in the Cowboy Capital, Dodge City. A descendent of Austrian and Czech immigrants who came to Barton County, Kansas, in the late 1880's. She has worked for years in schools and libraries in Kansas and Oklahoma. She has been working at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library since 1990.

Bill Sowers... a native of Oakland, California.... grew up in nearby Hayward. His parents and grandparents were all native Kansans. He came to Kansas to go to college and stayed on. He has been a librarian for over 25 years, working in Oklahoma and Kansas. He's been employed by the State Library of Kansas since 1983.

We met and married in Dodge City in 1980. We have had four children: Kenny, Amanda, Emily and Rachel. Besides genealogy we are involved in activities at our churches, The Compassionate Friends, a Labrador retriever group and social organizations.

Rachel Sowers
On August 31, 1999, we learned that our youngest child, Rachel, age 7, had leukemia (AML - acute myelogenous leukemia). Rachel went through chemo treatment and had a bone marrow transplant on December 16, 1999 at Children's Mercy Hospital. Her sister, Amanda, was her donor. She was leukemia free from then on but in April developed pneumacystic carinii pneumonia which led to her death on May 17, 2000. She was a beautiful person and during her struggles her family stood by her, loved her, encouraged her, and learned from her about courage. We are eternally grateful to the staff of Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri, for all that they did to try to save our daughter. We are also indebted to family, friends, our churches (Assumption Catholic Church/School and St. David's Episcopal Church), and many people we've never met personally who wrote us and emailed us saying that they were thinking about Rachel and praying for us. These prayers and kind thoughts were not in vain. All of us were strengthened by the support we received and we will never forget the Love that poured into our lives those nine hard months and continues to strengthen us now.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

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