Marshall County Libraries

and Reference Materials

Geraldine Holle has researched and contributed the following materials for our use. We are indebted to her for the time and effort she has put forth to help Marshall Co. researchers. She has also sent me indexes to some of these publications. Feel free to email me at if you would like me to check for your ancestor.

Following are libraries in Marshall County, with reference materials also listed.

Marysville Public Library, Marysville, KS 66508

On Microfilm:
The Advocate Democrat, which later became the Marysville Advocate: years Aug. 1897 to July 1994.

Federal Census reports for 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920.

State Census reports for 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895, 1905, 1915, 1925.

Reference Books
1. Portrait and Biographical Album of Marshall County, published in 1889, with full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent citezens of the county.

2. History of the State of Kansas.

3. Pioneers of the Bluestem Prairie, by the Riley Co. Genealogical Society

4. History of Marshall County, by Emma E. Forter, published 1917

5. Illustriana Kansas, published 1933. Has some biographical sketches.

6. Family record book: 100 Years of Feldhausens

Marshall Co. Historical Society
Genealogical Research Library
1207 Broadway
Marysville, Kansas 66508

1. Original books of applications for citizenship

2. Original marriage licenses issued in Marshall County - 1857-1942

3. Plat maps for 1897 Marysville, 1894, 1904, 1915, 1922, 1956 Marshall Co..

4. Index for all cemeteries in Marshall County.

5. Records from the Guthrie and Kinsley Funeral Homes from 1917 to 1979

6. Monument Record book for 1923 to 1954

7. Territorial Census for Atchison, Doniphan, Bourbon, Allen, Dorn, Brown, Nemeha, Marshall and Washington counties (microfilm)

8. State census for 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895, 1905, 1915, 1925, on microfilm

9. 1880 Federal Census (alphabetical order, printed in a book)

All the following town histories have been indexed by surname:

10. Blue Rapids Centennial 1870 to 1970

11. The Beattie Story, a history of Beattie, KS, centennial issue for 1970.

12. Beattie, Kansas History 1870 to 1995

13. The Frankfort Story. A history of Frankfort, KS and surrounding communities for the centennial in 1967.

14. Historical Waterville

15. A History of Irving, KS

16. Early Day History of Home City, KS

17. The History of Summerfield

18. The First Hundred Years after Incorporation of Waterville, KS

19. Bremen, Kansas 1886-1986

20. Vermillion Centennial 1969, Then and Now

21. History of Marshall County, by Emma E. Forter

22. Newspapers on microfilm (names of newspapers vary,
and there are occasional gaps of a few years when no paper was published):

Axtell 1883-1908 ;  Beattie 1884-1922 ;  Frankfort 1876-1879,
1885-1924 (indexed 1876-1919 for deaths and some births) ;  Irving 1869-70,
1876-78, 1880, 1886-1944 ; Marshall County News 1872-1922 ; Oketo 1889-1938;
Summerfield 1889-1904 ; Vermillion 1891-1942 ; Vliets 1899-1905.

There are also many family, church and school histories available, too numerous to mention here.

Blue Rapids Library
14 Public Square
Blue Rapids, KS 66411
Hours: Mon & Fri 1-5; Wed 1-7:30; Sat 9-12

Has microfilm reader/printer with tapes for all the Blue Rapids Times newspapers from 7-9-1871 to 12-28-1989. Included is an index card file listing the person's name, date and page of the newspaper, and the event that occurred (birth, death notice, obit, marriage, accident, anniversary, etc). Copies are 25 cents each.

They also have some cemetery records on index cards.

Reference Books
1. History of Marshall County, by Emma E. Forter

2. Pioneers of the Bluestem Prairie

3. Illustriana of Kansas 1933

4. Ghost Towns of Kansas

5. An Affair With the Past

6. Portrait and Biographical Album

7. Blue Rapids Centennial, 1870 to 1970

8. A History of Irving, Kansas

9. Pictorial History of Waterville

10. Peaceful Valley

11. Waterville Revisited, 1987 (has lots of pictures and biographies.

12. True Tales of Old Time Kansas, by David Dary

Frankfort Library
East 2nd St.
Frankfort, KS 66427

Hours: Mon 1-5; Tues 10-5; Wed 1-5; Thurs 10-12, 1-5, 6-8; Fri 10-12, 1-5; Sat 1-5

Has a microfilm reader/printer, computers, copy machine, and these newspapers on film: Frankfort papers 1881 to 1989; Bigelow Gazette, Oct. 1911 to June 1912; Blue Rapids Journal, Nov. 1908 to Oct. 1912; Veliets Echo, May 1899 to April 1902.

They also have Kansas Census reports for 1875 and 1885; National Census report 1895, and a printed copy of the Federal Census for 1880.

They have some cemetery records on card files and two loose-leaf binders with obits.

Some family histories are: Hazelett's, Robinson's and Louch's; Carl Frederick Scholz 1859-1975- Rock Township; Pease and Pees Families; 100 Years of Feldhausen's in Kansas; The Swiss in Kansas.

Vol. II From Kansas Dust has family histories of Mann, Shedden and Reser.
History books include: History of Marshall County by Emma E. Forter; Portrait and Biographical Album.

Death records: Burial removal permits recorded at the city of Franklfurt covered the City of Frankfort and townships of Bigelow, Clear Fork, Cleveland, Lincoln, Noble, Rock & Vermillion. Large loose-leafe notebook with some records, 1924 to 1949 followed by 1950 to 1964.

Other records in original books: #1 Clear Fork Township, 8-13-1913 to 6-23-1918; #2 Vermillion, 6-24-1919 to 2-25-1946; #3 Frankfort, 9-2-1923 to 4-24-1928; #4 Frankfort, 6-5-1927 to 3-6-1928; #5 Frankfort, 5-20-1928 to 8-15-1931; #6 Frankfort, 5-10-1931 to 11-11-1936; #7 Frankfort, 12-15-1936 to 10-19-1944; #8 Frankfort, 4-8-1941 to 6-16-1941 & 10-27-1944 to 12-18-1951; #9 Frankfort, 1-1-1952 to 12-17-1964; #10 Frankfort, 6-17-1921 to 10-8-1964 (these are mortician's records).

Birth records:
#1 Frankfort, 1927 & 1928; #2 Frankfort 1928 to June 1931; #3 Frankfort, 1931 to 1934; #4 Frankfort 1934 to 1938; #5 Vermillion, Oct 1941 to Aug 2, 1946

The Frankfort City Library does have a computer and a copy machine, also Internet access. Am attempting to find their email address and/or web site.

Waterville Library
129 E. Commercial
Waterville, KS 66548
Phone: 785-363-2769

Library hours Mon., Tues., Wed. & Fri. 2 - 5; Sat. 9-12. Closed Thurs & Sun.

They have a microfilm reader/printer with film for The Waterville Telegraph, from 1870 to Nov of 1997.

Books include: Illustriana 1933, Emma Forter's History of Marshall County, Portrait & Biographical Album, Marysville Centennial 1954; Washington County 70th Anniversary; Blue Rapids Centennial 1870-1970; Kansas Biographical (with pictures, printed 1912).

Marshall County Court House
1201 Broadway
Marysville, KS 66508

Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Marshall Co. Clerk's Office has: Birth records, Nov. 1885 to Aug. 1911; Death records May 1889 to Aug. 1911. Partial records only for 1890 & 1891.

Most birth records (but not all) contains the name of infant, # of baby born to the mother, (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc), normal or complicated delivery, maiden name of mother, age at time of this birth, nativity, name of father, age, occupation, physician or midwife in attendance.

There is a charge of $6 for each certified copy of birth or death. When requesting information, send all that you have available to aid in the search. When receiving a request they will always write back saying what they have available and the cost. This is a busy office so they are not always able to start their search immediately.

Requests for records for birth or death after those dates must be obtained from the Bureau of Vital Statistics, Landon State Office Bldg., 900 S.W. Jackson, Rm. 151, Topeka KS 66612-2221.

Clerk of the District Court1201 Broadway
Mailing address: PO Box 86
Marysville, KS 66508
Fax #785-562-2458

They have all probate records from the 1860's to the present time. All marriage license records previous to 1950 are in record books at the Historical Courthouse (MCHS). Copies can be obtained there and brought to the Clerk of the District Court Office to be certified. Application for marriage license after 1950 are available in this office and can be certified.

Charges are $10.80 per hour for research, copies are 50 cents for first copy, then 25 cents for all other copies. A charge of $1.00 is made for each certified copy. When requesting information, be specific.

More information to come!

(Vermillion has a library, so does Axtell & Beattie. Information on them is forthcoming.

Copyright 1998, Geraldine Holle

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