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This index is an alphabetical listing of over 24,700 names from Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas, a publication of the Miami County Historical Societywhich was printed in 1987 and reprinted in 1996. If you want photocopies of specific pages in the book, you should contact the Miami County Historical Society and Genealogy Society. Phone: (913) 294-4940, E-Mail: museum@mchgm.org.

Check the Index Information Page to find out exactly what was indexed, how it was indexed and what the numbers and letters mean.

You can search the index by using the links below or you can use the library server search engine to find references to a name anywhere on this server. Using the name index lets you focus on just Miami Co. names. Using the library server will let you find all records of the name no matter where they are located, including references to names from locations outside of Miami Co.

Abbot to Alwina Ambrose to Azendorf Baasch to Barnes Barnett to Beeman
Beets to Blyth Bobbitt to Britnell Broadhurst to Byrd Cabiness to Caylor
Cessna to Closon Cobb to Cox Crabtree to Cvek Dabbs to Dedrick
Deel to Doyle Drake to Ellsworth Elmore to Ezell Fair to Foxworthy
Frakes to Gayle Gebauer to Glynn Goble to Gritter Groh to Harden
Hardenbrook to Heman Hemphill to Hjorth Hoaglan to Hornburger Hornbuckle to Jenkinson
Jennings to Kamman Kane to Kettler Keuler to Knoche Knoeber to Kyrk
La France to Letcher Lewis to Lyons Maasen to Mason Massey to McClusky
McCoach to McKinsey McKoon to Millard Miller to Moews Moffet to Moylan
Mueller to Nicholson Nickell to Ozmert Pabst to Peyton Pfannes to Powers
Praeger to Pyle Quaintance to Rhea Rhinehart to Roeder Rogers to Russ
Russell to Scherman Schermbeck to Seuferling Sevy to Silverthorn Simancik to Smulling
Snail to Stern Steven to Sturm Stuteville to Thomson Thorlakson to Van Kirk
Van Patten to Walters Walthall to Westholl Whalen to Williamson Willis to Wood
Woodall to Zwhalen

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