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Ordering Records


Birth and Death Information

Several forms are available from the Kansas Department of Health & Environment, Division of Vital Statistics, to apply for certified copies of birth, death, divorce and marriage certificates.  Links to those forms are shown below.

Birth Certificate             

Death Certificate


Genealogy Information Available in Courthouse
and by Request:


Use the Request for Record Form to request information.

Please Note:  Birth and death information was not always recorded.  Only about 25% is retrievable.  Marriage and naturalization records are available in the District Court Clerk’s Office.  Their phone number is (620) 382-2104

Marion County Clerk’s Office has a cemetery database in place. All cemeteries in Marion County have information recorded.  Obituary information and physical gravesite readings were used to complete the project.

The request form may be used to acquire information from the Marion County Cemetery Database.  Copy fees apply and in some instances a fee for research.

Court Records

They will process your request if they can.  Please include all of the information on the file that is listed on the web page. Allow 2-4 weeks for return.

Marion County
District Court

8th Judicial District
200 S. Third St, Suite 201
Marion, KS 66861

 Jan Helmer, Clerk of the District Court (620)382-2104

Monday - Friday (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.




If you have more up-to-date information on record pricing or where to order additional records, please let me know.


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Kansas genealogy history ancestors