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Honor Roll of the Dead 1912 - 1913 - 1914

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Graciously transcribed and contributed by Valerie Fox, 20 September 2000

As Published in the Marion Record, Marion, Ks.

Member's Name

Unit Served in
J. H. Adkins Co. D 2nd Md.
W. J. Gilchrist Co. D 145th Ill.
I. P. McGlasson Co. D 33rd Ill.
E. N. Eby Co. A 107th Ill.
T. M. Hosea Co. D 49 Ind.
John Wendel Co. D 4th Pa. Cav.
John Starkweather Co. A 1st Mich.
V. S. Pratt   Cogswell Bat. Ill.
Loren Pratt   Cogswell Bat. Ill.
W. H. McHenry Co. D 6th Ky. Cav.
Wm. Fife Co. H 8th Iowa Cav.
B. Bitner Co. C 13th Ind.
Chas. Ames Co. K 13th Ky.
Chars. Malcomb Co. B 53rd Ill.
Wm. Ainsworth Co. C 15th Iowa
D. P. Martin Co. F 35th Wis.
A. Hise Co. K 183rd Ohio
John E. Wilcox Co. E 1st Mich. Art.
J. M. Young Co. A 207th Pa.
John Worley Co. H 6th Mo.
Wm. Wakefield Co. G 35th N.Y.
John S. Griffith Co. I 74th Ind.
John W. Rawling Co. I 10th W. Va.
Wm. P. Fick Co. F 11th Wis.
F. A. Jones Co. I 13th Ohio
W. H. Wheelock Co. K 116th N. Y.
Geo. S. Town Co. C 8th N. Y. Cav.
John K. Evans Co. C 2nd Md.
Wm. C. Hardin Co. G 66th Ind.
F. M. Ellis Co. E 51st Ind.
J. M. Dingman Co. A 64th Ill.
Geo. D Miller Co. D 1st Mo. Inf.
Wm. S. Keller Co. I 4th Pa. Cav.
E. L. Tyler Co. H 23rd Mich.
John H. Williams Co. K 162nd Ohio
Joseph Benward    
L. M. Knowles   13th Wis.
Alex Swan    
Ben Robison    
J. W. Bouse Sur   10th W. Va.
Marshall Freeborn    
B. McMullen    
__. __. Newman    
G. W. Crist    
G. B. Broadus   8th Ky. Inf.
Harman Oao    
A. N. Freeborn    
__. __. O'Brien    
David Wheeler   Mexican War
Thos. Lettrel    
J. H. Allen Co. G 59th Ill.
Wm. Wren Co. B 2nd Ill. Cav
Joshua Johnston Co. E 52nd Ohio
O. C. Chapin Co. B 7th Mich.
Wm. Wymer    
S. S. Brewerton Co. F 117th Ill. Inf.
John A. Farmer Co. H 68th Ind. Inf.
I. G. Wilson Co. D 104th Ohio Inf.
John Brewer Co. B 80th Ind. Inf.
J. O. Gaver Co. F 58th Ill. Inf.
Ralph Locklin Co. H 1st Ver. Cav.
T. T. Davis Co. H 1st Ky. Inf.
Buried at Lincolnville:
Wm. Coonrod Co. C 2nd Ohio Inf.
Buried at Lynn Haven, Fla:
J. E. Dunham   28th N. Y. Bat.
Buried at Wash. State:
J. W. Hamilton Co. M 11th Ind. Cav.
Names Added to the Honor Roll of the Dead for 1913:
A. W. Thompson Co. A 115th Ohio
Geo. W. Skinner Co. V 3rd Ohio Cav.
Andurs Comstock Co. B 32nd Wisc. Inf.
J. M. Phillips Co. G
Co. I
4th W. Va.
179th Ohio
Names Added to the Honor Roll of the Dead for 1914:
Frank Bower Co. L 9th Mich. Cav.
Joshua G. McIntosh Co. D 139th Ind. Inf.
John L. Leachman Co. B 54 Ky. Inf.
A. N. Freeborn    
I. M. Collier   Mexican War

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