From the Marshall County Courthouse

Birth and death records compiled by Geraldine Holle
as she researched at the Marshall County Courthouse.


Note: These records are not very complete. Died at Marysville may have meant they were in the Marysville postal area, not necessarily in the city limits of Marysville, etc. Many infants and childen were not named in the book, but a few have names of parents. Location of burial not listed. What was recorded changed through the years. Many spaces left blank.



ALLEN, Henry, white, age 80 yrs. died June 10 (or 18) 1892, at Beattie. Had lived 11 years in Kansas. Cause of death: paralysis & starvation; married; American; Beattie cemetery.
ALLEN, white male (no name given); age 57; died March 7, 1895 at Bigelow of heart disease; married; American; born at New York (?); Dr. M. A. Brawley; Kennedy Funeral Home; Frankfort cemetery.
ALLEN, Infant female; color b; age 3 mos.; died 7-8-1900 at Marysville of cholera; born America.
ALLEN, O. C.; white male; age 82; died 9-21-1900 at Marysville of heart disease; married; American; C.W. Rice, mortician.
ALLEN, Carrie; whilte female; age 17; died 11-15-1908 at Marysville of typhoid & malaria; born America; domestic; lived Valley Falls KS; father listed as Frank Yager born Marysville, mother born NY (orphan train rider?).

ALLISON, Ella; housewife; age 18 yrs 3 mos.; died 7-19-1892 in Guittard township; resided 8 yrs in Kansas; died of erysipelis (streptococcal infection of skin) complicated by meningitis; single; American; buried at Summerfield.
ALLISON, Hy; white male; age 74; died 11-24-1900 at Beattie; died of old age; Thomas Mortuary of Beattie.
ALLISON, Lila; white female; age 3 yrs.; died 4-1-1903 at Beattie of broncheo pneumonia; father listed as William Allison, mother Maude; lived in KS entie life.
ALLISON, Oscar; white male; age 28; died 5-10-1899 at Axtell of Consumption; born America.
ALLISON, Arnold; white male; age 9 months; died 1-15-1908 at Summerfield of pneumonia; father William Allison.

BROUHART, Infant; white female; no age listed); died 4-10-1900 in Richland township of pneumonia; Dr. Matchett of Summerfield.

BURCHART, Johanna P.; white; age 67; died 4-29-1895; heart disease; Lange Mortuary; buried in Marysville.
BURKHART, H.; white male; age 67; died 2-15-1911 at Vermillion of epistaxis (nasal bleeding); farmer.

CAMPBELL, Bridget; white age 10 years; died 12-20-1893 at Mina, KS; skull fracture with instant death; American; born in KS; J. H. Gaston, MD Marysville; burial at Axtell.
CAMPBELL, Allie H.; white male; age 10; died 8-10-1897 at Clearr Fork of peritonitis; American; Frankfort cemetery.

CURL, Joseph; white male; age 19 mos.; died 2-13-1900 at Springsdale of strangulation; Mortuary of Irving.

HALL, Edna; white female; age 1 yr. 7 mos.; died 7-31-1892 at Home KS; cause of death not given; Dr. Pennington of Beattie; Orville Bros. Mortuary at Beattie; no burial place listed.
HALL, Elmer; white male; age 3; died 1-10-1895 at Beattie; cause of death: croup; Dr. Pennington of Beattie; Orville Bros. Mortuary of Beattie.
HALL, Zara; white male; age 4 yrs.; died 2-3-1895 at Beattie of pneumonia; American; Dr. W.E. Ham of Beattie; no burial place listed.
HALL, John; farmer; white male; age 81; died 7-9-1896 in Balderson township; cause of death: old age; widower; born England; Dr. Wilson of Marysville; Thomas Bros. Mortuary; buried Home KS.
HALL, Alice; housewife; white; age 27; died March 7, 1897 at Beattie; cause of death: consumption; married; MD's Pennington & Hatch at Beattie; burial at Beattie.
HALL, Earl; white; age 7 mos.; died 4-13-1897 at Axtell of cerebral spinal meningitis; born at Axtell; Dr. J.H. Gaston of Axtell; Axtell cemetery.
HALL, Flossie; white female; age 2 yrs; died 10-24-1901 at Marysville of diptheria; American; Lange Motician of Marysville.
HALL, S. A.; white male; age 69; died 12-9-1899 at Waterville of heart failure; married; American; mortician from Waterville.
HALL, Infant; white female; died 3-23-1906 at Home City; stillborn; father Charles Hall.

HARRISON, Orville; white male; age 27; died 3-30-1900 at Marysville of cirrosis of the liver; was American.
, Willis; white male; age 5 yrs.; died 7-23-1901 at Frankfort of croup; Dr. Hollinger of Frankfort; father Grant Harrison; born in America; mother Mary Morehead.

HOLLE, G. W. (compiler's note--went by William, my husband's grandfather); white male; age 43; died 9-17-1900 at Marysville of consumption; married; born Germany; farmer before ill health forced him to move to town.
HOLLE, Christ; white male; age 53; died 10-10-1905 at Herkimer of heart failure; born Germany; farm laborer.
HOLLE, Maria; farm wife; white; age 45; died 9-16-1899 at Marysville of septicemia; born Germany.
HOLLE, infant; white female; stillborn; at Marysville 9-14-1899; father J.C. Holle.
HOLLE, Julia; white; age 2 yrs; died 9-7-1904 at Marysville; of cholera.
HOLLE, Antone; white male; age 12; died 11-30-1909 Marysville; cause of death: nerve trouble.
HOLLE, Agusta; housewife; white; age 31; died 2-23-1906 in Logan township at childbirth; born in US.
HOLLE, Eckart; white male; age 4; died 4-21-1910 Marysville; scarlet fever; father John Holle; Dr. R. L. McAllister attending physician.
HOLLE, Lena; housewife; age 69; died 11-5-1909 Home KS; Bright's disease; born Germany.

HOYER, Mrs.; white; age 84; died 2-20-1892 in Centre Township; cause of death: La Grippe; widow; born Germany; Dr. J.W. Megan (?) of Home City; bur. Marysville cemetery.
, August; white male; age 57; died 7-8-1899 at Oketo of sarcoma of the pancreas; married; foreign born; Lange Mortician of Marysville.
HOYER, Edwin; white; age 2 yrs; died 8-15-1906 in Marysville; hydrocephalus; born in US; father Henry Hoyer.

KIENLEN, Theodore; white male; age 4 yrs 7 mos.; died 3-14-1893 at Marysville; burned to death; American; Dr. Hawkins; buried at Marysville.
KIENLEN, Jacob; white; age 69; died 4-8-1901 at Marysville; laborer; born Germany.
KIENLEN, Josephine; white; age 16 mos.; died 12-16-1898 Marysville of pneumonia; father A. Kienlen born Germany; mother also born Germany.
KIENLEN, Leo; white male; age 16 mos.; died 8-12-1904 at Marysville of cholera; born in US; father J. S. Kienlen born Germany; mother born Germany.
KIENLEN, Rudolph; white; age 8 days; died 7-2-1904 at Marysville; cause of death: inward spasms; father John Kienlen; mother Gertie Steinbeck.

KOESTER, Charles F.; white; age 61; died 8-15-1902 at Marysville of paralysis of the throat; widower; born Germany.

MCALLISTER, Anna; white; age 38; died 8-20-1900 at Cottage Hill of heart failure; born Cottage Hill; was a bookkeeper.

MC ATEE, E.M.; white; no age or sex given; died 3-31-1903 at Vermillion of diabetes; married; born US; Dr. Fillmore of Blue Rapids.
MC ATEE, Jane; white female; age 45; died 6-28-1901 in Elm Creek township of pneumonia; married; American; Brian Scott of Waterville, mortician.
MC ATEE, James H.; white; age 15, died 11-27-1909 at Blue Rapids of meningitis.
MC ATEE, Myrtle; age 6; died 3-29-1911 at Waterville of infant paralysis.
MC ATEE, Infant; whilte male; age 1 yr; died 11-22-1908; no place or cause of death listed; son of Roy McAtee, resident of Blue Rapids.

MCBURNEY, Jno.; white male; age 9; died 4-22-1909 of spinal meningitis; no place listed; Frankfort mortician.

MCDONALD, F.; farmer; lived in KS 32 yrs.; age 84; died 1-23-1893 Marysville twp. of old age; marrried; born at Inverness, Scotland; buried at Marysville.
MCDONALD, J.; white male; age 87; died 4-6-1899 at Cottage Hill of grippe; born Scotland; plasterer by trade.
MCDONALD, Jeanette; white female; age 83; died 3-6-1902 at Marysville of paralysis; born Scotland; father's name was Ross; her mother S. born in Scotland.
MCDONALD, Lola; white female; age 49; died 10-20-1906 of dropsy; no place listed; married; born in US; housewife; Dr. Wilson of Marysville and Lange Mortician of Marysville.
MCDONALD, Rose; white; age 25; died 5-27-1906 at Summerfield of consumption; single; father James McDonald who was born at Summerfield.

MCGRATH, Frank; white; age 14; died 3-28-1897; drowned; no place listed; Axtell mortician.
, John; white; age 5; died 3-28-1897; drowned; Axtell mortician.
MCGRATH, Katie; age 12; died 3-28-1897; drowned; Axtell mortician.
MCGRATH, Leo; age 9; died 3-28-1897; drowned; Axtell mortician.
MCGRATH, Margaret; age 2 yrs.; died 3-28-1897; drowned; Axtell mortician.
MCGRATH, Thomas; age 8 mos.; died 3-28-1897; drowned; Axtell mortician.

NESTER, Infant; white male; age 9 mos.; died on 4-28-1908 at Marysville of diptheria; father Michael born Marysville; mother D. Hawkins born Marysville.
NESTER, M.C.; white male; age 1 yr.; died on 11-27-1903 at Beattie of congestion of the stomach, father: M. Nester.
NESTER, Frank; res. of Marysville; age 16; white male; died in Marysville on 12-11-1907 of cerebal abscess; laborer; Gerrman descent; father Hubbard Nester born in Marysville; mother also born in Marysville.
NESTER, (no name); white female; age 2 mos.; died 4-28-1908 at Marysville of pneumonia.

PAXTON, Ina; white female; age 18; died 5-14-1897 at Irving; typhoid fever; single; American; Dr. Smyth of Blue Rapids; burial at Irving.

REINBOLT, Mandy; white female; age 14 days; died 12-21-1893 near Marysville; cause of death unknown; Lange Mortuary of Marysville.

RETHEMEYER, Mary; white; age 12; died 11-20-1906 at Wateville of tonsillitis; American; Dr. Hander of Waterville and Filler Mort. of Waterville.

ROFFNER, Bertha; white; age 45; died 12-15-1907 at Herkimer of consumption; married; farm wife; foreign born.

ROONEY, Glenn; white male; age 11 mos.; died 5-26-1897 in Franklin twp. of ileo colitis; American; Dr. Ham of Beattie; no burial place listed.
ROONEY, George; white; age 4 yrs.; died 7-10-1908 at Beattie; gunshot; listed as Irish.

RUFFNER, Louisa, white female; age 23; died 12-13-1895 at Herkimer of typhoid fever; Dr. Hausmann; Lang Mortuary of Marysville.
RUFFNER, Rudolph; white; age 20; died 12-15-1895 at Herkimer of typhoid; Dr. Haussmann & Lang Mortuary of Marysville.
RUFFNER, Susie; female; white; age 37; died 4-25-1905 in Herkimer twp.; cause: septicemia; farm wife; born in Germany.
RUFFNER, Christ; white male; age 59; died 6-9-1906 at Herkimer of heart failure; married.

SABIN, Ira; white male; age 4 mos.; died 11-19-1909 at Irving; cause of death: congestion of the bowels.

SCAMAN, Dr. G.K.; white male; age 63; died 4-7-1904 at Marysville of apoplexy; American; Rice mortician of Marysville.

SEAMANN, Mrs. J.H.; lived at Axtell; age 73; widow; died at Axtell on 9-26-1906; father Swan Nelson born Sweden; mother Elizabeth also born Sweden.

SIMPSON, Minnie; housekeeper; white; age 22; died 10-29-1901 at Blue Rapids of malaria; single; American; physician Dr. Simpson; father G.W. Simpson born in US; mother Mary Hite born in America.
SIMPSON, S.S.; white male; age 67; died 1-3-1906 at Axtell of pneumonia; born in US.

STONEMAN, Rezin; white male; age 82; died 4-17-1901 at Irving of old age; Lange of Marysville mortician; born in Germany.

STRANGE, Samuel; farmer; white male; age 74; died 12-21-1895 at Marysville of la grippe; married; American (born in VA?); Dr. Droll; Filley Mortuary of Waterville.
STRANGE, Walter; white; age 2 yrs.; died 8-5-1897 at Marysville of cholera; Amercan; Geo. Van Wald morticial; burial at Marysville.
STRANGE, Calvin; white male; age 82; died 6-2-1904 at Waterville of senility; widower, born US; retired farmer; father C. Strange.
STRANGE, J.A.; white female; housewife; age 42; died 7-19-1899 at Irving of dysentery.
STRANGE, Laura; white; age 3 yrs; died 6-30-1901 of typhoid; father H. Strange; Mother ---- Wilson (Irish)..
STRANGE, Abbie; white female; age 38; died 1-23-1903 at Marysville of consumption; single; Rice Mortician of Marysville.
STRANGE, Walter; white; age 16; died 7-8-1911 at Blue Rapids with lung trouble; listed as farmer; born US.

VAIL, Cond?; male; age 26; died 3-30-1889; no place listed; congestion of lungs.

WALTER, Marie; age 58; died 1-6-1900 at Marysville; suicide; married; born in Wells twp.; burial at Marysville.

WALTERS, child; white; age 4 yrs.; died 11-15-1893 at Bigelow; accidental poisoning; American; Dr. Eyeman of Frankfort; no burial place listed.
WALTERS, Bessie; white; age 18 mos.; died 11-14-1893 at Bigelow of convulsions; American; Dr. Garvin of Frankfort.
WALTERS, child; white; age 1 1/2 mos.; died 1-28-1895 in Wells twp. of pneumonia; born KS; Dr. R. S. Fillimore of Blue Rapids; burial at Frankfort.

WITTE, Diedrich; white male; age 66; died 6-8-1905 at Afton of heart failure; married; born Germany; Mortician--Lange of Marysville.


HALL, Fay Alda; female; 2nd child born to this mother; born 2-13-1892 at Home City. Mother: B.H. Rogers, age 26 born in Canada; Father M.B. Hall, no occupation listed, American born IN; J.W. Megan, MD; Home, KS.
HALL, Jean George; 1st child born to this mother; born 9-3-1889 at Waterville; Mother Laura Stevenson age 24; American; Father George R. Hall (banker); Dr. Humperville from Waterville.
HALL, male; white; 2nd child born to this mother; born 8-18-1886 Center twp.; Mother Elizabeth Hickman, age 26, American born in PA (?); Father Johm P. Hall, farmer.
HALL, female; 4th child born to this mother; born 6-21-1895 at Beattie; Mother Mary Crayunth (?) age 34; Father George Hall, laborer; Dr. Pennington of Beattie.

HOYER, Helen Leona "Nelly." White; born 2-20-1896 (does not list birthplace or which # of child); Mother Wilhelmina Duever, age 25; Father Henry William Hoyer, age 24, English born in London.

MCGRATH, Male; d.o.b. 9-4-1903; 3rd child of mother; normal delivery; born at Beattie; Mother Katie Dilley, age 33, American; Father Hugh McGrath age 38, Farmer, Irish; attending physician B.P. Hatch of Beattie.
MCGRATH, Male; d.o.b. 4-9-1903 Balderson twp.; normal delivery; 1st child of mother; Mother Mar. McFarland age 22 American; Father John McGrath age 27, Farmer, Irish.
MCGRATH, Frank; b 12-16-1897; 1st child of mother; normal delivery; born at Home, KS; Mother Clara Burgess age 26, American; father Hugh McGrath, age 35, farmer, born Ireland; WM Patterson, MD, Home KS.
, Madeline; b 7-17-1896; 2nd child of mother; Mother Rose McCaffrey age 28 Irish born in KS; Father Joseph age 39 born in KS, merchant; Wm. Thayer MD, Axtell.

MIER, male, b 2-15-1904 at Herkimer; 2nd child of mother; Mother Mary Krug age 28 born WS (Wisconsin?); Father George Mier age 32, grain dealer, American; attending physician R.L. Loyes (?) of Herkimer.

GLEISBERG, female, b 4-26-1904 at Reedville; 1st child of mother; mother's name not given, age 20 German; Father Chris, age 25, farmer, German; attending physician W.L. Patterson of Home, KS.

SPRATT, female; b 4-22-1903 at Blue Rapids; Mother Rosmond Roush, age 22, American; Father Bert Spratt age 35, farmer, American; attending physician M.D. Thatcher of Blue Rapids.
SPRATT, male, b 5-9-1898 at Blue Rapids; 2nd child of mother; Mother Laura Barker age 25, American; Father: F.M. Spratt (no occupation listed), age 36 American; attendant Plehn of Blue Rapids.
SPRATT, male; b 12-24-1899 at Blue Rapids; 3rd child of mother; Mother Laura Barker age 29 American; Father Frank Spratt; age 37 farmer, born England (?); Attending physician Dr. Gilson of Blue Rapids.

NAME Date of Birth Book # Page #
Allen, Female 5-16-1904 2 97
Allen, Male 10-3-1897 2 19
Walters, Female 10-26-1893 A 60
Walters, Male 1-28-1897 2 9
Spratt, Female 4-22-1903 2 77
Spratt, Male 5-9-1898 2 27
Spratt, Male 12-24-1899 2 47
Koch, Female 4-4-1901 2 57
Koch, Female 7-31-1905 2 119
Koch, Female 2-17-1907 C 9
Koch, Male 2-16-1909 C 28
Koch, Male 3-26-1910 C 40
Koch, Male 2-28-1911 C 50
McAllister, Female 4-24-1886 A 13
McAllister, Male 1-25-1895 A 83
McAllister, Male 2-26-1907 C 9
Mohrbacher, Male 10-22-1900 2 95
Mohrbacher, Male 4-8-1905 2 113
Short, Male 5-16-1895 A 89
Heidemann, Female 8-15-1905 C 13
Heidemann, Female 4-8-1911 C 51
Hewett, Female 7-26-1905 2 119
McDonald, Male 8-24-1899 2 45
McDonald, Male 7-5-1905 2 117

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