Lincoln County Marriages, 1870s

These marriage notices were gleaned from various newspapers in the 1870s. The Lincoln County News of 1873 is the first paper available for Lincoln County.

Lincoln County News, May 1, 1873

The following is a full list of marriages that have been solemnized in Lincoln County from its organization to the present time, as appears from the records on file in the office of the probate judge.

  • Jan. 13, 1871, by D.C. Skinner, probate judge, Edward G. Tozier and Elvira J. Bishop.
  • Aug. 30, 1871, by W.L. Gillmore, justice of the peace, Edward E. Johnson and Mary A. Monroe.
  • Nov. 21, 1871, by William J. Eaton, justice of the peace, Thomas McAuliff and Mary Jane Puckett.
  • Dec. 2, 1871, by Avery C. Allen, justice of the peace, J.R. Johnson and Ella M. Asher.
  • Dec. 28, 1871, by Henry Vernon, probate judge, Zimri Winchell and Sarah Elisabeth Stevens.
  • Jan. 7, 1872, by Avery C. Allen, justice of the peace, George Foster and Ella Rogers.
  • Jan. 10, 1872, by Henry Vernon, probate judge, Ferdinand Richter and Minna Glazier.
  • Feb. 12, 1872, by Henry Vernon, probate judge, Samuel Fairfield and Rosanna Hall.
  • March 26, 1872, by Jacob Harshbarger, justice of the peace, Marion Wilds and Maggie Markley.
  • April 11, 1872, by Henry Vernon, probate judge, Hermon Smith and Anna Mathison.
  • April 28, 1872, by Andrew Bell, justice of the peace, Volany Ball and Margaret Labarr.
  • May 1, 1872, by Ira W. Russell, justice of the peace, Charles E. Birdsell and Augusta M. Hibbard.
  • July 12, 1872, by William B. Booton, justice of the peace, Mathew Ward and Flora L. Ruckey.

    Lincoln County News, May 8, 1873

    At Pottersburg, Kan., May 2, 1873, by J.M. Putney, Esq., Mr. John Snyder and Miss Sarah Shaw, all of Spillman Creek, Kan.

    Lincoln County News, June 26, 1873

    At the residence of the bride’s mother, by the Rev. John Medcraft, Mr. R.A. Thompson, of Salina, Saline county, and Miss Julia A. Springer, of Lincoln county. Accompanying the above notice, was one of the most delicious wedding cakes that we ever had the pleasure of tasting. We wish the happy couple a long and prosperous journey through life. May they ever obey the divine injunction that was given to Noah, in the first verse of the ninth chapter of Genesis.

    Lincoln County News, July 11, 1873

    On July 8th, in the city of Salina, Mr. Peter L. Jenson of Denmark, Lincoln County, and Miss Mary C. Shelder of Salina County. We congratulate our friend Jenson for his sound judgment, in changing from a state of singleness to a state of doubleness. We say to the fair bride, welcome to a home in Lincoln County.

    Lincoln County News, Dec. 1, 1873

    On Nov. 25, at 2 o’clock p.m., at the residence of the bride’s father by Rev. Josiah Woody, Eben Perry and Ardilla M. Woody, both of this county. A fine supply of the wedding cake accompanied the above, for which the parties have our thanks and best wishes for their future happiness in their new relation.

    Saline Valley Register, May 10, 1876

    On Tuesday morning, May 2nd, at the residence of the bride's parents, in Lincoln Center, by Judge Wm. Hedrick, Mr. M.N. Adams and Miss Carrie Bell Robinson, both of this county. We wish you a pleasant voyage on the wide-spreading sea, and may the old ship Matrimony bear her charge buoyantly over the bilows of Time, and at last deliver you both safe in that haven "where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest." The bride is the daughter of Mr. A.S. Robinson, landlord of the Pioneer House, and we congratulate our friend Adams on securing so estimable a lady for a life companion.

    Saline Valley Register, June 7, 1876

    On Sunday morning, May 28, at the residence of the bride's parents, Ellsworth Co., Kansas, by H.C. Bradbury, F.M. Brown, of Lincoln County, to Ruby M. Thompson.

    Saline Valley Register, Aug. 16, 1876

    Married, on Sunday, the 13th, by Rev. H.C. Bradbury, Mr. Samuel Stine and Miss Nettie Sutton, both of this county. May their honeymoon last forever.

    Saline Valley Register, Sept. 27, 1876

    On Thursday, the 21st inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Golden, Mr. R.F. Prater and Miss Bertha A. Hudson.
    Accompanying the above notice was a fine lot of delicious cake and cold turkey, for which we tender our thanks, and wish the happy couple a life of enjoyment, prosperity and sunshine.

    Saline Valley Register, Dec. 6, 1876

    On Wednesday, Nov. 29, 1876, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. Medcraft, Mr. Curtis Shaffer and Miss Lina Green, daughter of Smiley Green, both of this county. In their happiness and mirth, the Printer was not forgotten, but was complimented with a generous supply of the many good things which decorated the bountiful table at their first meal after marriage. We tender them our congratulations, and wish them all pleasure through the journey of life.

    Saline Valley Register, Dec. 27, 1876

    On Sunday evening, Dec. 24, 1876, at the residence of the bride, in Lincoln Center, by A.S. Robinson, Esq., Mr. H.J. Wisner, and Mrs. Phoeba E. Brown. The best wishes of the Register are extended, hoping that as you drift out upon the boundless ocean of life, the impress of love may remain indelibly impressed upon the tablets of your hearts so that when mid-ocean is reached, you may be able to exclaim, "If there be an elysium on earth it is here, it is here." And now, good friends, bon voyage.

    Saline Valley Register, March 7, 1877

    On Wednesday evening, Feb. 28, 1877, by Rev. B.J. Henderson, Charles W. Herman and Francis A. Jenkins, also at the same time and place, Thomas J. Stevens and Marena A. Jenkins.
    We acknowledge a bountiful supply of delicious cake, and wish our newly married friends long, happy and prosperous lives, and may their love for each other be rekindled anew on each returning anniversary of their wedding day.

    Saline Valley Register, March 28, 1877

    Married, March 19, by Rev. S.B. Estep, in Battle Creek township, Mr. Stephen Taesen and Miss Elizabeth Hager.

    Saline Valley Register, May 30, 1877

    We have it from good authority that our friend Hi. Hammer was married a few days since to Miss Kate Donmeyer, of New Cambria, Saline county. Mr. Hammer is one of the most reliable young men of this county, and we are glad to learn that he has secured a wife in every way worthy of him.

    Saline Valley Register, June 20, 1877

    On the afternoon of June 12, 1877, Rev. J. Medcraft officiating, Mr. James B. Travis and Miss Theodosia S. Henderson, daughter of Capt. D.W. Henderson, all of this place. After the ceremony the guests present repaired to the dining room, where a royal feast was enjoyed, ample justice being done to the good things spread before them. No man is more entitled to a good wife than J.B. Travis, and his choice could not have fallen on a better companion than Miss Henderson. May their lives never be darkened by the storms of adversity, but may the good angel of peace bear them safely through the troublesome scenes of life and finally anchor them safely on that shore where all His chosen people must some day stand. Together with their host of warm friends, we heartily extend our hand in congratulation.

    Saline Valley Register, June 27, 1877

    In Lincoln Center, June 19, 1877, by G.M. Wellman, Probate Judge, Mr. Joseph A. Brown of Ellis County, and Miss Harriet J. Farrington, of Osborne County.

    Saline Valley Register, July 4, 1877

    Married, on Sunday, July 1, 1877, by Rev. J.H. Bloyd, Mr. Luther H. Lang and Miss Eliza A. Shannon.

    Saline Valley Register, Aug. 15, 1877

    Mr. A.C. Jackson and Miss Mollie Rees were married on Sunday afternoon last at the residence of the bride's father, Rev. D.C. Boon officiating. They left immediately after the ceremony for a trip in the east. Their many friends wish them a long life of unalloyed happiness.

    Saline Valley Register, Sept. 26, 1877

    On Saturday, Sept. 22, 1877, by Rev. H.C. Bradbury, Mr. William H. Bishop and Miss Nancy G. Conner. To each and all the Register extends congratulations and wishes the newly married prosperous and pleasant journeys down the hill of life. A liberal supply of delicious cake accompanied the above notice, which was partaken of with a good relish, while all manner of good luck was wished the bride and groom.
    Married, on Sunday, Sept. 23, 1877, at the residence of the bride's mother, Chauncey S. Ingham and Miss Viola Shaffer. "Chan" is a good boy and we are glad to know he is married and settled with a good wife.

    Saline Valley Register, Oct. 31, 1877

    Married, Oct. 14, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. J.H. Bloyd, Mr. Elbert H. Potter and Miss Mary L. Montgomery.

    Saline Valley Register, April 7, 1878

    At Lincoln Center, Kansas, on Wednesday, April 10, 1878, by G.M. Welman, Probate Judge, Mr. J.H. Barnett of Osborne County, and Miss Henrietta Farrier, of this county.

    Saline Valley Register, Aug. 28, 1878

    Married, Aug 13, at the residence of Rev. S.A. Green, Colorado, Lincoln County, by Rev. S.A. Greene, Mr. Henry Meer to Miss Emma Kerr.

    Saline Valley Register, Sept. 4, 1878

    On Wednesday, Aug. 28, by G.M. Wellman, Probate Judge, at Lincoln Center, Mr. Charles O. Shaw and Miss Eliza C. DeShazer.
    On the 30th, by the same officer at the same place, J.E. Keeler and Mary J. Snapp.

    Saline Valley Register, Oct. 2, 1878

    Married: On Sept. 23, 1878, at Lincoln County, Kansas, by Rev. Bern. Huffman, Mr. James Haley and Miss Julia Dudley.

    Saline Valley Register, Oct. 9, 1878

    Ira E. Lloyd of Ellsworth and Miss E. Huntington were married at Kansas City Sept. 21.

    Saline Valley Register, Nov. 13, 1878

    Married, at Cedron, Oct. 27, by Rev. J.M. Putney, Mr. John Otis and Mary Porter.

    Saline Valley Register, Dec. 25, 1878

    Married, Tuesday evening, Dec. 17, 1878, by Judge Wellman, Mr. Stephen D. King and Miss Francis H. Rogers.

    Saline Valley Register, Jan. 1, 1879

    Married, Tuesday evening, Dec. 24, 1878, by Judge Wellman, at his residence, Mr. George I. Wilson and Miss Mary E. Townsend.
    Married on Christmas Day, 1878, at the house of the bride's brother, near Sylvan Grove, Mr. William Riley and Miss Viola DuBois, both of Lincoln County. The marriage ceremony was performed by Henry C. Bradbury.

    Saline Valley Register, March 26, 1879

    Married, March 16, 1879, by Judge Wellman, at his residence, Thomas Q. Farrier, of Osborne County, and Miss Clara E. Maitlen, of this county.
    Married, at the residence of William R. Hendrickson, on Sunday the 15th, 1879, by Rev. T.M. Hendrickson, S.W. Bloyd to Miss Anice M. Sweet, both of Lincoln County.
    Married, March 18, 1879 by Judge Wellman, at his residence, Emery C. Farrington of Osborne County, and Louisa J. Chard, of this county.

    Saline Valley Register, April 23, 1879

    Married, April 16, 1879, by Judge Wellman, at the residence of J.T. Barnhart, Mr. Thomas C. Collins and Miss Florence Munson.

    Saline Valley Register, June 25, 1879

    We are again called upon to chronical one of those pleasant events which have been in vogue since the time our first parents were made "one flesh" and by which two of our friends, Mr. G.M. Lutes the Cashier of the Lincoln County Bank, and Miss Sallie E. Jones, whose pleasant countenance has become familiar at the "Chicago Store," were made husband and wife. The ceremonies were performed at the Presbyterian Church by the Pastor, Rev. H.C. Bradbury.

    Saline Valley Register, July 10, 1879

    On July 3rd at the Presbyterian church, Lincoln Center, by Rev. H.C. Bradbury, J.L. Carpenter and Annie Crawford.
    On July 4th at the residence of Franklin Doolittle, Lincoln Center, by Rev. H.C. Bradbury, J.W. Grubb and Clara E. Marsh, both of Pleasant Valley.

    Saline Valley Register, Aug. 21, 1879

    Sunday, Aug. 17, at the residence of Stephen King, Lincoln County, by H.C. Bradbury, Mr. G.R. Rogers and Irine A. Coons. The ceremony was attended by a large number of friends and an old fashioned wedding feast was greatly enjoyed by all.

    Saline Valley Register, Sept. 4, 1879

    Married, Sept. 1, 1879, by Judge Wellman, at his residence, Michael C. Hartman and Nancy J. Rager, of Monroe, this county.

    Lincoln Register, Sept. 18, 1879

    At the residence of the bride's parents on Sunday, Sept. 28, 1879, by Rev. John Medcraft, Mr. Edward A. Moody and Miss Sarah A. Wittel, both of this county.

    Saline Valley Register, Oct. 18, 1879

    At the residence of the bride's parents near Cedron, in this county, on Oct. 13, 1879, by Rev. J.H. Lord, Mr. Vintan Williams and Miss Ellen Sulsar, both of this county. After the ceremony a large number of friends and relatives greeted the happy couple after which all partook of a sumptuous repast. May these two young hearts know life only as upon their wedding day.

    Saline Valley Register, Nov. 21, 1879

    At Lincoln Center, Kansas, Nov. 14, 1879, by Judge Wellman, at his residence, Mr. Charles F. Haruood [Harwood?] and Miss Mary M. White, all of Golden Belt, this county.

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