Marshall County Marriages

Following are a listing of marriages which took place in Marshall County, as submitted by other researchers. If you have a marriage record from Marshall County and are willing to share it, please email me at . Please let me know if you are willing to have your name and email address posted as the submitter, as well.

The above is a wedding invitation contributed by Beverly Burt. It is for her great grandparents, Fay O. Branscombe and Gertrude Thompson, who were married in Marysville Ks - Wed. June 1, 1898






Able, Calvin

McMining, Clara

7 Mar., 1886


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Acton, A. B.

Middlemas, Cristina

4 Nov., 1886


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Adam, Gotlieb

Hildebrandt, Helena

26 Sept., 1881


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Adam, John Karl Ernest

Daniel, Maria Louisa

13 Nov., 1879


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Adams, George

Parsons, Jennie

27 Feb. 1880


Alice Allen

Adams, George W.

Engle, Sarah Rachel Eudora

24 Aug. 1875


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Adams, John

Treinan, Maggie S.

17 Nov., 1898


Alice Allen

Adams, John I.

Harding, Martha A.

12 Aug., 1886


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Adams, Lucas O.

Strifler, Bell

16 June, 1872


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Adkins, Homer A.

Wright, Martha L.

29 Nov., 1873


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Agle, Henry

Hart, Permelia Ann

5 Jan., 1868


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Aikens, Henry L.

Christie, Nettie

29 Dec. 1882


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Albeg, George

Kline, Maggie

18 Oct. 1884


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Albracht, August

Schmidt, Alice

17 Sept. 1872


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Aldeson, John J.

Armstrong, Ellen

14 June 1872


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Alderman, Gildia Newton

Barcus, Caroline

23 Dec., 1896

married in Barrett

Randall Scott

Alleman, Alfred Carver

Morrison, Lora Emerald

27 July 1904


Rex Touslee

Alleman, Roy Leonard

Backes, Lottie

10 Feb., 1909


Rex Touslee

Alexander, James T.

Creevan, Maggie

25 Apr., 1887


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Allen, Benjamine Franklin

Farrant, Laura E.

16 Jan., 1881


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Allen, E. J.

Leupold, Florence Luney

7 Feb., 1878


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Allen, Elijah

Coleman, Lucy

12 June, 1875


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Allen, J. R.

Boon, Mary E.

18 Oct., 1884


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Allen, James L.

Allmon, Lula T.

12 Feb., 1887


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Allen, O.

Newberg, Maggie

1 Jan., 1888


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Allen, O.

Knapp, Martha A.

12 Apr., 1879


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Allen, Oliver

Johns, Elizabeth

12 Nov., 1865


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Allen, Samuel Albert Lee

Andrews, Mary Ann

4 Nov. 1862


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Allender, William H.

Shockley, Mary J.

13 Nov. 1871


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Barnes, James. E.

Wray, Margaret M. (Burnside)

3 Nov. 1899


Dorothy Bailey

Beard, Edwin F.

Wilson, Anna

26 Dec., 1894

in Irving

Laurie Pamiza

Bennett, Albert Tracy

Chilson, Susan Bates

23 Nov., 1903


Lynn Bowling

Bracelen, James Henry

Gallagher, Catherine

11 Dec 1865

By Pastor Thomas M. Bart at the Church of St. Bridget

James Bracelen

Branscombe, Fay O.

Thompson, Gertrude

1 June 1898


Beverly Burt

Brazzel, Joshua

Gano, Rachel

23 Dec., 1867


Karen Pickett

Brown, Oscar Samuel

Burnside, Elizabeth Ann

20 March 1892


Dorothy Bailey

Brown, William Alfred

Tucker, Dora Agness

24 Nov. 1917


Dorothy Bailey

Bucklin, Jerome J.

McNab, Jeannie M.

27 March 1879


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Bulger, George W.

Logan, Minnie

8 April 1889


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Bullis, Ruggles S.

Bohn, Mary

5 May 1864


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Bullock, G. L.

Davis, Margaret A.

28 Oct. 1883


From Index

Bullock, George L.

Carden, Anita Susan

14 Nov. 1873


From Index

Bummer, Harvey

Helms, Nolia

22 May 1887


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Burnett, Hiram

Stout, Mary S.

23 Dec. 1869


Donna Pfitzner

Burnside, Frederick George

Ferguson, Ida May

27 June 1902


Dorothy Bailey

Burnside, John R.

Lewis, Della

16 Dec., 1905


Dorothy Bailey

Burnside, Joseph D.

O'Neil, Johana

18 Oct., 1891


Dorothy Bailey

Burnside, Samuel J.

Tolle, Delilia E.

22 April 1894


Dorothy Bailey

Cady, David B.

Fowley, Effie L.

4 Feb. 1886


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Calderhead, W. A.

Gallant, Alice L.

6 Oct. 1881


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Calhoun, D. C.

Leighton, Elizabeth V.

20 July 1872


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Calkins, Carl B.

VanAmberg, Jamie

18 March 1885


From Index

Calkins, Charles H.

Johnson, Mandy M.

15 Sept. 1861


From Index

Calkins, L. H.

Means, Sarah J.

20 Dec. 1883


From Index

Calkins, Willie H.

McGrem, Melissa A.

21 Oct. 1875


From Index

Collins, Hiram I.

Skeels, Daisy

23 June 1897

Groom: 23 yrs.; Bride: 18 yrs.

Amy Patterson

Craft, Ora

Beardsley, Grace

8 Dec., 1908


Mark Stambaugh

Damon, Charles Edward

Winchester, Nellie G.

16 July 1899


Pat Goulet

Davison, Henry Thomas

Beardsley, Lucy

10 March 1913


Mark Stambaugh

Dickeson, Thomas

Schultz, Sarah E.

4 Oct. 1874

Groom age 23 yrs., bride age 17 yrs

Alice Allen

Falk, Fredreich Gustav

Miller, Lizzie

17 June 1914

**Founds, Frank Delbert

Kingan, Louise Marie

16 Sep 1903

Married in Vermillion

Donna Anderson

Fralin, Henry

Tucker, Grace Certrude

28 Feb., 1912


Dorothy Bailey

Frankenfeld, Charles

Adams, Lydia (Rinebolt)

16 Oct. 1875


Alice Allen

**Frans, Charles Roger

Lister, Izabelle

-- Sept., 1907

in Vermillion

Dennis & Janet Frans

**Frans, W. R., age 24

Carney, Lissa, age 21

4 Nov 1900

by E.C. Baker, Baptist Minister

Dennis & Janet Frans

Fuller, William

Fisher (Fiser), Anna

19 July, 1885


Michelle Starkey

Gearhart, George A.

Bracelin, Rosa C.

26 Nov. 1891

by G. Goodwin

Elaine Halleck

Grove, Atwood

Schneider, Barbara

28 Sept., 1937


Dorothy Bailey

Harrington, William

Millen, Mrs. Grace (Hatten)

21 Dec., 1899


Dorothy Bailey

Hatten, William C.

Tucker, Martha E.

16 Dec., 1877


Dorothy Bailey

Henke, Otto Heinrich

Schultz, Maria Dorothea Margaretha

21 July 1875

Groom age 29 yrs.; bride age 23 yrs.

Alice Allen

Hughes, Delbert Littrell Woodward, Luella 13 April 1913 Home of David Woodward, Vermillion Boyd Hughes

Hulbert, Caleb

Rinebolt, Susan

16 March 1862

At Daniel Rinebolt's, Marysville

Alice Allen

Hunter, George

Palmer, Carrie

17 June 1879

Blue Rapids Times, 19 June 1879

(in newspaper)

Johnson, Abner H.

White, Florence

21 Dec 1883

At Axtell

Richard Johnson

Johnson, Frank W.

Wilson, Lou

6 July, 1892

in Irving

Laurie Pamiza

Johnson, George E.

Walter, Volda V.

8 June 1912

At Axtell

Richard Johnson

Johnson, Milton M.

Paxton, Flossie C.

12 Jan 1909


Alice Allen

Kautzmann, Henry

Schultz, Bertha

7 May 1876

Groom age 32 yrs., bride age 20 yrs.

Alice Allen

Keen, George Lewis

Wilson, Nellie

8 June 1910

in Irving

Laurie Pamiza

Kyle, Lew

Hatten, Vada E. ("Silver")

30 Sept., 1916


Dorothy Bailey

Lambert, Chester Thomas

LeRow, Lucy

27 Dec. 1891

Groom age 20 yrs., bride age 19 yrs.

Larry P. Cornwell

Lockridge, Thaddeus Leon

Wilson, Margaret Viola

31 July, 1907

in Irving

Laurie Pamiza

Lundry, Joseph

***Collings, Sibbene

2 July 1896


Amy Patterson

**Marcy, Homer A.

Stanford, Hattie A.

12 Nov., 1894

Both age 21

Robin Bills

**McAtee, Charles

Frans, Minnie

27 Nov 1889

in Elm Creek

Dennis & Janet Frans

McKee, Edward James

Randolph, Anna M.

31 Aug., 1900


Kevin McKee

McKee, Leonard V.

Lemons, Emma Etta

20 July 1899

married by Rev. A. P. Hamilton

Patrick McCleary

McMahon, Patrick

Roots, Mary E.

22 April 1894


Dorothy Bailey

Millen, Clyde

Fairfield, Abbie

25 Aug., 1919


Dorothy Bailey

Millen, Elmer E.

Hatten, Grace Bella

21 Dec., 1893


Dorothy Bailey

Miller, Donald Otis

Snell, Mary Ruth

22 Aug., 1942


Dorothy Bailey

Miller, Louis

Reifel, Margaret

11 March 1914

Miller, Oscar

Miller, Melissa

5 Dec., 1924

Miller, Roy Clell

Tucker, Alice Evaline

21 Jan., 1914


Dorothy Bailey

Mohlenbrink, Henry F.

Meineke, Louisa

29 Oct. 1880


Tracy & Kay Morris

Mohlenbrink, William C.

Daniel, Caroline Maria Elizabeth

11 July 1878


Tracy & Kay Morris

Palmer, W. G.

Drew, Rosa B.

20 Oct. 1884


From Index

Palmer, William A.

Roath, Norma E.

20 Feb. 1889


From Index

Paxton, John Peter

Schultz, Rebecca

10 Feb., 1878


Alice Allen

Peterson, Charles A.

Peterson, Mathilda

31 Dec., 1889

married by L. A. Edman, Swedish Luthern Church,Cottage Hill.

Nell Stewart

Peterson, Harry O.

Roeopke, Jessie

22 Dec., 1922


Nell Stewart

Peterson, Mathias Peter

Schultz, Frederikka Juliette

2 June 1872

Groom age 28 yrs, bride 24 yrs.

Alice Allen

Potter, William A.

Tucker, Sarah E.

15 Aug., 1900


Dorothy Bailey

Potter, William Wiles

Burnside, Blanche

9 Jan., 1908


Dorothy Bailey

Purttman, John

Trumbull, Viola J.

23 Dec. 1877

Groom aged 29 yrs, Bride aged 19 yrs.

Debbie Torres

Puttcamp, John H.

Shultz, Amelia

16 Oct. 1870

Groom aged 22 yrs., Bride aged 17 yrs.

Alice Allen

Richardson, A.D.

Beardsley, Emma

23 Dec., 1896


Mark Stambaugh

Rinebolt, David

Griffith, Amanda

23 Feb., 1874


Alice Allen

Rinebolt, David

Trumbull, Elizabeth

4 Nov., 1879


Alice Allen

Roepke, William Frank

Weber, Amelia Sophia

23 March 1898

Married in Waterville

Janet Hubbard

Schneider, Francis

McMahon, Virginia

20 Nov., 1936


Dorothy Bailey

Schneider, George

Hatten, Nellie Myrtle

17 April 1913


Dorothy Bailey

Schneider, Joseph Christopher

Hatten, Vida E. ("Gold")

21 June 1896


Dorothy Bailey

Schneider, Phil

McMahon, Audrey

29 Aug., 1936


Dorothy Bailey

Schrock, Clarence Edson

Tucker, Alma Elenor

23 Feb., 1909


Dorothy Bailey

****Seller, Henry

Rinebolt, Juliann

12 April 1862


Alice Allen

Shultz, Daniel F.

Triggs, Clara

17 Nov. 1872

Groom age 21 yrs., bride 19 yrs.

Alice Allen

Sipple, Milton

Belden, Phoebe

10 June 1871


Alice Allen

Smith, Silvester Nelson

Belden, Permelia

28 Aug., 1871


Alice Allen

Stout, E.

DeVorse, Sarah

30 Aug., 1883


From Index

Stout, J. H.

Boffum, Martha T.

28 May, 1884


From Index

Stout, Lemuel

Quinn, Mary

16 June 1879

In Blue Rapids

Donna Pfitzner

Stout, Nathaniel

Booth, Anna

29 April, 1877


From Index

Stout, Peter

Scott, Mary E.

26 May, 1868


From Index

**Talbot, Thomas R., age 26

Frans, Dillie B., age 23

23 Sept. 1903

By Rev. Clark, Baptist minister

Dennis & Janet Frans

Trumbull, Amos G.

Blanchard, Mary

18 June 1875

Groom aged 23 yrs.; bride aged 15 yrs: Consent of parents

Debbie Torres

Tucker, Milo A., Jr

Pape, Emma

24 Sept., 1909


Dorothy Bailey

Tucker, Theron David

Stedman, Sefrona Mae

15 May, 1906


Dorothy Bailey

Tucker, Theron Wilson

Volle, Pauline

29 March 1894


Dorothy Bailey

.Tucker, Thomas Wayne

Griffin, Margaret Josephine

26 Aug., 1932


Dorothy Bailey

Tucker, Walter Wilson

Laffery, Georgia

8 Sept., 1928


Dorothy Bailey

Tucker, William Clark

Vaughn, Hazen

4 Nov., 1927


Dorothy Bailey

Tufts, James F.

Hall, Elizabeth B.

17 June 1879

Blue Rapids Times, 19 June 1879


Vondenkamp, Anthony

Schneider, Helen

10 May, 1939


Dorothy Bailey

Watson, John William

Schultz, Julia Ann

16 Feb. 1872

Groom aged 24 yrs., bride 19 yrs.

Alice Allen

Watters, Joseph

Stout, Mattie

3 Sept. 1878

At Marysville

Donna Pfitzner

West, James K.

Belden, Permelia Alvira

28 Aug. 1871

Groom 27 yrs., bride 16 yrs.

Alice Allen

Wilson, Charlie

Westcott, Italia (Tally)

8 Dec. 1897

in Marysville

Laurie Pamiza

Wilson, Henry C.

Wilbern, Myrtle B.

15 April, 1905

in Marysville

Laurie Pamiza

Wilson, Richard H.

Clark, Ellen

27 Sept., 1863

in Vermillion

Laurie Pamiza

Wilson, Ruben E.

Nowlan, Mary L.

25 Sept. 1901

in Irving

Laurie Pamiza

**See Family page for more information

***Bride's surname is Collins, not Collings

****Groom's surname may be Zeller

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