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Sylvan Grove
High School

Excerpts from "Honoring Our Heritage" by Marge Lawson. Used with permission of the author.

The first students to graduate from Sylvan Grove High School were Ivy Morgan and John F. Morgan in 1902. At this time there were only three years of high school prior to graduation.

The Freshmen that year were Pearl Bell, George H. Hower, Nella M. Thompson and Frank Wilbur Lee. The following was written about them in the "Souvenir of the First Annual Commencement, 1902," a miniature yearbook. "There were five in this class at the commencement exercises at 1901 (eighth grade commencement). Robert Cartwright moved to Leavenworth, and Miss Clara Ellis took up review work preparatory to securing a teacher's certificate in August. This class has proven themselves very apt in this advanced work and have been equal to the tasks put upon them. Miss Thompson is expecting to teach in the coming year. We are confident if the spirit of investigation continues to lead this class as it has this year, that they will place our high school in the character representation they will give us."
Of that class Pearl Bell, Frank Wilbur Lee and George H. Hower graduated in 1904. In 1903 Marietta Lawson. Eugene Cross and Fred Cross graduated. In 1905 Robert Cross was the lone graduate. No one graduated in 1906.
Graduates in 1907 were Rhea Dehler, Ray Berger, W. Lee Morgan, Leona Calene, and Sidney Lawson. In 1908 Dagmar Peterson, Lon Buzick, Jr., and Harlan Baughn were the graduates. 1909 saw Crystal Baughn, Stanley Raffety, Blanche Berger, Glenn Calene, Antoinette Lawson, William Buzick, John Bracken and Hazel Willhite. There were not graduates until 1912 when eight students graduated. Three graduated in 1913.
As for sports in those days, a description of athletics in 1904 was written in the "A Souvenir" for that year.
"This school year has been remarkable for the spirit shown in the line of athletics. At the beginning of the school year it had supported a basket ball, a foot ball, a base ball and a track team. The foot ball team would have shown somebody a merry race if they had only received a chance, but owing to the scarcity of teams at other places and the roughness of the game foot ball was dispensed with and the time and effort was expanded on basket ball. The school supported one of the best school teams in Central Kansas. The team played some of the best high school teams in the Solomon, Republican, Smoky Hill and Saline and Spillman valleys having played three games with Lincoln and Glasco; two with Denmark and one with Delphos, Concordia, Marquette and K.W.U. The team did credit to itself every time played, always maintaining a low score when defeated and when victorious, always won fairly."

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