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Pollock GAR Post No. 42

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Graciously transcribed and contributed by Valerie Fox, 20 September 2000

As Published in the Marion Record, Marion, Ks.

These members of the G. A. R. were listed as having been members in the years listed above.

Member's Name

Unit Served in

John Amick

Co. H 8th Mo. Cav.
James N. Buckley Co. K 106th Ill. Inf.
Thos W. Bown Maj. 146th Ohio Inf.
Theodore Burkett Co. E 205th Pa.
M. G. Bissey Co. E 58th Ind. Inf.
Irvine Burton Co. G 1st Ky. Cav.
E. Baxter Co. C 17th Kans.
James Corn Co. B 51st Ind. Inf.
R Claney Co. A 102nd Ohio Inf.
A. E. Case Co. K 187th Pa.
Wm. Cochran Co. H 14th Ill. Cav.
M. F. Grinstaff Co. G 2nd Mo. Cav.
J. E. Gilbert Co. D 1st Pa. Reserves
C. O. Hazelton Co. C 132nd Pa.
Wm. Jenkins Co. D 8th N.Y. Cav
B. B. Jones Co. K 13th Ky. Inf.
J. B. Keazer Co. B 68th Ohio Inf.
Fred Lewis Co. A 14th Tenn. Cav.
A. P. Leavitt Co. A 30th Maine Inf.
J. W. Moore Co. A 142nd Ohio
George Moulton Co. A 2nd N. J. Cav.
John McCarty Co. I 21st Ohio Inf.
E. T. Purdy Co. G 83rd Pa.
Sherman Pierce Co. K 106th Ill. Inf.
W. C. Rudd Co. F 105th Ill.
W. W. Razor Co. G 24th Ky. Inf.
Jesse Sheets Co. F 151st Ohio
R. P. Smith Co. B 47th Ill.
A. Shahan Co. H 61st Ohio Inf.
C. H. Thompson Co. I 148th Ill. Inf.
H. M. Thorp Co. G 117th Ill. Inf.
C. E. Williams Co. G 44th Mo.
John Shanklin Co. C 11th Mo. Cav.
David Powell Co. C 16th Wis.
A. J. Bixler Co. C 7th Ill. Inf.
S. P. Hargett   24th Kentucky
The 1912 list of G. A. R. members included one additional member.
J. M. Phillips Co. G
Co. I
4th W. Va.
179th Ohio
1913 - 1914    
The list of members of the G. A. R. members included 3 additional 
members in each of the years listed above.
Levi Kline Co. C 7th Ill. Inf.
J. F. Kelley Co. B 97th Ill. Inf.
Samuel Grimes Co. D 136th Ind. Inf.
The list of members of the G. A. R. listed for 1914 also 
included one additional member.
Nathan Matthews Co. I 53rd Ind. Inf.

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